[the oncomiracidium of metapolystoma brygoonis (euzet and combes, 1964), a parasite of the malagasy amphibian ptychadena mascareniensis (dumeril and bribon)]. 1978742807
the double odyssey of madagascan polystome flatworms leads to new insights on the origins of their amphibian hosts.polystomatid flatworms are parasites of high host specificity, which mainly infect amphibian hosts. only one polystome species has so far been recorded from madagascar despite the high species richness and endemicity of amphibians on this island. out of the 86 screened malagasy frog species, we recovered polystomes from 25 in the families ptychadenidae and mantellidae. molecular phylogenetic analysis uncovered an unexpected diversity of polystome species belonging to two separate clades: one for ...200919203917
endoparasitic mites of the genus endotrombicula ewing, 1931 (acari: prostigmata: parasitengona: trombiculidae) from african and madagascan anurans, with description of a new species.a sample of over 6,000 specimens of frogs belonging to about 120 species of all families occurring in west africa and madagascar were screened for parasitic mites. three species of endotrombicula ewing, 1931 were found in representatives of two african and two madagascan frog families. all trombiculidae found in african frogs belonged to endotrombicula pillersi (sambon, 1928), whereas in madagascar e. madagascariensis (sambon, 1928) and e. ptychadenae sp. n. were sampled. these three species are ...200719245195
morphological description of cosmocerca sp. (nematoda: cosmocerdidae) from the mascarene grass frog ptychadena cf. mascareniensis (amphibia: ptychadenidae). a light and scanning electron microscopic studies.the mascarene grass frog ptychadena cf. mascareniensis is a species of frog with a vast area of distribution in africa. a total of 300 frog specimens were collected from different localities at el-giza province, egypt; then dissected and examined for the presence of parasitic infection. only eighty six (28.66%) specimens were found to be naturally infected with nematode parasite. seasonally, the prevalence of infection was reached its maximum value of 74.66% during summer and minimum values of 2 ...201728426400
leapfrogging into new territory: how mascarene ridged frogs diversified across africa and madagascar to maintain their ecological niche.the mascarene ridged frog, ptychadena mascareniensis, is a species complex that includes numerous lineages occurring mostly in humid savannas and open forests of mainland africa, madagascar, the seychelles, and the mascarene islands. sampling across this broad distribution presents an opportunity to examine the genetic differentiation within this complex and to investigate how the evolution of bioclimatic niches may have shaped current biogeographic patterns. using model-based phylogenetic metho ...201727664344
origin and evolution of african polystoma (monogenea: polystomatidae) assessed by molecular methods.among polystomatidae (monogenea), the genus polystoma, which mainly infests neobatrachian hosts, is the most diverse and occurs principally in africa, from where half the species have been reported. previous molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that this genus originated in south america, and later colonised eurasia and africa. no mention was made on dispersal corridors between europe and africa or of the origin of the african polystoma radiation. therefore, a molecular phylogeny was inferr ...200111336751
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