light and electron microscopic investigation of in vitro starch synthesis in chromoplasts.chromoplasts having a globular inner structure in the petals of forsythia suspensa can form starch grains in their stroma when incubated with glucose solution. the same result was obtained with chromoplasts, similar in structure, from laburnum anagyroides and ranunculus acer. fibrillar chromoplasts in tepals of lilium croceum are able to synthesize starch in vitro, not, however, from glucose but from glucose-1-phosphate. this starch differs from the above mentioned both in respect of electron mi ...1979552307
platelet activating factor (paf) antagonists contained in medicinal plants: lignans and aqueous extracts of medicinal plants were tested for their inhibitory effect on the binding of platelet activating factor (paf) to rabbit platelets. the extracts of forsythia suspensa vahl. (oleaceae), arctium lappa l. (compositae) and centipeda minima (l.) a. braun et aschers (compositae) showed significant activities. since the main constituents of f. suspensa and a. lappa are lignans, 30 lignans were tested for their inhibitory effects on paf binding to platelets and 9 lignans were found ...19921394633
a study on the mutagenicity of 102 raw pharmaceuticals used in chinese traditional medicine.the mutagenic potential of traditional chinese drugs was studied. after extraction with boiling water and frozen vacuum drying, preparations from 102 raw drugs were tested with the ames test, and the micronucleus and chromosomal aberration assays in mice in vivo. astragalus mongholicus bunge (+s9), sophora japonica l. (+/- s9) and eucommia ulmoides oliv. (+/- s9) were found to significantly induce his+ revertants in salmonella typhimurium ta98 and/or ta100. besides these 3, 10 other extracts wer ...19912027343
immunogold probes for light and electron microscopic localization of ole e i in several oleaceae pollens.we investigated the immunolocalization of the olive major allergen ole e i and ole e i-like proteins in pollen from several oleaceae species [olive (olea europaea), ash (fraxinus excelsior), privet (ligustrum vulgaris), lilac (syringa vulgare), and forsythia (forsythia suspensa)]. crossreactions among different pollens were found in enzyme immunoassays. for immunolocalization with light microscopy we used the silver enhancement technique with three monoclonal antibodies (1d8, 10h1, and 16g2) tha ...19968609371
antiinflammatory effect of forsythia suspensa vahl and its active fraction.this study was carried out to elucidate the antiinflammatory effect of 70% methanol extract obtained from the dried fruit of forsythia suspensa vahl and its active principles. f. suspensa was extracted with 70% methanol and freeze-dried to give a powdered extract. the methanol extract was then dissolved in water and extracted with n-hexane, and the n-hexane fraction was evaporated to dryness under vacuum; the water fraction was freeze-dried to give a powdered extract. the antiinflammatory activi ...19979300131
association of caffeoyl coenzyme a 3-o-methyltransferase expression with lignifying tissues in several dicot plants.caffeoyl coenzyme a 3-o-methyltransferase (ccoaomt) was previously shown to be associated with lignification in both in vitro tracheary elements (tes) and organs of zinnia (zinnia elegans). however, it is not known whether this is a general pattern in dicot plants. to address this question, polyclonal antibodies against zinnia recombinant ccoaomt fusion protein were raiseed and used for immunolocalization in several dicot plants. the antibodies predominantly recognized a protein band with a mole ...19979414548
antiinflammatory effect of forsythia suspensa v(ahl) and its active principle.this study was carried out to elucidate the antiinflammatory active principles obtained from 70% methanol extract of the dried fruit of forsythia suspensa v(ahl) (f. suspensa). the methanol extract was then partitioned between n-hexane and water, and then the n-hexane fraction was evaporated to dryness under vacuum. the n-hexane fraction was chromatographed (frs. i--v), fr. iv was rechromatographed (frs. vi--viii), and then fr. vii was rechromatographed (frs. ix--xi) by silica gel column chromat ...200010726898
[investigation on antibacterial activity of forsythia suspense vahl in vitro with mueller-hinton agar].to evaluate the antibacterial activity of forsythia suspensa in vitro with different media.200012525063
tannic acid is an inhibitor of cxcl12 (sdf-1alpha)/cxcr4 with antiangiogenic activity.increasing evidence suggests that interaction between the chemoattractant cxcl12/stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha and its receptor cxcr4 plays a pivotal role in the metastasis of various tumors. our previous studies showed that multi-component chinese herbal medicines inhibited the effects of cxcl12/cxcr4. as a result of sequential chromatographic fractionation of one herbal medicine ingredient, lianqiao (fruit of forsythia suspensa), we observed that tannins were, at least in part, responsibl ...200312912963
the effect of medicinal plants used in chinese folk medicine on rantes secretion by virus-infected human epithelial cells.the accumulation of inflammatory cells in the infective sites has been reported to play a crucial role in the progression of chronic inflammation and multiple sclerosis after viral infection. in the present study, nine ethanol extracts of forsythia suspensa vahl. (oleaceae), lonicera japonica thunb. (caprifoliaceae), isatis indigotica fort. (cruciferae), strobilanthes cusia (ness.) o. kuntze (acanthaceae), astragalus membranaceus (fisch.) bge. (leguminosae), hedysarum polybotrys hand.-mazz. (leg ...200616621378
antimicrobial activity of several herb and spice extracts in culture medium and in vacuum-packaged pork.extracts prepared from honeysuckle, scutellaria, forsythia suspensa (thunb), cinnamon, and rosemary with 75% ethanol and from clove oil dissolved in 75% ethanol were applied to inoculated agar media to observe their inhibitory effects on the growth of escherichia coli, pseudomonas fluorescens, and lactobacillus plantarum. all the extracts suppressed the growth of these bacteria; scutellaria exhibited the strongest effect against e. coli. an orthogonal test revealed that the most effective antimi ...200717388053
[studies on diversity of quality of forsythia suspensa].to study on diversity of quality of forsythia suspense collected from different regions.200717511138
[effects of forsythia suspense extract on cell proliferation and activation of the mouse t lymphocytes in vitro].to investigate the effect of forsythia suspensa (fs) extract on the activation and proliferation of the mouse t lymphocytes in vitro as well as its immunosuppressive effect.200818177608
antioxidant and antibacterial activity of two compounds (forsythiaside and forsythin) isolated from forsythia suspensa.forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl. has been widely used in traditional medicines in asia to treat gonorrhoea, erysipelas, inflammation, pyrexia, ulcer and other diseases. recently the investigation has been focused on the antioxidant and antibacterial activity of this plant. however, limited scientifically proven information is available. we isolated two compounds (forsythiaside and forsythin) from this plant. the aims of this investigation, therefore, were to assay antioxidant activity and antib ...200818237475
lignans from the fruits of forsythia suspensa.bioactivity-guided fractionation of the methanol extract of the fruits of forsythia suspensa vahl has led to the isolation of two new monoepoxylignans, forsythialan a (1) and b (2), together with a known tetrahydrofurofuran lignan, phillyrin (3). the structures of compounds 1 and 2 were elucidated by spectroscopic methods. the antioxidant activities of these lignans have been assessed by evaluating their protective effects against peroxynitrite-induced oxidative stress. the compounds 1 and 2 sho ...200818295482
[effect of forsythia suspense extract on phagocytosis of peritoneal macrophages and no production in vitro].to investigate the effect of forsythia suspensa (fs) extract on phagocytosis of peritoneal macrophages and no production in vitro.200818538082
effects of forsythia suspensa extract on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and antioxidant activities in broiler chickens under high ambient temperature.a 42-d trial was conducted with 252 broiler chickens (d 1 of age, 38.8 +/- 1.3 g of bw) to determine the effects of forsythia suspensa extract on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and antioxidant activities under high ambient temperature (32 +/- 1 degrees c). the feeding program consisted of a starter diet from d 1 to 21 of age and a finisher diet from d 22 to 42 of age. dietary treatments included a negative control group (nc) fed a cornsoybean meal based diet without vitamin c or for ...200818577607
lignans from the fruits of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl protect high-density lipoprotein during oxidative stress.the objective of the present study was to investigate the beneficial properties lignan compounds obtained from the fruits of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl (oleaceae) for protecting human high-density lipoprotein (hdl) against lipid peroxidation. the isolated compounds (1-8) inhibited the generation of thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (tbars) in a dose-dependent manner with ic50 values from 8.5 to 18.7 microm, since hdl oxidation mediated by catalytic cu2+. they also exerted an inhibito ...200818838794
new alkaloids from forsythia suspensa and their anti-inflammatory activities.two new alkaloids, named suspensine a (1) and (-)-7'-o-methylegenine (2), along with two known alkaloids, (-)-egenine (3) and (-)-bicuculline (4), were isolated from the ethanolic extract of the fruits of forsythia suspensa. their structures were established by means of chemical methods and spectroscopic analyses. in vitro, four alkaloids showed anti-inflammatory activities, with inhibition rates of release of beta-glucuronidase from polymorphonuclear leukocytes of rats being in the range 34.8%- ...200919148863
cytoprotective effect of lignans from forsythia suspensa against peroxynitrite-induced llc-pk1 cell damage.there is mounting evidence that peroxynitrite (onoo(-)) is closely related to the pathogenesis of various diseases. as a pharmacological strategy aimed at preventing onoo(-)-mediated toxicity, the protective activity of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl (oleaceae) against onoo(-)-induced cellular damage was investigated and its active components identified. after bioactivity-guided fractionation of its methylene chloride fraction, two tetrahydrofurofuran lignans were isolated, namely phillygenin ...200919367664
protective effects of forsythia suspensa extract against oxidative stress induced by diquat in rats.forsythia suspensa extract has been proved as a potential antioxidant in the recent years. the present study was undertaken to obtain the optimal antioxidant fraction in vitro and examine its antioxidative potential against diquat-induced oxidative stress in male sprague dawley rats in vivo. in vitro, 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (dpph) free radical scavenging experiment indicated that the ch2cl2 fraction of f. suspensa (fsc) exerted the strongest scavenging activities; forsythoside a, forythia ...201020036301
[effect of an active component from forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl against respiratory syncytial virus in vitro].to study the extraction of an active component lc-4 from forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl and anti-respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) effect in vitro.200920047236
forsythia suspensa extract alleviates hypersensitivity induced by soybean beta-conglycinin in weaned piglets.soybeans are known to stimulate food allergies; however, current therapies are lacking in alleviating hypersensitivity. the present study investigated whether forsythia suspensa extract could attenuate purified soybean beta-conglycinin-induced anaphylactic reactions in weaned piglets.201020083183
[an in vitro study of anti-human cytomegalovirus effect of forsythia suspensa and its main active ingredient quercetin].to study the in vitro anti-human cytomegalovirus effect and the cytotoxicity of forsythia suspensa and its main active ingredient quercetin.201020617693
forsythoside a inhibits the avian infectious bronchitis virus in cell culture.forsythoside a is a polyphenolic constituent of the fruits of forsythia suspensa vahl. which is widely used as an antiinflammatory agent in traditional chinese medicine. in the present study, the effects of forsythoside a on cell infection by avian infectious bronchitis virus were assessed. a real-time fluorescence quantitative pcr assay was used to determine mrna content of ibv n gene. the pretreatment of cells with forsythoside a, adding forsythoside a post infection of cells, and treatment of ...201120677175
[hpce fingerprints of forsythia suspensa from hebei province].to develop a hpce analysis method for fingerprints of forsythia suspensa from hebei province, get reference fingerprint and compare the fingerprints of f. suspensa collected from different producing areas and different parts of the plant.201021141496
phillyrin produced by colletotrichum gloeosporioides, an endophytic fungus isolated from forsythia investigate the phillyrin-producing endophytic fungi from the medicinal plant forsythia suspensa, a total of 24 strains of endophytic fungi were isolated from the healthy stems, leaves and fruits of the plant, 9 from stems, 5 from leaves, and 10 from fruits respectively. all fungal isolates were fermented in liquid pda medium and their extracts were preliminary analyzed by tlc. one isolated strain g10, which was from the fruit of f. suspensa, had the same r(f) value as authentic phillyrin. th ...201222960349
forsythia suspensa extract attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory liver injury in rats via promoting antioxidant defense mechanisms.reactive oxygen species (ros) have been shown to have a role in inflammation. we investigated whether forsythia suspensa extract (fse) could exert its antioxidant potential against lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced inflammatory liver injury in rats. rats were orally fed fse once daily for 7 consecutive days prior to lps (escherichia coli, serotype o55:b5) injection. lps treatment caused liver dysfunction as evidenced by massive histopathological changes and increased serum alanine aminotransferas ...201627753186
chemical constituents from the fruits of forsythia suspensa and their antimicrobial activity.lignans and phenylethanoid glycosides purified from forsythia suspensa were reported to display various bioactivities in the previous literature, including the antimicrobial activity. therefore, the present research is aimed to purify and identify the chemical constituents of the methanol extracts of fruits of f. suspensa. the methanol extracts of fruits of f. suspensa were fractionated and further purified with the assistance of column chromatography to afford totally thirty-four compounds. amo ...201424745011
the effects of forsythia suspensa extract and berberine on growth performance, immunity, antioxidant activities, and intestinal microbiota in broilers under high stocking density.a 42-d experiment was conducted with 276 arbor acres broilers (1 d of age, weighing 41.1 ± 1.5 g) to determine the effects of forsythia suspensa extract (fse) and berberine (be) on growth performance, immunity, antioxidant activities, and intestinal microbiota stocked at high stocking density (28 kg of bw/m(2) as the normal density, 46 kg of bw/m(2) as the high density). the feeding program consisted of a starter diet from d 1 to 21 of age and a finisher diet from d 22 to 42. dietary treatments ...201323873544
forsythia suspensa extract has the potential to substitute antibiotic in broiler chicken.two experiments were conducted to investigate the potential for forsythia suspensa extract (fse) to substitute for antibiotic in broiler chicken. first, a well-diffusion assay procedure and a 2-fold dilution method were used to determine the bacteriostatic activity of fse on escherichia coli k88, staphylococcus aureus, and salmonella was assayed. an inhibitory effect of fse was observed on the growth of these bacteria. this effect seems to be dose depended, which disappeared after 25.00, 12.50, ...201225049598
quinoid glycosides from forsythia suspensa.phytochemical investigation on forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl afforded 10 compounds, including quinoid glycosides, lignan glycosides, phenylethanoid glycoside and allylbenzene glycoside together with 13 known ones. their structures were established based on extensive spectroscopic data analyses, including ir, uv, hresims, 1d nmr and 2d nmr. absolute configurations were determined by ecd calculation method and chemical degradation. in addition, all compounds were evaluated for their antiviral a ...201424833035
isolation and identification of phase i metabolites of phillyrin in rats.phillyrin was one of the main chemical constituents of the fruit of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl. it showed various bioactivities including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. however, the metabolism of phillyrin remained unknown. this report described the isolation and identification of phase i metabolites of phillyrin in rats. nine metabolites including six new ones were isolated by various column chromatographies and high-performance liquid chromatography. their structures were ...201424879901
forsythia suspensa extract attenuates corticosterone-induced growth inhibition, oxidative injury, and immune depression in broilers.forsythia suspensa extract (fse) has been demonstrated to attenuate physiological stress induced by high temperature or high stocking density. this experiment was conducted with 144 male arbor acre broilers (1-d-old, weighing 42.7 ± 1.7 g) to determine the effects of fse on performance, nutrient digestibility, antioxidant activities, serum metabolites, and immune parameters for birds treated with corticosterone (cs). the birds were randomly allotted to 1 of 4 treatments in a 2 × 2 factorial arra ...201424864291
ecophysiology of cuticular transpiration: comparative investigation of cuticular water permeability of plant species from different habitats.water permeabilities of astomatous, isolated cuticular membranes (cm) of 24 different plants species were measured. permeances varied from 1.7×10(-11) m·s(-1) (vanilla planifolia leaf) up to 2.1×10(-9) m·s(-1) (malus cf. domestica fruit) among different plant species, thus covering a range of over 2 orders of magnitude. ranking of species according to permeances resulted in four distinct groups. the first group, of species with the lowest cuticular transpiration rates, included evergreen species ...199628307383
phytochemical profiling in single plant cell by high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.phytochemicals are essential secondary plant metabolites which play important roles in the areas of plant biochemistry, pharmacy and medical science because of their significant bioactivities. conventional analysis of phytochemicals in plants needs a complex combination of different extraction and separation steps. here a simple and universal method for profiling phytochemicals in a single plant cell was demonstrated based on high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. single purpl ...201627722487
effect of forsythia suspensa extract and chito-oligosaccharide alone or in combination on performance, intestinal barrier function, antioxidant capacity and immune characteristics of weaned piglets.we investigated the effects of forsythia suspensa extract (fse) and chito-oligosaccharide (cos), alone or together, on performance and health status of weaned piglets. the treatments included a basal diet and three diets with 160 mg/kg cos, 100 mg/kg fse, or 100 mg/kg fse and 160 mg/kg cos. supplementation with cos or fse alone improved (p < 0.01) average daily gain and feed conversion ratio compared with the basal diet in the first 2 weeks. on day 14, cos or fse supplementation separately produ ...201627758020
[vasorelaxant effects of forsythiaside from the fruits of forsythia suspensa].the vasorelaxant effects of forsythiaside (compound 1) from the fruits of forsythia suspensa on isolated rat aortic rings were studied. compound 1 showed a slow relaxation activity against norepinephrine (ne)-induced contractions of rat aorta with/without endothelium. this compound did not affect contractions induced by a high concentration of potassium (k(+) 60 mm), while it inhibited ne-induced vasocontraction in the presence of nicardipine. these results show that the inhibition by compound 1 ...200515684577
influence of traditional chinese anti-inflammatory medicinal plants on leukocyte and platelet functions.the enzymes 5-lipoxygenase and elastase are therapeutic targets in dermatological disorders such as psoriasis. fifteen extracts from traditional chinese medicinal plants used to treat topical inflammations were screened for their inhibitory effect on lipoxygenase, cyclooxygenase and elastase activity in intact leukocytes and platelets. astragalus membranaceus, forsythia suspensa and poria cocos inhibited 5-lipoxygenase, with ic50 values of 141, 80 and 141 microg ml(-1), respectively. the latter ...200314604471
antioxidant activity of anti-inflammatory plant extracts.the antioxidant properties of twenty medical herbs used in the traditional mediterranean and chinese medicine were studied. extracts from forsythia suspensa, helichrysum italicum, scrophularia auriculata, inula viscosa, coptis chinensis, poria cocos and scutellaria baicalensis had previously shown anti-inflammatory activity in different experimental models. using free radical-generating systems h. italicum. i. viscosa and f. suspensa protected against enzymatic and non-enzymatic lipid peroxidati ...200211860151
comparison of fruits of forsythia suspensa at two different maturation stages by nmr-based metabolomics.forsythiae fructus (ff), the dried fruit of forsythia suspensa, has been widely used as a heat-clearing and detoxifying herbal medicine in china. green ff (gf) and ripe ff (rf) are fruits of forsythia suspensa at different maturity stages collected about a month apart. ff undergoes a complex series of physical and biochemical changes during fruit ripening. however, the clinical uses of gf and rf have not been distinguished to date. in order to comprehensively compare the chemical compositions of ...201526035103
forsythiaside inhibits cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation by activation of nrf2 and inhibition of nf-κb.cigarette smoke has been reported to be the major cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). it causes persistent inflammation by regulating the redox-sensitive pathways. forsythiaside, an active constituent isolated from the chinese medicinal herb forsythia suspensa, has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. thus, in this study, we investigated the protective effects of forsythiaside against cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation in mice. copd mice mod ...201526209933
forsythoneosides a-d, neuroprotective phenethanoid and flavone glycoside heterodimers from the fruits of forsythia suspensa.forsythoneosides a-d (1-4), four unusual adducts of a flavonoid unit fused to a phenylethanoid glycoside through a pyran ring or carbon-carbon bond, and four new phenylethanoid glycosides (5-8) were isolated from the fruits of forsythia suspensa, together with nine known compounds. the structures of 1-8, including their absolute configurations, were elucidated by spectroscopic data as well as experimental and calculated electronic circular dichroism analysis. compounds 2 and 4 inhibited pc12 cel ...201526422318
metabolic profile of phillyrin in rats obtained by uplc-q-tof-ms.forsythia suspensa vahl (oleaceae) is an important original plant in traditional chinese medicine. the air-dried fruits of forsythia suspensa have long been used to relieve respiratory symptoms. phillyrin is one of the main chemical constituent of forsythia suspensa. a clear understanding of the metabolism of phillyrin is very important in rational clinical use and pharmacological research. in this study, the metabolism of phillyrin in rat was investigated for the first time using an ultra-high- ...201626425840
forsythiaside a exhibits anti-inflammatory effects in lps-stimulated bv2 microglia cells through activation of nrf2/ho-1 signaling pathway.inflammation and oxidative stress have been reported to play critical roles in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disease. forsythiaside a, a phenylethanoside product isolated from air-dried fruits of forsythia suspensa, has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. in this study, the anti-inflammatory effects of forsythiaside a on lps-stimulated bv2 microglia cells and primary microglia cells were investigated. the production of inflammatory mediators tnf-α, il-1β, no ...201626498935
[study of screening pseudoallergenic substances of shuanghuanglian injection].in this study, chemistry, biology and pharmacology were combinated to screen pseudoallergenic substances of shuang-huanglian injection (shli) so that to establish a scientific and systematic approach to screen pseudoallergenic substances of traditional chinese medicine injections. the mouse pseudoallergic reaction models were used to screen the pseudoallergic reaction of shli's intermediate extract and the intermediate extract's component or ingredient. among the three intermediates of shuanghua ...201526666017
polyhydroxytriterpenoids and phenolic constituents from forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl leaves.forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl leaves have been consumed in china as a health-promoting functional tea for centuries. three new polyhydroxytriterpenoid glycosides named suspensanosides a-c (1-3), seven known polyhydroxytriterpenoids (4-10), and 12 known phenolics (11-22) were identified from f. suspensa leaves. compounds 1-10, 15-17, and 22 have not been found in the forsythia genus previously, whereas compound 14 was first reported to be isolated from the leaves of f. suspensa. all isolates w ...201626694205
forsythin inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation by suppressing jak-stat and p38 mapk signalings and ros production.forsythin (for) is an active ingredient extracted from the fruit of the medicinal plant forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl. here, we investigated the effect of for on lps-induced inflammatory response and the underlying molecular mechanisms in raw264.7 macrophages.201424691777
forsythiaside attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses in the bursa of fabricius of chickens by downregulating the nf-κb signaling pathway.forsythiaside, a phenylethanoside product isolated from air-dried fruits of forsythia suspensa, has been demonstrated to exhibit antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities in vitro. however, its mechanism and the effects of lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced injury on the bursa of fabricius (bf) of chickens are poorly understood. the present study aimed to investigate the anti-inflammatory effects of forsythiaside on lps-induced acute inflammation. in addition, the potential molec ...201424348786
dynamic ultrasonic nebulisation extraction coupled with headspace ionic liquid-based single-drop microextraction for the analysis of the essential oil in forsythia suspensa.ionic liquids have attracted much attention as an extraction solvent instead of traditional organic solvent in single-drop microextraction. however, non-volatile ionic liquids are difficult to couple with gas chromatography. thus, the following injection system for the determination of organic compounds is described.201424347206
identifying chinese herbal medicine network for treating acne: implications from a nationwide database.acne is a highly prevalent inflammatory skin disease which causes patients great psychological stress, especially teenagers. chinese herbal medicine (chm) is commonly used to treat acne with personalized but complicated prescriptions. the aim of this study is to determine a chm network and core chm treatments for acne by analyzing a nationwide database.201626721214
forsythia suspensa fruit extracts and the constituent matairesinol confer anti-allergic effects in an allergic dermatitis mouse model.forsythia suspensa is used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation. to clarify the anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects of f. suspensa fruits, we determined the therapeutic effects of crude extract, fractions, and a constituent from f. suspensa fruits on a murine atopic dermatitis (ad) model.201627085937
ionic liquid-based ultrasonic-assisted extraction of forsythosides from the leaf of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl and subsequent separation and purification by high-speed counter-current ionic liquid-based ultrasonic-assisted extraction (iluae) method was developed for the extraction of the two forsythosides, namely forsythosides i and a from the leaf of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl. three kinds of l-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids with different alkyl chain and anion were investigated. the results indicated that ionic liquids showed remarkable effects on the extraction yields of forsythosides. in addition, several iluae ultrasonic parameters, such as the solvent ...201627165571
effects of phillyrin and forsythoside a on rat cytochrome p450 activities in vivo and in vitro.1. phillyrin and forsythoside a are two important active ingredients in forsythia suspensa. however, the effects of phillyrin and forsythoside a on the activities of cytochrome p450 (cyp450) remain unclear. 2. this study aimed to investigate the effects of phillyrin and forsythoside a on the activities of cyp1a2, cyp2c11, cyp2d1 and cyp3a1/2 by cocktail probe drugs in rats both in vivo and in vitro. 3. many pharmacokinetic parameters of caffeine and metoprolol in phillyrin pretreatment group, ca ...201727310729
antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic activities of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl (fruit) in streptozotocin-induced diabetes mice.the fruit of forsythia suspense (thunb.) vahl, a well-known chinese materia medica, has been traditionally used in traditional chinese medicine for the treatment of diabetes and some other diseases, but the rational for the usage of this plant is unclear. the aim of this study was to investigate the therapeutic effect and potential mechanism of the fruit of f. suspensa using streptozotocin (stz)-induced diabetic mice.201627377336
forsythiae fructus inhibits b16 melanoma growth involving mapks/nrf2/ho-1 mediated anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation.forsythiae fructus, the fruits of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl, lianqiao in chinese, is one of the most fundamental herbs in traditional chinese medicine (tcm). it is a typical heat-clearing and detoxicating herb, according to tcm theory. in this study, we investigated the antitumor effect of forsythiae fructus aqueous extract (fae) on b16-f10 melanoma cells in vivo. the transplanted b16-f10 melanoma in c57bl/6 mice was established and used for the evaluation of the in vivo antitumor effect ...201627430915
anti-inflammatory function of arctiin by inhibiting cox-2 expression via nf-κb pathways.arctiin, isolated from forsythia suspensa has been reported to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral effects in vitro. however, there has been a lack of studies regarding its effects on immunological activity. the aim of this study is to investigate the anti-inflammatory potential and possible mechanisms of arctiin in lps-induced macrophages.201121733191
forsythia suspensa suppresses house dust mite extract-induced atopic dermatitis in nc/nga mice.forsythia suspensa (f. suspensa) is a traditional medicine for treatment of inflammation. in this study, we evaluated the therapeutic effects of an ethanol extract from f. suspensa fruits on atopic dermatitis both in vivo and in vitro. we investigated the inhibitory effects of f. suspensa extract on the development of atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions in an nc/nga mouse model exposed to dermatophagoides farinae crude extract. topical application of f. suspensa extract to the mice attenuated th ...201627936051
comparative evaluation of raw and ripe fruits of forsythia suspensa by hplc-esi-ms/ms analysis and anti-microbial assay.a multi-component quantification fingerprint based on high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry technique has been established for the comparative analysis of raw and ripe fruits of forsythia suspensa originated from different provinces. eighteen bioactive constituents including three phenylethanoid glycosides derivatives, six phenolic acids, three flavonoids, four phenylpropanoids, one fatty acid and one terpenoid were identified and qu ...201728069689
evaluating the safety of forsythin from forsythia suspensa leaves by acute and sub-chronic oral administration in rodent access the toxicity of forsythin from forsythia suspensa leaves and evaluate its safety.201728107864
chemical constituents and anti-inflammatory principles from the fruits of forsythia suspensa.fifty compounds were isolated from the fruits of forsythia suspensa, including 13 new compounds characterized as eight new diterpenoids (1-8), three new lignans (9-11), a new iridoid (12), and a new triterpenoid (13). their structures were established on the basis of spectroscopic and spectrometric analysis. most of the isolated compounds were examined for their anti-inflammatory activity in vitro. the results showed that several compounds displayed significant inhibition of fmlp/cb-induced supe ...201728218000
[multidimensional separations used in pharmaceutical and biological fields].a review of multidimensional separations such as comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (gc x gc), comprehensive two-dimensional high performance liquid chromatography (hplc x hplc) and their applications in pharmaceutical and biological fields is presented with 71 references. a single co2 cryo-jet loop modulator was developed for gc x gc and it can be used to modulate compounds higher than c6 effectively. comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometr ...200515881363
pharmacokinetic of 5 components after oral administration of fructus forsythiae by hplc-ms/ms and the effects of harvest time and administration times.the unripe fructus forsythiae (qingqiao) and ripe fructus forsythiae (laoqiao) are two types of the clinical forms of commercial fructus of forsythia suspensa(thunb.) vahl. there is limited information available for differences in pharmacokinetic properties of active components between unripe and ripe fructus forsythiae in vivo. a rapid and sensitive liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric (lc-ms/ms) method was developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of 9 typical compo ...201525984964
ethanol extract of forsythia suspensa root induces apoptosis of esophageal carcinoma cells via the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway.forsythia suspensa root is used in the treatment of fever and jaundice in traditional chinese medicine. in the present study, the anti-tumor activity of the ethanolic extract of forsythia suspensa root (fsree) against esophageal carcinoma cells was investigated in vitro and in vivo and its anti-cancer mechanism was examined. the results revealed that fsree, rather than forsythia suspensa ethanolic extracts from the leaf (fslee) and fruit (fsfee) exhibited marked anti-tumor activity towards human ...201525373392
a new lignan glycoside from forsythia suspensa.phytochemical investigation on forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl afforded ten compounds, including five lignan glycosides and five phenylethanoid glycosides. the compounds were isolated by using hp-20 macroporous resin, silica gel, octadecyl silica gel (ods), size exclusion chromatography resin hw-40 chromatography, and preparative hplc. the structures were established through application of extensive spectroscopic methods, including esi-ms, 1d-and 2d-nmr spectroscopy. they were identified as for ...201425263983
optimization of simultaneous ultrasonic-assisted extraction of water-soluble and fat-soluble characteristic constituents from forsythiae fructus using response surface methodology and high-performance liquid chromatography.the compounds (+)-pinoresinol-β-glucoside (1) forsythiaside, (2) phillyrin (3) and phillygenin (4) were elucidated to be the characteristic constituents for quality control of forsythiae fructus extract by chromatographic fingerprint in 2010 edition of chinese pharmacopoeia due to their numerous important pharmacological actions. it is of great interest to extract these medicinally active constituents from forsythiae fructus simultaneously.201425210317
u-bang-haequi tang: a herbal prescription that prevents acute inflammation through inhibition of nf-κb-mediated inducible nitric oxide synthase.since antiquity, medical herbs have been prescribed for both treatment and preventative purposes. herbal formulas are used to reduce toxicity as well as increase efficacy in traditional korean medicine. u-bang-haequi tang (ubt) is a herbal prescription containing arctii fructus and forsythia suspensa as its main components and has treated many human diseases in traditional korean medicine. this research investigated the effects of ubt against an acute phase of inflammation. for this, we measured ...201424959187
molecular data and ecological niche modeling reveal population dynamics of widespread shrub forsythia suspensa (oleaceae) in china's warm-temperate zone in response to climate change during the pleistocene.despite its high number of endemic deciduous broad-leaved species in china's warm-temperate zone, far less attention has been paid to phylogeographic studies in this region. in this work, the phylogeographic history of forsythia suspensa endemic to china's warm-temperate zone was investigated to explore the effect of climate change during the pleistocene on the distribution of this deciduous broad-leaved species in china.201424885704
anti-inflammatory effects of 81 chinese herb extracts and their correlation with the characteristics of traditional chinese medicine.inducible nitrogen oxide synthase (inos) is the primary contributor of the overproduction of nitric oxide and its inhibitors have been actively sought as effective anti-inflammatory agents. in this study, we prepared 70% ethanol extracts from 81 chinese herbs. these extracts were subsequently evaluated for their effect on nitrogen oxide (no) production and cell growth in lps/ifnγ-costimulated and unstimulated murine macrophage raw264.7 cells by griess reaction and mtt assay. extracts of daphne g ...201424696703
phillyrin attenuates lps-induced pulmonary inflammation via suppression of mapk and nf-κb activation in acute lung injury mice.phillyrin (phil) is one of the main chemical constituents of forsythia suspensa (thunb.), which has shown to be an important traditional chinese medicine. we tested the hypothesis that phil modulates pulmonary inflammation in an ali model induced by lps. male balb/c mice were pretreated with or without phil before respiratory administration with lps, and pretreated with dexamethasone as a control. cytokine release (tnf-α, il-1β, and il-6) and amounts of inflammatory cell in bronchoalveolar lavag ...201323751215
replacements of rare herbs and simplifications of traditional chinese medicine formulae based on attribute similarities and pathway enrichment analysis.a traditional chinese medicine (tcm) formula is a collection of several herbs. tcm formulae have been used to treat various diseases for several thousand years. however, wide usage of tcm formulae has results in rapid decline of some rare herbs. so it is urgent to find common available replacements for those rare herbs with the similar effects. in addition, a formula can be simplified by reducing herbs with unchanged effects. based on this consideration, we propose a method, called "formula pair ...201323533462
[in vitro dissolution of forsythin in forsythia suspensa powder of different particle diameter].to examine the in vitro dissolution of forsythin in forsythia suspensa powder of different particle diameter, in order to give guidance to the grinding process.201223397719
neuroprotective effects of forsythiaside on learning and memory deficits in senescence-accelerated mouse prone (samp8) mice.forsythiaside (3,4-dihydroxy-β-phenethyl-o-α-l-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→6)-4-o-caffeo yl-β-d-glucopyranoside, c29h36o15), which is isolated from air-dried fruits of forsythia suspensa, has been shown to possess anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. the aim of this study is to investigate the neuroprotective effects of forsythiaside on learning and memory deficits in the senescence-accelerated mouse prone 8 (samp8, a model of age-dependent neurodegenerative disorders such as al ...201323290932
[studies on chemical constituents from fruits of forsythia suspense].twenty-four compounds in the fruits of forsythia suspensa were isolated and purified by column chromatography and preparative tlc. on the basis of comprehensive spectroscopic methods including ir, esi-ms/ms, 1d and 2d nmr, these compounds were identified as ten ceremides (1-10), six triterpenes (11-16), one steroids (17), three flavonoids (18-20), two c6-c2 alcohols (21-22) and two lignans (23-24). compounds 1-10 were reported from f. suspense for the first time, among which 1, 2, 4 and 5 were n ...201222741462
isoforsythiaside, an antioxidant and antibacterial phenylethanoid glycoside isolated from forsythia suspensa.the isolation, structural elucidation, antioxidant effect and antibacterial activity of isoforsythiaside, a novel phenylethanoid glycoside isolated from forsythia suspensa, were described. the antioxidant activity was estimated using the 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl scavenging activity method and the in vitro antimicrobial activity was evaluated by the microtitre plate method. the results showed that this compound had strong activities. owing to these properties, the study can be further extended ...201222014602
[the plant origins of herbal medicines and their quality evaluation].the caulis (stem and leaf) of trachelospermum jasminoides (lindl.) lem. (apocynaceae) is listed as the plant origin of luoshiteng in the chinese pharmacopeia. however, preparations from the caulis of ficus pumila l. (moraceae) or psychotria serpens l. (rubiaceae) are distributed on the chinese market. the fruit of forsythia suspensa vahl (oleaceae) is listed as the plant origin of forsythia fruit in the chinese pharmacopeia, although the fruits of two forsythia species, f. suspensa and f. viridi ...200212087774
chinese vegetative materia medica in a venereological treatise by jean astruc from 1740.historical medical sources can be still queried for forgotten cures and remedies. traditional chinese medicine has dealt with lues venerea (syphilis) since the five dynasties period (10th century). chinese indigenous materia medica and remedies recorded, studied or imported by the europeans can reveal known or quite unknown medicinal plants. the studied jean astruc's work is a published ethnopharmacological survey carried out in beijing in the 1730s and it deserves a modern interpretation.201627132716
anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects of heat-clearing chinese herbs: a current review.inflammation is a normal immune response; but if the body's regulation of inflammation is dysfunctional, then it will have an adverse effect on the body. although use of modern drugs for inflammation has a relieving effect, it is still unsatisfactory. moreover, the emergence of drug-resistant strains and even new kinds of microorganisms is causing significant morbidity and mortality. recently, more attention has been focused on herbal medicine to treat various diseases because of the ability of ...024860732
microwave-assisted extraction followed by rp-hplc for the simultaneous extraction and determination of forsythiaside a, rutin, and phillyrin in the fruits of forsythia optimized microwave-assisted extraction method and rp-hplc method were developed for the simultaneous extraction and determination of rutin, forsythiaside a and phillyrin in the fruits of forsythia suspensa. the key parameters of the open-vessel microwave-assisted extraction process were optimized. a mixed solvent of methanol and water (70:30, v/v) was the most suitable for the simultaneous extraction of the three components. the sample was soaked for 10 min before extraction. the optimized c ...201323913652
the androgenic alopecia protective effects of forsythiaside-a and the molecular regulation in a mouse model.this study examined the inhibitory effect of forsythiaside-a, a natural substance derived from forsythia suspensa (f. suspensa), on entry into catagen induced by dihydrotestosterone (dht) in an androgenic alopecia mouse model. in vitro experiment comparing finasteride with forsythiaside-a showed that forsythiaside-a treatment resulted in a 30% greater inhibition of dht-induced apoptosis in human hair dermal papilla cell (hhdpcs) and human keratinocytes (hacats). in vivo experiment showed that mo ...201525808759
protective effect of forsythiaside a on lipopolysaccharide/d-galactosamine-induced liver injury.forsythiaside a, an active constituent isolated from air-dried fruits of forsythia suspensa, has been reported to have multiple pharmacological activities including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and antioxidant activities. in the present study, the hepatoprotective effect of forsythiaside a was investigated in lipopolysaccharide (lps)/d-galactosamine (galn)-induced acute liver injury in mice. mice acute liver injury model was induced by lps (50μg/kg)/galn (800mg/kg). forsythiaside a was admin ...201525797347
simultaneous quantification of 14 bioactive constituents in forsythia suspensa by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionisation-mass spectrometry.forsythia suspensa is a commonly used traditional chinese medicine including phenylethanoid glycosides, lignans, flavonoids, terpenes and volatile oils. quantification of multi-components is important for the quality control of forsythia suspensa.201320151400
dammarane derivatives from the dried fruits of forsythia suspensa.anti-inflammatory activity guided fractionation of the n-hexane soluble fraction of a 70% aqueous methanolic extract of the dried fruits of forsythia suspensa afforded two new triterpenes. the structures of these compounds were elucidated as 3beta-acetyl-20,25-epoxydammarane-24alpha-ol (1) and 3beta-acetyl-20,25-epoxydammarane-24beta-ol (2) on the basis of spectral data interpretation as well as by comparison with those of structurally similar compounds.200111324910
a new furofuran mono-lactone from forsythia suspensa.a new furofuran mono-lactone, named forsythenin, was isolated from the fruits of forsythia suspensa, together with the known compounds, ocotillone, ocotillol monoacetate, (6'-o-palmitoyl)-sitosterol-3-o-beta-d-glucoside and palmitic acid. the structure of the new compound was elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic means and x-ray crystallography.199911254035
inhibition of low density lipoprotein oxidation by tetrahydrofurofuran lignans from forsythia suspensa and magnolia coco.based on the inhibition of cu(2+)-induced ldl oxidation as marker, the major antioxidants in the fruits of forsythia suspensa and the stems of magnolia coco were identified. of these bioactive tetrahydrofurofuran lignans, pinoresinol, phillygenin, and syringaresinol were more potent than probucol. sesamin and fargesin, which do not contain phenol groups, were found much less active.199910630110
new quinoid glycosides from forsythia suspensathree novel compounds, suspenolic acid (1), forsythenside a (2), and forsythenside b (3), have been isolated from the fruits of forsythia suspensa. their structures were elucidated by spectral methods and chemical reactions.19989548879
anti-emetic principles of inula linariaefolia flowers and forsythia suspensa fruits.the anti-emetic effects of 40 extracts made from 12 traditional chinese herbal drugs were examined. ten extracts inhibited emesis induced by copper sulfate pentahydrate; all were administered orally, and one extract inhibited emesis induced by apomorphine hydrochloride given to leopard and ranid frogs. taraxasteryl palmitate and acetate, bigelovin and dihydrobigelovin were isolated from the chcl(3) extract of inula linariaefolia flowers, and identified as the active antiemetic agents when emesis ...199623194861
ole e i: epitope mapping, cross-reactivity with other oleaceae pollens and ultrastructural localization.ole e i is the major allergen derived from olive tree pollen (olea europaea) and it is composed of two polypeptides with molecular weights (mws) of 18 and 20 kd. a panel of six monoclonal antibodies (mabs) has been prepared and used to map antigenic determinants on this molecule. four epitope determinants have been identified on ole e i. using the purified mabs produced against ole e i, we have analyzed the common epitope determinants in olive (o. europaea) and different oleaceae pollens: ash (f ...19947515294
[identify the original plant of forsythia suspensa by nucleotide sequence].to investigate the means of distinguishing the original plant of forsythia suspensa from confusion.200920112711
[hplc analysis of the active ingredients of forsythia suspensa].forsythia suspensa is a widely used traditional chinese herb. because of the need to evaluate its quality, a hplc method was developed to analyze the active ingredients in its fruits and leaves. one g of powdered plant material was cold macerated over-night with 10 ml of methanol added then supersonic extracted for 20 min. four ml of the extract were mixed with 1 ml of water, centrifuged (400 x g, 15 min), and then analyzed by hplc with a nucleosil c--18 column. the mobile phase for gradient elu ...19921481677
[antibacterial constituents of the unripe fruit of forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl]. 19883197218
[studies on chemical constituents of the seeds of forsythia suspensa i--isolation and identification of liposoluble components]. 19836222811
studies on the chinese crude drug "forsythiae fructus." vi. the structure and antibacterial activity of suspensaside isolated from forsythia suspensa. 19827168874
[a study of the bacteriostatic principle isolated from forsythia suspensa vahl. (lien-chiao)]. 196013787554
quantitative analysis and chromatographic fingerprinting for the quality evaluation of forsythia suspensa extract by hplc coupled with photodiode array detector.a simple and reproducible hplc-photodiode array detector method has been described for evaluating and controlling quality of forsythia suspensa extract (fse). first, by analysis of chromatographic fingerprints, the similarities of chromatograms of fse samples from the same pharmaceutical company exceeded 0.999, 0.997 and 0.960, respectively, although they were much lower from different pharmaceutical companies. second, by further comparing many batches of extract chromatograph charts with the co ...200919950349
selective enrichment with "click oligo (ethylene glycol)" column and tof-ms characterization of simple phenylpropanoids in the fruits of forsythia separate samples of complex natural products, highly efficient and selective separation methods should be developed. herein, a selective enrichment method was developed to separate forsythia suspensa components with "click oligo (ethylene glycol)" (oeg) column in reversed phase (rp) mode. in this method, f. suspensa aqueous extract was successfully separated. and three fractions with structure-related compounds were obtained. fraction i mainly consisted of c(6)-c(2) natural alcohols and glyco ...200919714658
[studies on taste-masking technology of traditional chinese medicine compounds].to investigate the preparation of shuanghuanglian taste-masking microspheres by spray-drying.200717879726
characterization of phenolic compounds in the fruits of forsythia suspensa by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry.phenolic compounds are the major bioactive constituents of forsythia suspensa, an important chinese herbal medicine used for the treatment of various infectious diseases. fragmentation behaviors of the phenolic compounds in f. suspensa were investigated by using a high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (hplc/ms(n)) method. for common phenylethanoid glycosides, the loss of the caffeoyl moiety was the first fragmentation step, then sequential losses of rhamnose, hexose and ...200717279595
simultaneous determination of 12 major constituents in forsythia suspensa by high performance liquid chromatography--dad method.a high performance liquid chromatographic method was developed to simultaneously determine the 12 major constituents of forsythia suspensa, namely r-suspensaside, s-suspensaside, s-suspensaside methyl ether, (+)-pinoresinol-beta-d-glucoside, forsythiaside, (+)-epipinoresinol-4'-o-glucoside, suspensaside a, rutin, phillyrin, (+)-pinoresinol, (+)-epipinoresinol and phillygenin. the hplc assay was performed on a zorbax xdb c(18) column with gradient elution of methanol and 0.3% aqueous acetic acid ...200717156960
[study on the fingerprints of fructus forsythiae by high performance capillary electrophoresis].the capillary electrophoresis fingerprints (cefp) of fructus forsythiae was established to control its quality. the background electrolyte (bge) was a 75 mmol/l sodium borate solution adjusted to ph 9.7 with 0.1 mmol/l naoh solution. the detection wavelength was 228 nm and a voltage of 14 kv was applied. the forsythia suspensa (thunb.) vahl was extracted by water and a set of cefp containing 29 peaks was obtained. the cefp had acceptable precision and reproducibility with the relative standard d ...200616830475
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