genetic diversity and ecological evaluation of fluorescent pseudomonads isolated from the leaves and roots of potato plants.a total of 828 isolates of fluorescent pseudomonads (fps) were obtained from the leaves (305 isolates) and roots (523 isolates) of potato plants grown in different geographical locations in japan, and 16s rrna gene sequences of 776 isolates were successfully determined by direct pcr sequencing. clustering analysis (≥99% identity) identified 13 and 26 operational taxonomic units (otus) for leaf- and root-associated fps, respectively, and 29 otus were identified in the phytosphere of potato plants ...201222791043
psychrotolerant endophytic pseudomonas sp. strains ob155 and os261 induced chilling resistance in tomato plants (solanum lycopersicum mill.) by activation of their antioxidant capacity.studies on chilling stress damage and its mitigation through microorganisms in members of family solanaceae is limited, despite their economic importance. we studied chilling stress alleviation in tomato plants colonized by psychrotolerant bacterial strains pseudomonas vancouverensis ob155-gfp and p. frederiksbergensis os261-gfp. log phase cultures of bacterial strains were coated on surface-sterilized seeds (bacterization) before sowing and nonbacterized (control) seeds were coated with sterile ...201526075827
physiological and phylogenetic diversity of bacteria growing on resin acids.resin acids are tricyclic diterpenes which are synthesized by trees and are a major cause of toxicity of pulp mill effluents. bacterial strains isolated from three different sources and which grow on resin acids were physiologically characterized. eleven strains, representating distinct groups, were further characterized physiologically and phylogenetically. the isolates had distinct specificities for use, as growth substrates, of the different resin acids tested. the isolates also used fatty ac ...199910188280
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