the chemistry of fungi. 58. structures of colletodiol, a metabolite of chaetomium funicola. 19695813963
identification of a series of tricyclic natural products as potent broad-spectrum inhibitors of metallo-beta-lactamases.this work describes the discovery and characterization of a novel series of tricyclic natural product-derived metallo-beta-lactamase inhibitors. natural product screening of the bacillus cereus ii enzyme identified an extract from a strain of chaetomium funicola with inhibitory activity against metallo-beta-lactamases. sb236050, sb238569, and sb236049 were successfully extracted and purified from this extract. the most active of these compounds was sb238569, which possessed k(i) values of 79, 17 ...200212019104
chromoblastomycosis caused by chaetomium funicola: a case report from western panama.little is known about opportunistic fungi causing skin lesions in tropical countries such as panama. we report an 83-year-old man from chiriquí, western panama, with crusted skin lesions covering tumorous masses resembling bowen's disease of the skin on the dorsum of his right hand. fungal cultures were obtained on different nutrient media from disinfected superficial skin scrapings and fragments taken from a deep skin biopsy. deep skin biopsy showed the presence of globose, dark fungal cells in ...200717634084
agar block smear preparation: a novel method of slide preparation for preservation of native fungal structures for microscopic examination and long-term storage.we describe a novel method of fungal slide preparation named "agar block smear preparation." a total of 510 agar block smears of 25 fungal strains obtained from culture collections, 90 qc fungal strains, and 82 clinical fungal strains from our clinical microbiology laboratory, which included a total of 137 species of yeasts, molds, and thermal dimorphic fungi, were prepared and examined. in contrast to adhesive tape preparation, agar block smears preserved the native fungal structures, such as i ...201020660221
insights into fungal communities in composts revealed by 454-pyrosequencing: implications for human health and safety.fungal community composition in composts of lignocellulosic wastes was assessed via 454-pyrosequencing of its1 libraries derived from the three major composting phases. ascomycota represented most (93%) of the 27,987 fungal sequences. a total of 102 genera, 120 species, and 222 operational taxonomic units (otus; >97% similarity) were identified. thirty genera predominated (ca. 94% of the sequences), and at the species level, sequences matching chaetomium funicola and fusarium oxysporum were the ...201323785368
method for rapid detection and identification of chaetomium and evaluation of resistance to peracetic the beverage industry, peracetic acid has been increasingly used as a disinfectant for the filling machinery and environment due to merits of leaving no residue, it is safe for humans, and its antiseptic effect against fungi and endospores of bacteria. recently, chaetomium globosum and chaetomium funicola were reported resistant to peracetic acid; however, little is known concerning the detail of peracetic acid resistance. therefore, we assessed the peracetic acid resistance of the species of ...201323726195
antifungal activity of plant extracts against arthrinium sacchari and chaetomium funicola.various plant extracts were examined for antifungal activity with the objective of improving the commercial sterility of aseptically filled tea beverage products in pet bottles. when the hot water extract and the methanol extract of 29 samples were measured for their antifungal activity against arthrinium sacchari m001 and chaetomium funicola m002 strains, five samples, acer nikoense, glycyrrhiza glabra, lagerstroemia speciosa, psidium guajava and thea sinensis, showed high activity. of these, t ...200016232887
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