leaves of higher plants as biomonitors of radionuclides (137cs, 40k, 210pb and 7be) in urban air.leaves of linden (tilia tomentosa l. and tilia cordata mill.) and horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum l.) were analysed as biomonitors of radionuclides in urban air. samples of soils, leaves and aerosols were collected in belgrade, serbia. activities of (137)cs, (40)k, (210)pb and (7)be in the samples were measured on an hpge detector by standard gamma spectrometry. "soil-to-leaves" transfer factors were calculated. student's t test and linear pearson correlation coefficients were used for st ...201322562351
antioxidant and anticholinesterase activities of eleven edible plants.consumers have become more interested in beneficial effects of vegetables, fruits, and tea to protect their health.201121284538
flavonoids with antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities from the leaves of tilia argentea (silver linden).silver linden, tilia argentea desf. ex dc (tiliaceae) leaves are used in the treatment of common cold and bronchitis. in order to evaluate this information, antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of the two main flavonoid glycosides: kaempferol-3,7-o-alpha-dirhamnoside and quercetin-3,7-o-alpha-dirhamnoside isolated from the leaves, were investigated. for the antinociceptive activity, p-benzoquinone-induced writhing test and for the anti-inflammatory activity, carrageenan-induced hind ...200415507365
biogenic volatile organic compound (bvoc) emissions from forested areas in turkey: determination of specific emission rates for thirty-one tree species.normalized biogenic volatile organic compound (bvoc) emission rates for thirty one tree species that cover the 98% of national forested areas in turkey were determined. field samplings were performed at fourteen different forested areas in turkey using a specific dynamic enclosure system. the selected branches of tree species were enclosed in a chamber consisted of a transparent nalofan bag. the air-flows were sampled from both inlet and outlet of the chamber by tenax-filled sorbent tubes during ...201424858222
bud extracts from tilia tomentosa moench inhibit hippocampal neuronal firing through gabaa and benzodiazepine receptors activation.tilia tomentosa moench bud extracts (ttbes) is used in traditional medicine for centuries as sedative compound. different plants belonging to the tilia genus have shown their efficacy in the treatment of anxiety but still little is known about the mechanism of action of their bud extracts.201526144285
the effect of a fireworks event on the amount and elemental concentration of deposited dust collected in the city of debrecen, hungary.many social celebrations in urban areas are followed by fireworks show. the organic and inorganic pollutants emitted during detonations are expected to affect the ambient air quality of these celebration sites. the environmental aspects of fireworks events are usually investigated by analyzing the concentration and composition of airborne particulate matter, while there is limited information regarding the effect of fireworks on the elemental concentration of deposited dust. in this study, folia ...201726246863
acidic polysaccharide complexes from purslane, silver linden and lavender stimulate peyer's patch immune cells through innate and adaptive mechanisms.three polysaccharide complexes (pscs) were isolated from the aerial parts of common purslane (portulaca oleracea l.), and the flowers of common lavender (lavandula angustifolia mill.) and silver linden (tilia tomentosa moench) by boiling water extraction and ethanol precipitation. the chemical composition and immunomodulating effects of isolated pscs were characterized. the chemical characterization revealed that the three samples contain mainly pectic polysaccharides. they exhibited ex vivo int ...201728732735
tilia tomentosa pectins exhibit dual mode of action on phagocytes as β-glucuronic acid monomers are abundant in their rhamnogalacturonans i.silver linden flowers contain different pectins (psi-psiii) with immunomodulating properties. psi is a low-esterified pectic polysaccharide with predominant homogalacturonan region, followed by rhamnogalacturonan i (rgi) with arabinogalactan ii and rgii (traces) domains. psii and psiii are unusual glucuronidated rgi polymers. psiii is a unique high molecular weight rgi, having almost completely o-3 glucuronidated gala units with >30% o-3 acetylation at the rha units. linden pectins induced react ...201728917854
do linden trees kill bees? reviewing the causes of bee deaths on silver linden (tilia tomentosa).for decades, linden trees (basswoods or lime trees), and particularly silver linden (tilia tomentosa), have been linked to mass bee deaths. this phenomenon is often attributed to the purported occurrence of the carbohydrate mannose, which is toxic to bees, in tilia nectar. in this review, however, we conclude that from existing literature there is no experimental evidence for toxicity to bees in linden nectar. bee deaths on tilia probably result from starvation, owing to insufficient nectar reso ...201728954857
isolation of pharmacologically active benzodiazepine receptor ligands from tilia tomentosa (tiliaceae).tilia species are traditional medicinal plants widely used in latin america as sedatives and tranquilizers. for this purpose, the infusion of their inflorescences is used to prepare a tea. in this study extracts of inflorescences from tilia tomentosa moench, one of the species found in the market, were purified using a benzodiazepine (bzd) binding assay to detect bzd receptor ligands in the different fractions. one of the ligands was identified as kaempferol, but it had low affinity (ki = 93 mic ...19947990504
eriophyes species (acari: eriophyoidea) inhabiting lime trees (tilia spp.: tiliaceae)--supplementary description and morphological variability related to host plants and female forms.three poorly known species of the subfamily eriophyinae living on tilia spp. (tiliaceae) are illustrated and supplementary descriptions are provided. two of them, eriophyes exilis (nalepa 1892) and eriophyes nervalis (nalepa 1918), were recorded both in vein angle galls on leaves of tilia platyphyllos scop. and in erinea on leaves of tilia tomentosa moench, tilia americana l. 'moltkei', tilia americana var. heterophylla (vent.) loudon, tilia cordata mill., tiliajaponica (miq.) simonk., tilia pet ...201326213770
particulate matter on foliage of 13 woody species: deposition on surfaces and phytostabilisation in waxes--a 3-year study.particulate matter (pm) as an air pollutant can be harmful for human health through allergic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. although the main focus is on decreasing air pollution, after pm has been emitted to the atmosphere, one ofthe realistic options to decrease it's concentrations in urbanized area will be phytoremediation. this study compared the capacity to capture pm from air of seven tree species commonly cultivated in poland (catalpa bignonioides walter, corylus colurna l., fraxinu ...201323488010
phenolic composition of "bud extracts" of ribes nigrum l., rosa canina l. and tilia tomentosa m.liquid preparations such as tinctures and "bud extracts" are typical products widely used in european countries but which have been poorly studied to date. our research was focused on obtaining a phytochemical characterization of secondary metabolites of black currant, dog rose and silver linden bud extracts and evaluating the changes of selected chemical markers over time. 16 different preparations have been analyzed by the use of hplc-dad-ms. several flavonols were identified in black currant ...201526135753
variation in nectar volume and sugar concentration of allium ursinum l. ssp. ucrainicum in three habitats.floral nectar volume and concentration of ramson (allium ursinum l. ssp. ucrainicum) were investigated in three different habitats, including two types of sessile oak-hornbeam association on brown forest soil with clay illuviation and a silver lime-flowering ash rock forest association on rendzina. daily nectar production ranged from 0.1 to 3.8 μl per flower with sugar concentrations of 25 to 50%. mean nectar volumes and concentrations showed significant differences between freely exposed flower ...201222619588
specialist nectar-yeasts decline with urbanization in berlin.nectar yeasts are common inhabitants of insect-pollinated flowers but factors determining their distribution are not well understood. we studied the influence of host identity, environmental factors related to pollution/urbanization, and the distance to a target beehive on local distribution of nectar yeasts within robinia pseudoacacia l. and tilia tomentosa moench in berlin, germany. nectar samples of six individuals per species were collected at seven sites in a 2 km radius from each target be ...201728358006
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