fine structure of trypanosoma cyclops in noncellular cultures. 19744838473
mitosis in the hemoflagellate trypanosoma cyclops.the ultrastructure of interphase and mitotic nuclei of the epimastigote form of trypanosoma cyclops weinman is described. in the interphase nucleus the nucleolus is located centrally while at the periphery of the nucleus condensed chromatin is in contact with the nuclear envelope. the nucleolus fragments at the onset of mitosis, but granular material of presumptive nucleolar origin is often recognizable in the mitotic nucleus. peripheral chromatin is in contact with the nuclear envelope througho ...1978722651
trypanosoma cyclops n. sp.: a pigmented trypanosome from the malaysian primates macaca nemestrina and m. ira. 19724627177
a new lineage of trypanosomes from australian vertebrates and terrestrial bloodsucking leeches (haemadipsidae).little is known about the trypanosomes of indigenous australian vertebrates and their vectors. we surveyed a range of vertebrates and blood-feeding invertebrates for trypanosomes by parasitological and pcr-based methods using primers specific to the small subunit ribosomal rna (ssu rrna) gene of genus trypanosoma. trypanosome isolates were obtained in culture from two common wombats, one swamp wallaby and an australian bird (strepera sp.). by pcr, blood samples from three wombats, one brush-tail ...200515777919
antibody-independent activation of the alternative complement pathway in human serum by parasitic cells.the lysis of the monocellular parasite trypanosoma cyclops by normal human serum (nhs) was found to be complement-dependent and to follow activation of the alternative pathway without apparent requirement for conventional antibodies. lysis of the organisms was inhibited by heat-inactivating nhs at 56 degrees, preincubation of nhs with cobra venom factor or chelation of divalent cations with edta. it took place, however, in human c2-deficient serum and was inhibited by prior heating of nhs at 52 ...1977844897
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