oligosaccharides in several philippine indigenous food legumes: determination, localization and removal.the oligosaccharide profile of raw mature seeds of seven different legumes indigenous to the philippines was measured in 70% ethanol extracts of the seeds by thin layer chromatography using hptlc plates and quantified by a densitometer. based on the results, the legumes could be ranked according to decreasing oligosaccharide content or flatulence potential as follows: sam-samping (clitoria ternatea) greater than hyacinth bean (dolichos lablab) greater than sabawel (mucuna pruriens) greater than ...19902345736
an ssr-based linkage map of yardlong bean (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp. subsp. unguiculata sesquipedalis group) and qtl analysis of pod length.yardlong bean (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp. subsp. unguiculata sesquipedalis group) (2n = 2x = 22) is one of the most important vegetable legumes of asia. the objectives of this study were to develop a genetic linkage map of yardlong bean using ssr makers from related vigna species and to identify qtls for pod length. the map was constructed from 226 simple sequence repeat (ssr) markers from cowpea (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp. subsp. unguiculata unguiculata group), azuki bean (vigna angularis ...201222242703
biological potential of sixteen legumes in china.phenolic acids have been identified in a variety of legumes including lima bean, broad bean, common bean, pea, jack bean, goa bean, adzuki bean, hyacinth bean, chicking vetch, garbanzo bean, dral, cow bean, rice bean, mung bean and soybean. the present study was carried out with the following aims: (1) to identify and quantify the individual phenolic acid and determine the total phenolic content (tpc); (2) to assess their antioxidant activity, inhibition activities of α-glucosidase, tyrosinase, ...201122072935
the genetics of domestication of rice bean, vigna umbellata.the asian genus vigna, to which four cultivated species (rice bean, azuki bean, mung bean and black gram) belong, is suitable for comparative genomics. the aims were to construct a genetic linkage map of rice bean, to identify the genomic regions associated with domestication in rice bean, and to compare these regions with those in azuki bean.201020880934
delandin, a chitinase-like protein with antifungal, hiv-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory and mitogenic activities from the rice bean delandia antifungal protein with a chitinase-like n-terminal sequence, designated delandin, was isolated from the rice bean. the protein exhibited a molecular weight of 28 kda and was adsorbed on both blue affi-gel and sp-toyopearl. it exerted antifungal action toward mycosphaerella arachidicola, botrytis cinerea, fu- sarium oxysporum, rhizoctonia solani, and colletotrichum gossypii and inhibited the activity of human immunodeficiency virus 1 reverse transcriptase. the protein inhibited translation in ...200211922770
evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of legumes.mung bean, adzuki bean, black bean and rice bean are foods and folk medicines of taiwan. we evaluated the effects of various water extract concentrations (100, 500 and 1000 mg/kg body wt.) and silymarin (25 mg/kg body wt. on acetaminophen-induced liver injury by measuring serum glutamate-oxalate-transaminase (sgot) and serum glutamate-pyruvate-transaminase (sgpt) activities in rats. the results showed that the sgot and the sgpt activities, increased by apap, were decreased significantly (p < 0.0 ...200111417915
aberrant nodulation response of vigna umbellata to a bradyrhizobium japonicum nodz mutant and nodulation signals.the (brady)rhizobium nodulation gene products synthesize lipo-chitin oligosaccharide (lco) signal molecules that induce nodule primordia on legume roots. in spot inoculation assays with roots of vigna umbellata, bradyrhizobium elkanii lco and chemically synthesized lco induced aberrant nodule structures, similar to the activity of these lcos on glycine soja (soybean). lcos containing a pentameric chitin backbone and a reducing-end 2-o-methyl fucosyl moiety were active on v. umbellata. in contras ...199910494629
characterization of resistance to three bruchid species (callosobruchus spp., coleoptera, bruchidae) in cultivated rice bean (vigna umbellata).resistance of wild and cultivated rice bean (vigna umbellata [thunberg] ohwi and ohashi) to three bruchid species, callosobruchus chinensis l., callosobruchus maculatus f., and callosobruchus analis f., was evaluated. all but three accessions of cultivated, and all wild rice bean accessions tested, exhibited complete resistance to all three bruchid species. rice bean seeds with seed coat removed also showed complete resistance to the three bruchid species. results indicate that physical attribut ...200312650364
intra-individual and intra-species heterogeneity in nuclear rdna its region of vigna species from subgenus ceratotropis.the extent of intra-individual and intra-species heterogeneity in the nuclear rdna internal transcribed spacer (its) was investigated among the 'asiatic vigna' species (subgenus ceratotropis). high intra- and inter-individual its polymorphism was observed among vigna radiata accessions, where multiple its length variants ranging from approximately 700 to approximately 770 bp were detected on pcr amplification. subsequent analysis revealed that the variants are 'heteroduplex its fragments' genera ...200818840305
possible mechanism for the inhibition of lectin-erythrocyte interaction in presence of endogenous lectin receptor.the presence of hydrophobic sites in the lectin-i molecule was indicated by hydrophobic probes like 1-anilinonapthalene-8-sulfonic acid (ans), 2-p-toluidinyl napthalene-6-sulfonic acid (tns). n-phenyl-1-napthylamine (na) and rose bengal (rb). this was further confirmed by amino acid modifications in the hydrophobic region of the lectin-i molecule. the binding of ans, tns, na and rb to lectin-i was affected in the presence of nacl. the involvement of hydrophobic interactions in rice-bean lectin-i ...19969062696
effects of various plant protein sources in high-quality feed block on feed intake, rumen fermentation, and microbial population in swamp buffalo.this study was designed to determine effect of various plant protein sources in high-quality feed block (hqfb) on feed intake, rumen fermentation, and microbial population in swamp buffalo. four rumen-fistulated swamp buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) were randomly assigned according to a 4 × 4 latin square design. four kinds of plant protein sources (coarse rice bran (crb), cassava hay (ch), phaseolus calcaratus hay, and mulberry hay (mh)) were mixed in the hqfb. hqfbs were allowed to be licked at fr ...201121479843
the noll gene from rhizobium etli determines nodulation efficiency by mediating the acetylation of the fucosyl residue in the nodulation factor.the nodulation factors (nod factors) of rhizobium etli and r. loti carry a 4-o-acetyl-l-fucosyl group at the reducing end. it has been claimed, based on sequence analysis, that noll from r. loti participates in the 4-o-acetylation of the fucosyl residue of the nod factors, as an acetyl-transferase (d. b. scott, c. a. young, j. m. collins-emerson, e. a. terzaghi, e. s. rockman, p. a. lewis, and c. e. pankhurst. mol. plant-microbe interact. 9:187-197, 1996). further support for this hypothesis was ...199910065560
proximate composition and antinutritional factors in rice bean (vigna umbellata).thirteen promising strains of rice bean (vigna umbellata) were analysed for their proximate compositions and antinutritional factors. protein content in these varieties ranged from 17.50 to 23.10 per cent, ash from 3.06 to 4.48 per cent, ether extract from 2.4 to 3.9 per cent and crude fibre from 1.70 to 4.25 per cent. trypsin inhibitor activity ranged from 112.63 to 163.98 units/g and polyphenols ranged from 0.58 to 1.19 per cent. phytohemagglutinating activity was present in all the strains, e ...19883231596
dietary modification of potential vitamin k supply from enteric bacterial menaquinones in rats.rats given a low-fibre diet based on boiled white rice developed symptoms of severe vitamin k deficiency within 23 d. inclusion of autoclaved black-eye beans (vigna unguiculata) in the diet prevented the bleeding syndrome. to test the hypothesis that deficiency resulted from low phylloquinone intake exacerbated by inadequate production of menaquinones by the enteric bacteria, a follow-up experiment was carried out in which groups of rats were given an all-rice diet, a rice + beans diet or a stoc ...19902383538
liver and kidney nitrogen uptake in rats fed beans enriched with 15nitrogen through (15nh4)2so4 used as soil fertilizer.this study was conducted to determine the incorporation of 15nitrogen (15n) into liver and kidney of a group of rats (n = 17) fed a mixture of cooked rice and beans for 4 weeks. the beans (phaseolus vulgaris), grown in soil cultivated with (15nh4)2so4, had 1.5% 15n enrichment. three or four rats were sacrificed weekly and a control group (n = 13) received an isonitrogen and isocaloric reference casein diet. the amount of nitrogen transferred from the beans to the liver at the end of the first, s ...19902101091
separation, characterization, and specificity of alpha-mannosidases from vigna umbellata.information about the specificity of glycosidase enzymes is important since it affects their use for characterization and synthesis of oligosaccharides. two alpha-mannosidases (ec, i and ii, were isolated from rice beans (vigna umbellata). the native molecular weight of both isozymes was estimated to be 329,000, but pis of form i were 5.03-5.34 and pis of form ii were 5.46-6.20. the two isozymes were characterized in terms of optimal ph and temperature, effects of metal ions, inhibitio ...19989614691
protein digestibility of weaning foods prepared from rice-minced meat and rice-mungbean combination in infants using a short term nitrogen balance method.three diets based on rice-dehulled mungbean, rice-minced meat and rice-mungbean with hull were tested with infants 11 to 20 months of age using a short term nitrogen balance technique. the results indicate that with isocaloric and isonitrogenous intake, all the subjects given either of the three diets were in positive nitrogen balance. the protein quality, in terms of nitrogen absorption and true digestibility, of rice-meat diet was superior to that of rice-bean diets. among the rice-bean diets, ...19836644389
in vitro amylolysis of pulse and hylon vii starches explained in terms of their composition, morphology, granule architecture and interaction between hydrolysed starch chains.the objective of this study was to understand the factors underlying the susceptibility of pulse (lablab bean, navy bean, rice bean, tepary bean, velvet bean, and wrinkled pea) and hylon vii starches towards in vitro hydrolysis by the combined action of pancreatin and amyloglucosidase. the time taken to reach an equivalent level of hydrolysis (50%) varied significantly among the starches. changes to molecular order, crystallinity, double helical content, radial orientation of starch chains (pola ...201626304453
effect of domestic processing on zinc bioavailability from ricebean (vigna umbellata) diets.the effects of various processing methods viz. pressure cooking with soaking, sprouting (48 h), sprouting and pressure cooking, dehulling, and pressure cooking of the dehulled legume on the bioavailability of zinc were studied. the total zinc content varied from 3.28 to 3.37%; the highest being in raw ricebeans and the lowest being in dehulled, soaked and pressure cooked, and sprouted and pressure cooked ricebeans, respectively. the soluble zinc content was highest for dehulled soaked and pressu ...200212602938
a new antifungal peptide from rice beans.a peptide, possessing a molecular mass of 5 kda and demonstrating remarkable sequence homology to the cowpea 10 kda protein precursor and garden pea disease resistance response protein, was isolated from rice bean seeds. the peptide was adsorbed on cm-sepharose and affi-gel blue gel. it inhibited mycelial growth in the fungi botrytis cinerea, fusarium oxysporum, rhizoctonia solani and mycosphaerella arachidicola. it stimulated incorporation of methyl [3h] thymidine into mouse splenocytes, inhibi ...200212102720
a formate dehydrogenase confers tolerance to aluminum and low ph.formate dehydrogenase (fdh) is involved in various higher plant abiotic stress responses. here, we investigated the role of rice bean (vigna umbellata) vufdh in al and low ph (h(+)) tolerance. screening of various potential substrates for the vufdh protein demonstrated that it functions as a formate dehydrogenase. quantitative reverse transcription-pcr and histochemical analysis showed that the expression of vufdh is induced in rice bean root tips by al or h(+) stresses. fluorescence microscopic ...201627021188
development of gene-based ssr markers in rice bean (vigna umbellata l.) based on transcriptome data.rice bean (vigna umbellata (thunb.) ohwi & ohashi) is a warm season annual legume mainly grown in east asia. only scarce genomic resources are currently available for this legume crop species and no simple sequence repeat (ssr) markers have been specifically developed for rice bean yet. in this study, approximately 26 million high quality cdna sequence reads were obtained from rice bean using illumina paired-end sequencing technology and assembled into 71,929 unigenes with an average length of 9 ...201626950544
major phenolic compounds, antioxidant capacity and antidiabetic potential of rice bean (vigna umbellata l.) in china.interest in edible beans as nutraceuticals is increasing. in the present study, the individual phenolic acids, the total phenolic content (tpc), the total flavonoid content (tfc), and the antioxidant and antidiabetic potential of 13 varieties of rice beans from china were investigated. eight phenolic compounds (catechin, epicatechin, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, vitexin, isovitexin, sinapic acid, quercetin) were analyzed on an ultra-performance liquid chromatography (uplc) mass spectrometry (m ...201222489119
a homoploid hybrid between wild vigna species found in a limestone karst.genus vigna comprise several domesticated species including cowpea and mungbean, and diverse wild species. we found an introgressive hybrid population derived from two wild species, vigna umbellata and vigna exilis, in ratchaburi district, thailand. the hybrid was morphologically similar to v. umbellata but habituated in a limestone rock mountain, which is usually dominated by v. exilis. analyzing simple sequence repeat loci indicated the hybrid has undergone at least one round of backcross by v ...201526648953
evaluation and characterization of trypsin inhibitor from rice bean with inhibitory activity against gut proteases of spodoptera litura.trypsin inhibitor (ti) in rice bean (vigna umbellata) varied spatio-temporally in different parts of the plant, with the highest level (30.9 mg/g d.w.) noted in the maturing seeds of genotype brs-2 at 160 days after planting (dap). the ti from rice bean seeds was isolated and purified approximately 182-fold, with a final yield of 29% using ammonium sulfate precipitation, ion exchange chromatography through deae-sepharose, gel permeation through superdex-75, and finally by affinity chromatography ...201526618568
catechin-7-o-β-d-glucopyranoside isolated from the seed of phaseolus calcaratus roxburgh ameliorates experimental colitis in rats.the seeds of phaseolus calcaratus roxburgh (phcr) are common legumes that comprise part of the daily diet in chinese and korean culture. recent findings highlight anti-inflammatory and anti-septic potentials of catechin-7-o-β-d-glucopyranoside (cgp) isolated from phcr seeds. we investigated the intestinal anti-inflammatory activity and associated mechanisms of cgp using a rat model of trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid (tnbs)-induced colitis. oral treatment with cgp (10mg/kg body weight) suppressed bo ...201526453508
rice and beans--effect of milk, mineral, and vitamin a, on weight gain, food intake, and body protein retention.weanling rats were fed on diets of rice/beans (rb) with or without mineral (m) supplement; vitamin a (a); m + a (ma); or milk (l), containing from 3 to 14% protein. as determined by various measures, the best results were observed in the group fed the rb diet, supplemented with l. this group was followed by those receiving the ma and m diets. protein utilization in the rb diet, as well as minimum protein requirement for maintaining body weight, depend on the supplementary nutrients. the mechanis ...19873455185
molecular characterization of novel bradyrhizobium strains nodulating eriosema chinense and flemingia vestita, important unexplored native legumes of the sub-himalayan region (meghalaya) of india.root nodule bacterial strains were isolated from the little-studied legumes eriosema chinense and flemingia vestita (both in tribe phaseoleae, papilionoideae) growing in acidic soil of the sub-himalayan region of the indian state of meghalaya (me), and were identified as novel strains of bradyrhizobium on the basis of their 16s rrna sequences. seven isolates selected on the basis of phenotypic characters and assessment of ardra and rapd patterns were subjected to multilocus sequence analysis (ml ...201728781100
bio-utilization of protein, calcium and zinc from diets based on rice and beans, in human beings.nine male healthy adults volunteers of average body weight 69.51 +/- 11.59 kg were submitted to 3 experimental diets: i complete diet, containing rice and beans (rb): ii--low protein, low calcium: iii--vegetable diet containing rb. the diets were consumed "ad libitum". the total energy intake in each dietary period were: 46.04 +/- 9.18; 37.57 +/- 9.04; 55.27 +/- 7.18 respectively. the average free choice for the proportion of rice/beans was 1.22 and 1.35 in the periods i and iii. the protein bal ...19892627162
changes in the dietary fiber (resistant starch and nonstarch polysaccharides) content of cooked flours prepared from three chinese indigenous legume seeds.the effects of cooking on the dietary fiber (df) content, which included resistant starch (rs) and nonstarch polysaccharides (nsp), of flours from phaseolusangularis, phaseolus calcaratus, and dolichos lablab seeds, indigenous to china, were evaluated. the cooked legume flours were prepared by milling boiled and freeze-dried legume whole seeds. total df contents of all cooked flours were higher than those of the raw ones. the results showed an increase of nsp and rs to various extents with incre ...199810554229
genetic diversity of the rice bean (vigna umbellata) genepool as assessed by ssr markers.the genetic diversity of 472 rice bean accessions (388 cultivated and 84 wild) from 16 asian countries was evaluated by 13 simple sequence repeat (ssr) markers. in total, 168 alleles were detected, and the numbers of alleles in cultivated and wild accessions were 129 and 132, respectively. the gene diversity in cultivated populations (0.565) was about 83% of that for wild (0.678) populations. cultivated populations from vietnam, myanmar, nepal, and india had the highest gene diversity (>0.5). ea ...201324433207
two citrate transporters coordinately regulate citrate secretion from rice bean root tip under aluminum organic acid secretion from the root apex is an important al resistance mechanism. however, it remains unclear how plants fine-tune root organic acid secretion which can contribute significantly to the loss of fixed carbon from the plant. here, we demonstrate that al-induced citrate secretion from the rice bean root apex is biphasic, consisting of an early phase with low secretion and a later phase of large citrate secretion. we isolated and characterized vumate2 as a possible second ...201829346835
identification of early al-responsive genes in rice bean (vigna umbellata) roots provides new clues to molecular mechanisms of al toxicity and tolerance.significant secretion of citrate from root apex of rice bean (vigna umbellata) is delayed by several hours under aluminium (al) stress. however, the molecular basis of regulation of vumate1, a gene encoding an al-activated citrate transporter, remains unclear. in this study, we used suppression subtractive hybridization together with reverse northern blot analysis and qrt-pcr to identify genes with altered transcript levels in the root apex after treatment with low (5 μm) or high (25 μm) concent ...201424372448
[chemical constituents from seeds of vigna umbellata].phytochemical investigation was carried out on the seeds of vigna umbellata. the 70% ethanol extract of the seeds of v. umbellata was subjected to silica gel, sephadex lh-20, ods column chromatographies and preparative hplc. the structures of the isolated compounds were elucidated on the basis of nmr and esi-ms spectroscopic data eight compounds were obtained and identified as carboxyatractyligenin (1), 2beta-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl-15alpha-hydroxy-kaur-16-ene-18,19-dicarboxylic acid (2), 2beta- ...201324066588
spectroscopic, calorimetric and structural analyses of the effects of hydrothermal treatment of rice beans and the extraction solvent on starch characteristics.the modification of the starches extracted from rice beans both with and without hydrothermal treatment was evaluated via scanning electron microscopy (sem), differential scanning calorimetry (dsc), and fourier transform infrared (ft-ir) and raman spectroscopy. sem indicated that the starch granules of rice beans exhibit wide variation in granule shape, showing the greatest size and modification of the surface when extracted with ethanol. it was found that the extraction solvent had no significa ...201828939522
development and characterization of a new set of genomic microsatellite markers in rice bean (vigna umbellata (thunb.) ohwi and ohashi) and their utilization in genetic diversity analysis of collections from north east india.rice bean [vigna umbellate (thumb.) ohwi and ohashi] is an underutilized crop believed to be domesticated in the myanmar-thailand region of asia. in india, rice bean is mainly cultivated in the north-eastern hills, which is a hotspot for biological diversity. a 5' anchored pcr was used to develop microsatellite markers in rice bean. twenty-eight specific primer pairs were designed and employed to characterize sixty five ricebean accessions collected from north east india. a total of 179 alleles ...201728686712
studies on physico-chemical and cooking characteristics of rice bean varieties grown in ne region of india.rice bean (vigna umbellata) is grown in south and southeast asia, and the bean has gained importance due to its nutritional strength in terms of dietary fiber, quality protein and minerals. in current study, the nutritional and functional components, cooking and thermo-gravimetric properties of eleven rice bean varieties from ne india were investigated. results revealed that the major nutrients among the varieties ranged as follows: 54.21-60.49% carbohydrates, 15.64-21.60% protein, 1.22-2.3% fat ...201728303048
effect of acid pretreatment and the germination period on the composition and antioxidant activity of rice bean (vigna umbellata).this research evaluated effect of germination period and acid pretreatment on chemical composition and antioxidant activity of rice bean sprouts. moisture, total phenolics, reducing sugar and b vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin) content of steamed sprouts increased with increasing germination time (p⩽0.05). pretreatment with 1% (w/v) citric acid for 6h significantly increased the total phenolic content. the 18-h-germinated rice beans showed the highest crude protein content, as determin ...201728274433
an oxalyl-coa synthetase is involved in oxalate degradation and aluminum tolerance.acyl activating enzyme3 (aae3) was identified to be involved in the catabolism of oxalate, which is critical for seed development and defense against fungal pathogens. however, the role of aae3 protein in abiotic stress responses is unknown. here, we investigated the role of rice bean (vigna umbellata) vuaae3 in al tolerance. recombinant vuaae3 protein has specific activity against oxalate, with km = 121 ± 8.2 µm and vmax of 7.7 ± 0.88 µmol min-1 mg-1 protein, indicating it functions as an oxaly ...201627650448
effects of processing moisture on the physical properties and in vitro digestibility of starch and protein in extruded brown rice and pinto bean composite flours.the influence of pinto bean flour and processing moisture on the physical properties and in vitro digestibility of rice-bean extrudates has been investigated. brown rice: pinto bean flour (0%, 15%, 30%, and 45% bean flour) were extruded under 5 moisture conditions (17.2%, 18.1%, 18.3%, 19.5%, and 20.1%). physical properties [bulk density, unit density, radial expansion, axial expansion, overall expansion, specific volume, hardness, color, water solubility index, and water absorption index] and i ...201627283689
the role of vumate1 expression in aluminium-inducible citrate secretion in rice bean (vigna umbellata) roots.aluminium (al)-activated citrate secretion plays an important role in al resistance in a number of plant species, such as rice bean (vigna umbellata). this study further characterized the regulation of vumate1, an aluminium-activated citrate transporter. al stress induced vumate1 expression, followed by the secretion of citrate. citrate secretion was specific to al stress, whereas vumate1 expression was not, which could be explained by a combined regulation of vumate1 expression and al-specific ...201323408830
development of rice bodies in 2 children younger than 3 years.rice bodies are synovial fluid nodules macroscopically resembling shiny white rice beans. they have been seen in synovial fluid from several types of inflammatory arthritis including tuberculosis, pyogenic arthritis, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis and adult rheumatoid arthritis. microscopically, they consist of amorphous material, fibrin, and collagen. we report the rare cases of 2 children younger than 3 years with multiple rice body formations in the knee joints.201323319022
characterization of vumate1 expression in response to iron nutrition and aluminum stress reveals adaptation of rice bean (vigna umbellata) to acid soils through cis regulation.rice bean (vigna umbellata) vumate1 appears to be constitutively expressed at vascular system but root apex, and al stress extends its expression to root apex. whether vumate1 participates in both al tolerance and fe nutrition, and how vumate1 expression is regulated is of great interest. in this study, the role of vumate1 in fe nutrition was characterized through in planta complementation assays. the transcriptional regulation of vumate1 was investigated through promoter analysis and promoter-g ...201627148333
nutritional potential of rice bean (vigna umbellata): an underutilized legume.rice bean, a less known and underutilized legume, has emerged as a potential legume because of its nutritional potential. the nutritional quality of rice bean is higher as compared to many other legumes of vigna family. in the present study, 16 diverse rice bean genotypes were evaluated for major nutritional constituents viz; protein content, total lipids, dietary fiber, total carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein fractions, amino acid, and fatty acid profile. the protein content to the ext ...201323278402
nitric oxide exacerbates al-induced inhibition of root elongation in rice bean by affecting cell wall and plasma membrane properties.aluminum (al) toxicity is one of the most widespread problems for crop production on acid soils, and nitric oxide (no) is a key signaling molecule involved in the mediation of various biotic and abiotic stresses in plants. here we found that exogenous application of the no donor sodium nitroprusside (snp) exacerbated the inhibition of al-induced root growth in rice bean [vigna umbellata (thunb.) ohwi & ohashi 'jiangnan', fabaceae]. this was accompanied by an increased accumulation of al in the r ...201222230427
a de novo synthesis citrate transporter, vigna umbellata multidrug and toxic compound extrusion, implicates in al-activated citrate efflux in rice bean (vigna umbellata) root organic acid anion efflux from roots is an important al resistance mechanism in plants. we have conducted homologous cloning and isolated vigna umbellata multidrug and toxic compound extrusion (vumate), a gene encoding a de novo citrate transporter from rice bean. al treatment up-regulated vumate expression in the root apex, but neither in the mature root region nor in the leaf. the degree of up-regulation of vumate was both partially al concentration and time dependent, consistent ...201121848845
anti-inflammatory potential of phaseolus calcaratus roxburgh, a oriental medicine, on lps-stimulated raw 264.7 macrophages.the seed of phaseolus calcaratus roxburgh (phcr) has traditionally been used as a herbal medicine, considered to have anti-inflammatory potential. here we examined the ability of phcr seed extract to inhibit inflammatory responses of macrophages to bacterial toxin and the mechanism involved.201121155824
magnesium enhances aluminum-induced citrate secretion in rice bean roots (vigna umbellata) by restoring plasma membrane h+-atpase activity.we demonstrated that magnesium (mg) can alleviate aluminum (al) toxicity in rice bean [vigna umbellata (thunb.) ohwi & ohashi] more effectively than is expected from a non-specific cation response. micromolar concentrations of mg alleviated the inhibition of root growth by al but not by lanthanum, and neither strontium nor barium at the micromolar level alleviates al toxicity. aluminum also induced citrate efflux from rice bean roots, and this response was stimulated by inclusion of 10 microm mg ...200717132634
genetic diversity of the black gram [vigna mungo (l.) hepper] gene pool as revealed by ssr this study, 520 cultivated and 14 wild accessions of black gram (vigna mungo (l.) hepper) were assessed for diversity using 22 ssr markers. totally, 199 alleles were detected with a mean of 9.05 alleles per locus. wild black gram showed higher gene diversity than cultivated black gram. gene diversity of cultivated accessions among regions was comparable, while allelic richness of south asia was higher than that of other regions. 78.67% of the wild gene diversity presented in cultivated access ...201526069442
citrate transporters play a critical role in aluminium-stimulated citrate efflux in rice bean (vigna umbellata) roots.aluminium (al) stimulates the efflux of citrate from apices of rice bean (vigna umbellata) roots. this response is delayed at least 3 h when roots are exposed to 50 microm al, indicating that some inducible processes leading to citrate efflux are involved. the physiological bases responsible for the delayed response were examined here.200616446286
effect of domestic processing on flatus producing factors in ricebean (vigna umbellata).the effect of various processing treatments viz., soaking, pressure cooking, open pan cooking, germination followed by pressure cooking and roasting of whole ricebean and pressure cooking, open pan cooking and fermentation and frying of fermented batter of dehulled ricebean flour was assessed for total sugars and oligosaccharide contents. dehulling caused a significant reduction in the raffinose and stachyose contents. pre-soaking of ricebean caused appreciable losses in the oligosaccharide cont ...200011190844
heterochromatin characterization through differential fluorophore binding pattern in some species of vigna savi.heterochromatin regions are the most intensively studied and best known chromosome markers in plants. in vigna species, blocks of constitutive heterochromatin were found either in the terminal or interstitial region of the chromosomes. the number and distribution of cma(+) and dapi(+) binding sites exhibit high chromosomal variability with characteristic unique banding patterns in all the eight taxa. a predominant feature was observed, i.e., most of the cma(+) binding sites were in the terminal ...201525303854
cloning, characterization, expression analysis and inhibition studies of a novel gene encoding bowman-birk type protease inhibitor from rice bean.this paper presents the first study describing the isolation, cloning and characterization of a full length gene encoding bowman-birk protease inhibitor (rbti) from rice bean (vigna umbellata). a full-length protease inhibitor gene with complete open reading frame of 327 bp encoding 109 amino acids was cloned from rice bean seeds using degenerate primer set. blastp search revealed that the rbti encoded amino acid of approx 13.0 kda and shared 99% homology each with bbi from phaseolus parvulus, v ...201424905651
composition, structure, morphology and physicochemical properties of lablab bean, navy bean, rice bean, tepary bean and velvet bean starches.the composition, morphology, structure and physicochemical properties of starches from lablab bean, navy bean, rice bean, tepary bean and velvet bean were examined. starch yield (on a whole seed basis), total lipid, apparent amylose (am) and starch damage were in the range 20.6-29.9%, 0.48-0.62%, 22.1-32.1% and 0.004-0.011%, respectively. difference in amylopectin chain length distribution amongst the starches was marginal. the starches differed significantly with respect to granule morphology, ...201424444966
nutritional assessment of seed proteins in rice bean [vigna umbellata (thumb.) ohwi and ohashi].seeds of three rice bean accessions had 17.26 to 21.42% protein, 3.46 to 4.03% fat, 61.09 to 64.73% carbohydrates 3.99 to 4.58% ash and 5.22 to 7.43% fiber (dry weight basis). the most limiting amino acids in the seed meal, albumin and globulin fractions, were methionine and cysteine with chemical scores of these fractions being 38% to 59%. the amino acid pattern of globulin and seed meal were similar. the in vitro protein digestibility (ivpd) ranged from 82 to 86% for the seed meal, 86 to 88.5% ...19912017423
relationship between growth and electric oscillations in bean roots.extracellular and intracellular electric potentials in bean roots are known to show electric oscillations along the longitudinal axis with a period of several minutes. the relationship between growth and the electric oscillations was studied using roots of adzuki (phaseolus chrysanthos). we measured surface electric potentials with a multielectrode apparatus while simultaneously measuring elongation using a ccd camera and monitor. roots having an electric oscillation grew faster than roots with ...199016667498
relation of growth process to spatial patterns of electric potential and enzyme activity in bean roots.the electric spatial pattern and invertase activity distribution in growing roots of azuki bean (phaseolus chrysanthos) have been studied. the electric potential near the surface along the root showed a banding pattern with a spatial period of about 2 cm. it was found that the enzyme activity has a peak around 3-7 mm from the root tip, in good agreement with the position of the first peak of the electric potential, which is located a little behind the elongation zone. an inhomogeneous distributi ...198717010286
band structure of surface electric potential in growing roots.for growing roots of azuki bean (phaseolus chrysanthos), an electric potential is measured minutely along the surface of the root, together with the surface ph. it was found that the root begins to display a band-type pattern of potential with a spatial period of about 2 cm in a mature region as soon as it grows to about 10 cm in root length, while the surface potential shows only one convex peak around a position 5-20 mm behind a root tip and a succeeding concave peak around 20-35 mm, providing ...198517007776
serine proteinase from rice bean.a trypsin like serine-proteinase of m(r) 16,000 da, optimally active at ph 8.4 on n-benzoyl-arginine ethyl ester (baee) was purified from 4-day old germinated seeds of rice bean, vigna umbellata (thunb), by ammonium sulphate precipitation, gel filtration, ion-exchange chromatography and by high performance liquid chromatography (hplc). the purity of the enzyme was checked by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (page). the enzyme activity was studied on natural substrates like casein, haemoglobin ...19969219435
on-farm feeding interventions to increase milk production in lactating dairy cows.the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of tropical legume (phaseolus calcaratus) mixed with ruzi grass feeding on the performance of lactating dairy cows. eighty-eight lactating dairy cows from 22 smallholder dairy farms northeast of thailand were assigned to respective dietary treatments according to a randomized completely block design (rcbd). four cows were selected from each farm and were allocated into two different feeding groups as follows: ruzi grass and p. calcaratus ...201728299520
characterization of an inducible c2 h2 -type zinc finger transcription factor vustop1 in rice bean (vigna umbellata) reveals differential regulation between low ph and aluminum tolerance mechanisms.the rice bean (vigna umbellata) root apex specifically secretes citrate through expression activation of vigna umbellata multidrug and toxic compound extrusion 1 (vumate1) under aluminum (al(3+) ) stress. however, the underlying mechanisms regulating vumate1 expression remain unknown. we isolated and characterized a gene encoding sensitive to proton rhizotoxicity1 (stop1)-like protein, vustop1, from rice bean. the role of vustop1 in regulating vumate1 expression was investigated using the yeast ...201525970766
purification of human erythrocytes specific lectins from rice bean, phaseolus calcaratus syn. vigna umbellata, by high-performance liquid chromatography.two lectins, an n-acetylgalactosamine-binding lectin, lectin-i, which reacts specifically with human erythrocytes of blood group a, and a galactose-binding lectin, lectin-ii, which is specific for human blood group b erythrocytes, have been isolated and purified from rice bean, phaseolus calcaratus syn. vigna umbellata, by a salt solubility ph-dependent method, chromatofocusing and high-performance liquid chromatography. the homogeneity of the lectins was determined by liquid chromatography and ...19883235536
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