intestinal helminths of italian barbel, barbus tyberinus (cypriniformes: cyprinidae), from the tiber river and first report of acanthocephalus clavula (acanthocephala) in the genus barbus. 200212418820
combining geometric morphometrics with molecular genetics to investigate a putative hybrid complex: a case study with barbels barbus spp. (teleostei: cyprinidae).this integrative study examined the morphological and genetic affinities of three endemic barbel species from italy (brook barbel barbus caninus, italian barbel barbus plebejus and horse barbel barbus tyberinus) and of putative hybrid specimens to their species of origin. two of the species frequently occur together with the non-native barbel barbus barbus. dna barcoding indicates that mitochondrial (mt) haplotypes often do not match the species expected from morphology. linear distance measurem ...201626805755
its rdna sequences of pomphorhynchus laevis (zoega in müller, 1776) and p. lucyi williams and rogers, 1984 (acanthocephala: palaeacanthocephala).the internal transcribed spacers (its-1 and its-2) of the ribosomal rna gene of pomphorhynchus laevis (zoega in müller, 1776) (acanthocephala) isolated from various fish species across central and southern europe were compared with those of p. lucyi williams and rogers, 1984 collected from the largemouth bass micropterus salmonoides boulenger from the usa. the nucleotide sequences of its regions of p. laevis from minnows phoxinus phoxinus (l.) and chub leuciscus cephalus (l.) from two distant lo ...200314574091
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