serpulina alvinipulli sp. nov., a new serpulina species that is enteropathogenic for chickens.strain c1t is an anaerobic spirochaete that causes intestinal disease in chickens. multilocus enzyme electrophoresis analysis and 16s rrna sequence comparisons have indicated that this spirochaete is a serpulina strain. in these investigations, various phenotypic and genomic properties useful for establishing a taxonomic identity for strain c1t were studied. as determined by electron microscopy, cells of the spirochaete measured 8-11 x 0.22-0.34 mum and had a typical spirochaete ultrastructure. ...19989734021
cloning and dna sequence analysis of an immunogenic glucose-galactose mglb lipoprotein homologue from brachyspira pilosicoli, the agent of colonic spirochetosis.colonic spirochetosis (cs) is a newly emerging infectious disease of humans and animals caused by the pathogenic spirochete brachyspira (formerly serpulina) pilosicoli. the purpose of this study was to characterize an antigen that was recognized by antibodies present in sera of challenge-exposed pigs. the gene encoding the antigen was identified by screening a plasmid library of human b. pilosicoli strain sp16 (atcc 49776) genomic dna with hyperimmune and convalescent swine sera. the predicted a ...200010899855
identification of three clusters of canine intestinal spirochaetes by biochemical and 16s rdna sequence has been suggested that canine intestinal spirochaetes consist of brachyspira pilosicoli and a group of strains that has been provisionally designated 'brachyspira canis'. the purpose of the present study was to compare 22 spirochaete isolates that were obtained from intestinal specimens of dogs in sweden (n = 12), norway (n = 4), the united states (n = 3), australia (n = 2) and germany (n = 1) with type and reference strains, as well as field isolates, of brachyspira species by five biochemi ...200415017293
a possibility of application of the 105-kilodaltons protein of brachyspira alvinipulli cross-reacting with antisera to five species in the genus brachyspira to diagnosis.the antigenic properties of brachyspira (b.) alvinipulli atcc 51933 and strain c2 were analyzed and compared with those of b. hyodysenteriae atcc 27164 and atcc 31212, b. pilosicoli atcc 51139, b. innocens atcc 29796 and b. aalborgi nctc 11492. in gel immunodiffusion tests, a protein in b. alvinipulli atcc 51933 reacted strongly with anti-b. alvinipulli atcc 51933-serum and formed two precipitin lines. furthermore, by an immunoblotting technique, the 105-kilodaltons (kda) protein in b. alvinipul ...200415297747
typhlocolitis associated with spirochaetes in goose flocks.the role of brachyspira bacteria in the aetiology of increased mortality observed in two breeder goose flocks (flock a consisting of 1,500 and flock b comprising 4,500 laying geese) at the end of the first egg-laying season, in the period of moulting, was studied. in flock a 415 geese (28%) died during an 8-week period while in flock b 834 geese (18%) died during a 12-week period. on gross pathological examination, the geese were found to have haemorrhagic-to-necrotic inflammation of the large i ...200616448936
reclassification of serpulina intermedia and serpulina murdochii in the genus brachyspira as brachyspira intermedia comb. nov. and brachyspira murdochii comb. nov.a reassessment was undertaken of published characteristics of the five species of anaerobic intestinal spirochaetes in the genus brachyspira (brachyspira aalborgi, brachyspira alvinipulli, brachyspira hyodysenteriae, brachyspira innocens and brachyspira pilosicoli) and the two species in the genus serpulina (serpulina intermedia and serpulina murdochii). comparisons were made of published descriptions, including phenotypic properties, grouping by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis, dna base compo ...200616627646
distribution of the clpx gene in brachyspira species and reactivity of recombinant brachyspira pilosicoli clpx with sera from mice and humans.previously, a clpx gene encoding a predicted 67 kda membrane-associated atpase subunit of the clp protease (clpx) was identified in a porcine strain (95/1,000) of the intestinal spirochaete brachyspira pilosicoli. in the current study, the distribution of this large clpx gene was investigated in a collection of strains representing all seven brachyspira spp. using pcr with internal primers, an 878 bp portion of the gene was detected in 29 of 35 strains (83 %) of b. pilosicoli, 6 of 24 strains (2 ...200717577058
phenotypic and genetic diversity among intestinal spirochaetes (genus brachyspira) in free-living wild mallards (anas platyrhynchos) sampled in southern sweden.brachyspira spp. are anaerobic intestinal spirochaetes that colonize vertebrates. some species cause enteric diseases in pigs, chickens and possibly in humans, whereas others display a commensual relationship with their hosts. the aims were to investigate the prevalence among colonized free-living wild mallards (anas platyrhynchos) of three enteropathogenic brachyspira spp., and to describe the biodiversity of brachyspira spp. isolates. isolates from 150 birds were screened by pcr for 3 pathogen ...201122036527
experimental study on the role of brachyspira alvinipulli in intestinal spirochaetosis of geese.ten one-day-old goslings were inoculated orally with a brachyspira alvinipulli strain isolated from the large intestine of geese that had died of intestinal spirochaetosis (group a), 10 day-old goslings were inoculated orally with a b. hyodysenteriae strain (group b), and a third group of 10 goslings (group c) served as uninfected control. the goslings were observed daily for clinical signs. they were sacrificed on days 7, 14, 21 and 35 days postinfection (pi), and necropsied. segments of the la ...200717867459
[detection of brachyspira pilosicoli and other brachyspira species in argentine poultry farms].some species of the genus brachyspira such as brachyspira pilosicoli, brachyspira intermedia and brachyspira alvinipulli are pathogenic species capable of producing disease in laying hens. in our country, the presence of b. pilosicoli and other species of brachyspira has been reported in pigs and dogs but there is no record of their presence in poultry. fecal and cecal content samples from 34 laying hens of 4, 12 and 24 months of age from two farms were analyzed by isolation, biochemical tests a ...201626952690
antimicrobial susceptibility of brachyspira spp. isolated from commercial laying hens and free-living wild mallards (anas platyrhynchos).in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility to tylosin, valnemulin, tiamulin, doxycycline, lincomycin and ampicillin was investigated by broth dilution in 48 brachyspira spp. isolates from commercial laying hens (n=30) and free-living wild mallards (anas platyrhynchos) (n=18). presumed pathogens (brachyspira alvinipulli, brachyspira intermedia, brachyspira pilosicoli), commensals (brachyspira murdochii, brachyspira innocens, "brachyspira pulli"), and isolates of undetermined species affiliation were i ...201121812718
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