mycoplasma melaleucae sp. nov., a sterol-requiring mollicute from flowers of several tropical plants.three sterol-requiring mollicutes from floral surfaces of two tropical plant species (melaleuca quinquenervia and melaleuca decora) and a single isolate from a flower of the silk oak (grevillea robusta) were serologically indistinguishable. strain m1t (t = type strain), isolated from melaleuca quinquenervia, was chosen for characterization. light and electron microscopic observations of strain m1t revealed nonhelical, nonmotile, pleomorphic coccoid cells surrounded by a single cytoplasmic membra ...19902223607
proximity to forests drives bird conservation value of coffee plantations: implications for certification.widespread loss of primary habitat in the tropics has led to increased interest in production landscapes for biodiversity conservation. in the western ghats biodiversity hotspot in india, shade coffee plantations are located in close proximity to sites of high conservation value: protected and unprotected forests. coffee is grown here under a tree canopy that may be dominated by native tree species or by nonnative species, particularly silver oak (grevillea robusta). we investigated the influenc ...200818839769
the redistribution of soil water by tree root systems.plant roots transfer water between soil layers of different water potential thereby significantly affecting the distribution and availability of water in the soil profile. we used a modification of the heat pulse method to measure sap flow in roots of grevillea robusta and eucalyptus camaldulensis and demonstrated a redistribution of soil water from deeper in the profile to dry surface horizons by the root system. this phenomenon, termed "hydraulic lift" has been reported previously. however, we ...199828308420
a new 5-alkylresorcinol glucoside derivative from cybianthus new 5-alkylresorcinol glucoside (1) was isolated from leaves of cybianthus magnus, along with 12 known compounds (2-13), isolated from four plants belonging to myrsinaceae family. their structures were determined on the basis of spectroscopic analysis and by comparison of their spectral data with those reported in the literature. among the tested molecules, only compound 2 displayed a strong cytotoxic activity with ic50 values ranging between 22 and 100 μm for all cell lines tested. one new ...201626181307
in vitro screening of leishmanicidal activity in myanmar timber extracts.seventy-five myanmar timber extracts belonging to 27 families were examined for their leishmanicidal activities. some timber extracts had significant leishmanicidal activity, especially extracts of millettia pendula, which exhibited the most potent activity (mlc 3.1 microg/ml, mic 1.6 microg/ml). other timber extracts showing potent activity included those from cedrela serrata, cedrela toona, cordia fragrantissima, calophyllum kunstleri, dalbergia cultrate, grevillea robusta, haplophragma adenop ...200415187448
contact dermatitis from grevillea 'robyn gordon'.grevillea 'robyn gordon' is an australian hybrid plant which may cause allergic contact dermatitis. over the past 8 years, it has been planted extensively in australia and is now being exported to the united states and other western countries. recently, an explosion in incidence of contact dermatitis due to this plant has been seen. 24 patients who were suspected of being sensitive to it were patch tested to fresh plant and extracts with confirmation of sensitivity. a cross sensitivity to toxico ...19862946534
native trees of the northeast argentine: natural hosts of the cryptococcus neoformans-cryptococcus gattii species argentina, information about epidemiology and environmental distribution of cryptococcus is scarce. the city of resistencia borders with brazil and paraguay where this fungus is endemic. all these supported the need to investigate the ecology of the genus and the epidemiology of cryptococcosis in this area.201423810786
native australian species are effective in extracting multiple heavy metals from biosolids.selecting native plant species with characteristics suitable for extraction of heavy metals may have multiple advantages over non-native plants. six australian perennial woody plant species and one willow were grown in a pot trial in heavy metal-contaminated biosolids and a potting mix. the plants were harvested after fourteen months and above-ground parts were analysed for heavy metal concentrations and total metal contents. all native species were capable of growing in biosolids and extracted ...201323819263
cryptococcus gattii in urban trees from cities in north-eastern the city of buenos aires, argentina, cryptococcus gattii genotype aflp4/vgi was found to be associated with decaying wood in hollows of different tree species. the aim of this study was to investigate the presence of c. gattii in the environment of riverside cities of the river paraná, and to describe its serotypes and molecular types. five hundred samples were collected in 50 parks by swabbing tree hollows. the samples were inoculated on caffeic acid agar supplemented with chloramphenicol, a ...201323639046
fungal planet description sheets: 320-370.novel species of fungi described in the present study include the following from malaysia: castanediella eucalypti from eucalyptus pellita, codinaea acacia from acacia mangium, emarcea eucalyptigena from eucalyptus brassiana, myrtapenidiella eucalyptorum from eucalyptus pellita, pilidiella eucalyptigena from eucalyptus brassiana and strelitziana malaysiana from acacia mangium. furthermore, stachybotrys sansevieriicola is described from sansevieria ehrenbergii (tanzania), phacidium grevilleae fro ...201526240451
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