bacterial and fungal pathogens isolated from corneal ulcerations in domesticated elephants (elephas maximus maximus) in sri lanka.infective corneal diseases are common among the domesticated elephants in sri lanka, causing morbidity including blindness leading to loss of revenue to their owners. from 140 elephants of different ages and both sexes, 36 animals (25.7%) had evidence of keratitis, corneal ulcers, corneal opacities, and some had foreign bodies in their eyes. nine elephants (6.4%) had lesions in both eyes (6.41%). cultures for both bacteria and fungi were obtained from 26 corneal ulcers, including the nine elepha ...199911397264
phylogenetic data suggest the reclassification of fasciola jacksoni (digenea: fasciolidae) as fascioloides jacksoni comb. nov.fasciola jacksoni (cobbold, 1869) is a highly prevalent (18-62%) species colonizing the liver (less frequently the lungs, kidneys, pericardia, and intestines) of elephas maximus indicus and elephas maximus maximus in the indomalayan region, causing cirrhosis, hemorrhages, and connective tissue proliferation. the phylogenetic relationships of fasciola jacksoni in relation to representative species of the superfamily echinostomatoidea was assessed using four independent dna regions. the analysis i ...201323411741
neuroleptanalgesia in wild asian elephants (elephas maximus maximus).to evaluate the suitability of etorphine with acepromazine for producing prolonged neuroleptanalgesia in wild asian elephants.200415509293
testosterone secretion, musth behaviour and social dominance in captive male asian elephants living near the equator.testosterone concentrations were measured in blood samples collected weekly over a 5 year period from six adult (19-40 year old) male asian elephants (elephas maximus maximus) living in captivity in sri lanka (7 degrees n), to investigate the relationship between androgen secretion and the occurrence of musth (temporal gland secretion, drip urination and aggressive behaviour). the testosterone profiles were very variable both within and between animals. long-term phasic changes in blood concentr ...19968958836
reproductive behavior of the asiatic elephant (elephas maximus maximus l.). 19715167443
reproductive performance of the largest captive asian elephant (elephas maximus) population in sri lanka.the pinnawela elephant orphanage (peo) in sri lanka maintains one of the largest captive asian elephant (elephas maximus maximus) populations in the world, with a total of 79 animals (45 females and 34 males) at present. it was established in 1975 as an orphanage for rescued wild calves, and commenced natural breeding under controlled conditions when they reached breeding age. this study summarizes reproductive data of 65 live births from 38 years of records at peo. the age at first calving (n=3 ...201627665491
morphology and surface topography of the schistosome bivitellobilharzia nairi from the asian elephant (elephas maximus maximus) in sri lanka.bivitellobilharzia nairi was first recorded from an indian elephant (elephas maximus) in berlin. infections with this parasite have become increasingly important in e. maximus maximus populations in sri lanka. the present work is the first morphological description of this schistosome from sri lanka. a number of adult worms were recovered from a dead asian elephant near the elephant orphanage, pinnawala, in sri lanka. the observed clinical features of the infected elephant included emaciation, s ...201322989615
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