plagiorchis vespertilionis (müller, 1780) (trematoda)--aparasite of meriones persicus (rodentia) in afghanistan. 19715163207
the life cycle of plagiorchis vespertilionis parorchis. n. ssp., (trematoda: plagiorchidae), and observations on the effects of light on the emergence of the cercaria. 196014419653
a human case of plagiorchis vespertilionis (digenea: plagiorchiidae) infection in the republic of korea.plagiorchis vespertilionis (digenea: plagiorchiidae) is generally considered a bat parasite, but here it is reported for the first time in a human. the patient was a 34-yr-old male who lived in a coastal village of haenam-gun (county), jeollanam-do (province), republic of korea. only 1 worm, 2.6 mm long and 0.7 mm wide, was recovered after praziquantel treatment and purging with magnesium salts. the fluke was characterized by a large body size, a sucker ratio of 1:1, a straight cirrus organ, a s ...200718163364
molecular and morphological differentiation between species of the plagiorchis vespertilionis group (digenea, plagiorchiidae) occurring in european bats, with a re-description of p. vespertilionis (müller, 1780).the taxonomic history of the species of plagiorchis lühe, 1899 occurring in european bats has been very confused because of high morphological similarity between different forms/species and the inadequate initial description of p. vespertilionis (müller, 1780). as morphological data alone have not provided enough convincing arguments to solve the problem, the sequences from the nuclear rdna its region (its1, 5.8s and its2) of three species of the p. vespertilionis group (p. vespertilionis, p. mu ...200010937662
[trematode parasites of italian bats].data are presented on bat trematodes in italy, whose previous list included only the following five species: plagiorchis vespertilionis, plagiorchis asper, mesotretes peregrinus, prosthodendrium chilostomum, prosthodendrium longiforme. between 1945 and 1981, 289 bats were examined belonging to 13 species. a total of twelve trematode species were identified, nine of which are recorded for the first time in italy: lecithodendrium linstowi, lecithodendrium granulosum, lecithodendrium rotundum, pros ...19958778660
helminth parasites in some spanish bats.nineteen bats of the species rhinolophus ferrumequinum, r. hipposideros, myotis myotis, m. nattereri, pipistrellus pipistrellus, barbastella barbastellus, eptesicus serotinus and plecotus auritus captured in n. w. spain in 1983-85 were found to contain the following helminth parasites: mesotretes peregrinus (found in 4 host species and making up 31% of all helminths); plagiorchis vespertilionis (10.5%, in 2 host species); strongylacantha glycirrhiza, molinostrongylus alatus, molineidae gen. sp., ...19911822047
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