identification of antigenic regions on vp2 of african horsesickness virus serotype 3 by using phage-displayed epitope libraries.vp2 is an outer capsid protein of african horsesickness virus (ahsv) and is recognized by serotype-discriminatory neutralizing antibodies. with the objective of locating its antigenic regions, a filamentous phage library was constructed that displayed peptides derived from the fragmentation of a cdna copy of the gene encoding vp2. peptides ranging in size from approximately 30 to 100 amino acids were fused with piii, the attachment protein of the display vector, fuse2. to ensure maximum diversit ...200010725425
preparation of recombinant african horse sickness virus vp7 antigen via a simple method and validation of a vp7-based indirect elisa for the detection of group-specific igg antibodies in horse sera.this paper describes the production and purification of a group-specific recombinant protein vp7 of african horse sickness virus serotype 3 (ahsv-3) and validation of an i-elisa for the detection of igg-antibodies to vp7 in horse sera. baculovirus-expressed vp7 crystals were purified from infected insect cells. analytical accuracy of the i-elisa was examined using sera (n = 38) from an experimentally infected horse, from foals born to vaccinated mares, from guinea-pigs immunized with nine seroty ...200515737417
cloning, characterization and expression of the gene that encodes the major neutralization-specific antigen of african horsesickness virus serotype 3.the gene encoding the outer capsid protein, vp2, of african horsesickness virus serotype 3 (ahsv-3) has been sequenced in its entirety from cdna clones of the segment 2 rna, and compared with the previously published vp2 gene sequence of ahsv-4. ahsv-3 genome segment 2 was shown to be 3221 nucleotides in length, encoding a protein of 1057 amino acids with a 50.5% identity to the amino acid sequence of ahsv-4 vp2. two areas of high variability (approximately 35% identity) were identified. the n-p ...19947996157
baculovirus expression of non-structural protein ns2 and core protein vp7 of african horsesickness virus serotype 3 and their use as antigens in an indirect elisa.non-structural protein ns2 and core protein vp7 of african horsesickness virus serotype 3 (ahsv3) were expressed in spodoptera frugiperda cells by recombinant baculoviruses containing the relevant genes. these proteins were purified and analysed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and western blot. ns2 and vp7 were used separately as antigens in an indirect elisa for the detection of ahsv antibodies. both antigens cross-reacted with hyperimmune guinea-pig antisera to infected cell lysates of a ...19947989441
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