oral hypoglycaemic activity of ipomoea aquatica.ipomoea aquatica is a commonly consumed green leafy vegetable in sri lanka which is supposed to possess an insulin-like activity [jayaweera, d.m.a., 1982. medicinal plants (indigenous and exotic) used in ceylon. part 11. national science council, colombo, sri lanka, pp. 99]. only a little attention has been paid to the therapeutic use of this plant. we studied the oral hypoglycaemic activity of single and multiple doses of i. aquatica in healthy, male wistar rats after a glucose challenge. there ...200010967485
[construction of bacillus thuringiensis labeled recombinant strain and horizontal transfer of its cry1ac10 gene].a recombinant plasmid pbmbzgc10 was obtained by the ligation of gfp-cry1ac10 fusion gene and vector plasmid pad4412, which was then introduced by gene pulser into acrystalliferous strain cryb, and a recombinant strain cryb(pbmbzgc10) was obtained. different fermentative solutions of recombinant strain were used for multi-spraying on brassica pekinesis, ipomoea aquatica and lycopersicon esculentum leaves. the results of fluorescent detection and pcr amplification revealed that cry1ac10 gene did n ...200515852975
screening of plants acting against heterometrus laoticus scorpion venom activity on fibroblast cell lysis.the aqueous extracts of 64 plant species, listed as animal- or insect-bite antidotes in old thai drug recipes were screened for their activity against fibroblast cell lysis after heterometrus laoticus scorpion venom treatment. the venom was preincubated with plant extract for 30 min and furthered treated to confluent fibroblast cells for 30 min. more than 40% efficiency (test/control) was obtained from cell treatment with venom preincubated with extracts of andrographis paniculata nees (acanthac ...200616169172
observations on anopheline breeding in relation to aquatic plants in different breeding habitats of kheda (gujarat).water bodies infested with aquatic vegetations may pose problems in mosquito control through bio-environmental methods. paucity of information pertaining to association of mosquito breeding with aquatic vegetation was the basis for present investigation. the mosquito breeding sites infested with solitary/dominating plant community viz., eichhornia crassipes, ipomoea aquatica, hydrilla verticillata, nymphea neuchali, trapa bispinosa, lemna paucicostata, trachelomonas spp., azolla pinnata, algae s ...200416509256
formation of methyl mercury in an aquatic the nature, inorganic forms of mercury (hg) may be transformed to the organic, very toxic, methyl-hg. occasionally methyl-hg has been detected in plants, also so in the aquatic macrophyte water spinach (ipomoea aquatica), which is a popular vegetable in tropical regions. the objectives of this study were to investigate if methyl-hg is formed and/or degraded in water spinach. water spinach plants were exposed to inorganic hg via spiked soil or spiked nutrient solution. tests were performed in ...200616872659
inhibitory effect of ipomoea aquatica extracts on glucose absorption using a perfused rat intestinal preparation.investigations were carried out to evaluate the effect of ipomoea aquatica aqueous and dichloromethane/methanol extracts on the glucose absorption using a rat intestinal preparation in situ. extracts orally tested at the dose of 160 mg/kg exerted a significant inhibitory effect on glucose absorption when compared with control animals. the most pronounced effect was observed with the aqueous extract. ouabain used as reference inhibitor strongly inhibited glucose absorption. on the other hand both ...200717651914
heavy metals in water, sediments and wetland plants in an aquatic ecosystem of tropical industrial region, india.concentrations of heavy metals (cu, cr, fe, pb, zn, hg, ni, and cd) and macronutrients (mn) were measured in industrial effluents, water, bottom sediments, and wetland plants from a reservoir, govind ballabh (g.b.) pant sagar, in singrauli industrial region, india. the discharge point of a thermal power plant, a coal mine, and chlor-alkali effluent into the g.b. pant sagar were selected as sampling sites with one reference site in order to compare the findings. the concentrations of heavy metals ...200918998227
poisoning of 'binthamburu' (ipomoea asarifolia) due to misidentification as 'kankun' (ipomoea aquatica).ingestion of 'binthamburu' (ipomoea asarifolia) by misidentification as 'kankun' (ipomoea aquatica) as a leafy vegetable causes acute gastrointestinal symptoms and confusion. the authors have encountered four such cases in the past. all cases have been recorded from the dry zone of the country. both plants are two trailing vines similar in their appearance and preferring the wet habitats. during the course of the day when exposed to sunlight, 'binthamburu' leaves mimic 'kankun' leaves by folding ...201020645546
heavy metals phyto-assessment in commonly grown vegetables: water spinach (i. aquatica) and okra (a. esculentus).the growth response, metal tolerance and phytoaccumulation properties of water spinach (ipomoea aquatica) and okra (abelmoschus esculentus) were assessed under different contaminated spiked metals: control, 50 mg pb/kg soil, 50 mg zn/kg soil and 50 mg cu/kg soil. the availability of pb, zn and cu metals in both soil and plants were detected using flame atomic absorption spectrometry. the concentration and accumulation of heavy metals from soil to roots and shoots (edible parts) were evaluated in ...201627119073
detection of ni, cd, and cu in green leafy vegetables collected from different cultivation areas in and around colombo district, sri lanka.five types of green leafy vegetables ["kankun" (ipomoea aquatica), "mukunuwenna" (alternanthera sessilis), "thampala" (amaranthus viridis), "nivithi" (basella alba), and "kohila leaves" (lasia spinosa)] were randomly collected from six different locations (wellampitiya, kolonnawa, kottawa, piliyandala, bandaragama, and kahathuduwa) in and around colombo district, sri lanka, and subjected to analysis of three heavy metals [nickel (ni), cadmium (cd), and copper (cu)] by atomic absorption spectrome ...201626911591
accumulation of metals in selected macrophytes grown in mixture of drain water and tannery effluent and their phytoremediation potential.phytoremediation is an emerging, ecofriendly and economically feasible technique for the restoration of heavy metals contaminated environment. in the present investigation, five native macrophytes growing naturally in a drain receiving tannery effluent viz bacopa monnieri, eichhornia crassipes, hydrilla verticillata, ipomoea aquatica and marsilea minuta were evaluated for their heavy metal (cr, cu, ni and pb) accumulation potential in field conditions at unnao, u.p., india. the results showed th ...201223734460
new species and new records of tetranychidae (acarina, prostigmata) from thailand.sampling efforts conducted in several provinces from thailand disclosed three new species of tetranychid mites. two of them belong to the genus tetranychus, namely tetranychus occultaspina sp. nov. and tetranychus truncatissimus sp. nov. and the third species belongs to the genus schizotetranychus, schizotetranychus krungthepensis sp. nov. they were collected on ipomoea aquatica, bambusa multiplex and saccharum officinarum, respectively. new records and new hosts are also mentioned.201424871006
nitrate removal and denitrification affected by soil characteristics in nitrate treatment wetlands.several small-scale surface flow constructed wetlands unplanted and planted (monoculture) with various macrophytes (phragmites australis, typha orientalis, pennisetum purpureum, ipomoea aquatica, and pistia stratiotes) were established to continuously receive nitrate-contaminated groundwater. soil characteristics and their effects on nitrate removal and soil denitrification were investigated. the results showed that planted wetland cells exhibited significantly higher (p < 0.05) nitrate removal ...200717365317
determination of vitamin c, b-carotene and riboflavin contents in five green vegetables organically and conventionally consumer interest in organically grown vegetables is increasing in malaysia, there is a need to answer whether the vegetables are more nutritious than those conventionally grown. this study investigates commercially available vegetables grown organically and conventionally, purchased from retailers to analyse β-carotene, vitamin c and riboflavin contents. five types of green vegetables were selected, namely chinese mustard (sawi) (brassica juncea), chinese kale (kai-lan) (brassica alboglabra) ...200322692530
selecting iodine-enriched vegetables and the residual effect of iodate application to soil.a greenhouse pot experiment was conducted to select vegetables for iodine uptake. the residual effect of iodate fertilization on the growth of and iodine uptake by spinach plants were also investigated. six vegetables, including leafy vegetables (pakchoi [brassica chinensis l.], spinach [spinacia oleracea l.]), tuber vegetables (onion [allium cepa l.]), shoot vegetables (water spinach [ipomoea aquatica forsk.], celery [apium graveolens l.]), and root vegetables (carrot [daucus carota var. sativa ...200415564656
selection and application of endophytic bacterium achromobacter xylosoxidans strain f3b for improving phytoremediation of phenolic pollutants.while phytoremediation has been considered as an in situ bioprocess to remediate environmental contaminants, the application of functional endophytic bacteria within plants remains a potential strategy that could enhance the plants' efficiency in phytoremediation. in this study, 219 endophytes were isolated from plants that are predominantly located in a constructed wetland, including reed (phragmites australis) and water spinach (ipomoea aquatica). twenty-five strains of the isolated endophytes ...201222497718
phytotoxicity of heptachlor and endosulfan sulfate contaminants in soils to economic crops.the intensive use of organochlorine in the past decades has resulted in contamination of soil worldwide. the phytotoxicity of two organochlorine pesticide, endosulfan sulfate and heptachlor, on the early growth stage of sweet corn (zea mays), waxy corn (zea mays) cowpea (vigna sinensis), cucumber (cucumis sativus) and water morning glory (ipomoea aquatica) were studied. in the range of concentration found in thai agricultural soil, 0.4-40 mg kg(-1) of each pesticide, did not affect the percentag ...201223741808
protective effect of red-stemmed type of ipomoea aquatica forsk against ccl4-induced oxidative damage in mice.water spinach (ipomoea aquatica forsk; i. aquatica) of the green-stemmed type (green type) is widely consumed, but there also exists a red-stemmed variety (red type). in the present study, the antioxidant capacity of the red type was compared to that of the green type in carbon tetrachloride (ccl(4))-treated mice. ccl(4)-induced thiobarbituric acid reactive substrate (tbars) formation in the liver was significantly suppressed in mice fed 5% red-type i. aquatica, while the green type showed no ef ...201122041914
aquatic arsenic: phytoremediation using floating macrophytes.phytoremediation, a plant based green technology, has received increasing attention after the discovery of hyperaccumulating plants which are able to accumulate, translocate, and concentrate high amount of certain toxic elements in their above-ground/harvestable parts. phytoremediation includes several processes namely, phytoextraction, phytodegradation, rhizofiltration, phytostabilization and phytovolatilization. both terrestrial and aquatic plants have been tested to remediate contaminated soi ...201121435676
uptake and transport of roxarsone and its metabolites in water spinach as affected by phosphate supply.roxarsone (rox) is widely used as a feed additive in intensive animal production. while an animal is fed with rox, the as compounds in the manure primarily occur as rox and its metabolites, including arsenate (as[v]), arsenite (as[iii]), monomethylarsonic acid (mma), and dimethylarsinic acid (dma). animal manure is commonly land applied with phosphorous fertilizers in china. a pot experiment was conducted to investigate the phytoavailability of rox, as(v), as(iii), mma, and dma in water spinach ...201020821525
growth characteristics of mung beans and water convolvuluses exposed to 425-mhz electromagnetic fields.effects of high-frequency, continuous wave (cw) electromagnetic fields on mung beans (vigna radiata l.) and water convolvuluses (ipomoea aquatica forssk.) were studied at different growth stages (pre-sown seed and early seedling). specifically, the effects of the electromagnetic source's power and duration (defined as power-duration level) on the growth of the two species were studied. mung beans and water convolvuluses were exposed to electromagnetic fields inside a specially designed chamber f ...201020564175
variation in cadmium accumulation among 30 cultivars and cadmium subcellular distribution in 2 selected cultivars of water spinach (ipomoea aquatica forsk.).to reduce the influx of cadmium (cd), a toxic heavy metal, into the human food chain through vegetable intake, a pot experiment for the selection of a pollution-safe cultivar (psc) of water spinach (ipomoea aquatica forsk.) was carried out. the experiment with 30 tested cultivars revealed that the maximum differences in cd concentration between the cultivars containing the highest and the lowest cd were 3.0-3.9-fold under low-cd treatment (soil cd = 0.593 mg kg(-1)), 2.7-3.5-fold under middle-cd ...200919739670
arsenic uptake by two vegetables grown in two soils amended with as-bearing animal manures.organoarsenicals are widely used as growth promoters in animal feed, resulting in unabsorbed arsenic (as) left in animal manures. a pot experiment was conducted to investigate the growth and as uptake of amaranth (amaranthus tricolor linn, a crop with an axial root system) and water spinach (ipomoea aquatica forsk, a crop with a fibrous root system) grown in a paddy soil (ps) and a lateritic red soil (lrs) amended with 2% and 4% (w/w) as-bearing chicken manure and pig manure, respectively. soils ...200918929443
faecal and protozoan parasite contamination of water spinach (ipomoea aquatica) cultivated in urban wastewater in phnom penh, identify the level of contamination with thermotolerant coliforms (thc), intestinal helminth eggs and protozoan parasites in water spinach (ipomoea aquatica) cultivated in a wastewater-fed lake in phnom penh, cambodia.200718005318
phyto-remediation potential of ipomoea aquatica for cr(vi) mitigation.phyto-remedial efficiency of ipomoea aquatica was examined at different experimental conditions for a period of 3 months. this plant was selected due to its easy establishment, tolerance and growing easiness. in all trials, the i. aquatica was grown in coir dust to ensure an inert medium. essential growth nutrients were supplied externally using albert solution. once plant growth conditions were fixed, the model system was spiked with cr(vi) solution in the range of 7-90 ppm. up to 28 ppm cr(vi) ...200817720213
element contents and food safety of water spinach (ipomoea aquatica forssk.) cultivated with wastewater in hanoi, vietnam.extensive aquatic or semi-aquatic production of water spinach (ipomoea aquatica forssk.) for human consumption takes place in southeast asia. the aim of this study was to assess the concentrations of 38 elements in soil and water spinach cultivated under different degrees of wastewater exposure in hanoi, vietnam. the results showed no effect of wastewater use on the overall element concentrations in soil and water spinach. mean soil concentrations for selected potentially toxic elements at the s ...200817593534
application of a constructed wetland for industrial wastewater treatment: a pilot-scale study.the main objective of this study was to examine the efficacy and capacity of using constructed wetlands on industrial pollutant removal. four parallel pilot-scale modified free water surface (fws) constructed wetland systems [dimension for each system: 4-m (l)x1-m (w)x1-m (d)] were installed inside an industrial park for conducting the proposed treatability study. the averaged influent contains approximately 170 mg l(-1) chemical oxygen demand (cod), 80 mg l(-1) biochemical oxygen demand (bod), ...200616413595
oral hypoglycaemic activity of ipomoea aquatica in streptozotocin-induced, diabetic wistar rats and type ii diabetics.ipomoea aquatica forsk is a common green leafy vegetable consumed in many parts of the world. the present study was designed to investigate the oral hypoglycaemic activity of ipomea aquatica in streptozotocin induced diabetic wistar rats, and type ii diabetic patients. experimental diabetes was induced with streptozotocin in wistar rats. the rats were then divided into test and control groups. in addition to the standard feed given to both groups the test was fed with the shredded leaves of ipom ...200314595595
accumulation of heavy metals in water spinach (ipomoea aquatica) cultivated in the bangkok region, thailand.the aquatic plant water spinach (ipomoea aquatica), either wild or cultivated, is found throughout southeast asia and is a widely consumed vegetable in the region. many of the waters where i. aquatica grows serve as recipients for domestic and other types of wastewater. because these waters contain not only nutrients, but often also a wide variety of pollutants such as heavy metals from various human activities, many people risk intoxication. to estimate the accumulation of lead (pb), cadmium (c ...200212206434
effects of macrophytes and external carbon sources on nitrate removal from groundwater in constructed wetlands.several microcosm wetlands unplanted and planted with five macrophytes (phragmites australis, commelina communis, penniserum purpureum, ipomoea aquatica, and pistia stratiotes) were employed to remove nitrate from groundwater at a concentration of 21-47 mg no3-n/l. in the absence of external carbon, nitrate removal rates ranged from 0.63 to 1.26 g no3-n/m2/day for planted wetlands. planted wetlands exhibited significantly greater nitrate removal than unplanted wetlands (p<0.01), indicating that ...200212166674
net primary productivity of some aquatic macrophytes in sewage-sullage mixture.sewage-sullage mixture from raipur city is spread over a vast area surrounding the city. this mixture has a ph always above neutrality with high turbidity. transparency was nil with the absence of phenolphthalein alkalinity and dissolved oxygen. hardness was high with low nitrogen and phosphorus concentration. human consumable. acquatic macrophytes are cultivated in such waste water. net primary productivity of three macrophytes: ipomoea aquatica, marsilea quadrifolia and nelumbo nucifera were e ...200112017265
microcosm wetlands for wastewater treatment with different hydraulic loading rates and macrophytes.constructed wetlands (cw) usually require large land areas for treating wastewater. this study evaluated the feasibility of applying cw with less land requirement by operating a group of microcosm wetlands at a hydraulic retention time (hrt) of less than 4 d in southern taiwan. an artificial wastewater, simulating municipal wastewater containing 200 mg l(-1) of chemical oxygen demand (cod), 20 mg l(-1) of nh4+-n (an), and 20 mg l(-1) of po4(3-)-p (op), was the inflow source. three emergent plant ...200211931463
an aqueous extract of the green leafy vegetable ipomoea aquatica is as effective as the oral hypoglycaemic drug tolbutamide in reducing the blood sugar levels of wistar rats.this study was undertaken to compare the oral hypoglycaemic activity of an aqueous extract of the green leafy vegetable ipomoea aquatica (dose equivalent to 3.3 g starting material /kg body weight) with that of the known oral hypoglycaemic drug tolbutamide (15 mg/kg body weight) in glucose challenged wistar rats (3 g/kg body weight, administered 30 min after the administration of ipomoea aquatica or tolbutamide). one and half hours after administration of glucose (equivalent to 2 h after adminis ...200111746851
energy expenditure in relation to activity of lesser mouse deer (tragulus javanicus).heat production (hp) of male and female mouse deer during eating, standing and sitting was determined using the open circuit respiration chamber (rc). the time taken for similar activities was also determined in an outdoor enclosure (od). the animals were fed kangkong (ipomoea aquatica), sweet potato (ipomoea batatas) and rabbit pellet ad libitum. male mouse deer consumed more dry matter (dm), organic matter (om) and gross energy (ge) than female. the time for each activity of male and female mo ...200111691611
distribution of metals in aquatic edible plants: trapa natans (roxb.) makino and ipomoea aquatica forsk.most of the water bodies being used for the cultivation of edible aquatic plants (trapa natans and ipomoea aquatica) in lucknow district, u.p., india, were found to be contaminated with a variety of toxic metals (fe, cu, cr, mn and pb). the concentration of metals cr, pb and fe in water was much higher than recommended permissible limits of who (1995). the edible parts of these plants bioconcentrated metals from their surrounding water significantly. therefore, the present study was planned to a ...200111554485
dissipation of epoxiconazole in the paddy field under subtropical conditions of taiwan.the environmental fate and distribution of fungicide epoxiconazole were studied by a rice paddy field model ecosystem. one week before the head-sprouting stage, rice plant was treated separately once with opus (tradename of epoxiconazole) 12% sc 2.1 kg ha(-1) and 1.4 kg ha(-1), respectively. soil, water and rice plant were sampled seven days intervals nine times after application. the bioconcentration factor of epoxiconazole on mosquito fish in the ecosystem was also determined, based on the amo ...200111495019
a study on the optimal hydraulic loading rate and plant ratios in recirculation aquaponic system.the growths of the african catfish (clarias gariepinus) and water spinach (ipomoea aquatica) were evaluated in recirculation aquaponic system (ras). fish production performance, plant growth and nutrient removal were measured and their dependence on hydraulic loading rate (hlr) was assessed. fish production did not differ significantly between hydraulic loading rates. in contrast to the fish production, the water spinach yield was significantly higher in the lower hydraulic loading rate. fish pr ...201019819130
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