transcriptomic and macroevolutionary evidence for phenotypic uncoupling between frog life history phases.anuran amphibians undergo major morphological transitions during development, but the contribution of their markedly different life-history phases to macroevolution has rarely been analysed. here we generate testable predictions for coupling versus uncoupling of phenotypic evolution of tadpole and adult life-history phases, and for the underlying expression of genes related to morphological feature formation. we test these predictions by combining evidence from gene expression in two distantly r ...201728504275
ontogenetic development of the derived olfactory system of the mantellid frog mantidactylus betsileanus.the nasal cavity of mantidactylus betsileanus, a frog of the madagascar-comoroan endemic family mantellidae, is characterized by a unique internal architecture. unlike the state commonly observed in anurans, the two discernible olfactory subsystems of m. betsileanus (the main olfactory organ and the vomeronasal organ) are anatomically separated from each other, suggesting an enhanced functional differentiation. here we evaluate the ontogenetic formation of this extraordinary anatomical state bas ...201627084295
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