comparative evaluation of the flavonoid content in officinal tiliae flos and turkish lime species for quality assessment.lime flowers are used for various medicinal purposes in phytotherapy. flavonoids, volatile oil and mucilage components are known as the active ingredients. in european pharmacopoeia (ep), a simple thin-layer chromatographic (tlc) technique, which based on the analysis of the flavonoid composition was defined for the qualitative analysis of the drug. in this study, flavonoid composition in the flowers, bracts and leaves of the officinal species, tilia platyphyllos were studied using a reversed-ph ...200111451648
ozone air pollution and foliar injury development on native plants of switzerland.the objectives of this study were to examine the foliar sensitivity to ozone exposure of 12 tree, shrub, and herbaceous species native to southern switzerland and determine the seasonal cumulative ozone exposures required to induce visible foliar injury. the study was conducted from the beginning of may through the end of august during 2000 and 2001 using an open-top chamber research facility located within the lattecaldo cantonal forest nursery in canton ticino, southern switzerland (600 m asl) ...200312804826
[consumption of medicinal herbs in patients attending a gastroenterology outpatient clinic].the consumption of medicinal herbs is one of the most important topics in alternative and complementary medicine. the widespread use of these substances among the general population gives rise to the possibility of therapeutic or toxic effects in patients seeking conventional medical assistance. to determine the frequency of medicinal herb use, the species consumed and the profile of medicinal herb consumers among patients with gastrointestinal disorders, patients attending the gastroenterology ...200415056410
sensitization to common allergens, especially pollens, among children with respiratory allergy in the trakya region of turkey.asthma and allergic rhinitis are common problems in children and the causative pollen allergens vary according to the geographical area. the aim of this study was to investigate patterns of sensitization to common inhalant allergens, especially pollens, in turkish children living in the trakya region and to determine differences between rural and urban areas. allergen skin testing was prospectively performed on 539 children aged between 4 and 17 years with respiratory allergy. the reaction was c ...200415783130
screening of selected food and medicinal plant extracts for pancreatic lipase inhibition.lipids are important components in human nutrition; however, their increased intake contributes to the development of obesity and can lead to multiple long-term complications. pancreatic lipase (triacylglycerol acylhydrolase, ec is a key enzyme for the absorption of dietary triglycerides. interference with fat hydrolysis results in the reduced utilization of ingested lipids, therefore inhibition of lipases decreases fat absorption. extracts from 106 species of medicinal plants, vegetabl ...200919107742
factors contributing to the high light tolerance of leaves in vivo - involvement of photo-protective energy dissipation and singlet oxygen scavenging.contributions of preventive and antioxidant (energy dissipating and singlet oxygen neutralizing) processes to tolerating high light stress (photoinhibition) were examined in green-house grown tobacco (nicotiana tabacum) plants acclimated to high or low light conditions and also in sun and shade leaves collected from a natural grown linden tree (tilia platyphyllos). tobacco leaves survived a short (1 h) exposure to photoinhibition by activating non-regulated non-photochemical quenching [y(no)] ra ...201021565764
seasonal variability of mercury concentration in soils, buds and leaves of acer platanoides and tilia platyphyllos in central this paper, we present the results of mercury concentration in soils, buds and leaves of maple (acer platanoides-ap) and linden (tilia platyphyllos-tp) collected in four periods of the growing season of trees, i.e. in april (iv), june (vi), august (viii) and november (ix) in 2013, from the area of poznań city (poland). the highest average concentration of mercury for 88 samples was determined in soils and it equaled 65.8 ± 41.7 ng g(-1) (range 14.5-238.9 ng g(-1)); lower average concentration ...201626846237
a cross-cultural comparison of folk plant uses among albanians, bosniaks, gorani and turks living in south kosovo.kosovo represents a unique hotspot of biological and cultural diversity in europe, which allows for interesting cross-cultural ethnobotanical studies. the aims of this study were twofold: 1) to document the state of traditional knowledge related to local (esp. wild) plant uses for food, medicine, and handicrafts in south kosovo; and 2) to examine how communities of different ethnic groups in the region (albanians, bosniaks/gorani, and turks) relate to and value wild botanical taxa in their ecosy ...201525964167
the importance of biotic factors in predicting global change effects on decomposition of temperate forest leaf litter.increasing atmospheric co(2) and temperature are predicted to alter litter decomposition via changes in litter chemistry and environmental conditions. the extent to which these predictions are influenced by biotic factors such as litter species composition or decomposer activity, and in particular how these different factors interact, is not well understood. in a 5-week laboratory experiment we compared the decomposition of leaf litter from four temperate tree species (fagus sylvatica, quercus p ...201020033823
[enzyme activities in the sieve tube sap of robinia pseudoacacia l. and of other tree species].1. electron microscopic studies of the sieve tube sap obtained from the secondary phloem of robinia pseudoacacia by the method of hartig (1860) showed the presence of well developed mitochondria in addition to membrane fragments. 2. in this sieve tube sap the following enzymes could be detected qualitatively: utp-glucose-1-phosphate-uridyl transferase, udpg-fructose glucosyl transferase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, hexokinase (for glucose and fructose), phosphohexose isomerase, phosphofru ...197124493458
intraguild predation behaviour of ladybirds in semi-field experiments explains invasion success of harmonia axyridis.harmonia axyridis has been introduced as a biological control agent in europe and the usa. since its introduction, it has established and spread, and it is now regarded as an invasive alien species. it has been suggested that intraguild predation is especially important for the invasion success of h. axyridis. the aim of this study was to compare the intraguild predation behaviour of three ladybird species (coccinella septempunctata, adalia bipunctata, and h. axyridis). predation behaviour was i ...201222815790
expanding leaves of mature deciduous forest trees rapidly become autotrophic.emerging leaves in evergreen tree species are supplied with carbon (c) from the previous year's foliage. in deciduous trees, no older leaves are present, and the early phase of leaf development must rely on c reserves from other tissues. how soon developing leaves become autotrophic and switch from being c sinks to sources has rarely been studied in mature forest trees, and simultaneous comparisons of species are scarce. using a canopy crane and a simple (13)co(2)-pulse-labelling technique, we d ...201020688879
an ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in turgutlu (manisa-turkey).a comprehensive ethnobotanical study was made in turgutlu. this paper contains folk medicinal plants and ethnopharmacological information of this ethnobotanical study.201323933313
the fate of recently fixed carbon after drought release: towards unravelling c storage regulation in tilia platyphyllos and pinus sylvestris.carbon reserves are important for maintaining tree function during and after stress. increasing tree mortality driven by drought globally has renewed the interest in how plants regulate allocation of recently fixed c to reserve formation. three-year-old seedlings of two species (tilia platyphyllos and pinus sylvestris) were exposed to two intensities of experimental drought during ~10 weeks, and (13) c pulse labelling was subsequently applied with rewetting. tracking the (13) c label across diff ...028432768
characterization of the tuber borchii nitrate reductase gene and its role in ectomycorrhizae.the nitrate assimilation pathway represents a useful model system in which to study the contribution of a mycorrhizal fungus to the nitrogen nutrition of its host plant. in the present work we cloned and characterized the nitrate reductase gene (tbnr1) from tuber borchii. the coding region of tbnr1 is 2,787 nt in length, and it encodes a protein of 929 amino acids. biochemical and northern-blot analyses revealed that nitrate assimilation in t. borchii is an inducible system that responds mainly ...200312898221
two genetically related strains of tuber borchii produce tilia mycorrhizas with different morphological traits.two genetically related strains of tuber borchii vittad. (1bo and 43bo) produce mycorrhizas with tilia platyphyllos scop. with a different degree of efficiency. the aim of this work was to characterize the morphology of the fungal symbiotic structures in order to examine potential relationships between the anatomical traits of the mycorrhiza, the mycorrhizal capacities of the fungal strains and their effect on the host plants. some morphological features of mantle hyphae (small size, intense sta ...200312682833
identification of differentially expressed cdna clones in tilia platyphyllos-tuber borchii ectomycorrhizae using a differential screening information is presently available on the molecular mechanisms that control the morphogenesis of the truffle, an ectomycorrhizal ascomycetous fungus of great economic interest not only for forestry and agronomy but also for the organoleptic properties of its hypogeous fruitbodies. a tilia platyphyllos- tuber borchii model system was used in order to identify genes induced or up-regulated during symbiosis, since their isolation is a prerequisite for the understanding of the molecular bases of ...200211810261
estimation of fungal biomass and transcript levels in tilia platyphyllos-tuber borchii ectomycorrhizae.very little information is available to date about the complex truffle life cycle which involves the succession of three developmental phases. in order to gain more knowledge about ectomycorrhizal formation and fruit body development an ectomycorrhizal model system was used to study fungal biomass and plant and fungal transcript levels. they were evaluated in ectomycorrhizal development using the ergosterol assay and the internal transcribed spacer-5.8s ribosomal dna from tilia platyphyllos and ...200010913693
eriophyes species (acari: eriophyoidea) inhabiting lime trees (tilia spp.: tiliaceae)--supplementary description and morphological variability related to host plants and female forms.three poorly known species of the subfamily eriophyinae living on tilia spp. (tiliaceae) are illustrated and supplementary descriptions are provided. two of them, eriophyes exilis (nalepa 1892) and eriophyes nervalis (nalepa 1918), were recorded both in vein angle galls on leaves of tilia platyphyllos scop. and in erinea on leaves of tilia tomentosa moench, tilia americana l. 'moltkei', tilia americana var. heterophylla (vent.) loudon, tilia cordata mill., tiliajaponica (miq.) simonk., tilia pet ...201326213770
contribution of the phenolic composition to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor potential of equisetum giganteum l. and tilia platyphyllos scop.naturally-occurring phytochemicals have received pivotal attention in the last few years, due to the increasing evidence of biological activities. thus, in the present study, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor potentials of hydroethanolic extracts rich in phenolic compounds obtained from equisetum giganteum l. and tilia platyphyllos scop. were assessed and directly correlated with their content of phenolic compounds, by using hplc-dad-esi/ms analysis. t. platyphyllos showed the hig ...201728164200
hplc-dad and hplc-esi-ms analyses of tiliae flos and its the present study extensive hplc-dad, hplc-esi-ms and nmr analyses were undertaken in the aqueous preparations (decoctions, infusions) and tinctures of tilia platyphyllos scop inflorescences. the aim of this work was to examine in depth the qualitative and quantitative profile of the investigated preparations, which find until today wide applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and to propose a validated method for their quality control. an hplc-dad-esi-ms method was developed an ...201425171484
hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of linden (tilia platyphyllos l.) infusion against ethanol-induced oxidative stress in rats.the present study was carried out to evaluate the hepatoprotective effect and antioxidant role of infusion prepared from linden flowers (lf) against ethanol-induced oxidative stress. the hepatoprotective and antioxidant role of the plant's infusion against ethanol-induced oxidative stress was evaluated by measuring liver damage serum biomarkers, aspartate aminotransferase (ast), alanine aminotransferase, lactate dehydrogenase (ldh), total protein, total albumin, and total cholesterol level; ads ...201424337514
characterization of microsatellite loci in tilia platyphyllos (malvaceae) and cross-amplification in related species. 201325202533
tree-rings mirror management legacy: dramatic response of standard oaks to past coppicing in central europe.coppicing was one of the most important forest management systems in europe documented in prehistory as well as in the middle ages. however, coppicing was gradually abandoned by the mid-20(th) century, which has altered the ecosystem structure, diversity and function of coppice woods.201323405213
accumulation of mn and pb in linden (tilia platyphyllos scop.) bark and an indicator of environmental pollution, we collected tree rings and bark of linden (tilia platyphyllos scop.) from four sampling locations in serbia. mn and pb were determined with a spectrochemical method that has an argon-stabilized u-shaped dc arc with aerosol supply as excitation source. increased concentrations of mn in linden tree rings and bark were found at the debeli lug location, where the mn transfer factors were largest. the availability of mn in soil and tree rings was greatly i ...201322711014
tilia platyphyllos scop.-tuber brumale vittad. vs. t. platyphyllos scop.-t. borchii vittad. ectomycorrhizal systems: a comparison of structural and functional traits.ectomycorrhizae are mutualistic associations of several species of fungi with higher plants. their formation involves alterations in the morphology and cell structure of the plant root and fungal mycelium. these modifications are correlated with mrna and protein synthesis in the two symbionts. to gain more information about structural and functional traits involved in ectomycorrhizal formation, two "in vitro" ectomycorrhizal systems, set up by the inoculation of tilia platyphyllos scop. roots wi ...200516122938
plant regeneration by somatic embryogenesis from cultured immature embryos of oak (querem robur l.) and linden (tilia cordata mill.).embryogenic cultures and somatic embryos were obtained from immature zygotic embryos of oak (quercus robur l.) cultured on a modified ms medium and wpm containing bap (1 mg·l(-1)) and ga3 (1 mg·l(-1)) or bap and iba. germination and conversion of oak somatic embryos into plantlets was achieved on wpm containing a reduced concentration of cytokinin. linden (tilia cordata mill.) somatic embryos developed in embryogenic tissues initiated from immature zygotic embryos cultured on a modified ms mediu ...199024227064
[the incorporation of (32)po 4 (---) into organic compounds in sieve tube sap].1. phloem exudates collected from the secondary phloem of tilia platyphyllos, from the flower stalks of yucca flaccida and from stems of salix triandra (obtained by the aphid method) were incubated with (32)po4 (---). the radioactivity was incorporated into a series of organic compounds very similar to those synthesized after the whole phloem is incubated with (32)po4 (---). this synthetic ability of the exudate was completely destroyed by heating; therefore it is very probably due to enzymes. 2 ...197124487552
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