rhizosphere fungi of five plants in egypt.75 species which belong to 25 genera were collected during this investigation. all of these fungi were previously isolated from egyptian soils and other sources. the total count and the number of genera and species in the rhizosphere soil of the 5 plants were regularly higher than in non-rhizosphere soil. the composition of the rhizosphere fungus flora was considerably influenced by the type and the age of the plant. the most prevalent fungi in the rhizosphere of the test plants after 45, 90, an ...19807424047
isolation and identification of dihydrochrysanolide and its 1-epimer from chrysanthemum coronarium l.a new sesquiterpene lactone (1) was isolated with known dihydrochrysanolide derivatives (2 and 3) from the flowers of chrysanthemum coronarium l., and their structures were identified by spectroscopic data. the stereochemistry of the epimers (1 and 2) was determined from noesy data and an x-ray crystallographic analysis. the isolated compounds (1-3) were examined for their cytotoxic activity against such human cell lines as a549, pc-3 and hct-15.200212036063
accumulation of pathogenesis-related type-5 like proteins in phytoplasma-infected garland chrysanthemum chrysanthemum coronarium.soluble proteins extracted from leaves, apical shoots, axillary shoots, and stems of garland chrysanthemum plants infected by onion yellows phytoplasma were analyzed by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. computerized matching analysis revealed that at least six soluble proteins were accumulated specifically in phytoplasma-infected garland chrysanthemum. n-terminal amino acids sequences of these soluble proteins, determined by edman degradation, shared high sequence similarities with those of p ...200415514852
isolation of a gibberellin-producing fungus (penicillium sp. mh7) and growth promotion of crown daisy (chrysanthemum coronarium).plant growth promoting fungi (pgpf) are well known for the production of useful secondary metabolites. however, limited information's are available on gibberellin (ga) production capacity of pgpf of endophytic origin. in current study, 15 fungal endophytes were isolated from the roots of crown daisy, and then screened on waito-c rice, in order to identify plant growth promoting fungi. the fungal isolate mh7 significantly increased shoot length (12.1 cm) of waito-c in comparison to control treatm ...201020134253
xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of the methanolic extracts of selected jordanian medicinal plants.the search for novel xanthine oxidase (xo) inhibitors with a higher therapeutic activity and fewer side effects are desired not only to treat gout but also to combat various other diseases associated with the xo activity. at present, the potential of developing successful natural products for the management of xo-related diseases is still largely unexplored. in the present study, we have screened the methanolic extracts of various jordanian medicinal plants for their xo inhibitory activities usi ...201122262935
antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory potential therapy for opportunistic microorganisms.methanolic extracts of six plants (arbutus andrachne, chrysanthemum coronarium, inula viscosa, origanum syriacum, punica granatum, and rosmarinus officinalis) used in traditional medicine for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections were evaluated. the present study was conducted to evaluate the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity of some medicinal plants in lowering the risk of opportunistic infections of the oral cavity caused by staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, ...201627249525
elemental characterization of wild edible plants from countryside and urban areas.thirteen elements (na, k, ca, mg, fe, mn, cu, zn, cr, co, cd, ni and pb) in 11 different wild edible plants (wep) (amaranthus retroflexus, foeniculum vulgare, cichorium intybus, glebionis coronaria, sonchus spp., borago officinalis, diplotaxis tenuifolia, sinapis arvensis, papaver rhoeas, plantago lagopus and portulaca oleracea) collected from countryside and urban areas of bari (italy) were determined. b.officinalis and p.rhoeas could represent good nutritional sources of mn and fe, respectivel ...201525660854
use of monoclonal antibodies in an elisa for detecting an invasive pest insect, liriomyza trifolii (diptera: agromyzidae).a monoclonal antibody was prepared by the hybridoma technology. it reacted only with the protein of liriomyza trifolii (burgess) and not with that of chromatomyia horticola goureau or liriomyza sativae blanchard in indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. it was effective even after being diluted more than 8.192×10(6)-fold. the detection sensitivity of the antibody was 31.3 µg/ml under controlled conditions. positive reaction was achieved with all laboratory-reared l. trifolii samples, includ ...201526470159
simple extraction methods that prevent the artifactual conversion of chlorophyll to chlorophyllide during pigment isolation from leaf samples.when conducting plant research, the measurement of photosynthetic pigments can provide basic information on the physiological status of a plant. high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) is becoming widely used for this purpose because it provides an accurate determination of a variety of photosynthetic pigments simultaneously. this technique has a drawback compared with conventional spectroscopic techniques, however, in that it is more prone to structural modification of pigments during extrac ...201323783080
[relationships between host preference of liriomyza huidobrensis (blanchard) and nutrient and chlorophyll contents in host foliage].the laboratory study with no free choice means showed that the host preference of liriomyza huidobrensis (blanchard) adult differed significantly with test plants. phaseolus vulgaris, chrysanthemum coronarium and cucurbita pepo were the most preferred, while lycopersicum esculenturn and brassica oleracea were the least. correlative analysis indicated that the host preference of l. huidobrensis adult had a significant positive correlation with the content of soluble sugar, but less correlation wi ...200717552217
in planta dynamic analysis of onion yellows phytoplasma using localized inoculation by insect transmission.abstract due to the lack of a means to inoculate plants mechanically, the histological dynamics and in planta spread of phytoplasmas have been studied very little. we analyzed the dynamics of plant infection by phytoplasmas, using a technique to infect a limited area of a leaf, nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr), real-time pcr, and immunohistochemical visualization. following localized inoculation of a leaf of garland chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum coronarium) by the vector leafhopper macroste ...200418943972
isolation and characterization of derivative lines of the onion yellows phytoplasma that do not cause stunting or phloem hyperplasia.abstract two lines of onion yellows phytoplasma producing milder symptoms were isolated from the original line (oy-w). one has an additional characteristic, non-insect-transmissibility (oy-nim), compared with the other (oy-m). oy-m was established after maintaining oy-w for 11 years on a plant host (chrysanthemum coronarium) with an insect vector (macrosteles striifrons), and oy-nim was isolated after subsequent maintenance of oy-m in plants by periodic grafting. polymerase chain analysis sugges ...200118943436
assessment of the food habits of the moroccan dorcas gazelle in m'sabih talaa, west central morocco, using the trnl habits of the moroccan dorcas gazelle, gazella dorcas massaesyla, previously investigated in the 1980s using microhistological fecal analysis, in the m'sabih talaa reserve, west central morocco, were re-evaluated over three seasons (spring, summer and autumn 2009) using the trnl approach to determine the diet composition and its seasonal variation from fecal samples. taxonomic identification was carried out using the identification originating from the database built from embl and the list ...201222558187
organic amendments increase phylogenetic diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in acid soil contaminated by trace 1998, a toxic mine spill polluted a 55-km(2) area in a basin southward to doñana national park (spain). subsequent attempts to restore those trace element-contaminated soils have involved physical, chemical, or biological methodologies. in this study, the restoration approach included application of different types and doses of organic amendments: biosolid compost (bc) and leonardite (leo). twelve years after the last addition, molecular analyses of arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) fungal communit ...201627072359
volatile oil profiles of the aerial parts of jordanian garland, chrysanthemum coronarium.the study evaluates, qualitatively and quantitatively, the volatile oil profiles of the aerial parts of jordanian garland chrysanthemum coronarium l. (asteraceae) and compares the findings with literature reports of garland of other sources, in terms of general composition and content of potentially active components.201020818927
reducing plant uptake of pahs by cationic surfactant-enhanced soil retention.reducing the transfer of contaminants from soils to plants is a promising approach to produce safe agricultural products grown on contaminated soils. in this study, 0-400 mg/kg cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (ctmab) and dodecylpyridinium bromide (ddpb) were separately utilized to enhance the sorption of pahs onto soils, thereby reducing the transfer of pahs from soil to soil solution and subsequently to plants. concentrations of phenanthrene and pyrene in vegetables grown in contaminated soils t ...200919232798
copper accumulation and tolerance in chrysanthemum coronarium l. and sorghum sudanense the present study, the growth of chrysanthemum coronarium l. and sorghum sudanense l. and their copper accumulation were studied using hydroponic experiments. results showed that the root elongation, dry biomass yield, and chlorophyll content in both plant species decreased significantly with the increasing level of cu in solution. the concentrations of cu in the two plants increased greatly with the increasing cu level in the treatments. however, most of the cu was accumulated in roots, and ...200818183449
variation of chemical composition in flowers and leaves essential oils among natural population of tunisian glebionis coronaria (l.) tzvelev (asteraceae).the aim of this study was to assess the percentage and constituents variations in flowers and leaves essential oil of three glebionis coronaria (l.) tzvelev population, growing wildly in three different ecotypes (utique, m'saken, and sahara lektar) in tunisia. the chemical compositions of these essential oils were analyzed by the gc and gc/ms systems. qualitative and quantitative differences were recorded between essential oils extracted from plants collected from the three geographical province ...201627451137
caffeoylquinic acids from the aerial parts of chrysanthemum coronarium elucidate the chemical compositions of the aerial parts of chrysanthemum coronarium l., the ethanol extracts of ch. coronarium l. were firstly isolated by the mci-gel resin column. the caffeoylquinic acid-rich fractions were further purified by various chromatographic columns including silica gel, sephadex lh-20, and semi-preparative hplc to yield the compounds. the purified compounds were characterized by ¹h-nuclear magnetic resonance (¹h-nmr), (13)c-nmr, and high resolution electrospray ion ...201728218654
bioactive compounds and antioxidants from a mediterranean garland harvested at two stages of maturity.chrysanthemum coronarium l. (garland) is an herbaceous plant rich in bioactive compounds. the chemical composition, bioactive compounds and antioxidant properties of a mediterranean garland population were investigated in different organs at two phenological stages. antioxidant capacity varied from 7.9 (vegetative) to 14.4 (flowering) mmol trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity 100 g(-1) dry weight (dw). a significant correlation between antioxidant capacity and total phenolics and total flavono ...201728301955
characterization and risk assessment of polychlorinated biphenyls in soils and vegetations near an electronic waste recycling site, south china.this study aimed at identifying the levels of pcbs generated from e-waste recycling, and their potential impacts on the soils and vegetations as well. the σpcbs concentrations in soil and plant samples ranged from 7.4 to 4000 ng g(-1) and from 6.7 to 1500 ng g(-1), respectively. for the plant samples, chrysanthemum coronarium l. from vegetable field and the wild plant bidens pilosa l. from the burning site showed relatively higher pcb concentrations than other species. for the soil samples, the ...201121813154
a correlation between antioxidant activity and metabolite release during the blanching of chrysanthemum coronarium l.liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (lcms/ms)-based metabolite profiling was applied to elucidate the correlation between metabolite release and antioxidant activity during water blanching of chrysanthemum coronarium l. (cc). some major metabolites showing differences between fresh cc and blanched cc (bcc) were selected by principal component analysis (pca) and partial least-square discriminate analysis (pls-da) loading plots, and were identified as dicaffeoylquinic acid (dcqa), succi ...201121512247
differences in the fragrances of pollen, leaves, and floral parts of garland (chrysanthemum coronarium) and composition of the essential oils from flowerheads and leaves.headspace analyses of pollen, whole flowerheads, ligulate and tubular florets, flower buds, involucral bracts, and leaves have been performed on the food plant chrysanthemum coronarium l. (asteraceae). the analyses permitted differences in the pattern of volatiles emitted by the different floral parts to be observed and the site and phenological stage of emission of these chemicals to be verified. camphor and cis-chrysanthenyl acetate were emitted mainly by ligulate and tubular florets; the prod ...200312670168
antifungal activity of the essential oil of flowerheads of garland chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum coronarium) against agricultural pathogens.the antifungal activity of chrysamthemum coronarium was evaluated against 12 agricultural pathogens. flowerhead oil was active both in contact and headspace in vitro assays producing hyphal growth inhibition, although there was less activity on faster growing fungi. the main compounds identified in the oil were camphor (29.2%), alpha-pinene (14.8%), beta-pinene (9.5%) and lyratyl acetate (9.8%). the blue color of the oil was due to the presence of chamazulene (0.5%).200111336267
toll-like receptor-dependent il-12 production by dendritic cells is required for activation of natural killer cell-mediated type-1 immunity induced by chrysanthemum coronarium l.type-1 immunity has an essential role for our host defenses against cancer and outer pathogens such as bacteria and virus. we demonstrated here that the edible plant extract of chrysanthemum coronarium l. (c. coronarium) remarkably activates type-1 immunity in a toll-like receptor (tlr)2-, tlr4-, and tlr9-dependent manner. in the present experiments, the extract of c. coronarium significantly induces interferon (ifn)-γ production by mouse spleen cells. in addition, the ifn-γ production by spleen ...201021144920
chemical and biological comparisons on supercritical extracts of tanacetum cinerariifolium (trevir) sch. bip. with three related species of chrysanthemums of sardinia (italy).in this manuscript, the authors compare the chemical composition and the biological effects of extracts of some sardinian plant species: glebionis coronaria (l.) spach [=chrysanthemum coronarium l.], locally known as 'caragantzu', glebionis segetum (l.) fourr. [=chrysanthemum segetum l.], known as 'caragantzu masedu', and sardinian endemic species plagius flosculosus (l.) alavi and heywood [=chrysanthemum flosculosus l.], known as 'caragantzu burdu'. in addition, the authors compare the pyrethri ...200919173127
studies on the in vitro antiproliferative, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and acetylcholinesterase inhibition activities associated with chrysanthemum coronarium essential oil.the essential oil of the jordanian chrysanthemum coronarium l. (garland) was isolated by hydrodistillation from dried flowerheads material. the oil was essayed for its in vitro scavenging activity using the 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (dpph) method. the results demonstrate that the oil exhibits moderate radical scavenging activity relative to the strong antioxidant ascorbic acid. in addition, cholinesterase inhibitory activity of c. coronarium essential oil was evaluated for the first time. ap ...201526290675
flavone composition and antihypercholesterolemic and antihyperglycemic activities of chrysanthemum coronarium l.five flavones were isolated from chrysanthemum coronarium l., four of which were isolated for the first time from the genus chrysanthemum. two were the flavonoid aglycones 5,7-dihydroxy-3,6,4'-trimethoxyflavone (1) and scutellarin-6,7-dimethyl ether (2). a new flavonoid glycoside, apigenin-7-o-[2"(6'''-o-beta-d-acetylglucopyranosyl)]-6"-o-acetylglucopyranoside (3), along with two known ones, i. e. apigenin-7-o-(2"-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl)-beta-d-glucopyranoside (4) and 6-methoxy quercetin-7-o-be ...201425069158
metabolic fate of nicotinamide in higher plants.metabolism of [carbonyl-14c]nicotinamide was surveyed in various plant materials including the model plants, arabidopsis thaliana, oryza sativa and lotus japonicus. in all plants studied, nicotinamide was used for the pyridine (nicotinamide adenine) nucleotide synthesis, probably after conversion to nicotinic acid. radioactivity from [carbonyl-14c]nicotinamide was incorporated into trigonelline (1-n-methylnicotinic acid) and/or into nicotinic acid 1n-glucoside (na-glc). trigonelline is formed ma ...200718251891
milk and cheese fatty acid composition in sheep fed mediterranean forages with reference to conjugated linoleic acid cis-9,trans-11.two experiments were undertaken to evaluate the effect on milk and cheese fatty acid composition of feeding different fresh forages to dairy sheep both in winter (experiment 1, growing stage of the forages, early lactating ewes) and in spring (experiment 2, reproduction stage of the forages, midlactating ewes). four forage species were compared: annual ryegrass (ry, lolium rigidum gaudin), sulla (su, hedysarum coronarium l.), burr medic (bm, medicago polymorpha l.), and a daisy forb (ch, chrysan ...200516162517
purification of chrysancorin, a novel antifungal protein with mitogenic activity from garland chrysanthemum seeds.a novel antifungal protein, designated chrysancorin, was isolated from seeds of chrysanthemum coronarium var. spatiosum with a procedure involving ion exchange chromatography on deae-cellulose, affinity chromatography on affi-gel blue resin, ion exchange chromatography on sp-sepharose and fplc-gel filtration on superdex 75. the n-terminus of chrysancorin displays sequence similarity to the genomic sequence of chromosome 1 from arabidopsis thaliana bac t19e23. chrysancorin exhibits a molecular ma ...200111501760
biodegradable chelating agent ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid reduces uptake of copper through alleviation of copper toxicity in hydroponically grown chrysanthemum coronarium l.hydroponic cultures were conducted to investigate the effects of the biodegradable chelating agent s,s-ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid (edds) on the growth and copper uptake by garland chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum coronarium l.), a plant species sensitive to soil chelate amendment. in the presence of 50 micromol/l cu, the addition of edds increased shoot and root biomass and the vitality of cells in root tips and decreased the relative electrolyte leakage of root cells and the concentration of cu ...200717447560
edds and edta-enhanced phytoextraction of metals from artificially contaminated soil and residual effects of chelant compounds.the potential of 18 different plants to be used in the chemically enhanced phytoextraction of cu, pb, zn and cd was assessed using pot experiments. chrysanthemum coronarium l. was the species most sensitive to the application of edta, and had the highest enhancement of cu and pb concentrations in its shoots. compared with edta, edds was more effective in enhancing the concentration of cu in the shoots of chrysanthemum coronarium l. and zea mays l. grown on multi-metal contaminated soils. the edt ...200616616805
germination requirements and dispersal timing in two heterocarpic weedy sw spain the winter annuals anacyclus radiatus and chrysanthemum coronarium (asteraceae) are found as weeds in diverse crops. both plant species are heterocarpic, i.e. the peripheral and central achenes of the capitulum are morphologically distinctive. in heterocarpic and heterospermic species the different fruit or seed morphs usually have differential ecological behaviour. in this work we have studied the morphometry, germination and dispersal timing of t he different achene morphs in a. ra ...200415759397
multiresidue method for the determination of pesticides in korean domestic crops by gas chromatography/mass selective detection.the multiresidue method used in this study allows the determination of 101 pesticides, including organophosphorus, organochlorine, and nitrogen-containing pesticides, in crops by gas chromatography with mass selective detector. analysis was performed in the selected-ion monitoring mode, and the identities of the positive analytes were confirmed by retention time and the ratios of selected ions. the selected ion mode demonstrated an acceptable selectivity for most of the pesticides determined in ...200814509443
anti-inflammatory effects of extracts from some traditional mediterranean diet is believed that bioactive compounds from plant foods may have health beneficial effects and reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases. in this study extracts of 121 plants typical for the traditional mediterranean diet have been screened for their potential anti-inflammatory activities. the ability of the extracts to inhibit cytokine-stimulated, inos-dependent synthesis of nitric oxide in murine endothelial cells, without affecting cell viability, was the primary indicator of their an ...200515800391
preference of a polyphagous mirid bug, apolygus lucorum (meyer-dür) for flowering host plants.apolygus lucorum (meyer-dür) (hemiptera: miridae) is one of the most important herbivores in a broad range of cultivated plants, including cotton, cereals, vegetables, and fruit crops in china. in this manuscript, we report on a 6-year long study in which (adult) a. lucorum abundance was recorded on 174 plant species from 39 families from early july to mid-september. through the study period per year, the proportion of flowering plants exploited by adult a. lucorum was significantly greater than ...201323874835
purification and characterization of polyphenol oxidase from garland chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum coronarium l.).polyphenol oxidase (ppo) of garland chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum coronarium l.) was purified approximately 32-fold with a recovery rate of 16% by ammonium sulfate fractionation, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography, and gel filtration. the purified enzyme appeared as a single band on page and sds-page. the molecular weight of the enzyme was estimated to be about 47000 and 45000 by gel filtration and sds-page, respectively. the purified enzyme quickly oxidized chlorogenic acid ...200312926899
identification and characterization of major flavonoids and caffeoylquinic acids in three compositae plants by lc/dad-apci/ this study, a liquid chromatography/diode array detector-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization/mass spectrometry (lc/dad-apci/ms) was successfully developed to identify and characterize the main flavonoids and caffeoylquinic acids (cqas) of three common compositae plants (chrysanthemum morifolium raman, artemisia annua, and chrysanthemum coronarium) which have been used as herbal medicine. identifications were performed by comparing the retention time, uv and mass spectra of samples with s ...200717084113
disarming the jasmonate-dependent plant defense makes nonhost arabidopsis plants accessible to the american serpentine, we analyzed the interaction between arabidopsis (arabidopsis thaliana) and the american serpentine leafminer (liriomyza trifolii), an important and intractable herbivore of many cultivated plants. we examined the role of the immunity-related plant hormone jasmonate (ja) in the plant response and resistance to leafminer feeding to determine whether ja affects host suitability for leafminers. the expression of marker genes for the ja-dependent plant defense was induced by leafminer feeding o ...201324022267
[oxyanthraquinones and flavonoids from garland chrysanthenum].the stems of the vegetable plant garland chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum coronarium l.) were shown to contain emodin (in its aglycon and glycoside forms) and chrysophanol. chrysophanol and chrysazin were isolated from the roots of the plant. because the pigments identified are derivatives of 1,8-dihydroxyanthroquinone, garland chrysanthemum may be a medicinal plant and have utility as a component of laxative species. the leaves of c. coronarium were shown to be rich in quercetin and its glycosides, ...200610867957
lauric acid in crown daisy root exudate potently regulates root-knot nematode chemotaxis and disrupts mi-flp-18 expression to block infection.tomato (solanum lycopersicum) crops can be severely damaged due to parasitism by the root-knot nematode (rkn) meloidogyne incognita, but are protected when intercropped with crown daisy (chrysanthemum coronarium l.). root exudate may be the determining factor for this protection. an experiment using pots linked by a tube and petri dish experiments were undertaken to confirm that tomato-crown daisy intercropping root exudate decreased the number of nematodes and alleviated nematode damage, and to ...201424170741
mediterranean wild plants reduce postprandial platelet aggregation in patients with metabolic syndrome.postprandial platelet hyperactivity and aggregation play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome. the purpose of the present study was to evaluate the effect of boiled wild plants consumption on the postprandial platelet aggregation in metabolic syndrome patients. patients consumed 5 meals in a random order (ie, 4 wild plant meals, namely, reichardia picroides [rp], cynara cardunculus, urospermum picroides [up], and chrysanthemum coronarium, and a control meal, which contained n ...201121944262
fluorescent petal constituents of chrysanthemum coronarium l. 196013683813
larvicidal activity of selected plant hydrodistillate extracts against the house mosquito, culex pipiens, a west nile virus vector.the larvicidal activity of hydrodistillate extracts from chrysanthemum coronarium l., hypericum scabrum l., pistacia terebinthus l. subsp. palaestina (boiss.) engler, and vitex agnus castus l. was investigated against the west nile vector, culex pipiens l. (diptera: culicidae). yield and identification of the major essential oils from each distillation was determined by gc-ms analyses. the major essential oil component for each plant species was as follows: α-pinene for p. terebinthus palaestina ...201021053014
heterocyclic compounds from chrysanthemum coronarium l. and their inhibitory activity on hacat-1, hacat-2, and ldl-oxidation.the aerial parts of chrysanthemum coronarium l. were extracted with meoh, and the concentrated extract was partitioned using etoac, n-buoh, and h(2)o, successively. repeated column chromatography of the etoac and n-buoh fractions gave a new heterocycle, 5,5'-dibuthoxy-2,2'-bifuran (1) along with five known compounds: methyl trans-ferulate (2), prunasin (3), sambunigrin (4), pterolactam (5), and adenosine (6), which were identified by several spectroscopic methods including nmr and ms. this paper ...200818481011
identification of campesterol from chrysanthemum coronarium l. and its antiangiogenic activities.campesterol, a plant sterol in nature, is known to have cholesterol lowering and anticarcinogenic effects. since angiogenesis is essential for cancer, it was surmised that an antiangiogenic effect may be involved in the anticancer action of this compound. this study investigated the effect of campesterol on basic fibroblast growth factor (bfgf)-induced angiogenesis in vitro in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (huvecs) and an in vivo chorioallantoic membrane (cam) model. campesterol isolate ...200717604370
stability and bioavailability of antioxidants in garland (chrysanthemum coronarium l.).the stability and bioavailability of the major antioxidants in garland (chrysanthemum coronarium l.), chlorogenic acid, 3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid and 4-succinyl-3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid, were investigated together with caffeic acid. these compounds were stable in artificial digestive juice, but more than 90% of them disappeared from plasma within 30 min after intravenous injection into rats. when they were orally administered, only caffeic acid could be detected.200011210137
chromatographic separation of a small subunit (psbw/psay) and its assignment to photosystem i reaction using a hydroxyapatite column, the five major photosystem i (psi) subunits (psaa,-b,-c,-d,-e) solubilized by sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds) were fractionated from a spinach psi reaction center preparation. another small (5-6 kda) polypeptide was also separated, and purified to homogeneity. mass spectroscopy yielded its molecular weight to be 5942 +/- 10. this polypeptide had an n-terminal sequence homologous to those of previously reported 5-kda subunits from spinach and wheat and a 6.1-kda sub ...200010924904
pattern of cross-sensitivity between 4 compositae plants, parthenium hysterophorus, xanthium strumarium, helianthus annuus and chrysanthemum coronarium, in indian assess the pattern of cross-sensitivity between 4 members of the compositae family, namely parthenium hysterophorus l., xanthium strumarium l., helanthus annuus l. and chrysanthemum coronarium l., 63 patients clinically diagnosed to have airborne contact dermatitis, and 51 controls having well-defined patterns of contact dermatitis caused by agents other than plants, were patch tested with measured amounts of standardized aqueous extracts of these plants. positive reactions were obtained in 6 ...19948187516
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