floral odor bouquet loses its ant repellent properties after inhibition of terpene their natural environment, plants are synchronously confronted with mutualists and antagonists, and thus benefit from signals that contain messages for both functional groups of interaction partners. floral scents are complex blends of volatiles of different chemical classes, including benzenoids and terpenoids. it has been hypothesized that benzenoids have evolved as pollinator attracting signals, while monoterpenoids serve as defensive compounds against antagonists. in order to test this hy ...201122160332
[influence of exogenous salicylic acid on the level of phytohormones in tissues of phlox paniculata and phlox setacea leaves with special reference to resistance against the powdery mildew causative agent erysiphe cichoracearum d.c. f. phlogis jacz].we studied the effects of exogenous salicylic acid on the level of endogenous cytokinins and abscisic and salicylic acids in the tissues of leaves of phloxes contrasting in resistance against the powdery mildew causative agent: susceptible phlox paniculata l. and resistant ph. setacea l. studies were carried out under the conditions of biotic stress. the initial level of salicylic and abscisic acids and cytokinins is the highest in the resistant phlox species. after treatment with salicylic spec ...200212561329
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