[seasonal changes of nitrogen and phosphorus and their translocation from leaves of ten tree species in central japan].the leaves of evergreen broadleaved quercus cuspidata, ilex pedunculosa, ilex rotunda, machilus thunbergii, pittosporum tobira and deciduous broadleaved quercus serrata, quercus variabilis, celtis sinensis, ginkgo biloba, and evodiopanax innovans were collected from the time of full leaf expansion to the end of growing season to describe the seasonal contents of n and p patterns in leaves of these species. the n and p contents in new and old leaves of evergreen quercus cuspidata and ilex rotunda ...200312973987
[population dynamics of quercus variabilis on northern slope of qinling mountains].studies on the population dynamics, age structure, spatial distribution pattern, life table, and survival curve of quercus variabilis showed that the q. variabilis population on the northern slope of qinling mountains was increasing. the number of young-aged individuals was larger, and that of middle-aged and old individuals was smaller. the life tables for different age classes showed that the mortality at age classes i and ii was the highest, and the mortality rate was decreased with increasin ...200314732993
[water storage characteristics of ground covers under three forests in three gorges area].through water holding experiments and the survey of ground covers under three forests (mixed forest of quercus variabilis and pinus massoniana, pure quercus variabilis forest and pure pinus massoniana forest) in three gorges area, the hydrological characteristic parameters, e.g., maximum water holding capacity and water absorption speed, were measured. the results showed that the maximum water holding capacity of moss under pure quercus variabilis forest is the highest (303.1% of its dry weight) ...200314997625
[quantitative analysis on sharp-tooth oak stands in qinling mountains].the arbor stratum of quercus aliena var. acuteserrata stands included two substratums. phanerophyta synusium was in first position, and hemicryptophyta was inferior to it. the dbh structures of quercus aliena var. acuteserrata and pinus armandii were sinister normal school, which could finish self-regeneration under the natural conditions. the small dbh class individuals of pinus tabulaeformis were dominant, their dbh classes being distributed irregularly and absent very much. the large dbh clas ...200315031900
antibacterial and xanthine oxidase inhibitory cerebrosides from fusarium sp. ifb-121, an endophytic fungus in quercus variabilis.two antibacterial and xanthine oxidase inhibitory cerebrosides, one of which is chemically new, were characterized from the chloroform-methanol (1:1) extract of fusarium sp. ifb-121, an endophytic fungus in quercus variabilis. by means of chemical and spectral methods [ir, electrospray ionization ms (esi-ms), tandem esi-ms, 1h and 13c nmr, distortionless enhancement by polarization transfer, cosy, heteronuclear multiple-quantum coherence, heteronuclear multiple-bond correlation, and 2-d nuclear ...200415588024
[genetic diversity of microsatellites (ssrs) of natural populations of quercus variabilis].genetic diversity of five quercus variabilis natural populations in four provinces of china was studied with microsatellite (ssr) markers. a relatively high level of genetic diversity was detected in q. variabilis species with 16 polymorphic microsatellite loci. average number of alleles (a) and effective number of alleles (n(e)) were 8.4375 and 5.9512 respectively. the mean expected heterozygosity (h(e)) was 0.8059 and nei diversity index (h) was 0.8041. higher diversity was found with the popu ...200415640085
[species diversity and community structure of forest communities in lishan mountain].lishan mountain is belonged to the zhongtiao ranges in southeast shanxi, and situated between 35 degrees 16'30" - 35 degrees 27'20" n and 111 degrees 51'-- 112 degrees 5'35" e. the climate is cool and arid in winter, but warm and rainy in summer. this paper studied the species diversity and community structure of forest communities there, based on field investigation data and by using diversity, richness and evenness indices. the results showed that the species diversity and evenness of the comm ...200616836078
penicidones a-c, three cytotoxic alkaloidal metabolites of an endophytic penicillium sp.along with the known secondary metabolites lumichrome, physcion, and emodin-1,6-dimethyl ether, three alkaloids named penicidones a-c (1-3) were isolated from the culture of penicillium sp. ifb-e022, an endophytic fungal strain residing in the stem of quercus variabilis (fagaceae). the structures of penicidones a-c were established by a correlative interpretation of spectroscopic data including ir, uv and hr-esi-ms, as well as by analysis of a set of 1d and 2d nmr experiments. the stereochemistr ...200817804027
hoarding decisions by edward's long-tailed rats (leopoldamys edwardsi) and south china field mice (apodemus draco): the responses to seed size and germination schedule in traits in acorns such as seed size and germination schedule are important to influence the behavioural decisions of hoarding rodents. using acorn pairs from cork oak (quercus variabilis) (large size and short germination schedules) serrate oak (q. serrata) (small size and short germination schedule) and qinggang (cyclobalanopsis glauca) (small size and long germination schedule) with contrasting seed size and germination schedule, we conducted a series of experiments to investigate ho ...200919615609
establishment of the evergreen broad-leaved tree species castanopsis cuspidata in an abandoned secondary forest in western japan.recently, populations of castanopsis cuspidata have often expanded into secondary forests in western japan. to determine the establishment processes of this species, we analyzed its spatial distribution in a secondary forest dominated by quercus variabilis and quercus serrata that is located adjacent to a stand dominated by c. cuspidata. saplings, defined as >or=30 cm stem length (sl) and <5 cm diameter at breast height (dbh), were abundant and their size distribution was inversely j-shaped, ind ...201020157757
degradation of malic acid in wine by immobilized issatchenkia orientalis cells with oriental oak charcoal and test degradation of malic acid content in wine by immobilized issatchenkia orientalis kmbl 5774 cells recently isolated from korean wine pomace as a malic acid-degrading yeast.201020337931
effect of wood hardness and secondary compounds on feeding preference of odontotermes formosanus (isoptera: termitidae).odontotermes formosanus (shiraki) (isoptera: termitidae) is one of the most destructive plant pests in china, which control relies mainly on baits strategies. baits made from the wood of eight different tree species were used to study the feeding preference of this termite, and conversely wood protection strategies of the tree species. three bait types were used to identify wood protection strategies: solid wood (physical and chemical protection), crude flour (chemical protection) made from grou ...201121735905
[variation characteristics of fine particulate matter pm2.5 concentration in three urban recreational forests in hui mountain of wuxi city, jiangsu province of east china].it is of significance to understand the controlling effects of urban forest on atmospheric fine particulate matter pm2.5 pollution. this paper monitored the variations of atmospheric pm2.5 concentrations in three typical urban recreational forests (cinnamomum camphora, pinus elliotii, and quercus variabilis ) in the hui mountain of wuxi city during the day time (5:00 am-19:00 pm) in autumn and winter, 2011 and in spring and summer, 2012. the meteorological factors were observed simultaneously. t ...201324417105
[biological characteristics of different forest soils in nanjing-zhenjiang mountan area].studies on the biological characteristics, including soil microbe, soil enzyme activity, soil nutritient content, and litter decomposition of different forest soils in nanjing-zhenjiang mountain area showed that the amounts of microbes and the activities of six enzymes in forest soils changed regularly in different forests during different months. the contents of nutritional elements varied regularly with forest growth bio-cycles, and were inerrelated prominently with the amounts of soil microbe ...200212561165
assessing the capacity of plant species to accumulate particulate matter in beijing, china.air pollution causes serious problems in spring in northern china; therefore, studying the ability of different plants to accumulate particulate matter (pm) at the beginning of the growing season may benefit urban planners in their attempts to control air pollution. this study evaluated deposits of pm on the leaves and in the wax layer of 35 species (11 shrubs, 24 trees) in beijing, china. differences in the accumulation of pm were observed between species. cephalotaxus sinensis, euonymus japoni ...201526506104
rebuilding the balance of stat1 and stat3 signalings by fusaruside, a cerebroside compound, for the treatment of t-cell-mediated fulminant hepatitis in mice.dysregulation of signal transducer and activator of transcription (stat) signaling is usually associated with intricate immune diseases and rebuilding the balance of stat1 and stat3 signaling is being explored as a useful approach for the treatment of these diseases. however, few chemicals have been reported to rebuild the balance of these two signalings for immune hepatitis therapy. in the present study, we found that fusaruside, a new kind of cerebroside isolated from an endophytic fungus fusa ...201222902832
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