novel reassortant h10n7 avian influenza viruses isolated from chickens in eastern china.since 2004, the h10n7 subtype avian influenza virus (aiv) has caused sporadic human infections with variable clinical symptoms world-wide. however, there is limited information pertaining to the molecular characteristics of h10n7 aivs in china.201525766990
influenza a outbreaks in minnesota turkeys due to subtype h10n7 and possible transmission by waterfowl.avian influenza outbreaks in minnesota involving the h10n7 subtype occurred on two turkey farms in 1979 and on a third in 1980. the h10n7 (hav2 neq1) subtype had not previously been detected in turkeys in minnesota or reported in the united states. the clinical signs ranged from severe, with a mortality rate as high as 31%, to subclinical. antigenically indistinguishable viruses were isolated from healthy mallards on a pond adjacent to the turkey farms, suggesting that the virus responsible for ...19836870718
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