a proposed mechanism for the thermal denaturation of a recombinant bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase--the effect of calcium ions.the thermal stability of a recombinant alpha-amylase from bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase (bha) has been investigated using circular dichroism spectroscopy (cd) and differential scanning calorimetry (dsc). this alpha-amylase is homologous to other bacillus alpha-amylases where crystallographic studies have identified the existence of three calcium binding sites in the structure. denaturation of bha is irreversible with a t(m) of approximately 89 degrees c and dsc thermograms can be described u ...200314580996
[study on identification, colonization and reorganization of rice endophytic bacteria].endophytic sr-15, sr-25 and sl-37 strains screened from rice hybrid d you 527 in sichuan were analyzed. through penetration and microscopic test, the strains were found be mainly located in the cell gap, vacuole and cytoplasm. puc18 transferring and eric-pcr showed that the recombination strain sr-15 could grow in the plant stably. the strain was identified as bacillus halmapalus based on its chemical components of cell wall, physiological and biochemical characters. it was also shown that the s ...200516416963
community analysis of root- and tuber-associated bacteria in field-grown potato plants harboring different resistance levels against common scab.eight genotypes of potato plants with different resistance levels against common scab were grown in a field infested with streptomyces turgidiscabies. dna was extracted from the roots, tubers, and rhizosphere soils of each of the eight genotypes at the flowering stage, and the quantity of s. turgidiscabies genomic dna was assessed by real-time pcr using a taqman probe. the results obtained showed that the different potato genotypes had significant impacts on the population levels of s. turgidisc ...201526657303
isothermal titration calorimetric procedure to determine protein-metal ion binding parameters in the presence of excess metal ion or chelator.determination of binding parameters for metal ion binding to proteins usually requires preceding steps to remove protein-bound metal ions. removal of bound metal ions from protein is often associated with decreased stability and inactivation. we present two simple isothermal titration calorimetric procedures that eliminate separate metal ion removal steps and directly monitor the exchange of metal ions between buffer, protein, and chelator. the concept is to add either excess chelator or metal i ...200312654309
bacillus catenulatus sp. nov., an alkalitolerant bacterium isolated from a soda lake.two novel (18c(t) and 6c) gram-stain-positive, rod shaped, motile and endospore-forming bacterial strains were isolated from lonar soda lake, india. based on 16s rrna gene sequence analysis, strains 18c(t) and 6c were identified as belonging to the class firmibacteria, and were most closely related to bacillus cohnii kctc 3572(t) (99.3 and 99.9%, respectively), bacillus zhanjiangensis kctc 13713(t) (97.4 and 98.0%, respectively), bacillus halmapalus lmg 17950(t) (97.0 and 97.6%, respectively) an ...201728744555
effect of calcium ions on the irreversible denaturation of a recombinant bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase: a calorimetric investigation.the effect of temperature and calcium ions on the denaturation of a recombinant alpha-amylase from bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase (bha) has been studied using calorimetry. it was found that thermal inactivation of bha is irreversible and that calcium ions have a significant effect on stability. thus an apparent denaturation temperature ( t (d)) of 83 degrees c in the presence of excess calcium ions was observed, whereas t (d) decreased to 48 degrees c when calcium was removed. the difference ...200312689333
structure of a bacillus halmapalus family 13 alpha-amylase, bha, in complex with an acarbose-derived nonasaccharide at 2.1 a resolution.the enzymatic digestion of starch by alpha-amylases is one of the key biotechnological reactions of recent times. in the search for industrial biocatalysts, the family gh13 alpha-amylase bha from bacillus halmapalus has been cloned and expressed. the three-dimensional structure at 2.1 a resolution has been determined in complex with the (pseudo)tetrasaccharide inhibitor acarbose. acarbose is found bound as a nonasaccharide transglycosylation product spanning the -6 to +3 subsites. careful inspec ...200515681870
bacillus tianshenii sp. nov., isolated from a marine sediment sample.a novel gram-stain-positive, motile, catalase- and oxidase-positive, aerobic, endospore-forming, peritrichous, rod-shaped bacterium, designated yim m13235(t), was isolated from a marine sediment sample collected from the south china sea. phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences showed that strain yim m13235(t) belonged to the genus bacillus. the strain grew optimally at 30 °c, ph 7.0 and in the presence of 2-4% (w/v) nacl. meso-diaminopimelic acid was present in the cell-wall pepti ...201424614848
bacillus zhanjiangensis sp. nov., isolated from an oyster in south china sea.a novel gram-stain-positive, motile, catalase- and oxidase-positive, endospore-forming, aerobic, rod-shaped bacterium, designated strain jsm 099021(t), was isolated from an oyster collected from naozhou island in the south china sea. growth occurred with 0-15% (w/v) nacl (optimum 2-4%) and at ph 6.0-10.0 (optimum ph 7.5) and at 10-45°c (optimum 30-35°c). meso-diaminopimelic acid was present in the cell-wall peptidoglycan. the predominant respiratory quinone was menaquinone 7 (mk-7) and the major ...201020865333
role of electrostatic repulsion on colloidal stability of bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase.the colloidal stability of charged particles in suspension is often controlled by electrostatic repulsion, which can be rationalized in a semi-quantitative way by the dlvo theory. in the current study, we investigate this approach towards understanding irreversible protein aggregation, using bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase (bha) as a model protein. repulsive forces between partly unfolded monomers were shown to strongly affect aggregation. adding salt, increasing valence of counter ions or dec ...200919281873
microbial modulation in the biomass and toxin production of a red-tide causing alga.the effect of s10, a strain of marine bacteria isolated from sediment in the western xiamen sea, on the growth and paralytic shellfish poison (psp) production in the alga alexandrium tamarense (a. tamarense) was studied under controlled experimental conditions. the results of these experiments have shown that the growth of a. tamarense is obviously inhibited by s10 at high concentrations, however no evident effect on its growth was observed at low concentrations. its psp production was also inhi ...200516291201
a novel species of alkaliphilic bacillus that produces an oxidatively stable alkaline serine protease.a novel gram-positive, strictly aerobic, motile, sporulating, and facultatively alkaliphilic bacterium designated ksm-kp43 was isolated from a sample of soil. the results of 16s rrna sequence analysis placed this bacterium in a cluster with bacillus halmapalus. however, the level of the dna-dna hybridization of ksm-kp43 with b. halmapalus was less than 25%. moreover, the g + c contents of the genomic dna were 41.6 mol% for ksm-kp43 and 38.6 mol% for b. halmapalus. because there were also differe ...200211878564
structure of bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase crystallized with and without the substrate analogue acarbose and maltose.recombinant bacillus halmapalus alpha-amylase (bha) was studied in two different crystal forms. the first crystal form was obtained by crystallization of bha at room temperature in the presence of acarbose and maltose; data were collected at cryogenic temperature to a resolution of 1.9 a. it was found that the crystal belonged to space group p2(1)2(1)2(1), with unit-cell parameters a = 47.0, b = 73.5, c = 151.1 a. a maltose molecule was observed and found to bind to bha and previous reports of t ...200616946462
bacillus aequororis sp. nov., isolated from marine sediment.the taxonomic position of a bacterium isolated from a marine sediment sample collected from the bay of bengal, kanyakumari coast, india, was analyzed by using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. the isolated strain, designated as m-8(t), had phenotypic characteristics that matched those of the genus bacillus and it represents a novel species. the diagnostic cell wall amino acid is meso-dap. the major menaquinone is mk-7, and the strain has a phospholipid pattern of diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphati ...201425008778
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