nycthemeral variation in the parasitaemia of trypanosoma minasense in naturally infected marmosets of the genus callithrix (primates, callithricidae). 19744210841
long-term patency of blood parasitism by trypanosoma minasense and microfilariae in callithrix penicillata marmosets (primates, callitrichidae), caught at the wild and maintained in captivity. 19947823813
the haemoculture of trypanosoma minasense chagas, 1908.trypanosoma minasense was isolated for the first time in blood axenic culture from a naturally infected marmoset, callithrix penicillata, from brazil. the parasite grew profusely in an overlay of roswell park memorial institute medium plus 20% foetal bovine serum, on novy, mcneal and nicolle medium (nnn), at 27 degrees c, with a peak around 168 hr. the morphometry of cultural forms of t. minasense, estimates of cell population size and comparative growth in four different media overlays always w ...19969070411
morphological features of trypanosomes from squirrel monkeys from the brazilian amazon.a morphometric analysis of blood trypomastigotes identified as trypanosoma minasense, t. saimirii, and t. rangeli harbored by squirrel monkeys from the brazilian amazon was performed. additionally, morphological and biological comparative analyses were conducted of t. saimirii-like and t. rangeli development forms from haemoculture and xenodiagnosis. illustrations are given of blood trypomastigotes as well as of developing flagellates in triatomine and axenic culture. mean values of blood trypom ...19989698843
molecular characterization of trypanosomatid infections in wild howler monkeys (alouatta caraya) in northeastern argentina.the transmission of trypanosoma cruzi by vectors is confined to the americas, and the infection circulates in at least two broadly defined transmission cycles occurring in domestic and sylvatic habitats. this study sought to detect and characterize infection by t. cruzi and other trypanosomes using pcr strategies in blood samples from free-ranging howler monkeys, alouatta caraya, in the northeastern argentina. blood samples were collected at four sites with variable levels of habitat modificatio ...201627617205
molecular identification of trypanosomatids in wild animals.diverse wild animal species can be reservoirs of zoonotic flagellate parasites, which can cause pathologic chagas disease. the present study aimed to detect the natural occurrence of flagellate parasites through direct microscopic examination of the parasites in blood samples and through pcr of whole blood and blood culture (haemoculture) samples from 38 captive and 65 free-living wild animals in the centre for conservation of wild fauna (ccwf), an area endemic for leishmaniasis. for this study, ...201424636787
temporal and demographic blood parasite dynamics in two free-ranging neotropical primates.parasite-host relationships are influenced by several factors intrinsic to hosts, such as social standing, group membership, sex, and age. however, in wild populations, temporal variation in parasite distributions and concomitant infections can alter these patterns. we used microscropy and molecular methods to screen for naturally occurring haemoparasitic infections in two neotropical primate host populations, the saddleback (leontocebus weddelli) and emperor (saguinus imperator) tamarin, in the ...201728393014
trypanosomiasis in an australian little red flying fox (pteropus scapulatus).an adult female australian little red flying fox (pteropus scapulatus) presented with icterus and anaemia. examination of a blood smear revealed numerous trypanosomes 20.4-30.8‚Äȵm long with tapered ends. necropsy and histological findings were consistent with trypanosome infection of lymphoid tissue and intravascular haemolysis. sequence and phylogenetic analysis demonstrated this trypanosome species to be genetically distinct and most similar to trypanosoma minasense and trypanosoma rangeli (wi ...201728653380
letter: circadian rhythm in the parasitaemia of the primate haemoflagellate, trypanosoma minasense. 19734204930
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