parasites in a biodiversity hotspot: a survey of hematozoa and a molecular phylogenetic analysis of plasmodium in new guinea skinks.a sample of 204 skinks (squamata: scincidae) from 10 genera representing 24 species were collected from 10 different localities in new guinea and examined for blood parasites. hemogregarines, trypanosomes, microfilarial worms, and 8 infections showing 2 distinct morphological types of malaria parasites (plasmodium sp.) were observed. molecular sequence data, in the form of mitochondrial cytochrome b sequences from the plasmodium infections, showed 2 distinct clades of parasites, 1 in sphenomorph ...200616995395
endoparasites in sphenomorphus jobiensis (sauria: scincidae) from papua new guinea with description of three new species of digenean, zeylanurotrema sphenomorphi n. sp., and 2 nematode species, meteterakis crombiei n. sp. and physalopteroides milnensis n. sp., from the intestine of sphenomorphus jobiensis, are described and illustrated. zeylanurotrema sphenomorphi n. sp. represents the second species, meteterakis crombiei n. sp. the 18th species, and physalopteroides milnensis n. sp. the 19th species assigned to each respective genus. in addition, 1 species of cestode, oochoristica javaensis; 7 nematod ...200516539021
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