exploring new strains of dye-decolorizing bacteria.this study unveiled a new strategy to explore new indigenous strains with excellent decolorization capabilities from freshwaters and seawaters. two new bacterial decolorizers dx2b and sh7b, which have the capability to decolorize textile dyes, were isolated from cross-strait taiwan and china. according to pcr-augmented 16s rrna gene analyses for strain identification, >99% of nucleotide sequences in isolated strains were identical to type strains rahnella aquatilis, acinetobacter guillouiae, mic ...201122178338
microbial diversity and dynamics during the production of may bryndza cheese.diversity and dynamics of microbial cultures were studied during the production of may bryndza cheese, a traditional slovak cheese produced from unpasteurized ewes' milk. quantitative culture-based data were obtained for lactobacilli, lactococci, total mesophilic aerobic counts, coliforms, e. coli, staphylococci, coagulase-positive staphylococci, yeasts, fungi and geotrichum spp. in ewes' milk, curd produced from it and ripened for 0 - 10 days, and in bryndza cheese produced from the curd, in th ...201424291178
exploring metal effects and synergistic interactions of ferric stimulation on azo-dye decolorization by new indigenous acinetobacter guillouiae ax-9 and rahnella aquatilis dx2b.the first-attempt study deciphered metal-interacting effects on dye-decolorizing capabilities of indigenous bioelectricity-generating strains, acinetobacter guillouiae ax-9 and rahnella aquatilis dx2b. most of the metallic ions were inhibitory to color removal capabilities of these strains. however, with supplementation of 5 mm ferric chloride, specific decolorization rate (sdr) of ax-9 increased by 55.48% compared to fe(3+)-free conditions. in contrast, sdr of dx2b decreased 75.35% due to the i ...201423743733
complete genome sequence of a dimethyl sulfide-utilizing bacterium, acinetobacter guillouiae strain 20b (nbrc 110550).acinetobacter guillouiae strain 20b can utilize dimethyl sulfide (dms) as the sole sulfur source and degrade chloroethylenes. we report here the complete 4,648,418-bp genome sequence for this strain, which contains 4,367 predicted coding sequences (cdss), including a well-characterized dms degradative operon.201425323718
expression of auxin response genes sliaa1 and sliaa9 in solanum lycopersicum during interaction with acinetobacter guillouiae sw5.indole-3-acetic acid (iaa) production is a typical mechanism of plant growth promotion by some rhizobacteria. however, a functional genomic study is necessary to unravel the function and mechanism of iaa signaling during rhizobacteria-plant interactions. in this study, the expression of sliaa1 and sliaa9 among the auxin response genes in tomato was examined during the interaction between iaa-producing acinetobacter guillouiae sw5 and tomato plants. when 3-day grown tomato seedlings were treated ...201525588558
growth inhibition and microcystin degradation effects of acinetobacter guillouiae a2 on microcystis aeruginosa.strain a2 with algicidal activity against microcystis aeruginosa was isolated and identified with the genus acinetobacter on the basis of phenotypic tests and 16s rrna gene analysis. it was identified with the species acinetobactor guillouiae by partial rpob sequence analysis. when 10% (v/v) of the bacterial culture was co-incubated with m. aeruginosa culture, algicidal efficiency reached 91.6% after 7 days. supernatant of a2 culture showed similar algicidal activity, while the cell pellet had l ...201525638018
an approach to study ultrastructural changes and adaptive strategies displayed by acinetobacter guillouiae sfc 500-1a under simultaneous cr(vi) and phenol treatment.acinetobacter guillouiae sfc 500-1a, a native bacterial strain isolated from tannery sediments, is able to simultaneously remove high concentrations of cr(vi) and phenol. in this complementary study, high-resolution microscopy techniques, such as atomic force microscopy (afm) and transmission electron microscopy (tem), were used to improve our understanding of some bacterial adaptive mechanisms that enhance their ability to survive. afm contributed in gaining insight into changes in bacterial si ...201728707241
molecular characterisation of carbapenemases in urban pigeon droppings in france and algeria.the main objective of this study was to detect the presence of carbapenemase-encoding genes in stool samples of urban pigeons.201728487209
enrichment of acinetobacter spp. from food samples.relatively little is known about the role of foods in the chain of transmission of acinetobacters and the occurrence of different acinetobacter spp. in foods. currently, there is no standard procedure to recover acinetobacters from food in order to gain insight into the food-related ecology and epidemiology of acinetobacters. this study aimed to assess whether enrichment in dijkshoorn enrichment medium followed by plating in chromagar™ acinetobacter medium is a useful method for the isolation of ...201626742623
acinetobacter larvae sp. nov., isolated from the larval gut of omphisa fuscidentalis.a gram-stain-negative, non-spore-forming, non-motile, and aerobic coccobacilli shaped strain, designated brtc-1t, was isolated from the gut of omphisa fuscidentalis hampson, which is a larva of a moth and was collected from xishuangbanna dai autonomous prefecture in china. the isolate was found to grow at nacl concentrations of 0-5 % (w/v) (optimum: 0 %), 10-45 ℃ (optimum: 30-35 ℃) and ph 5.0-9.0 (optimum: 6.0) on tsa. analysis of the 16s rrna gene sequence indicated that the isolate belongs to ...201627902257
unusual features of the sequences of copies of the 16s-23s rrna internal transcribed spacer regions of acinetobacter bereziniae, acinetobacter guillouiae and acinetobacter baylyi arise from horizontal gene transfer events.the highly variable nature of the internal transcribed spacer region (its) has been claimed to represent an ideal target for designing species-specific probes/primers capable of differentiating between closely related acinetobacter species. however, several acinetobacter species contain multiple its copies of variable lengths, and these include acinetobacter bereziniae, acinetobacter guillouiae and acinetobacter baylyi. this study shows these length variations result from inter-genomic insertion ...201525505188
acinetobacter bereziniae sp. nov. and acinetobacter guillouiae sp. nov., to accommodate acinetobacter genomic species 10 and 11, respectively.acinetobacter genospecies (genomic species) 10 and 11 were described by bouvet and grimont in 1986 on the basis of dna-dna reassociation studies and comprehensive phenotypic analysis. in the present study, the names acinetobacter bereziniae sp. nov. and acinetobacter guillouiae sp. nov., respectively, are proposed for these genomic species based on the congruence of results of polyphasic analysis of 33 strains (16 and 17 strains of genomic species 10 and 11, respectively). all strains were inves ...201019661501
[identification of acinetobacter species isolated from human infections based on a new classification by bouvet and grimont].the genus acinetobacter was recently re-classified by bouvet and grimont who described four new species, a. baumannii, a. haemolyticus, a. johnsonii and a. junii, and five unnamed genospecies, with a re-definition of a. calcoaceticus and a. lwoffii which appeared in the approved lists of bacterial names, 1980. one hundred and twenty-eight clinical isolates previously identified as acinetobacter were retrieved from storage and re-characterized by using a system based on the grouping reactions des ...19902212753
biochemical and molecular mechanisms involved in simultaneous phenol and cr(vi) removal by acinetobacter guillouiae sfc 500-1a.bioremediation has emerged as an environmental friendly strategy to deal with environmental pollution. since the majority of polluted sites contain complex mixtures of inorganic and organic pollutants, it is important to find bacterial strains that can cope with multiple contaminants. in this work, a bacterial strain isolated from tannery sediments was identified as acinetobacter guillouiae sfc 500-1a. this strain was able to simultaneously remove high phenol and cr(vi) concentrations, and the m ...201525916475
first report of ndm-1-producing acinetobacter guillouiae.acinetobacter spp. is an opportunistic pathogen that has demonstrated increasing relevance in nosocomial infections. carbapenem-resistant strains have been reported worldwide.201425925795
a comprehensive study on the behavior of a novel bacterial strain acinetobacter guillouiae for bioremediation of divalent copper.biological methods have been successfully used to mitigate heavy metal pollution problem in wastewater. the present study was aimed towards isolation of a novel indigenous bacterial strain, acinetobacter guillouiae from activated sludge and its subsequent application in remediation of copper (cu(2+)) from aqueous solution. kinetic study of bioremediation was performed for initial cu(2+) concentrations ranging from 40 to 150 mg l(-1). optimum values of nutrient dosage, ph, macronutrients [nitroge ...201526017755
origin in acinetobacter guillouiae and dissemination of the aminoglycoside-modifying enzyme aph(3')-vi.the amikacin resistance gene apha6 was first detected in the nosocomial pathogen acinetobacter baumannii and subsequently in other genera. analysis of 133 whole-genome sequences covering the taxonomic diversity of acinetobacter spp. detected apha6 in the chromosome of 2 isolates of a. guillouiae, which is an environmental species, 1 of 8 a. parvus isolates, and 5 of 34 a. baumannii isolates. the gene was also present in 29 out of 36 a. guillouiae isolates screened by pcr, indicating that it is a ...201425336457
genome sequencing and annotation of acinetobacter guillouiae strain msp 4-18.the genus acinetobacter consists of 31 validly published species ubiquitously distributed in nature and primarily associated with nosocomial infection. we report the 4.8 mb genome of acinetobacter guillouiae msp 4-18, isolated from a mangrove soil sample from parangipettai (11°30'n, 79°47'e), tamil nadu, india. the draft genome of a. guillouiae msp 4-18 has a g + c content of 38.0% and includes 3 rrna genes (5s, 23s, 16s) and 69 aminoacyl-trna synthetase genes.201326484052
pyrosequencing reveals a core community of anodic bacterial biofilms in bioelectrochemical systems from china.bioelectrochemical systems (bess) are promising technologies for energy and product recovery coupled with wastewater treatment, and the core microbial community in electrochemically active biofilm in bess remains controversy. in the present study, 7 anodic communities from 6 bioelectrochemical systems in 4 labs in southeast, north and south-central of china are explored by 454 pyrosequencing. a total of 251,225 effective sequences are obtained for 7 electrochemically active biofilm samples at 3% ...201526733958
phylogenetic analysis of acinetobacter strains based on the nucleotide sequences of gyrb genes and on the amino acid sequences of their products.partial nucleotide sequences of the gyrb genes (dna gyrase b subunit genes) of 15 acinetobacter strains, including the type and reference strains of genomic species 1 to 12 (a. calcoaceticus [genomic species 1], a. baumannii [genomic species 2], acinetobacter genomic species 3, a. haemolyticus [genomic species 4], a. junii [genomic species 5], acinetobacter genomic species 6, a. johnsonii [genomic species 7], a. lwoffii [genomic species 8], acinetobacter genomic species 9, acinetobacter genomic ...19968934907
prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of acinetobacter spp. isolated from meat.the prevalence and antibiotic resistance of acinetobacter spp. from fifty samples of meat (chicken, turkey, beef and pork) were evaluated. acinetobacter spp. was recovered from all samples and the clonal relatedness of 223 isolates identified to belong to the genus acinetobacter was established by pfge. a high genetic diversity was observed and 166 isolates from different samples, 141 representing different pfge profiles, were further identified to the species level by rpob gene sequencing. thir ...201727992816
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