diverse archaeal community of a bat guano pile in domica cave (slovak karst, slovakia).the molecular diversity of archaea in a bat guano pile in cave domica (slovakia), temperate cave ecosystem with significant bat colony (about 1600 individuals), was examined. the guano pile was created mainly by an activity of the mediterranean horseshoe bat (rhinolophus euryale) and provides a source of organic carbon and other nutrients in the oligotrophic subsurface ecosystem. the upper and the basal parts of guano surface were sampled where the latter one had higher ph and higher admixture o ...200919937217
what story does geographic separation of insular bats tell? a case study on sardinian rhinolophids.competition may lead to changes in a species' environmental niche in areas of sympatry and shifts in the niche of weaker competitors to occupy areas where stronger ones are rarer. although mainland mediterranean (rhinolophus euryale) and mehely's (r. mehelyi) horseshoe bats mitigate competition by habitat partitioning, this may not be true on resource-limited systems such as islands. we hypothesize that sardinian r. euryale (sar) have a distinct ecological niche suited to persist in the south of ...201425340737
ticks (acari: argasidae, ixodidae) parasitizing bats in the central balkans.ticks parasitizing bats have been largely understudied, especially in the central part of the balkan peninsula, where the last data from the field research date from almost 25 years ago. bats are hosts to a large number of ectoparasites, including ticks, which can act as vectors of zoonotic agents. for this reason, it is important to identify the distribution of ticks and their relationship to different hosts, including wild animals, bats in particular. the present research was conducted at 16 l ...201525717009
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