polystomatidae (monogenea) of african anura: polystoma dawiekoki n. sp. parasitic in ptychadena anchietae (bocage).polystoma dawiekoki n. sp. is described as a new species of the polystomatidae parasitic in the urinary bladder of the plain grass frog ptychadena anchietae. this parasite was collected at mkuze town and mkuze game reserve in northern kwazulu-natal province, in the kruger national park in mpumalanga province, south africa, and at bulwa in tanga province, east usambara mountains, tanzania. it is distinguished from other african polystoma species by a combination of characters, including the body ...200212023560
an overview of the dactylosomatidae (apicomplexa: adeleorina: dactylosomatidae), with the description of dactylosoma kermiti n. sp. parasitising ptychadena anchietae and sclerophrys gutturalis from south africa.haemogregarine (apicomplexa: adeleorina) blood parasites are commonly reported from anuran hosts. dactylosomatidae (jakowska and nigrelli, 1955) is a group of haemogregarines comprising dactylosoma labbé, 1894 and babesiosoma jakowska and nigrelli, 1956. currently dactylosoma and babesiosoma contain five recognised species each. in the current study, a total of 643 anurans, comprising 38 species, 20 genera, and 13 families were collected from south africa (n = 618) and belgium (n = 25), and thei ...202032195110
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