[analysis on leaf forms in quercus mongolica community].leaf-size classes of 337 vascular plants in quercus mongolica community in northeast, china were analyzed according to raunkiaer system. the dominant type was microphyll which percentage is 45.4%, followed by compound leaf (23.1%), mesophyll (22.6%), nanophyll (6.8%), macrophyll (0.9%), aphyllous (0.9%), leptophyll (0.3%). the leaves edges of 337 plants were investigated and the percentage of entire leaves plants is 22.3%. leaf-size classes spectra of trees, shrubs and herbs were figured out. th ...200312722461
[soil heavy metals concentration in different type plantations in harbin city].in order to understand the soil heavy metals characteristics in different type plantations in harbin city, 0-10 cm and 10-30 cm soil samples were collected from eight mono-cultured plantations (larix gmelinii, pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, pinus tabulaeformis var. mukdensis, phellodendron amurense, juglans mandshurica, fraxinus mandshurica, betula platyphylla, and quercus mongolica) and one mixed plantation (p. sylvestris var. mongolica + f. mandshurica + pinus koraiensis + p. amurense + b. p ...201121657015
[effects of different type urban forest plantations on soil fertility].aimed to study the effects of different urban forest plantations on soil fertility, soil samples were collected from eight mono-cultured plantations (larix gmelinii, pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, pinus tabulaeformis var. mukdensis, phellodendron amurense, juglans mandshurica, fraxinus mandshurica, betula platyphylla, and quercus mongolica) and one mixed plantation (p. sylvestris var. mongolica + f. mandshurica + picea koraiensis + p. amurense + b. platyphylla) established in northeast forestr ...200920353050
differential anatomical responses to elevated co2 in saplings of four hardwood determine whether an elevated carbon dioxide concentration ([co(2)]) can induce changes in the wood structure and stem radial growth in forest trees, we investigated the anatomical features of conduit cells and cambial activity in 4-year-old saplings of four deciduous broadleaved tree species - two ring-porous (quercus mongolica and kalopanax septemlobus) and two diffuse-porous species (betula maximowicziana and acer mono) - grown for three growing seasons in a free-air co(2) enrichment syste ...201020199624
dwarf bamboos affect the regeneration of zoochorous trees by providing habitats to acorn-feeding rodents.the effects of dwarf bamboos (sasa spp.) on the regeneration of trees in a natural hardwood forest were studied by analysing the spatial dispersion of seedlings and saplings of anemochores (acer palmatum var. matsumurae, fraxinus lanuginosa, and carpinus laxiflora) and zoochores (quercus mongolica var. grosseserrata and q. serrata). relative photosynthetic photon flux density at 10 cm above ground was significantly correlated with the coverage of dwarf bamboos (r=0.661, p<0.001). seedlings were ...199328313678
[spatial structure of quercus mongolica forest in beijing songshan mountain nature reserve].based on the survey data of a 0.6 hm2 plot in songshan mountain nature reserve, and by using the uniform angle index, neighborhood comparison and mingling degree, this paper analyzed the spatial structural characteristics of quercus mongolica forest in the reserve. there were 10 populations in the tree layer of the forest, among which, q. mongolica had the obvious advantage in population density and basal area, being the dominant and constructive species of the tree layer. the average mingling d ...200919947196
[soil nitrous oxide emission in four temperate forests in northeastern china].seasonal dynamics of n2o flux and its controlling factors for four representative temperate forests in northeastern china were examined with a static closed chamber-gas chromatograph technique. these forests were korean pine (pinus koraiensis) plantation, dahurian larch (larix gmelinii) plantation, mongolian oak ( quercus mongolica) forest and hardwood broadleaved forest (dominated by fraxinus mandshurica, juglans mandshurica, and phellodendron amurense). the results showed that all ecosystems w ...200919803152
carbon allocation to defense, storage, and growth in seedlings of two temperate broad-leaved tree species.optimal carbon allocation to growth, defense, or storage is a critical trait in determining the shade tolerance of tree species. thus, examining interspecific differences in carbon allocation patterns is useful when evaluating niche partitioning in forest communities. we hypothesized that shade-tolerant species allocate more carbon to defense and storage and less to growth compared to shade-intolerant species. in gaps and forest understory, we measured relative growth rates (rgr), carbon-based d ...201019763628
[effects of precipitation and interspecific competition on quercus mongolica and pinus koraiensis seedlings growth].aiming at the variation of precipitation pattern caused by global warming, a field simulation experiment was conducted to study the effects of 30% increase (+w) and decrease (-w) of precipitation on the morphology, growth, and biomass partitioning of mono- and mixed cultured seedlings of quercus mongolica and pinus koraiensis, the two dominant tree species in temperate broad-leaved korean pine mixed forest in changbai mountains. comparing with monoculture, mixed culture increased the canopy widt ...200919459358
[estimation of total carbon-containing gas emission from main tree species in forest fires in daxing' an mountains].by the method of emission factor (ef), this paper estimated the total carbon-containing gas emission from five main tree species in daxing' an mountains in forest fires from 1980 to 2005. the results showed that different tree species had different ef. pinus sylvesstris var. mongolica and populus davidiana had the maximum and minimum ef of co2, respectively. larix gmelinii and betula platyphylla had the maximun ef of co and c(x)h(y), while b. platyphylla and l. gmelinii had the minimum ef of co ...200819102298
[modeling of forest landscape change in xiaoxinganling mountains under different planting proportions of coniferous and broadleaved species].with spatially explicit landscape model (landis), the dynamic change of forest landscape in youhao forest bureau in xiaoxinganling mountains from 2001-2201 under 5 planting proportions of coniferous and broadleaved species, i.e., 100% broadleaved species, 70% broadleaved and 30% coniferous species, 50% broadleaved and 50% coniferous species, 30% broadleaved and 70% coniferous species, and 100% coniferous species, was studied, taking the forest under natural regeneration after harvesting as the c ...200818975757
[stem respiration of dominant tree species in broad-leaved korean pine mixed forest in changbai mountains].by using soil respiration chamber, the stem respiration of dominant tree species pinus koraiensis, quercus mongolica, fraxinus mandshurica and tilia amurensis in broad-leaved korean pine mixed forest of changbai mountains was measured from april to october 2003. the temperature on the stem surface and in the forest was determined simultaneously. the results demonstrated that the stem respiration rate of test tree species had an obvious seasonal variation, with the maximum occurred in july and th ...200818655577
characterization of xylanase from lentinus edodes m290 cultured on waste mushroom logs.extracellular enzymes from lentinus edodes m290 on normal woods (quercus mongolica) and waste logs from oak mushroom production were comparatively investigated. endoglucanase, cellobiohydrolase, beta-glucosidase, and xylanase activities were higher on waste mushroom logs than on normal woods after l. edodes m290 inoculation. xylanase activity was especially different, with a three times higher activity on waste mushroom logs. when the waste mushroom logs were used as a carbon source, a new 35 kd ...200718092465
changes in petiole hydraulic properties and leaf water flow in birch and oak saplings in a co2-enriched atmosphere.water relations in woody species are intimately related to xylem hydraulic properties. high co(2) concentrations ([co(2)]) generally decrease transpiration and stomatal conductance (g(s)), but there is little information about the effect of atmospheric [co(2)] on xylem hydraulic properties. to determine the relationship between water flow and hydraulic structure at high [co(2)], we investigated responses of sun and shade leaves of 4-year-old saplings of diffuse-porous betula maximowicziana regel ...200818055439
[indirect effects of precipitation on litter decomposition of quercus mongolica].the effect of precipitation variation on chemistry of quercus mongolica leaf litters was examined by analyzing litters of mongolia oak saplings under 4 precipitation gradients, and the decomposing process of these leaf litters in q. mongolica dominated forest was assessed using litter bag method. the results showed that under less precipitation, the litter had a higher decomposition rate, and its n, p and k mineralized quickly. the initial concentrations of n, p, and k increased, while that of l ...200717450724
[light response curve of dominant tree species photosynthesis in broadleaved korean pine forest of changbai mountain].based on the measurements of leaf photosynthesis, the light response curves of pinus koraiensis, tilia amurensis, quercus mongolica and fraxinus mandshurica photosynthesis in broadleaved korean pine forest of changbai mountains were fitted with rectangle and non-rectangle hyperbolae. the results showed that rectangle hyperbola was simpler for fitting, while non-rectangle hyperbola was more reasomable because of its fitted results better matched physiological meanings. the values of intrinsic qua ...200617147159
comparison of leaf life span, photosynthesis and defensive traits across seven species of deciduous broad-leaf tree seedlings.leaf life span, photosynthetic parameters and defensive traits were compared across seven species of deciduous broad-leaved tree seedlings native to northern japan to test the "cost-benefit hypothesis" that more productive leaves are more susceptible to herbivore attack than less productive leaves.200616510512
physiological function of insoluble dietary fiber prepared from exploded oak wood (quercus mongolica).this study investigated the production of insoluble dietary fiber using exploded and chemically treated oak wood (quercus mongolica) and the physiological functions of prepared insoluble dietary fiber in laboratory animals. to produce high quality insoluble dietary fiber, the steam explosion treatment was performed at 25 kgf/cm2 pressure for 6 minutes. in the chemical analysis of insoluble dietary fiber, exploded oak wood was pretreated by 1% sodium hydroxide solution. the insoluble dietary fibe ...200616437742
[effects of soil water regimes on the growth of quercus mongolica seedlings in changbai mountains].this paper studied the response of the seedlings of quercus mongolica, one of the dominant tree species in changbai mountains, to the artificially controlled three soil water gradients, including their morphology, biomass and photosynthetic characteristics. the results indicated that various water regimes significantly affected the biomass and its distribution pattern in the leaves, branches and roots, as well as the leaf gas exchange. under soil water stress, the crown structure changed, and th ...200415624805
[forest landscape change and its driving force during past ten years in bilahe forest region, inner mongolia].based on rs and gis, this paper studied the forest landscape change during the past ten years in bilahe forest region, inner mongolia, from the aspects of general landscape features, individual patch characteristics, and relationship among patches. the results showed that the forest landscape changed a lot due to the stronger human intervention on forest ecosystem. the general tendency was that the human patches (residential area and cultivated land) were! expanding quickly, whereas the natural ...200415320385
effects of manufactured soluble dietary fiber from quercus mongolica on hepatic hmg-coa reductase and lipoprotein lipase activities in epididymal adipose tissue of rats fed high cholesterol diets.this study investigated the effect of a manufactured soluble dietary fiber on lipid metabolism in rats fed high cholesterol diets. soluble dietary fiber was prepared from wood chips of oak (quercus mongolica). male sprague-dawley rats weighing 100 +/- 10 g were randomly assigned to either a normal diet or five high cholesterol diets containing 1% cholesterol and different fiber supplements. the high cholesterol groups were subdivided into fiber-free diet (ff), 5% pectin (5p), 10% pectin (10p), 5 ...200314977441
[characteristics of canopy patches related to natural regeneration of broad-leaved korean pine forest].the characteristics of canopy patches of dominant tree species in a broad-leaved korean pine forest at an elevation of 740 m in north slope of changbai mountain was investigated to understand the effects of canopy patch on the structure and regeneration of the forest. the results showed that the main species that constituted the canopy patches were pinus koraiensis, tilia amurese, acer mono and quercus mongolica, their canopy patches covered 57.1% of the forest, and 87% of the total area of the ...200212682950
[response of broadleaved pinus koraiensis forests in xiaoxinganling mt. to global climate change--a dynamic modeling].in this paper, the forest gap model and four general circulation models (gcms) were employed to investigate the dynamic response of broadleaved pinus koraiensis forests in xiaoxinganling mountains of china to global climate change. under co2 doubling which was simulated by the scenarios of oregon state university and goddard institute for space studies, the biomass of broadleaved pinus koraiensis forest increased and the current picea-abies-broadleaved pinus koraiensis forest would gradually dev ...200011766586
[a preliminary study on ecological response of dominant tree species in korean pine broadleaf forest at changbai mountain to soil water stress and their biomass allocation].pot culture experiments were conducted to examine the ecological response and biomass allocation of pinus koraienes, fraxinus mandshurica, juglans mandshurica, tilia amurensis, and quercus mongolica. the five dominant species in the korean pine-broadleaf forest at changbai mountain. their seedlings were grown under three different soil moistures, e.g., 85%-100% (ck), 65%-85% (mw) and 45%-65% (lw) of field water-holding capacity. the results showed that drought significantly decreased the individ ...200111758368
[foliar water use efficiency and nitrogen use efficiency of dominant plant species in main forests along the north-south transect of east china].based on the measurements of the foliar carbon content (cmass, nitrogen content (nmass), isotope abundance (delta13c and delta15n), and light response curve of 10 dominant plant species (larix gmelinii, quercus mongolica, fraxinus mandshurica, tilia amurensis, acer mono, pinus koraiensis, cunninghamia lanceolata, schima superba, pinus massoniana, and castanea henryi) in the main forests along the north-south transect of eastern china (nstec), this paper analyzed the differences and the relations ...201222720598
[community structure and distribution pattern of a natural secondary forest in beigou forest farm].taking the 4 hm2 fixed sampling plot in the beigou forest farm of weichang county in hebei province as test object, and by adopting the parameters (point pattern distribution, mingling, and size differentiation), this paper analyzed the community structure and distribution pattern of a natural secondary forest in the farm. there were eleven populations in the arbor layer of the forest, among which, populus davidiana and betula platyphylla had the obvious advantage in population density and basal ...201122007439
attack pattern of platypus koryoensis (coleoptera: curculionidae: platypodinae) in relation to crown dieback of mongolian oak in korea.the ambrosia beetle, platypus koryoensis (murayama), vectors the korean oak wilt (kow) pathogen, raffaelea quercus-mongolicae k.h. kim, y.j. choi, & h.d. shin, in korea, which is highly lethal to mongolian oak, quercus mongolica fisch., and is considered a major threat to forest ecosystem health. we characterized the attack pattern of p. koryoensis along the lower trunk of 240 mongolian oaks in relation to tree decline symptoms on mt. uam in gyeonggi-do province, korea during june-july 2009. for ...201122217750
[effects of elevated co2 and o3 on active oxygen metabolism of quercus mongolica leaves].by using open top chamber fumigation method, this paper studied the effects of elevated o3 (approximately 80 nmol x mol(-1)) and co2 (approximately 700 micromol x mol(-1)), single and in combination, on the active oxygen metabolism of quercus mongolica leaves. elevated o3 increased the superoxide anion radical (o2 divided by) generation rate, hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) and malondialdehyde (mda) contents, and electrolyte leakage (el) (p < 0.05), but decreased the superoxide dismutase (sod), ascorba ...201020560307
modeling of stomatal conductance to estimate stomatal ozone uptake by fagus crenata, quercus serrata, quercus mongolica var. crispula and betula construct stomatal conductance models and estimate stomatal o3 uptake for fagus crenata, quercus serrata, quercus mongolica var. crispula and betula platyphylla, stomatal conductance (gs) was measured in seedlings of the four tree species. better estimates of gs were made by incorporating the acute effects of o3 on gs into the models and the models could explain 34-52% of the variability in gs. although the o3 concentration was relatively high in spring from april to may, cou of f. crenata, q ...201425150506
photosynthetic traits of siebold's beech and oak saplings grown under free air ozone exposure in northern japan.we set up a free-air ozone (o(3)) exposure system for determining the photosynthetic responses of siebold's beech (fagus crenata) and oak (quercus mongolica var. crispula) to o(3) under field conditions. ten-year-old saplings of beech and oak were exposed to an elevated o(3) concentration (60 nmol mol(-1)) during daytime from 6 august to 11 november 2011. ozone significantly reduced the net photosynthetic rate in leaves of both species in october, by 46% for beech and 15% for oak. in beech there ...201323246746
description and dna barcoding of tipula ( pterelachisus) recondita sp. n. from the palaearctic region (diptera, tipulidae).tipula (pterelachisus) recondita pilipenko & salmela, sp. n. is described. the new species is collected from two localities: finland, kittilä (north boreal ecoregion) and russia, primorski kray (zone of temperate broadleaf and mixed forests). although variation in the structure of male hypopygium between the finnish and russian populations is observed, dna barcode sequences differ only by three nucleotides (0.2 % k2p distance), supporting presence of one widespread species. k2p minimum distances ...201222639539
forest response to increasing typhoon activity on the korean peninsula: evidence from oak tree-rings.the globally observed trend of changing intensity of tropical cyclones over the past few decades emphasizes the need for a better understanding of the effects of such disturbance events in natural and inhabited areas. on the korean peninsula, typhoon intensity has increased over the past 100 years as evidenced by instrumental data recorded from 1904 until present. we examined how the increase in three weather characteristics (maximum hourly and daily precipitation, and maximum wind speed) during ...201223504787
cerchysiella mesosae yang sp. nov. (hymenoptera: encyrtidae), a parasitoid of mesosa myops (dalman) (coleoptera: cerambycidae) larvae in china.cerchysiella mesosae yang sp. nov. (hymenoptera: chalcidoidea: encyrtidae), is described from china. it is a gregarious koinobiont endoparasitoid in mature larvae of mesosa myops (dalman) (coleoptera: cerambycidae), a wood boring pest of many broad-leaved tree species in china, particularly quercus mongolica and q. liaotungensis (fagaceae) in forest areas of northeastern china. the new species is one of the principal natural enemies of the wood borer and it may have potential as a biological con ...201326131471
[application of 3d visualization software in forest ecosystem management in eastern liaoning mountainous region].by using 3d visualization software wcs 6.0, the virtual forest landscape of pulepu town in eastern liaoning mountainous region was constructed, and the dynamic changes of forests under four different management scenarios, i.e., enclosing undeveloped forest, small area clear-cutting, selective-logging, and two-step progressive logging, were modeled. the results showed that under enclosure, 10-30 years old larix olgensis var. changpaiensis grew faster (ca. 0.6 m x a(-1)), while 10-30 years old que ...200818839900
[composition and seasonal dynamics of litter falls in a broad-leaved korean pine (pinus koraiensis) mixed forest in changbai mountains, northeast china].in order to understand the composition and spatiotemporal dynamics of the litter falls at community level in a broad-leaved korean pine mixed forest in changbai mountains, litter falls were collected from 150 containers in a 25 hm2 permanent plot in 2008. the leaf litters in the containers were from 35 tree species, accounting for 67.3% of the total number (52) of the tree species with dbh > or =1 cm in the plot. the litter falls had a weight 29.39 kg, equivalent to 3918.4 kg x hm(-2) among whic ...201021265134
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