seasonal bloom dynamics and ecophysiology of the freshwater sister clade of sar11 bacteria 'that rule the waves' (ld12).alphaproteobacteria are common members of marine bacterioplankton assemblages, but are believed to be rare in lacustrine systems. however, uncultured alphaproteobacteria of the freshwater ld12 lineage form a tight monophyletic sister group with the numerically dominant bacteria in marine epipelagic waters, the sar11 clade or genus pelagibacter. comparative rrna sequence analysis reveals a global occurrence of ld12 bacteria in freshwater systems. the association of genotypic subclades with single ...201121412347
identifying the bacterial community on the surface of intralox belting in a meat boning room by culture-dependent and culture-independent 16s rdna sequence analysis.we examined the bacterial community present on an intralox conveyor belt system in an operating lamb boning room by sequencing the 16s ribosomal dna (rdna) of bacteria extracted in the presence or absence of cultivation. rflp patterns for 16s rdna clone library and cultures were generated using haeiii and mspi restriction endonucleases. 16s rdna amplicons produced 8 distinct rflp pattern groups. rflp groups i-iv were represented in the clone library and rflp groups i and v-viii were represented ...200616488497
multidrug resistance gene deficient (mdr1a-/-) mice have an altered caecal microbiota that precedes the onset of intestinal compare caecal microbiota from mdr1a(-/-) and wild type (fvb) mice to identify differences in the bacterial community that could influence the intestinal inflammation.200919302324
inter- and intraspecific variations of bacterial communities associated with marine sponges from san juan island, washington.this study attempted to assess whether conspecific or congeneric sponges around san juan island, washington, harbor specific bacterial communities. we used a combination of culture-independent dna fingerprinting techniques (terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis [dgge]) and culture-dependent approaches. the results indicated that the bacterial communities in the water column consisted of more diverse bacterial ribotypes than and were drastic ...200919363076
rare bacterium of new genus isolated with prolonged enrichment culture.dynamic change in microbial flora was monitored with an oxygen electrode. the 1st phase microorganisms, which first grew well in lb medium, were followed by the 2nd phase microorganisms, which supposedly assimilated microbial cells of the 1st phase and their metabolites. in a similar way, a change in microbial flora was observed from the 1st phase to the 4th phase in 84 hr. based on this observation, prolonged enrichment culture was done for as long as two months to increase the ratio of existen ...200414745160
isolation and characterization of reyranella massiliensis gen. nov., sp. nov. from freshwater samples with an amoeba co-culture procedure.the analysis of three water samples from two cooling towers and one river allowed us to isolate three strains of a novel alphaproteobacterium species, which is phylogenetically related to uncultured alphaproteobacteria. based upon 16s rrna gene sequence analysis and phenotypic characterization, we propose to name this new species reyranella massiliensis gen. nov, sp. nov., type strain 521t (=csur p115, =dsm 23428). the closest cultivable microorganism to this new bacterium is a member of the gen ...201020889765
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