neuroprotection and free radical scavenging effects of osmanthus fragrans.the ethanol extract of dried flowers osmanthus fragrans (ofe) was assessed for free radical scavenging effects measured by the bleaching of the 1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl (dpph) radical, scavenging of the hydroxyl anion, investigation of the ferric reducing/antioxidant power (frap) and lipid-peroxidation inhibition in rat tissues. ofe contained a high amount of total flavonoid and polyphenol. ofe presented the effects in the metal reducing power, frap assay with ic(50) values of 0.23 microg/ ...200717846921
cloning and functional characterization of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4 genes.although a number of plant carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase (ccd) genes have been functionally characterized in different plant species, little is known about the biochemical role and enzymatic activities of members of the subclass 4 (ccd4). to gain insight into their biological function, ccd4 genes were isolated from apple (malus x domestica, mdccd4), chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum x morifolium, cmccd4a), rose (rosa x damascena, rdccd4), and osmanthus (osmanthus fragrans, ofccd4), and were express ...200919436048
a method of detecting carbonyl compounds in tree leaves in china.background, aim, and scope: carbonyl compounds have been paid more and more attention because some carbonyl species have been proven to be carcinogenic or a risk for human health. plant leaves are both an important emission source and an important sink of carbonyl compounds. but the research on carbonyl compounds from plant leaves is very scarce. in order to make an approach to the emission mechanism of plant leaves, a new method was established to extract carbonyl compounds from fresh plant lea ...201020016999
[selection of winter plant species for wetlands constructed as sewage treatment systems and evaluation of their wastewater purification potentials].in order to establish an evaluation system for selection of winter wetland plants possessing high wastewater purification potentials in subtropics areas, designed sewage treatment experiments were carried out by introducing into the constructed wetlands 25 species of winter wetland plants. cluster analysis was performed by including harmful environment-resistant enzyme and substrate enzyme activities into the commonly applied plant screening and assessment indexes system. the obtained results in ...201021090294
the ethanol extract of osmanthus fragrans attenuates porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide-stimulated inflammatory effect through the nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor-mediated antioxidant signalling the present study, we explored the effect of the ethanol extract of osmanthus fragrans (eof) on the growth and collagenase activity of porphyromonas gingivalis (p. gingivalis). we also investigated the capacity of eof to attenuate p. gingivalis lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced inflammatory responses and the possible signalling pathway.201525912528
characterization of ofwrky3, a transcription factor that positively regulates the carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase gene ofccd4 in osmanthus fragrans.the sweet osmanthus carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4 (ofccd4) cleaves carotenoids such as β-carotene and zeaxanthin to yield β-ionone. ofccd4 is a member of the ccd gene family, and its promoter contains a w-box palindrome with two reversely oriented tgac repeats, which are the proposed binding sites of wrky transcription factors. we isolated three wrky cdnas from the petal of osmanthus fragrans. one of them, ofwrky3, encodes a protein containing two wrky domains and two zinc finger motifs. ofw ...201627106478
potential of woody plants from a tonglushan ancient copper spoil heap for phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil(1).fast-growing metal-accumulating woody plants are considered potential candidates for phytoremediation of metals. tonglushan mining, one of the biggest cu production bases in china, presents an important source of the pollution of environment. the sample was collected at tonglushan ancient copper spoil heap. the aims were to measure the content of heavy metal in the soil and woody plants and to elucidate the phytoremediation potential of the plants. the result showed the soil cu, cd and pb were t ...201627014830
[evaluation of three-dimensional flammability of eight forest fuels based on thermogravimetric analysis in nanchang region, china].pyrolysis characteristics of litter of eight tree species in nanchang were studied based on thermogarvimetric analysis results. three components of flammability of the eight species, i.e. ignitibility, combustibility and sustainability, were evaluated by pyrolysis parameters obtained from the analysis. results showed that the eight species could be grouped into two categories: the first one included camellia oleifera and cinnamomum camphora, which were highly ignitable but low combustible and su ...201527112002
indicating atmospheric sulfur by means of s-isotope in leaves of the plane, osmanthus and camphor trees.foliar δ(34)s values of three soil-growing plant species (platanus orientalis l., osmanthus fragrans l. and cinnamomum camphora) have been analyzed to indicate atmospheric sulfur. the foliar δ(34)s values of the three plant species averaged -3.11±1.94‰, similar to those of both soil sulfur (-3.73±1.04‰) and rainwater sulfate (-3.07±2.74‰). this may indicate that little isotopic fractionation had taken place in the process of sulfur uptake by root or leaves. the δ(34)s values changed little in th ...201222243850
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the leaves of twelve plant species along an urbanization gradient in shanghai, china.plants, particularly their leaves, play an important role in filtering both gas-phase and particle-phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs). however, many studies have focused on the accumulation and adsorption functions of plant leaves, possibly underestimating the effects that plants have on air quality. therefore, eight tree species from different locations in shanghai were selected to assess pah filtering (via adsorption and capture) using washed and unwashed plant leaves. the differenc ...201728233205
characteristics of sewage sludge and distribution of heavy metal in plants with amendment of sewage order to better understand land application of sewage sludge, the characterization of heavy metals and organic pollutants were investigated in three different sewage sludges in shanghai city, china. it was found that the total concentrations of cd in all of sewage sludge and total concentrations of zn in jinshan sewage sludge, as well as those of zn, cu, and ni in taopu sludge are higher than chinese regulation limit of pollutants for sludge to be used in agriculture. leachability of hg in al ...200617294948
formation of flower fragrance compounds from their precursors by enzymic action during flower opening.flower fragrance compounds were found to be produced from the precursor solution obtained from flower buds by crude enzyme prepared from the flowers at the opening stage. gc and gc-ms analyses showed the formation of volatile aroma constituents from the precursor solution of jasminum polyanthum f, jasminum sambac ait, and gardenia jasminoides e, but none in the case of osmanthus fragrans l. the aroma-producing enzyme activity of g. jasminoides rapidly increased to reach the maximum at flower ope ...199327280992
[selection and purification potential evaluation of woody plant in vertical flow constructed wetlands in the subtropical area].in order to solve the problem that wetland herbaceous plants tend to die during winter in subtropics areas, selection and purification potential evaluation experiments were carried out by introducing into the constructed wetlands 16 species of woody wetland plants. cluster analysis was performed by including the morphological characteristics, physiological characteristics, as well as nitrogen and phosphorus accumulation of the woody wetland plants. the results indicated that there were significa ...201424812951
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