[comparative analysis of chloroplasts isolated from healthy and turnip yellow mosaic virus-infected brassica chinensis plants]. 19725034445
studies of the biosynthesis of tentoxin by alternaria alternata.biosynthesis of the phytotoxin, tentoxin, its regulation and the enzymic synthesis steps were studied in vivo and in vitro. the physiology of biosynthesis of tentoxin in vivo was investigated by using sections of mycelial mats incubated in buffer. differentiated mycelia could be studied under defined conditions. the de novo synthesis of tentoxin was measured by incorporation of [u-14c]leucine into tentoxin. the investigation system was stable for 10 h. biosynthesis and the growth of biomass star ...19947881545
sequence analysis shows that ribgrass mosaic virus shanghai isolate (rmv-sh) is closely related to youcai mosaic virus.the complete nucleotide sequence of an isolate of ribgrass mosaic virus (rmv-sh) from brassica chinensis (qingcai) in shanghai, china was determined. the genome consisted of 6301 nucleotides and its genomic organization was similar to those of other crucifer-tobamoviruses. comparisons of the nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequences and phylogenetic analyses showed that rmv-sh had very high homology (> 95% identical nucleotides and 97.7-99.6% identical amino acids) to a sequence of youcai mo ...200111504428
chemoprevention of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenyli-midazo 4,5-b pyridine-induced carcinogen-dna adducts by chinese cabbage in rats.aim:the food-borne carcinogen 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo 4,5-b pyridine (phip) induces colon and mammary gland tumors in rats and has been implicated in the etiology of human colorectal cancer.this study was conducted to examine the potentially preventive effect of chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis),a brassica vegetable most commonly consumed in china, against this carcinogen-induced dna adduct formation in rats and its possible mechanisms.methods:sprague-dawley rats were maintained for ...199911819413
effect of applying hong kong biosolids and lime on nutrient availability and plant growth in an acidic loamy soil.a greenhouse experiment was conducted to evaluate the growth of brassica chinensis l. in an acidic loamy soil amended with municipal biosolids with or without lime treatment (750 mg kg(-1)). the soil was amended with one of two municipal biosolids from tai po (tp) or yuen long (yl) wastewater treatment plants at application rates of 0, 5, 10, 25 and 50% (v/v). initial nh(+)4-n and po(3-)4-p concentrations in the amended soil increased with an increase in municipal biosolids loading rates and tho ...200111873884
[response of some protective enzymes in brassica chinensis seedlings to pb2+, cd2+ and cr6+ stresses].seedlings of brassica chinensis were cultured in 1/2 hoagland solution for seven days before they were treated with pb2+, cd2+ and cr6+. the activities of their superoxide dismutase (sod), peroxidase (pod) and catalase (cat) responded to the increasing concentrations of the metals, and the responsive characters varied with different metals and different durations of metal treatments. cat activity decreased with the increase of metal concentrations, and the order of its sensitivity to the three m ...200212222065
[preliminary studies on tissue culture and agrobacterium-medicated transformation of brassica campestris ssp. chinensis].the hypocotyls and cotyledons of the asepetic seedling of brassica campestris ssp. chinensis l cv. pudongaijiecai) were used as explants for tissue culture. adventitious buds were differentiated on modified ms medium supplemented with tdz 1-2 mg/l, naa 0.2-1 mg/l and agno3 7.5 mg/l. the percentage of explants which formed buds of cotyledons was about 56%, and that of hypocotyls was about 37%. when the regenerated explants were transferred onto ms medium with 2 i.p. 5 mg/l and naa 0.1 mg/l for tw ...199912548800
a napin-like polypeptide from dwarf chinese white cabbage seeds with translation-inhibitory, trypsin-inhibitory, and antibacterial activities.napins are 1:1 disulfide-linked complexes of a smaller (ca. 4kda) subunit and a larger (ca. 10kda) subunit. the intent of the present study was to ascertain the production of napin by the seeds of a brassica species that has not been examined previously, and also to explore new biological activities of the napin. a heterodimeric 11-kda napin-like polypeptide has been isolated from chinese white cabbage (brassica chinensis cv dwarf) seeds with a protocol comprising ion exchange chromatography on ...200415062997
[distribution of rubisco and rca in brassica chinensis chloroplasts and effect of tumv-infection on their cellular localization].the cellular localizations of rubisco and rubisco activase (rca) in chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis l. cv. suzhou) leaves were investigated by immunogold-labeling electron microscopy. the results showed that rubisco and rca were mainly located in chloroplasts of mesophyll, guard cell of stomatal apparatus and parenchyma of vascular bundle. a high density of gold particles were localized preferentially to the chloroplast stroma. in contrast, there were no specific binding of gold particles de ...200515839204
assessing copper thresholds for phytotoxicity and potential dietary toxicity in selected vegetable crops.copper pollution in soils is widespread, and its accumulation in crop products could pose a risk on human health. in this paper, bioavailability of added copper (cu) and critical cu concentrations in a vegetable garden soil was evaluated for chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis l.), pakchoi (brassica chinensis l.), and celery (apiumg graveolens l. var. dulce dc) based on human dietary toxicity. the availability of added cu in the soil decreased with incubation time, and had minimal change after 1 ...200212403270
[induced activity of nitrate reductase by nitrate and cloning of nitrate reductase gene].excessive nitrate accumulated in plants affects vegetable quality severely and excessive nitrate ingestion would do harm to human health. assimilatory nadh: nitrate reductase (nr, ec, a complex mo-pterin-, cytochrome b(557)- and fad-containing protein, catalyzes the regulated and rate-limiting step in the utilization of inorganic nitrogen by higher plants. enhancing the activity of nr is conducive to reduce the concentration of nitrate in plants. the experiments were conducted to invest ...200315969098
soil to plant transfer of 238u, 226ra and 232th on a uranium mining-impacted soil from southeastern china.both soil and plant samples of nine different plant species grown in soils from southeastern china contaminated with uranium mine tailings were analyzed for the plant uptake and translocation of 238u, 226ra and 232th. substantial differences were observed in the soil-plant transfer factor (tf) among these radionuclides and plant species. lupine (lupinus albus) exhibited the highest uptake of 238u (tf value of 3.7x10(-2)), while chinese mustard (brassica chinensis) had the least (0.5x10(-2)). how ...200515878419
[molecular cloning and characterization of a novel wrky gene from brassica chinensis].a new wrky gene was cloned from brassica chinensis by rapid amplification of cdna ends (race). the full-length cdna of bcwrky was 1175 bp long and contained a 924 bp open reading frame (orf) encoding a putative w-box-binding protein of 308 amino acids. the predicted bcwrky protein was found to have a potential bipartite nuclear localization sequence (nls-bp) in its n-terminal region followed by a wrky dna-binding domain. bioinformatic analysis revealed that bcwrky resembled other wrky domain-con ...200617086982
plant growth inhibition by cis-cinnamoyl glucosides and cis-cinnamic acid.spiraea thunbergii sieb. contains 1-o-cis-cinnamoyl-beta-d-glucopyranose (cg) and 6-o-(4'-hydroxy-2'-methylene-butyroyl)-1-o-cis-cinnamoyl-beta-d-glucopyranose (bcg) as major plant growth inhibiting constituents. in the present study, we determined the inhibitory activity of cg and bcg on root elongation of germinated seedlings of lettuce (lactuca sativa), pigweed (amaranthus retroflexus), red clover (trifolium pratense), timothy (phleum pratense), and bok choy (brassica rapa var chinensis) in c ...200515898503
[accumulation of coat protein of turnip mosaic virus in host chloroplasts and its effect on ps ii activity].intact chloroplasts were isolated from chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis l. cv. suzhou) and mustard (b. juncea l. cv. wenzhou) leaves inoculated with turnip mosaic virus (tumv). the proteins attached to the surface of chloroplasts were digested, then the total proteins of chloroplasts were extracted. by analysis of the sds-page pattern, one extra protein band with the same mobility and molecular weight as tumv-coat protein was found in the chloroplasts of infected leaves. results of western bl ...200415583406
bcltp, a novel lipid transfer protein in brassica chinensis, may secrete and combine extracellular cam.lipid transfer proteins in plants are believed to be involved in many processes of cell physiology and development. in this work, a full-length cdna encoding a novel lipid transfer protein, designated bcltp was isolated from brassica chinensis. at least two copies of bcltp are present in whole genome of b. chinensis, and its transcripts preferably accumulate in second-year organs, implying its role in reproductive growth stage. the 118 amino acid sequence deduced from a 354 bp open reading frame ...200817891402
copper and zn uptake by radish and pakchoi as affected by application of livestock and poultry manures.environmental safety of agricultural utilization of livestock and poultry manures from intensive farming is attracting great attention because the manures often contain high concentrations of heavy metals and organic pollutants. pot experiments, in which a pig manure (pm), a chicken manure (cm) and a commercial organic manure (om) with different concentrations of cu and zn to simulate soil metal accumulation by manure application for different times were utilized in a garden soil at a rate of 2% ...200415722088
[bcmf4 gene, encoding a leucine-rich repeat protein, plays a role in male fertility in chinese cabbage-pak-choi].the bcmf4 (brassica campestris male fertility 4) gene was previously isolated from the fertile b line of chinese cabbage-pak-choi (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis var. communis, syn. b. rapa ssp. chinensis var. communis). in the present paper, based on the cdna sequence of bcmf4, primers were designed and used to amplify two fragments from the cdna of flower buds of chinese cabbage-pak-choi. two produced fragments were introduced separately into binary vector pbi121 in antisense and sense ori ...200617098713
foliar modifications induced by inhibition of polar transport of auxin.the effects of auxin polar transport inhibitors, 9-hydroxy-fluorene-9-carboxylic acid (hfca); 2, 3, 5-triiodobenzoic acid (tiba) and trans-cinnamic acid (ca) on leaf pattern formation were investigated with shoots formed from cultured leaf explants of tobacco and cultured pedicel explants of orychophragmus violaceus, and the seedlings of tobacco and brassica chinensis. although the effective concentration varies with the inhibitors used, all of the inhibitors induced the formation of trumpet-sha ...199910321686
phytotoxicity and speciation of copper, zinc and lead during the aerobic composting of sewage sludge.the content and speciation of heavy metals in composted sewage sludge is the main cause of negative impacts on environment and health of animal and human. an aerobic composting procedure was conducted to investigate the influences of some key parameters on phytotoxicity and speciation of cu, zn and pb during sewage sludge composting. the ph value reached the optimal range for development of microorganisms, and content of organic matter (om) and dissolved organic carbon (doc) decreased with the c ...200918703282
the lcb2 subunit of the sphingolip biosynthesis enzyme serine palmitoyltransferase can function as an attenuator of the hypersensitive response and bax-induced cell death.previous results showed that expression of the gene encoding the long-chain base2 (lcb(2)) subunit of serine palmitoyltransferase (spt), designated bclcb(2), from nonheading chinese cabbage (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis) was up-regulated during hypersensitive cell death (hcd) induced by the phytophthora boehmeriae elicitor pb90. overexpression of bclcb(2) in nicotiana tabacum leaves suppressed the hcd normally initiated by elicitors and pb90-triggered h(2)o(2) accumulation. bclcb(2) also f ...200919076721
responses of some common cruciferae to root-knot nematodes.ten cultivated plants of the family cruciferae were evaluated for susceptibility to meloidogyne arenaria race 1, m. incognita races 1 and 3, and m. javanica in a series of four separate greenhouse tests. after 62-64 days, or 1,032-1,072 degree days (10 c base), several of the crops evaluated showed moderate to severe levels of galling (> 3.0 on 0-5 scale) and moderate numbers of egg masses (>2.0 on 0-5 scale) in response to each of the nematode species and races. among the plants tested, collard ...199519277321
[chemoprevention of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b] pyridine-induced carcinogen-dna adducts by chinese cabbage in rats].to examine the preventive effect of chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis) against colon carcinogen 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (phip)-induced phip-dna adduct formation in rats and its possible mechanism.199810920929
simultaneous measurements of steady state chlorophyll a fluorescence and co(2) assimilation in leaves: the relationship between fluorescence and photosynthesis in c(3) and c(4) plants.rates of co(2) assimilation and steady state chlorophyll a fluorescence were measured simultaneously at different intercellular partial pressures of co(2) in attached cotton (gossypium hirsutum l. cv deltapine 16) leaves at 25 degrees c. electron transport activity for co(2) assimilation plus photorespiration was calculated for these experiments. under light saturating (1750 microeinsteins per square meter per second) and light limiting (700 microeinsteins per square meter per second) conditions ...198616664735
ecotoxicity of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (pah)-contaminated soil.soil samples from a former cokery site polluted with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) were assessed for their toxicity to terrestrial and aquatic organisms and for their mutagenicity. the total concentration of the 16 pahs listed as priority pollutants by the us environmental protection agency (us-epa) was 2634+/-241 mg/kgdw in soil samples. the toxicity of water-extractable pollutants from the contaminated soil samples was evaluated using acute (vibrio fischeri; microtox test, daphnia ma ...200717382389
screening of dried plant seed extracts for adiponectin production activity and tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitory activity on 3t3-l1 search for dried plant seeds with potent anti-diabetes activity, we conducted a large scale screening for inhibitory activity on tumor necrosis factor-alpha and facilitating activity on adiponectin production in vitro. these activities in 3t3-l1 adipocytes were screened from ethanol extracts of 20 kinds of dried plant seed marketed in japan. komatsuna (brassica rapa var. perviridis), common bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.), qing geng cai (brassica rapa var. chinensis), green soybean (glycine max) ...201020717728
[risk assessment of pig manure cu-contamination of black soil in northeast china].copper (cu) is massively used as feed additives in intensive farms, and the discharge and utilization of livestock wastes may cause certain environmental problems. in this paper, a cultivated black soil in northeast china was sampled, and added with pig manures that contained different concentration of cu to simulate the vegetable soil under different years of pig manure fertilization. with this soil, a pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of soil cu accumulation via the application ...200819288734
characterization of cd- and pb-resistant fungal endophyte mucor sp. cbrf59 isolated from rapes (brassica chinensis) in a metal-contaminated better understand the characteristics of fungal endophytes in the development of effective phytoremediation of heavy metals, the objectives of this study were to isolate a fungal endophyte tolerant cd and pb from rape roots grown in a heavy metal-contaminated soil, to characterize the metal-resistant fungal endophyte, and to assess its potential applications in removal of cd and pb from contaminated solutions and experimental soil. the isolate cbrf59 was identified as mucor sp. based on morph ...201020956060
conversion of squid pen by pseudomonas aeruginosa k187 fermentation for the production of n-acetyl chitooligosaccharides and biofertilizers.pseudomonas aeruginosa k187, a protease- and chitinase-producing bacterium, exhibited protease and chitinase activity after three and five days of incubation, respectively. the protease and chitinase were both produced by using 1% squid pen powder (spp) (w/v) as sole carbon and nitrogen source. after fermentation, the deproteinization rate of the recovered squid pen gradually increased up to 68% on the fourth day. after five days of fermentation, the production of glcnac, (glcnac)(2), (glcnac)(3 ...201020206919
diffusion and accumulation in cultivated vegetable plants of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (dehp) from a plastic production factory.di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (dehp) concentrations in the atmosphere and in four vegetable crops including brassica chinensis l. (bok choy), brassica campestris l. (field mustard), vigna unguiculata walp. (cowpea), and solanum melongena l. (eggplant) cultivated on land surrounding a plastic production factory were determined. the air dehp concentrations (means) at the sites 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, and 1.6 km away from the plastic production building were about 9.4-12.8, 5.8-9.6, 1.6-5.0, and 0.04-0.27 mic ...201020496185
transgenic brassica chinensis plants expressing a bacterial coda gene exhibit enhanced tolerance to extreme temperature and high salinity.transgenic brassica compestris l. spp. chinensis plants expressing a choline oxidase (coda) gene from arthrobacter globiformis were obtained through agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. in the transgenic plants, coda gene expression and its product transportation to chloroplasts were detected by the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) examination, immunogold localization, and (1)h-nuclear magnetic resonance ((1)h-nmr). stress tolerance was evaluated in the t(3) plants under e ...201021043054
Effect of temperature on cortical infection by Plasmodiophora brassicae and clubroot severity.A study was conducted to assess the effect of temperature on infection and development of Plasmodiophora brassicae in the root cortex of Shanghai pak choy (Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis) and on subsequent clubroot severity. Ten-day-old seedlings were grown individually, inoculated with resting spores, and maintained in growth cabinets at 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30?C. Seedlings were harvested at 2-day intervals, starting 8 days after inoculation (DAI) and continuing until 42 DAI. Roots were assessed ...201121864086
[effects of organic fertilization on arsenic absorption of pakchoi (brassica chinensis) on arsenic-contaminated red soil].a pot experiment with arsenic-contaminated red soil was conducted to study the effects of applying pig dung and chicken manure on the growth and arsenic absorption of pakchoi (brassica chinensis), and on soil available arsenic. applying pig dung and chicken manure to the arsenic-contaminated red soil increased the biomass of pakchoi to some extent. comparing with the control, applying pig dung increased the pakchoi biomass significantly (p < 0.05). the soil available arsenic content after applyi ...201121548308
[allelopathy of andrographis paniculata vegetative].andrographis paniculata at vegetative stage were analyzed for the allelopathic effect on cabbage (brassica chinensis), radis (raphanus sativus), and desmodium styracifolium, and provided the theory reference for their application of compounding planting pattern in practice.201021548354
effect of composting process on phytotoxicity and speciation of copper, zinc and lead in sewage sludge and swine manure.the concentration and bioavailability of heavy metals in composted organic wastes have negative environmental impacts following land application. aerobic composting procedures were conducted to investigate the influences of selected parameters on heavy metal speciation and phytotoxicity. results showed that both of sewage sludge (ssc) and swine manure (smc) composting systems decreased the ph, the content of organic matter (om) and dissolved organic carbon (doc), and total amounts of cu, zn and ...200918778928
accumulation properties of cadmium in a selected vegetable-rotation system of southeastern china.a rotation experiment was conducted in a greenhouse with three vegetable crops on red yellowish soil (rys) and silt loamy soil (sls) to study cd accumulation in pak choi ( brassica chinensis l.), tomato ( lycopersicon esculentum), and radish ( raphanus sativus l.). critical cd concentrations in the two soils were evaluated for these vegetables based on human dietary toxicity. cadmium was added as cd(no 3) 2 at a rate of 0-7.00 mg cd kg (-1) soil. shoot growth was not inhibited by cd except for r ...200818593175
[effects of silicon on flowering chinese cabbage's anthracnose occurence, flower stalk formation, and silicon uptake and accumulation].different concentrations of silicon (si) were applied to flowering chinese cabbbage (brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis var. utilis tsen et lee) to study their effects on the flowering chinese cabbage's anthracnose occurrence, flower stalk formation, and si uptake and accumulation. the results indicated that si could obviously control the occurrence of anthracnose, and the effect was genotype-dependant. the plants of susceptible cultivar applied with 2.5 mmol l(-1) si and those of resistant c ...200818655585
A novel cold-inducible gene from Pak-choi (Brassica campestris ssp. chinensis), BcWRKY46, enhances the cold, salt and dehydration stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco.WRKY TFs belong to one of the largest families of transcriptional regulators in plants and form integral parts of signaling webs that modulate many plant processes. BcWRKY46, a cDNA clone encoding a polypeptide of 284 amino acids and exhibited the structural features of group III of WRKY protein family, was isolated from the cold-treated leaves of Pak-choi (Brassica campestris ssp. chinensis Makino, syn. B. rapa ssp. chinensis) using the cDNA-AFLP technique. Expression of this gene was induced q ...201121938429
[effects of nitrogen regulators on fertilizer nitrogen transformation in meadow cinnamon soil and on pakchoi growth].soil incubation test and pot experiment were conducted to investigate the effects of dicyandiamide (dcd) and its combination with nano-carbon on the transformation of fertilizers (urea and ammonium bicarbonate) nitrogen (n) in meadow cinnamon soil, a typical soil type in north china plain, and on the growth of pakchoi (brassica chinensis). in the first two weeks after applying urea and ammonium bicarbonate, the soil nh4+-n and no3(-)-n contents varied greatly, but little variation was observed s ...201223286007
Altered transfer of heavy metals from soil to Chinese cabbage with film mulching.The influence of film mulching on the migration of metals from soil to cabbage was investigated. Following a 50-day growth in field plots mulched or unmulched, root-zone soils and Chinese cabbage (Brassica chinensis L.) were sampled for metal analysis. Mulching slightly decreased the soil mobile (acid-extractable) Cd, but increased its transfer from root to the cabbage parts. As an essential element, Cu was readily transferred to the cabbage parts. While mulching decreased the soil mobile Zn, re ...201222036267
the polygalacturonase gene bcmf2 from brassica campestris is associated with intine development.brassica campestris male fertility 2 (bcmf2) is a putative polygalacturonase (pg) gene previously isolated from the flower bud of chinese cabbage (brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis makino, syn. b. rapa ssp. chinensis). this gene was found to be expressed specifically in tapetum and pollen after the tetrad stage of anther development. antisense rna technology was used to study the function of bcmf2 in chinese cabbage. scanning and transmission electron microscopy revealed that there were defo ...200819039102
bcpmi2, isolated from non-heading chinese cabbage encoding phosphomannose isomerase, improves stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco.phosphomannose isomerase (pmi) is an enzyme that catalyses the first step of the l-galactose pathway for ascorbic acid (asa) biosynthesis in plants. to clarify the physiological roles of pmi in asa biosynthesis, the cdna sequence of pmi was cloned from non-heading chinese cabbage (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis makino) and overexpressed in tobacco transformed with agrobacterium tumefaciens. the asa and soluble sugar contents were lower in 35s::bcpmi2 tobacco than in wild-type tobacco. howeve ...201424430300
assessment of heavy metal pollution in vegetables and relationships with soil heavy metal distribution in zhejiang province, china.there are increasing concerns on heavy metal contaminant in soils and vegetables. in this study, we investigated heavy metal pollution in vegetables and the corresponding soils in the main vegetable production regions of zhejiang province, china. a total of 97 vegetable samples and 202 agricultural soil samples were analyzed for the concentrations of cd, pb, as, hg, and cr. the average levels of cd, pb, and cr in vegetable samples [chinese cabbage (brassica campestris spp. pekinensis), pakchoi ( ...201526013654
phytotoxicity data safeguard the performance of the recipient plants in leachate irrigation.leachates from an operating and a closed landfill were examined for their phytotoxicity by seed germination/root elongation tests using seeds of brassica chinensis and lolium perenne. their ec50s ranged from 3% to 46% v/v, which varied remarkably with the operating status of the landfills. seedlings of twelve tree species were grown in pots, which were irrigated with landfill leachate at the ec50 levels, with tap water as control. no tree mortality or growth inhibition was observed after 90 days ...200716701930
decontamination of landfill leachate by soils with different textures.soils with different textures (sandy, loamy, and clay soils) were used as filters to attenuate leachate from the gin drinkers' bay landfill. they were used to pack columns of different depths: 0.2, 0.6, and 1.0 m. eight millimeters of leachate was drained into the soil columns each day for 56 days. the percolated leachates were collected weekly and their properties analyzed. it was revealed that the properties became rather stable at day 28 and therefore only the data from day 28 are presented. ...19902096848
[identification of soft rot pathogens on chinese cabbage [brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis (l.) makino var. communis tsen et lee] in beijing].this study aimed to identify soft rot pathogens of chinese cabbage [brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis (l.) makino var. communis tsen et lee] in beijing.201526939453
bcmf9, a novel polygalacturonase gene, is required for both brassica campestris intine and exine formation.the polygalacturonase (pg) gene family has been found to be enriched in pollen of several species; however, little is currently known about the function of the pg gene in pollen development. to investigate the exact role that the pg gene has played in pollen development and about this family in general, one putative pg gene, brassica campestris male fertility 9 (bcmf9), was isolated from chinese cabbage (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis, syn. b. rapa ssp. chinensis) and characterized.200919815569
[rna-dependent rna-polymerase in brassica chinensis l]. 20164987649
activation of antigen-presenting cells by immunostimulatory plant dna: a natural resource for potential adjuvant.genomic dna sequences (bacteria, insect, nematodes and molluscs) or synthetic oligodeoxynucleotides (odn) containing unmethylated cpg motifs (cpg-dna/odn) are regarded as promising candidates for new medical adjuvants for their ability to stimulate the mammalian immune system and enhance immune responses to specific antigens. here, we first report the immunostimulatory activity of total genomic dna from two plants, brassica chinensis l. and zea may, the cpg methylation status of which is incompl ...200212034103
accumulation of cr, cd, pb, cu, and zn by plants in tanning sludge storage sites: opportunities for contamination bioindication and phytoremediation.tanning sludge enriched with high concentrations of cr and other metals has adverse effects on the environment. plants growing in the metalliferous soils may have the ability to cope with high metal concentrations. this study focuses on potentials of using native plants for bioindication and/or phytoremediation of cr-contaminated sites. in the study, we characterized plants and soils from six tanning sludge storage sites. soil in these sites exhibited toxic levels of cr (averaged 16,492 mg kg(-1 ...201627552994
selecting iodine-enriched vegetables and the residual effect of iodate application to soil.a greenhouse pot experiment was conducted to select vegetables for iodine uptake. the residual effect of iodate fertilization on the growth of and iodine uptake by spinach plants were also investigated. six vegetables, including leafy vegetables (pakchoi [brassica chinensis l.], spinach [spinacia oleracea l.]), tuber vegetables (onion [allium cepa l.]), shoot vegetables (water spinach [ipomoea aquatica forsk.], celery [apium graveolens l.]), and root vegetables (carrot [daucus carota var. sativa ...200415564656
[molecular cloning and characterization of bcmybogu, a novel member of the myb family involved in ogucms in brassica campestris ssp. chinensis].in the attempt to elucidate the molecular mechanism of cms. ogura cytoplasmic male sterile (ogucms) lines were obtained in chinese cabbage after interspecific hybridization between brassica. napus l. ogucms and b. campestris ssp. chinensis followed by recurrent backcross with b. campestris ssp. chinensis as the pollen donor. the cms lines were significantly characterized by the whitish anther and indehiscence of anther. the tapetal hypertrophy with excess vacuola-tion was the first observed defe ...200717548334
use of monoclonal antibodies in an elisa for detecting an invasive pest insect, liriomyza trifolii (diptera: agromyzidae).a monoclonal antibody was prepared by the hybridoma technology. it reacted only with the protein of liriomyza trifolii (burgess) and not with that of chromatomyia horticola goureau or liriomyza sativae blanchard in indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. it was effective even after being diluted more than 8.192×10(6)-fold. the detection sensitivity of the antibody was 31.3 µg/ml under controlled conditions. positive reaction was achieved with all laboratory-reared l. trifolii samples, includ ...201526470159
petroleum contamination of soil and water, and their effects on vegetables by statistically analyzing entire data set.aliphatic hydrocarbons have been used to assess total oil concentrations, petroleum sources, and petroleum degradation. in this study, surface soil, groundwater, surface water, and vegetables were collected from the outskirts of xi'an, the largest city in northwestern china, and the samples were analyzed for aliphatic hydrocarbon contents. the concentrations of n-alkanes were 1.06-4.01 μg/g in the soil. the concentrations and the geochemical characteristics of n-alkanes showed that the low carbo ...201424468500
assessment of the transfer of 137cs in three types of vegetables consumed in hong kong.a dynamic food chain model has been built for the modeling of the transfer of 137cs in three types of vegetables consumed in hong kong, namely, white flowering cabbage (brassica chinensis), head lettuce (lactuca sativa) and celery (apium graveolens). some parameters have been estimated from the experimental data obtained in this work. the experimental data include the transfer factors of 137cs from soil to the different vegetable species which are determined through high resolution gamma spectro ...19989745700
bioavailability of chemical pollutants in contaminated soils and pitfalls of chemical analyses in hazard assessment.decision-making for remediation of industrial wastelands are still based on the concentrations of pollutants of concern measured in soils. in this work, two soils polluted by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) and metals were investigated for their toxicity on earthworms (eisenia fetida), collembolae (folsomia candida), and higher plants (brassica chinensis, lactucca sativa and avena sativa) in order to study the relationships between chemical contamination and biological effects. although ...200818561306
uptake of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (dehp) by the plant benincasa hispida and its use for lowering dehp content of intercropped vegetables.uptake of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (dehp) by the plant benincasa hispida and its use for topical phytoremediation were investigated by cultivation of plants in dehp-contaminated environments. the results showed that major plant organs of b. hispida , including leaves, stems, and fruits, readily absorbed dehp from the air. the amount of dehp that accumulated in leaves, stems, and fruits was mainly dependent upon exposure time, and most dehp accumulated in their inner tissues. a single plant of ...201323675826
the effects of gelatin on aggregation of protoplasts from higher plants.aggregation of protoplasts of allium fistulosum l., brassica chinensis l. and daucus carota l. was induced in great frequency with gelatin and early products of gelatin degradation. the optimal gelatin concentration was 2-5%. the aggregated protoplasts fused into groups and cell walls were formed around them in culture.197324458819
genome-wide identification of turnip mosaic virus-responsive micrornas in non-heading chinese cabbage by high-throughput sequencing.turnip mosaic virus (tumv) is the most prevalent viral pathogen infecting most cruciferous plants. micrornas (mirnas) are around 22 nucleotides long non-protein-coding rnas that play key regulatory roles in plants. recent research findings show that mirnas are involved in plant-virus interaction. however we know little about plant defense and viral offense system networks throughout microrna regulation pathway. in this study, two small rna libraries were constructed based on non-heading chinese ...201526115771
occurrence of clubroot on pak-choi caused by plasmodiophora brassicae.clubroot symptoms occurred severely on roots of pak-choi (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis) grown in greenhouses in gwangju city, gyeonggi province, korea in september, 2008. the incidence of the disease symptoms reached as high as 90% in three greenhouses investigated. the root galls collected from the greenhouses were sectioned using a scalpel and observed by light microscope. many resting spores were found in the cells of the root gall tissues. suspension of resting spores was prepared from ...200923983511
impact of fermentation on phenolic compounds in leaves of pak choi (brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis var. communis) and chinese leaf mustard (brassica juncea coss).four different cultivars of chinese brassica vegetables (two pak choi cultivars and two chinese leaf mustard cultivars) were fermented according to a traditional chinese method called pickling. the plant material was investigated before and after the fermentation procedure to determine the qualitative and quantitative changes in its polyphenols. a detailed description of the identified phenolic compounds of leaf mustard by hplc-esi-ms(n) is presented here for the first time, including hydroxycin ...200818078315
antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of selected commercially available cruciferous vegetables.antioxidant activity, free radical scavenging activity and phenolic content of red cabbage (brassica oleracea var. capitata rubra), chinese cabbage (brassica rapa pekinensis var cylindrica), green cabbage (brassica oleracea var capitata), mustard cabbage (brassica juncea var rugosa) and chinese white cabbage (brassica rapa var chinensis), grown in malaysia, were evaluated. red cabbage had the highest antioxidant activity and phenolic content compared to the other cruciferous vegetables studied ( ...200722692190
free and bound phenolic compounds in leaves of pak choi (brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis var. communis) and chinese leaf mustard (brassica juncea coss).eleven pak choi cultivars and two leaf mustard cultivars grown under field conditions in china were investigated for the free polyphenol content in their outer and inner leaves, as well as in their leaf blades and leaf stalks. in most cases, there were no significant differences between the hydroxycinnamic acid derivative and flavonoid derivative contents in the outer and inner leaves for the 13 cultivars. however, the contents of blades and stalks differed: hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonoids ...200826047268
effects of dissolved organic matter on uptake and translocation of lead in brassica chinensis and potential health risk of pb.dissolved organic matter (dom) can affect the bioavailability of heavy metals in soil, especially in soils used for vegetable production, where intensive organic fertilization is applied. the present study examined the effects of dom derived from commercial organic fertilizers (cof), cow manure (com) and chicken manure (chm), on uptake and translocation of lead (pb) in brassica chinensis in a pot experiment. the results indicate that dom derived from chm (domchm) significantly increased pb conce ...201627399753
characterization of bcmf23a and bcmf23b, two putative pectin methylesterase genes related to pollen development in brassica campestris ssp. chinensis.two homologous genes, brassica campestris male fertility 23a (bcmf23a) and brassica campestris male fertility 23b (bcmf23b), encoding putative pectin methylesterases (pmes) were isolated from brassica campestris ssp. chinensis (syn. brassica rapa ssp. chinensis). these two genes sharing high sequence identity with each other were highly expressed in the fertile flower buds but silenced in the sterile ones of genic male sterile line system ('bcajh97-01a/b'). results of rt-pcr and in situ hybridiz ...201727844189
analysis of genetic diversity of brassica rapa var. chinensis using issr markers and development of scar marker specific for fragrant bok choy, a product of geographic indication.non-heading chinese cabbage [brassica rapa var. chinensis (linnaeus) kitamura] is a popular vegetable and is also used as a medicinal plant in traditional chinese medicine. fragrant bok choy is a unique accession of non-heading chinese cabbage and a product of geographic indication certified by the ministry of agriculture of china, which is noted for its rich aromatic flavor. however, transitional and overlapping morphological traits can make it difficult to distinguish this accession from other ...201627173238
anthocyanin accumulation and transcriptional regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in purple bok choy (brassica rapa var. chinensis).bok choy (brassica rapa var. chinensis) is an important dietary vegetable cultivated and consumed worldwide for its edible leaves. the purple cultivars rich in health-promoting anthocyanins are usually more eye-catching and valuable. fifteen kinds of anthocyanins were separated and identified from a purple bok choy cultivar (zi he) by high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying anthocyanin accumulatio ...201425419600
[effects of different applied nitrogen forms on pakchoi (brassica chinensis) growth and its carbon and nitrogen accumulation].a hydroponic experiment was conducted to study the effects of different applied nitrogen forms, i.e., ammonium, nitrate, glycine, glutamine, alanine, bovine serum albumin (bsa), mixture of glycine and nitrate, and mixture of bsa and nitrate, on the growth and carbon and nitrogen accumulation of pakchoi (brassica chinensis). the significant differences were observed in the b. chinensis dry mass, fresh mass, carbon and nitrogen accumulation, and soluble protein, soluble sugar, and free amino acid ...201222803472
pectate lyase-like10 is associated with pollen wall development in brassica campestris.pectate lyase-like10 (pll10) was previously identified as one of the differentially expressed genes both in microspores during the late pollen developmental stages and in pistils during the fertilization process in chinese cabbage (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis). here, antisense-rna was used to study the functions of bcpll10 in chinese cabbage. abnormal pollen was identified in the transgenic lines (bcpll10-4, -5, and -6). in fertilization experiments, fewer seeds were harvested when the an ...201424773757
molecular cloning and expression analysis of a cu/zn sod gene (bccsd1) from brassica campestris ssp. chinensis.superoxide dismutases (sods) are a family of metalloproteins extensively exists in eukaryote, which plays an essential role in stress-tolerance of higher plants. a full-length cdna encoding cu/zn sod (bccsd1) was isolated from young seedlings of non-heading chinese cabbage (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis) by rapid amplification of cdna ends (race). bioinformatics analysis revealed that bccsd1 belonged to the plant sod super family and had the closest relationship with sod from brassica napus ...201525976826
bioactive metabolites isolated from penicillium sp. yy-20, the endophytic fungus from ginkgo biloba.six known metabolites, adenosine (1), methyl β-d-ribofuranoside (2), adenine (3), 2'-deoxyadenosine (4), 3-methylpiperazine-2,5-dione (5) and 2'-deoxyuridine (6), were isolated from the extracts of the endophytic fungus penicillium sp. yy-20 isolated from the root of ginkgo biloba, and their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods. the antioxidant and growth-promoting activities of these compounds were first evaluated. the results indicated that compounds 1, 3 and 4 exhibited potenti ...201424144081
effects of phosphorus amendments and plant growth on the mobility of pb, cu, and zn in a multi-metal-contaminated soil.phosphorus amendments have been widely and successfully used in immobilization of one single metal (e.g., pb) in contaminated soils. however, application of p amendments in the immobilization of multiple metals and particularly investigations about the effects of planting on the stability of the initially p-induced immobilized metals in the contaminated soils are far limited.201222161145
[isolation and characterization of bcmf3, a gene expressed only in maintainer line in chinese cabbage-pak-choi (brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis makino var. communis tsen et lee)].expression profiling was performed using cdna-aflp technology on floral buds of a genic male sterile line (a line) and a maintainer line (b line) in chinese cabbage pak-choi (brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis makino var. communis tsen et lee cv. aijiaohuang). a differentially expressed cdna fragment, ba18-t16, was obtained via selective amplification with a18/t16 primer pair. ba18-t16 was specifically associated with the maintainer line, and was expressed only in floral buds revealed by half ...200415651684
bcmf13, a new reproductive organ-specific gene from brassica rapa. ssp. chinensis, affects pollen development.a transcript-derived fragment (genbank accession number dn237920.1) accumulated in the wild-type flower buds of chinese cabbage (brassica campestris l. ssp. chinensis makino, syn. b. rapa ssp. chinensis) was isolated and further investigated. the full length dna and cdna of the fragment were cloned by rapid amplification of cdna ends. the gene, bcmf13, encodes a protein of 73 amino acids and is interrupted by an intron of 106 bp (genbank accession number ef158459). southern blot analysis reveale ...200817387632
changes in the relative abundance and movement of insect pollinators during the flowering cycle of brassica rapa crops: implications for gene flow.the potential movement of transgenes from genetically modified crops to non-genetically modified crops via insect-mediated pollen dispersal has been highlighted as one of the areas of greatest concern in regards to genetically modified crops. pollen movement depends sensitively on spatial and temporal variation in the movement of insect pollinators between crop fields. this study tested the degree of variation in the diversity and relative abundance of flower-visiting insects entering versus lea ...201323937538
effects of endocrine disruptor di-n-butyl phthalate on the growth of bok choy (brassica rapa subsp. chinensis).the effects of the endocrine disrupter, di-n-butyl phthalate (dbp), on the growth of leaf vegetable bok choy (brassica rapa subsp. chinensis, white stem bok choy) were investigated. the results showed that leaves of bok choy became white in color with the occurrence of chlorosis and necrosis upon treating with 30 mg l(-1) dbp for 42 days. transmission electron microscopic images revealed that changes in the chloroplast structures accompanied the chlorosis. in addition, a decrease in biomass and ...200616824579
growth inhibition in chinese cabbage (brassica rapa var. chinensis) growth exposed to di-n-butyl phthalate.the toxicity and effects of di-n-butyl phthalate (dbp), an endocrine disruptor, on the growth of chinese cabbage (brassica rapa var. chinensis) were studied. etiolation occurred on leaves of chinese cabbage plant treated with 50mg/l of dbp for 42 d. dbp even below 1mg/l had a significant effect on the concentration of chlorophyll in chinese cabbage and the biomass showed a severe decrease under treatment with more than 30 mg/l of dbp. at a concentration below 1mg/l of dbp, no significant differe ...200918678443
a comparison of concentration ratios for technetium and nutrient uptake by three plant species.technetium (tc) is a non-essential element for which accumulation mechanisms in plants have recently been discussed, but only from the viewpoint of existence of anion transport proteins in plant cells. in this study, using three kinds of plants (cucumis sativus l., raphanus sativus l., and brassica chinensis l.), uptake of tc and re (a chemical analogue of tc) were observed. the results showed that tc and re uptake occurred not only with water mass flow or active nutrient uptake, but also with u ...200515893799
copper and lead levels in two popular leafy vegetables grown around morogoro municipality, tanzania.a study was carried out to determine the levels of two heavy metals, lead (pb) and copper (cu), in two popular leafy vegetables grown around morogoro municipality in tanzania. vegetable samples of pumpkin leaves (cucurbita moschata) and chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis) were collected from three sites and analysed for their concentrations of the two metals using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. the three sites, namely mazimbu, kihonda and towelo are located within a 10 km perimeter. th ...200617058799
food safety assessment of planting patterns of four vegetable-type crops grown in soil contaminated by electronic waste activities.a field experiment was conducted to assess the effect of crop and planting pattern on levels of cadmium (cd), lead (pb), and copper (cu) in crops grown in soil contaminated by electronic waste. the crops were maize (zea mays l. var. shentian-1), tomato (solanum lycopersicum l. var. zhongshu-4), cabbage (brassica oleracea l. var. jingfeng-1), and pakchoi (brassica chinensis (l.) makino. var. youdonger-hangzhou). the planting patterns were crop monoculture, crop co-planted with a legume, and crop ...201222054567
exposure factors for wastewater-irrigated asian vegetables and a probabilistic rotavirus disease burden model for their consumption.many farmers in water-scarce regions of developing countries use wastewater to irrigate vegetables and other agricultural crops, a practice that may expand with climate change. there are a number of health risks associated with wastewater irrigation for human food crops, particularly with surface irrigation techniques common in the developing world. the world health organization (who) recommends using quantitative microbial risk assessment (qmra) to determine if the irrigation scheme meets healt ...201424576153
screening of pahs and ddts in sand and acrisols soil by a rapid solid-phase microalgal bioassay.previously we have demonstrated the rapid screening potential of a newly developed solid-phase microalgal bioassay with spiked sands. in this paper, we report further comparative results using both pahs and ddts spiked sands and field-collected acrisols soils. toxicity responses obtained from standard higher plant tests with three species of plants (lolium perenne, cynodon dactylon and brassica chinensis) were compared with those obtained from a cocktail of microalgae (selenastrum capricornutum, ...200717503178
interplay between orfamides, sessilins and phenazines in the control of rhizoctonia diseases by pseudomonas sp. cmr12a.we investigated the role of phenazines and cyclic lipopeptides (clps) (orfamides and sessilins), antagonistic metabolites produced by pseudomonas sp. cmr12a, in the biological control of damping-off disease on chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis) caused by rhizoctonia solani ag 2-1 and root rot disease on bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) caused by r. solani ag 4-hgi. a pseudomonas mutant that only produced phenazines suppressed damping-off disease on chinese cabbage to the same extent as cmr12a, whi ...201526085277
evaluation of major constraints to revegetation of lead/zinc mine tailings using bioassay techniques.the residues from the extraction of lead/zinc (pb/zn) ores of most pb/zn mines are permanently stored in tailings ponds, which require revegetation to reduce their environmental impact. this can only be done if the main constraints on plant establishment are evaluated. this can readily be done by field and greenhouse studies. to test this, the properties of different tailings from lechang pb/zn mine located at the north of guangdong province in southern china have been studied. physical and chem ...200212137044
effects of glucose on the uptake and metabolism of glycine in pakchoi (brassica chinensis l.) exposed to various nitrogen sources.plants can absorb amino acids as a nitrogen (n) source, and glucose is an important part of root rhizodeposition and the soil sugar pool, which participates in the regulation of plant growth and uptake. in pakchoi, the effect of glucose concentration on the glycine n uptake from a nutrient mixture composed of glycine, ammonium, and nitrate, or from a single n solution of glycine alone was studied using specific substrate (15)n-labeling and (15)n-gas chromatography mass spectrometry.028253854
toxicity tests of soil contaminated by recycling of scrap plastics.the present investigation studied the toxicity of soil contaminated by untreated discharge from a factory that recycles used plastics. the nearby agricultural areas and freshwater fish ponds were polluted with high concentrations of cu, ni, and mn. water extracts from the contaminated soil retarded root growth of brassica chinensis (chinese white cabbage) and cynodon dactylon (bermuda grass) where their seeds were obtained commercially. the contaminated populations of c. dactylon, panicum repen ...19902331327
gradients of intercellular co(2) levels across the leaf mesophyll.most current photosynthesis models, and interpretations of many wholeleaf co(2) gas exchange measurements, are based on the often unstated assumption that the partial pressure of co(2) is nearly uniform throughout the airspaces of the leaf mesophyll. here we present measurements of co(2) gradients across amphistomatous leaves allowed to assimilate co(2) through only one surface, thus simulating hypostomatous leaves. we studied five species: eucalyptus pauciflora sieb. ex spreng., brassica chinen ...198816666027
attempts to improve nitrogen utilization efficiency of aquaponics through nitrifies addition and filler gradation.aquaponics has attracted worldwide attention in recent years and is considered as an alternative technology for conventional aquaculture. in this study, common carp (cyprinus carpio) and pakchoi (brassica chinensis) were cultured in lab-scale aquaponics, and attempts were conducted to enhance its nitrogen utilization efficiency (nue) through two optimization methods, i.e., nitrifies addition (na) and filler gradation (fg). results showed that na and fg could improve the nue of aquaponics by 8.8 ...201626645232
variations in the natural ¹⁵n abundance of brassica chinensis grown in uncultivated soil affected by different nitrogen further investigate the method of using δ(15)n as a marker for organic vegetable discrimination, the effects of different fertilizers on the δ(15)n in different growing stages of brassica chinensis (b. chinensis) grown in uncultivated soil were investigated with a pot experiment. b. chinensis was planted with uncultivated soil and different fertilizer treatments and then harvested three times in three seasons consecutively. for the spring experiments in the years of 2011 and 2012, the δ(15)n ...201425369912
reducing the bioavailability of pcbs in soil to plant by biochars assessed with triolein-embedded cellulose acetate membrane technique.coupling with triolein-embedded cellulose acetate membrane (tecam) technique, hydroxypropyl β-cyclodextrins (hpcd) extraction method, and the greenhouse pot experiments, the influences of biochars on polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) bioavailability in soil to plant (brassica chinensis l. and daucus carota) were investigated. addition of 2% biochars to soils significantly reduced the uptake of pcbs in plant, especially for di-, tri- and tetra-chlorobiphenyls. pcbs concentrations in the roots of b ...201323279904
composite of pah-degrading endophytic bacteria reduces contamination and health risks caused by pahs in vegetables.vegetables accumulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) at high concentrations when grown in contaminated sites. inoculation with pah-degrading endophytic bacteria (ebpah) has been recognized as one of the most promising ways to remove pahs from plant bodies; however, the performance of single endophytic bacteria is generally limited. this investigation used a composite of eight ebpah to reduce the contamination and health risk posed by 16 epa priority pahs in vegetables including chinese ...028448936
dissipation and distribution of chlorpyrifos in selected vegetables through foliage and root uptake.dissipation, distribution and uptake pathways of chlorpyrifos were investigated in pakchoi (brassica chinensis l.) and lettuce (lactuca sativa) with foliage treatments under a greenhouse trial and root treatments under a hydroponic experiment. the dissipation trends were similar for chlorpyrifos in pakchoi and lettuce with different treatments. more than 94% of chlorpyrifos was degraded in the samples for both of the vegetables 21 days after the foliage treatments. for the root treatment, the di ...026363321
extracts of tsai tai (brassica chinensis): enhanced antioxidant activity and anti-aging effects both in vitro and in caenorhabditis elegans.tsai tai is one of the most widely consumed brassica vegetables in asian countries because of its good taste and its nutritional benefits. this study evaluated the antioxidant capacity and possible associated health benefits of 3 tsai tai (brassica chinensis) varieties, namely, hon tsai tai, pak choi and choi sum. the dpph radical scavenging ability and reducing power assays were performed to evaluate the in vitro activities of the extracts. caenorhabditis elegans was used as an in vivo model fo ...026726147
improved discrimination for brassica vegetables treated with agricultural fertilizers using a combined chemometric approach.multielement and stable isotope (δ(13)c, δ(15)n, δ(2)h, δ(18)o, (207)pb/(206)pb, and (208)pb/(206)pb) analyses were combined to provide a new chemometric approach to improve the discrimination between organic and conventional brassica vegetable production. different combinations of organic and conventional fertilizer treatments were used to demonstrate this authentication approach using brassica chinensis planted in experimental test pots. stable isotope analyses (δ(15)n and δ(13)c) of b. chinen ...027355562
slow-release nitrogen fertilizers can improve yield and reduce cd concentration in pakchoi (brassica chinensis l.) grown in cd-contaminated soil.cadmium (cd) pollution in vegetable crops has become a serious problem in recent years. owing to the limited availability of arable land resources, large areas of cd-contaminated lands are inevitably being used for the production of vegetables, posing great risks to human health via the food chain. however, strategies to improve yield and reduce cd concentration in crops grown in contaminated soils are being developed. in the present study, using pot experiments, we investigated the effects of t ...027677996
[residue and degradation of roxarsone in the system of soil-vegetable].the field experiment was developed for simulating the residues, transformation and degradation in soil-vegetable system of roxarsone contained in organic fertilizer. under the treatment, the yield of brassica chinensis decreased in low roxarsone concentration with a decline by 15% to 32% compared with the control group; there had an accumulating role of vegetables to arsenic, and the root was the main part; total content of arsenic in the soil was positively correlated with the dose of the appli ...026592042
persistence and dissipation of chlorpyrifos in brassica chinensis, lettuce, celery, asparagus lettuce, eggplant, and pepper in a greenhouse.the residue behavior of chlorpyrifos, which is one of the extensively used insecticides all around the world, in six vegetable crops was assessed under greenhouse conditions. each of the vegetables was subjected to a foliar treatment with chlorpyrifos. two analytical methods were developed using gas chromatography equipped with a micro-ecd detector (loq = 0.05 mg kg(-1)) and liquid chromatography with a tandem mass spectrometry (loq = 0.01 mg kg(-1)). the initial foliar deposited concentration o ...201424967589
bcnrt1, a plasma membrane-localized nitrate transporter from non-heading chinese cabbage.a nitrate transporter, bcnrt1, was isolated from non-heading chinese cabbage (brassica campestris ssp. chinensis makino) cultivar 'suzhouqing'. the full-length cdna was obtained using the rapid amplification of cdna ends technique and contains an open reading frame of 1,770 bp that predicts a protein of 589 acid residues that possesses 12 putative transmembrane domains. using the gus marker gene driven by the bcnrt1 promoter, we found bcnrt1 expression to be concentrated in primary and lateral r ...201222539185
plant growth, antibiotic uptake, and prevalence of antibiotic resistance in an endophytic system of pakchoi under antibiotic exposure.antibiotic contamination in agroecosystems may cause serious problems, such as the proliferation of various antibiotic resistant bacteria and the spreading of antibiotic resistance genes (args) in the environment or even to human beings. however, it is unclear whether environmental antibiotics, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and args can directly enter into, or occur in, the endophytic systems of plants exposed to pollutants. in this study, a hydroponic experiment exposing pakchoi (brassica chin ...201729099753
elevated co2 levels enhance the uptake and metabolism of organic nitrogen.the effects of elevated co2 (eco2 ) on the relative uptake of inorganic and organic nitrogen (n) are unclear. the uptake of different n sources by pak choi (brassica chinensis l.) seedlings supplied with a mixture of nitrate, glycine and ammonium was studied using 15 n-labelling under ambient co2 (aco2 ) (350 ppm) or eco2 (650 ppm) conditions. 15 n-labelled short-term uptake and 15 n-gas chromatography mass spectrometry (gc-ms) were applied to measure the effects of eco2 on glycine uptake and me ...201729080266
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