development and characterization of 79 nuclear markers amplifying in viviparous and oviparous clades of the european common lizard.the european common lizard (zootoca vivipara) is a widely distributed species across europe and asia exhibiting two reproductive modes (oviparity/viviparity), six major lineages and several sublineages. it has been used to tackle a large variety of research questions, nevertheless, few nuclear dna sequence markers have been developed for this species. here we developed 79 new nuclear dna sequence markers using a clonation protocol. these markers were amplified in several oviparous and viviparous ...201829143284
mammalian x homolog acts as sex chromosome in lacertid lizards.among amniotes, squamate reptiles are especially variable in their mechanisms of sex determination; however, based largely on cytogenetic data, some lineages possess highly evolutionary stable sex chromosomes. the still very limited knowledge of the genetic content of squamate sex chromosomes precludes a reliable reconstruction of the evolutionary history of sex determination in this group and consequently in all amniotes. female heterogamety with a degenerated w chromosome typifies the lizards ...201626980341
a new species of the genus <i>takydromus</i> (squamata: lacertidae) from tianjingshan forestry station, northern guangdong, china.many early descriptions of species of the genus takydromus were based on limited diagnostic characteristics. this has caused considerable challenges in accurate species identification, meaning that a number of cryptic species have been erroneously identified as known species, resulting in substantially underestimated species diversity. we have integrated evidence from morphology and dna sequence data to describe a new species of the asian grass lizard, takydromus albomaculosus sp. nov., based on ...201729245711
complete mitochondrial genome of takydromus sexlineatus (squamata, lacertidae).the complete sequence mitochondrial genome of takydromus sexlineatus was determined using long pcr and conserved primers walking approaches. the genome was 18,943 bp in length and contained 13 protein-coding genes, 2 rrna genes, 22 trna genes and 1 control region (cr). the gene composition and order of t. sexlineatus were similar to most other squamate reptiles. all protein-coding genes begin with atg as initiation codon except coi using gtg. seven genes (atp8. nd4l. nd5. cytb. nd1. coi and nd6) ...201524047178
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