the genetic relationships of two subspecies of striped field mice, apodemus agrarius coreae and apodemus agrarius chejuensis.we obtained 282 base pairs of sequence for the mitochondrial control region of 70 individuals of korean striped field mice apodemus agrarius coreae and apodemus agrarius chejuensis to determine the levels of genetic divergence between these morphologically distinct taxa. the dna sequences showed more genetic diversity (pi) in a. agrarius coreae (2.98%) than in a. agrarius chejuensis (1.86%). our data do not support the current concept that the two morphotypes are different species, but phylogene ...200010971688
seminiferous epithelium cycle and developmental stages of spermatids in the clethrionomys rufocanus.the seminiferous epithelium cycle and developmental stages of spermatids in clethrionomys rufocanus were observed under a light microscope. the seminiferous epithelium cycle was divided into 8 stages. type ad spermatogonia appeared through all stages. type ap, in, and b spermatogonia appeared in stages i, ii, iii, and iv. in the first meiosis prophase, the leptotene spermatocytes appeared from stage v, the zygotene spermatocytes in stages i, vi, vii, viii, the pachytene spermatocytes from stages ...201325949125
[trombiculid mites (acarina: trombiculidae) from apodemus agrarius coreae caught at pochun-gun, gyeonggi province and chinhae-city, kyongnam province].during october-december 1987, chigger mites infested on the striped field mice (apodemus agrarius coreae) collected at pochun-gun, gyeonggi province and chinhae city, kyongnam province were identified. 1. of 171 back-striped mice collected, chigger mites were found from 58 mice, showing 33.9% of infestation rate. 2. total 865 chigger mites collected were classified into seven species; leptotrombidium pallidum (4.3%), l. palpale(23.0%), l. orientalis(20.2), l. zetum(19.0%). neotrombicula tamiyai( ...19892486831
migration route estimation of the jeju striped field mouse apodemus agrarius chejuensis (rodentia, muridae).the taxonomic relationship between two korean field mice species, apodemus agrarius coreae and a. a. chejuensis, as well as their possible historic migration routes, was examined by molecular genetic analysis of the complete mitochondrial cytochrome b gene of 73 mice collected from the korean peninsula and jeju island. our findings suggest that a. a. coreae and a. a. chejuensis populations expanded and dispersed rapidly. bayesian and network analysis showed that a. a. chejuensis is a clearly dis ...201323025457
genetic diversity and genetic structure of the striped field mouse apodemus agrarius coreae (muridae, rodentia) in korea.the aim of this study was to investigate the genetic diversity and genetic structure of the striped field mouse apodemus agrarius coreae in korea. the korean a. a. coreae is characterized by high levels of haplotype diversity (hd=0.967) and low levels of nucleotide diversity (π=0.00683). haplogroup 1 is well separated from the haplotypes of the neighboring regions of the korean peninsula, while the other haplogroups are closely related to those from the russian far east. thus, further investigat ...201526263836
isolation of the etiologic agent of korean hemorrhagic fever.lung tissues from 73 rodents (apodemus agrarius coreae) gave specific immunofluorescent reactions when they reacted with sera from patients convalescing from korean hemorrhagic fever. similar staaining was observed in the lungs of a. agrarius inoculated with acute-phase sera obtained from two patients with this disease. the unidentified agent was successfully propagated in adult a. agrarius through eight passages representing a cumulative dilution of greater than 10(-17). experimentally inoculat ...197824670
indirect immunofluorescence tests in korean hemorrhagic fever and epidemic (endemic) nephropathia: treatment at low ph for removal of 'nonspecific' fluorescence in tissues from immunocompetent hosts.a 'nonspecific' fluorescence probably caused by immunocomplexes appears in the lung tissue of immunocompetent hosts infected with korean hemorrhagic fever (khf) or epidemic nephropathy (en) viruses. indirect immunofluorescence tests with such khf- or en-infected tissue as antigen are unsatisfactory for the detection of low-titer antibody or the reading of titer endpoints. treatment of acetone-fixed lung sections at ph 3.0 followed by washing with 0.01 m phosphate-buffered saline and distilled wa ...19826126464
sperm abnormalities in high- and low-dose-rate gamma-irradiated korean dark-striped field mice, apodemus agrarius evaluate the in vivo effects of low-dose-rate (0.7 mgy h(-1)) gamma radiation, abnormal shapes of sperm in the caudal epidydimus of apodemus agrarius coreae (a. a. coreae) were used. the six categories of abnormal forms (amorphous heads, blunt hooks, excessive hooks, two heads and tails, folded tails and short tails) of sperm were observed eight days after gamma irradiation (0, 0.5, 1 and 2 gy) with a high dose rate (0.8 gy min(-1)) and a low dose rate. the frequency of total abnormal sperm g ...201121729943
potential of dark-striped field mice, apodemus agrarius coreae, for use as a biological radiation dosimeter for human environments.this study examined the possibility of using striped field mice as a biological dosimeter or indicator for surveillance of the ecological effects of boundary radiation emitted by nuclear power plants. for this study, the external morphological characteristics and isoenzymic electrophoretypes of korean domestic dark-striped field mice were studied after they were captured, controlled for reproduction, and their exact species were identified. in terms of morphological external characteristics, the ...200616869442
observations on natural and laboratory infection of rodents with the etiologic agent of korean hemorrhagic fever.studies were conducted to define the natural host range of the korean hemorrhagic fever (khf) agent in south korea, and to identify colonized rodents susceptible to this infection. eight species of field rodents were captured in areas of korea endemic for khf and their tissues were examined by immunofluorescence for the presence of khf antigen. one hundred and fourteen of 817 apodemus agrarius coreae captured between 1974 and 1978 had one or more positive organs. no positive organ was found in 2 ...19816786119
antigenic differences between two viruses, isolated in japan and korea, that cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.hantaan virus (hv) 76-118, isolated from apodemus agrarius coreae in korea, and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) virus b-1, isolated from a rat in japan, were examined for polypeptide compositions and for differences in immune responses in rats. in immunoprecipitation experiments, a major polypeptide of ca. 50 kilodaltons (k) was detected with antisera against hv 76-118 in cell extracts from vero e6 cells infected with hfrs virus b-1, whereas three major polypeptides of 74 k (glycosy ...19846207309
Mitochondrial genome sequences of the striped field mice Apodemus agrarius coreae and Apodemus agrarius chejuensis.We determined the complete mitochondrial (mt) genome sequences of the striped field mice Apodemus agrarius coreae and Apodemus agrarius chejuensis. The mt genomes of A. a. coreae and A. a. chejuensis are 16,260 and 16,261 base pairs in length, respectively. The general features of the 13 protein-coding genes of the two species are similar to those of other rodents. The TAG termination codon for NADH dehydrogenase subunit (ND) 3 is unique to Apodemus in the Muroidea. The L-strand replication orig ...201122165829
disseminated intravascular coagulation in korean hemorrhagic investigate the nature and role of coagulation and complement alterations in the pathogenesis of korean hemorrhagic fever (khf), the profiles from the early stages in 27 male patients were serially evaluated. evidence of disseminated intravascular coagulation (dic) was observed in 14 of the 27 patients (51.8%) sometime during the course of the disease. the earlier the coagulation tests were performed, the more frequently the evidence of dic was found. the mean serum c3 concentration was signi ...19836141786
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