the quest of influenza a viruses for new hosts.there is increasing evidence that stable lineages of influenza viruses are being established in chickens. h9n2 viruses are established in chickens in eurasia, and there are increasing reports of h3n2, h6n1, and h6n2 influenza viruses in chickens both in asia and north america. surveillance in a live poultry market in nanchang, south central china, reveals that influenza viruses were isolated form 1% of fecal samples taken from healthy poultry over the course of 16 months. the highest isolation r ...200314575076
rapid genome sequencing and characterization of novel avian-origin influenza a h7n9 virus directly from clinical sample by semiconductor sequencing.recent outbreaks of severe pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome have attracted much public interest. rapid and accurate diagnosis of the causative agent is key for an adequate response to suspected outbreaks.201526580409
the influenza virus gene pool in a poultry market in south central china.we surveyed influenza activity in a live poultry market in central china for 16 months, isolating viruses from 1% of 6360 fecal samples. we obtained multiple h3n6, h9n2, h2n9, h3n3, and h4n6 isolates and single h1n1 and h3n2 isolates. two distinct h3 molecules were identified; other hemagglutinin subtypes were phylogenetically homogeneous. the h3n6 viruses (9 genotypes) and h9n2 viruses (4 genotypes) were genetically heterogeneous, whereas the h2n9, h3n3 and h4n6 viruses had single genotypes. th ...200312573572
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