isospora coronoideae n. sp. (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) from the australian raven (corvus coronoides) (passeriformes: corvidae) (linnaeus, 1758) in western australia.a new isospora (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) species is described from an australian raven (corvus coronoides) in western australia. sporulated oocysts (n = 21) are ovoid, 21.2 (18.4-23.9) μm in length and 18.8 (16.9-20.6) μm in width, with a shape index of 1.13. the bi-layered oocyst wall is smooth and colourless, 1.2 μm thick. a polar granule and oocyst residuum is present, but the micropyle is absent. the sporocysts are ovoid-shaped, 16.3 (13.7-18.9) × 10.7 (8.4-12.9) μm, with a shape index (leng ...201931222390
the origin and phylogenetic relationships of the new zealand ravens.the relationships of the extinct new zealand ravens (corvus spp.) are poorly understood. we sequenced the mitogenomes of the two currently recognised species and found they were sister-taxa to a clade comprising the australian raven, little raven, and forest raven (c.coronoides, c. mellori and c. tasmanicus respectively). the divergence between the new zealand ravens and australian raven clade occurred in the latest pliocene, which coincides with the onset of glacial deforestation. we also found ...201727677399
sounds scary? lack of habituation following the presentation of novel sounds.animals typically show less habituation to biologically meaningful sounds than to novel signals. we might therefore expect that acoustic deterrents should be based on natural sounds.201121267451
[on the phylogenetic relationship of corvinae birds (aves, corvidae) from data of partial sequencing of cytochrome b gene mitochondrial dna].to establish phylogenetic relationships within the corvine birds at the interspecific and intergeneric levels, the sequence of the mitochondrial dna cytochrome b gene was analyzed. the nj, upgma, and mp trees showed similar clustering. relationships between the jungle crow, on the one hand, and the rook and australian raven, on the other hand, were closer than between the jungle crow and the hooded and carrion crows. mitochondrial genome of australian raven displayed the closest similarity to th ...200011042813
identification of a novel circovirus in australian ravens (corvus coronoides) with feather disease.the complete genome of a novel circovirus isolated from an australian raven (corvus coronoides) with feather lesions similar to those that occur in psittacine beak and feather disease is reported. degenerate polymerase chain reaction primers were designed to amplify and sequence novel circovirus dna from affected feathers. sequence analysis indicated that the tentatively named raven circovirus (racv) was 1898 nucleotides in size with two major open reading frames synonymous with other avian circ ...200616595298
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