intra-isolate heterogeneity of the its region of rdna in pythium helicoides.heterogeneity of the rdna its region in pythium helicoides and the phylogenetic relationship between p. helicoides and closely related species were investigated. in pcr-rflp analysis of the rdna its region of six p. helicoides isolates investigated, including the type culture, intraspecific variation was found at the hhai site. the total length of fragments was longer than before cutting, indicating sequence heterogeneity within isolates. digestion of the cloned rdna its region derived from seve ...200717509845
development of microsatellite markers for pythium helicoides.a strategy combining dual-suppression pcr and thermal asymmetric interlaced pcr was used to determine sequences flanking microsatellite regions in pythium helicoides. the primer pairs were designed to amplify loci containing (ac)n, (ga)n, (agc)n, (cac)n(caa)n, (tca)n and (cttt)n repeats from the p. helicoides nuclear genome. the pcr products of each primer pair, amplified from three representative isolates collected from different hosts and locations, were cloned and sequenced. different degrees ...200919278526
development of scar markers and pcr assays for single or simultaneous species-specific detection of phytophthora nicotianae and pythium helicoides in ebb-and-flow irrigated kalanchoe.phytophthora nicotianae and pythium helicoides are important water-borne oomycete pathogens of irrigated ornamentals particularly ebb-and-flow irrigated kalanchoe in japan. we developed novel pcr-based sequence characterized amplified region markers and assays for rapid identification and species-specific detection of both pathogens in separate pcr reactions or simultaneously in a duplex pcr.201020826191
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