american bittern, sweetwater preserve, gainesville, florida. 201931058928
heavy metal and selenium levels in birds at agassiz national wildlife refuge, minnesota: food chain differences.the levels of heavy metals and selenium in the eggs and in breast feathers of adult doublecrested cormorant (phalacrocorax auritus), black-crowned night heron (nycticorax nycticorax), and franklin's gull (larus pipixcan) nesting at agassiz national wildlife refuge in marshall county, northwestern minnesota were examined. also examined were metal levels in the feathers of fledgling night herons and gulls, in the feathers of adult and fledgling american bittern (botaurus lentiginosus), in eggs of ...199624193900
acuaria paraguayensis n. sp. from sirystes sibilator (aves: tyrannidae) in paraguay and a redescription of a. mamillaris (molin, 1860) from cyanocorax cayanus (corvidae) in brazil, with a key to the species of acuaria bremser, 1811 (nematoda: acuariidae) in the new world.acuaria paraguayensis n. sp. is described on the basis of specimens from sirystes sibilator (vieillot) (aves: passeriformes, tyrannidae) in paraguay. in addition, a. mamillaris (molin, 1860) from cyanocorax cayanus (l.) (corvidae) in brazil is redescribed on the basis of its type-series from the collection of the naturhistorisches museum, vienna. a review of the species of acuaria bremser, 1811 in the new world is presented. currently, 16 species belong to this genus, which are mostly parasitic ...201222139009
new records and new species of mites of the subfamily harpirhynchinae (acariformes: harpirhynchidae) infesting birds in manitoba, canada.five new species and one new genus of the subfamily harpirhynchinae (acariformes: harpirhynchidae) are described from birds in canada: harpyrhynchoides heatherae sp. nov. from junco hyemalis (passeriformes: emberizidae), h. botaurus sp. nov. from botaurus lentiginosus (pelecaniformes: ardeidae), h. phalaropus sp. nov. from phalaropus lobatus (charadriiformes: scolopacidae), neharpyrhynchus loxia sp. nov. from loxia curvirostra (passeriformes: fringillidae), and fainharpirhynchus contopus gen. no ...201324338301
gryporhynchidae (cestoda: cyclophyllidea) in mexico: species list, hosts, distribution and new a result of this study, 8 new host (botaurus lentiginosus for glossocercus caribaensis and valipora mutabilis; egretta caerulea for valipora minuta; egretta thula for glossocercus cyprinodontis; egretta tricolor and nycticorax nycticorax for glossocercus caribaensis; pelecanus occidentalis and platalea ajaja for paradilepis caballeroi) and 31 new locality records for gryporhynchid cestode species in mexico are presented. with these data, the total number of species of this group of helminths ...201424870465
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