estimation of body weight in indian elephants (elephas maximus indicus).thirty-nine adult indian elephants (elephas maximus indicus) of both sexes and various ages and weights, belonging to the forest department of the government of kerala (india), temple devaswoms, gemini circus and other private agencies, were used to derive formulae to predict body weight and height from body measurements. several models were fitted separately for males and females and also for adults irrespective of sex. the best prediction of body weight (w) in kg was obtained for adults irresp ...19892773303
phylogenetic data suggest the reclassification of fasciola jacksoni (digenea: fasciolidae) as fascioloides jacksoni comb. nov.fasciola jacksoni (cobbold, 1869) is a highly prevalent (18-62%) species colonizing the liver (less frequently the lungs, kidneys, pericardia, and intestines) of elephas maximus indicus and elephas maximus maximus in the indomalayan region, causing cirrhosis, hemorrhages, and connective tissue proliferation. the phylogenetic relationships of fasciola jacksoni in relation to representative species of the superfamily echinostomatoidea was assessed using four independent dna regions. the analysis i ...201323411741
estimation of the total surface area in indian elephants (elephas maximus indicus).twenty-four adult indian elephants (elephas maximus indicus) of both sexes and different ages and weights, belonging to the temple devaswoms, the forest department of the government of kerala and the gemini circus formed the experimental subjects from which formulae were derived to predict the total surface area from either body measurements or areas of individual regions. several models, using the parameters studied either singly or in combination, were tried independently for males and females ...19902316192
the fatty acid composition of plasma lipids in the indian elephant (elephas maximus indicus). 19902284704
investigation of individual and group variability in estrous cycle characteristics in female asian elephants (elephas maximus) at the oregon zoo.evaluating ovarian cycle activity through longitudinal progestagen monitoring is important for optimizing breeding management of captive elephants and understanding impact of life events (births, deaths, and transfers) on reproductive function. this study summarized serum progestagen profiles for eight asian mainland elephants (elephas maximus indicus) and one bornean elephant (e. maximus borneensis) at the oregon zoo over a 20-yr interval, and represents the longest longitudinal dataset evaluat ...201222578614
effect of pre-freeze semen quality, extender and cryoprotectant on the post-thaw quality of asian elephant (elephas maximus indicus) semen.semen cryopreservation and artificial insemination (ai) are potentially valuable methods for supporting the breeding management of endangered species like the asian elephant. cryopreservation of asian elephant semen has however proven problematic with respect to maintenance of both adequate semen quality and fertility post-thaw. in this study, nine ejaculates from three adult bulls were used to compare the influence of extender (test versus inra96®) and penetrating cryoprotectants (3% glycerol, ...201323168056
esophageal dissection and hematoma associated with obstruction in an indian elephant (elephas maximus indicus).a 42-year-old female indian elephant (elephas maximus indicus) developed a sudden onset of excessive salivation and dysphagia. esophageal obstruction was suspected; possibly related to palm frond ingestion. esophageal endoscopy revealed a mat of plant material in the distal esophagus. an initial attempt at relieving the obstruction was unsuccessful, but subsequent use of custom-made instruments along with insufflation and hydropulsion enabled partial removal of the material. postimmobilization c ...201425000713
anterior ocular abnormalities of captive asian elephants (elephas maximus indicus) in survey and classify anterior ocular abnormalities in 1478 captive asian elephants (elephas maximus indicus) in six regions of thailand.201626147920
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