insight into the species diversity of the quill mite genus betasyringophiloidus skoracki, 2011 (prostigmata: syringophilidae) on the basis of the dna barcodes.betasyringophiloidus skoracki, 2011 is a genus of quill mites (prostigmata: syringophilidae) that is believed to contain mono-, steno- and polyxenous parasites associated with a wide range of passerine birds (passeriformes) across the world. in this work we applied the dna-barcode marker (mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit i gene fragment, coi) to verify whether betasyringophiloidus schoeniclus (skoracki, 2002) and betasyringophiloidus seiuri (clark, 1964) are actual steno- and polyxenou ...201931366736
male bias in the song control system despite female bias in song rate in streak-backed orioles (icterus pustulatus).the song control system is a group of discrete interconnected nuclei found in the brains of all songbirds (suborder passeri). previous studies have reported a positive relationship between sex differences in song nucleus volumes and sex differences in song behavior across numerous songbird species, with species exhibiting greater sex differences in behavior also exhibiting greater sex differences in the brain. this body of comparative research, however, has failed to incorporate data from a bird ...201020980725
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