moraxella lincolnii sp. nov., isolated from the human respiratory tract, and reevaluation of the taxonomic position of moraxella osloensis.a polyphasic taxonomic study was performed to determine the relationships of 10 moraxella-like strains isolated mainly from the human respiratory tract in sweden. two of the strains formed a separate subgroup on the basis of both their protein contents and their fatty acid contents. however, the overall protein and fatty acid profiles revealed that all 10 strains were highly related. representative strains of the two subgroups exhibited high dna binding values (98%) with each other and had an id ...19938347507
characterization of a moraxella species that causes epistaxis in macaques.bacteria of the genus moraxella have been isolated from a variety of mammalian hosts. in a prior survey of bacteria that colonize the rhesus macaque nasopharynx, performed at the tulane national primate research center, organisms of the moraxella genus were isolated from animals with epistaxis, or "bloody nose syndrome." they were biochemically identified as moraxella catarrhalis, and cryopreserved. another isolate was obtained from an epistatic cynomolgus macaque at the u.s. army medical resear ...201120667430
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