[isolation and identification of a quercetol-3-sophoroside in alnus cordata desf. pollen]. 19654954804
reducing and correcting for contamination of ecosystem water stable isotopes measured by isotope ratio infrared spectroscopy.concern exists about the suitability of laser spectroscopic instruments for the measurement of the (18)o/(16)o and (2)h/(1)h values of liquid samples other than pure water. it is possible to derive erroneous isotope values due to optical interference by certain organic compounds, including some commonly present in ecosystem-derived samples such as leaf or soil waters. here we investigated the reliability of wavelength-scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy (crds) (18)o/(16)o and (2)h/(1)h measure ...201222173802
formation and seasonal occurrence of xylem embolism in alnus cordata.we investigated the vulnerability of xylem to embolism and the seasonal occurrence of xylem embolism in italian alder (alnus cordata loisel.) by acoustic and hydraulic methods. wood anatomy was also studied. more than eighty percent of the vessels were less than 50 mm long and no vessels were longer than 120 mm. mean vessel diameter was 48 micro m. ultrasound acoustic emissions from root and branch segments dehydrating in air followed a similar pattern: in both tissues, emission peaks were recor ...199414967699
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