some blood values of the southwestern burro (equus asinus asinus). 195212996771
experimental infection of the domestic donkey (equus asinus asinus) with a goat strain of sarcoptes scabiei, and treatment with ivermectin.donkeys were experimentally infected with sarcoptes scabiei from goats, proving that this mite is not completely host specific. the lesions produced on the donkeys were characterized by extensive areas of alopecia, covered with thin crusts and bran-like scales. the skin had many excoriations but showed no cracks or fissures. skin scrapings from the experimental lesions in donkeys contained numerous mites of all stages and skin sections showed severe histopathological changes, proving that the go ...19852865877
[the dentition of the domestic donkey (equus asinus asinus l.). morphologic and roentgenologic studies]. 19816454364
hematological response of the burro (equus asinus asinus) to total body tantalum-182 irradiation. 195413217664
effect of 400 fractional whole body gamma-irradiation in the burro (equus asinus asinus). 195313065497
the lethal dose of whole-body tantalum182 gamma irradiation for the burro (equus asinus asinus). 195313038055
klossiella equi in a donkey--a first case report from iran.klossiella equi is the only known and rarely reported coccidian parasite of the renal paranchyma of equids. an aged male donkey (equus asinus asinus) was submitted to necropsy department of veterinary hospital. in histopathological study of renal sections different developmental stages of parasite were observed. these stages were as follow: trophozoites, microgametes, macrogametes, sporont, budding sporont, sporoblasts, free sporoblasts, mature sporoblast and sporocyst. parasitic infection with ...201324189684
streptothricosis in the domestic donkey (equus asinus asinus). i. clinical observations and clinical pathology. 19715145204
factors determining the digestive efficiency of the domesticated donkey (equus asinus asinus).factors determining the digestive efficiency of donkeys were studied in animals fed either a low quality roughage (wheat straw: 77.1% neutral detergent fibre, 2.8% crude protein) or a high quality forage (alfalfa hay: 47.5% neutral detergent fibre, 22.7% crude protein). the neutral detergent fibre (ndf) intake when fed wheat straw was 1693 +/- 268 g animal-1 day-1, 10% higher than when fed alfalfa hay. digestive coefficient of ndf and acid detergent fibre (adf) when fed wheat straw amounted to 5 ...19892717700
streptothricosis in the domestic donkey (equus asinus asinus). ii. bacteriological and immunological relationships of the strains of dermatophilus congolensis isolated. 19751125751
streptothricosis in the domestic donkey (equus asinus asinus). ii. prevalence in aaria, north-central state of nigeria. 19751125752
five cases of psoroptic mange in the domestic donkey (equus asinus asinus) and treatment with ivermectin. 19873569197
cutaneous habronemiasis in horses and domestic donkeys (equus asinus asinus).cutaneous habronemiasis in 15 horses and 5 donkeys is described. the lesions were distributed in many parts of the body involving the medial canthus, shoulder and pectoral regions, knee and fetlock joints, abdominal wall and prepuce. some animals had more than one lesion. the lesions were ulcerative and filled with soft light red granulation tissue. when curretted, the deeper layers revealed a dense fibrous tissue with calcified foci. close examination of the lesions showed that the superficial ...19902145616
trichophyton mentagrophytes infection in the domestic donkey (equus asinus asinus). 19817325738
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