real-time pcr detection of biscogniauxia mediterranea in symptomless oak tissue.real-time pcr, based on taqman chemistry, was used to detect biscogniauxia mediterranea, a fungal pathogen that after a long endophytic phase may cause charcoal disease in oak trees.200515960754
essential oils of myrtaceae species growing wild in tunisia: chemical variability and antifungal activity against biscogniauxia mediterranea, the causative agent of charcoal canker.the chemical composition of five eucalyptus species and five myrtus communis l. populations was investigated using gc-ms and gc-fid. for eucalyptus essential oils, 32 compounds, representing 88.56-96.83% of the total oil according to species, were identified. the main compounds were 1,8-cineole, α-pinene, p-cymene, ɤ-gurjunene, α-aromadendrene and β-phellandrene. for myrtle essential oils, 26 compounds, representing 93.13-98.91% of the total oil were identified. α-pinene, 1,8-cineole, linalool a ...201728299876
biscogniauxone, a new isopyrrolonaphthoquinone compound from the fungus biscogniauxia mediterranea isolated from deep-sea sediments.the properties and the production of new metabolites from the fungal strain lf657 isolated from the herodotes deep (2800 m depth) in the mediterranean sea are reported in this study. the new isolate was identified as biscogniauxia mediterranea based on its1-5.8s-its2 and 28s rrna gene sequences. a new isopyrrolonaphthoquinone with inhibitory activity against glycogen synthase kinase (gsk-3β) was isolated from this fungus. this is the first report of this class of compounds from a fungus isolated ...201627827848
fungal endophytic communities on twigs of fast and slow growing scots pine (pinus sylvestris l.) in northern spain.most plant species harbour a diverse community of endophytic, but their role is still unknown in most cases, including ecologically and economically important tree species. this study describes the culturable fungal endophytic community of pinus sylvestris l. twigs in northern spain and its relationship with diametric growth of the host. in all, 360 twig samples were collected from 30 scots pines in fifteen stands. isolates were obtained from all twig samples and 43 fungal taxa were identified b ...201526399183
diversity and antifungal activity of the endophytic fungi associated with the native medicinal cactus opuntia humifusa (cactaceae) from the united states.the endophytic fungal community associated with the native cactus opuntia humifusa in the united states was investigated and its potential for providing antifungal compounds. a hundred-eight endophytic fungal isolates were obtained and identified by molecular methods into 17 different taxa of the genera alternaria, aureobasidium, biscogniauxia, cladosporium, cryptococcus, curvularia, diaporthe, epicoccum, paraconiothyrium, pestalotiopsis and phoma. the most frequent species associated with o. hu ...201525851725
biscopyran, a phytotoxic hexasubstituted pyranopyran produced by biscogniauxia mediterranea, a fungus pathogen of cork oak.a new phytotoxic hexasubstituted pyranopyran, biscopyran (3), was isolated together with phenylacetic acid (2) and previously isolated 5-methylmellein (1) from the liquid culture filtrates of biscogniauxiamediterranea, a major fungal pathogen involved in oak decline in sardinia. biscopyran was characterized by spectroscopic methods as a new (z)-2-methoxy-1-[7-((z)-2-methoxybut-2-enoyl)-3,4,5,6-tetramethyl-2h,7h-pyrano[2,3-b]pyran-2-yl]but-2-en-1-one. biscopyran assayed at 0.26-0.026 mm concentra ...200515844950
pre-exposure to ozone predisposes oak leaves to attacks by diplodia corticola and biscogniauxia cork oak (quercus suber) and turkey oak (q. cerris) seedlings were exposed to ozone (110 ppb, 5 h day(-1), for 30 days) and were inoculated with diplodia corticola and biscogniauxia mediterranea, respectively, by spraying a suspension of spores on the leaves. both fungi are endophytic and may act as weak parasites, contributing to oak decline. ozone exposure stimulated leaf attacks after inoculation, although the physiological, visible, and structural responses of both oaks to o3 ex ...200717450300
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