pseudomonas mosselii sp. nov., a novel species isolated from clinical specimens.twenty-two fluorescent pseudomonad strains of clinical origin received as pseudomonas fluorescens (10 strains), pseudomonasputida (10 strains) and pseudomonas sp. (2 strains), and 33 type strains of the genus pseudomonas were studied by numerical analysis based on 280 phenotypic characters. twelve of the 22 clinical isolates clustered within a specific group, cluster iv. the other strains clustered within groups containing well-characterized fluorescent pseudomonas species or did not cluster. st ...200211931144
siderophore typing, a powerful tool for the identification of fluorescent and nonfluorescent pseudomonads.a total of 301 strains of fluorescent pseudomonads previously characterized by conventional phenotypic and/or genomic taxonomic methods were analyzed through siderotyping, i.e., by the isoelectrophoretic characterization of their main siderophores and pyoverdines and determination of the pyoverdine-mediated iron uptake specificity of the strains. as a general rule, strains within a well-circumscribed taxonomic group, namely the species pseudomonas brassicacearum, pseudomonas fuscovaginae, pseudo ...200212039729
taxonomic heterogeneity, as shown by siderotyping, of strains primarily identified as pseudomonas hundred and forty-four fluorescent pseudomonad strains isolated from various environments (soil, water, plant rhizosphere, hospital) and received as pseudomonas putida (83 strains), p. putida biovar a (49 strains), p. putida biovar b (10 strains) and p. putida biovar c (2 strains), were analysed by the pyoverdine-isoelectrofocusing and pyoverdine-mediated iron uptake methods of siderotyping. both methods demonstrated a great diversity among these strains, which could be subdivided into 35 si ...200717978216
comparative study of 7 fluorescent pseudomonad clinical isolates.there is some debate about the potential survival of pseudomonas fluorescens at temperatures above 37 degrees c and its consequences for infectious potential, owing to the heterogeneity of clinical strains. seven clinical strains growing at 37 degrees c or more were submitted for polyphasic identification; 2 were identified as pseudomonas mosselii and 4 were precisely characterized as p. fluorescens bv. i or ii. the binding indexes on glial cells of the strains identified as p. fluorescens bv. i ...200818388968
prosthetic valve endocarditis caused by pseudomonas mosselii.we describe a case of pseudomonas mosselii prosthetic valve endocarditis that was successfully treated with antibiotic therapy in the absence of valve replacement. p. mosselii is a highly unusual cause of endocarditis and there are few case reports of curative treatment of pseudomonal prosthetic valve endocarditis with antibiotics alone.200919074668
effect of plant growth-promoting bacteria on the growth and fructan production of agave americana l.the effect of plant growth-promoting bacteria inoculation on plant growth and the sugar content in agave americana was assessed. the bacterial strains aco-34a, aco-40, and aco-140, isolated from the a. americana rhizosphere, were selected for this study to evaluate their phenotypic and genotypic characteristics. the three bacterial strains were evaluated via plant inoculation assays, and azospirillum brasilense cd served as a control strain. phylogenetic analysis based on the 16s rrna gene showe ...201627268113
vim-1-producing pseudomonas mosselii isolates in italy, predating known vim-producing index strains. 201222290983
complete genome sequence of the cyanogenic phosphate-solubilizing pseudomonas sp. strain ccos 191, a close relative of pseudomonas mosselii.we sequenced the complete genome of the isolate pseudomonas sp. ccos 191. this strain is able to dissolve phosphate minerals and form cyanide. the genome sequence is used to establish the phylogenetic relationship of this species.201526067963
draft genome sequence of pseudomonas mosselii gil3, isolated from catfish and antagonistic against hypervirulent aeromonas hydrophila.pseudomonas mosselii gil3 was isolated from a catfish that survived from lethal challenge with hypervirulent aeromonas hydrophila (vah). when assayed in vitro, the bacterium showed antagonism against vah. sequence analysis revealed that the genome of p. mosselii gil3 encodes numerous aromatic metabolism pathways and proteins for biosynthesis of antimicrobial compounds.201627856595
identification and virulence of aeromonas dhakensis, pseudomonas mosselii and microbacterium paraoxydans isolated from nile tilapia, oreochromis niloticus, cultivated in identify bacterial pathogens of diseased niie tilapia oreochromis niloticus and determine their virulence.201323758410
pseudomonas soli sp. nov., a novel producer of xantholysin congeners.a chemoorganotrophic gram-negative bacterium was isolated by means of a diffusion sandwich system from a soil sample from the sierra nevada national park, spain. strain f-279,208(t) was oxidase and catalase positive, strictly aerobic, non-spore-forming and motile by single polar flagellum. phylogenetic analysis of the 16s rrna, gyrb, rpob and rpod genes revealed that strain f-279,208(t) belongs to the pseudomonas putida group with pseudomonas mosselii and pseudomonas entomophila as its closest r ...201425097020
production and characterization of medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoates by pseudomonas mosselii to7.the polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) production and growth of pseudomonas mosselii to7, a newly isolated pseudomonas species from the wastewater of a vegetable oil manufacturing facility, was analyzed. phenotypic analysis and phylogenetic analysis of the 16s rrna gene revealed that it is closely related to pseudomonas mosselii. in the presence of palm kernel and soybean oils, p. mosselii to7 produced up to 50% cell dry weight (cdw) medium-chain-length (mcl) phas comprising high poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate ...201424630613
phylogeny of bacteria isolated from rhabditis sp. (nematoda) and identification of novel entomopathogenic serratia marcescens strains.twenty-five bacterial strains isolated from entomopathogenic nematodes were characterized to the genus level by 16s rrna phylogeny and blast analyses. bacteria strains isolated could be affiliated with seven genera. microbacterium-like isolates phylogenetically affiliated with m. oxydans while those of serratia were highly similar to s. marcescens. 16s rrna sequences of bacillus isolates matched those of both b. mycoides and b. weihenstephanesis. one isolate each matched pseudomonas mosselii, rh ...201323079959
a selective insecticidal protein from pseudomonas mosselii for corn rootworm control.the coleopteran insect western corn rootworm (wcr, diabrotica virgifera virgifera) is an economically important pest in north america and europe. transgenic corn plants producing bacillus thuringiensis (bt) insecticidal proteins have been useful against this devastating pest, but evolution of resistance has reduced their efficacy. here we report the discovery of a novel insecticidal protein, pip-47aa, from an isolate of pseudomonas mosselii. pip-47aa sequence shows no shared motifs, domains or s ...201728796437
biodegradation of phthalic acid esters (paes) and in silico structural characterization of mono-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (mehp) hydrolase on the basis of close structural homolog.three bacterial strains capable of degrading phthalates namely pseudomonas sp. pkdm2, pseudomonas sp. pkde1 and pseudomonas sp. pkde2 were isolated and characterized for their degradative potential. these strains efficiently degraded 77.4%-84.4% of dmp, 75.0%-75.7% of dep and 71.7%-74.7% of dehp, initial amount of each phthalate is 500mgl(-1) of each phthalate, after 44h of incubation. gc-ms results reveal the tentative dehp degradation pathway, where hydrolases mediate the breakdown of dehp to ...201728531656
complete genome sequence of the caprolactam-degrading bacterium pseudomonas mosselii sj10 isolated from wastewater of a nylon 6 production plant.pseudomonas mosselii strain sj10 is a caprolactam-degrading bacterium belonging to the class gammaproteobacteria, which was isolated from wastewater of the nylon 6 producing seongseo industrial complex in daegu, republic of korea. here, we report the complete genome sequence of the strain, providing genetic information for biodegradation of aromatic compounds.201425449545
pseudopyronine b: a potent antimicrobial and anticancer molecule isolated from a pseudomonas continuation of our search for new bioactive compounds from soil microbes, a fluorescent pseudomonas strain isolated from paddy field soil of kuttanad, kerala, india was screened for the production of bioactive secondary metabolites. this strain was identified as pseudomonas mosselii through 16s rdna gene sequencing followed by blast analysis and the bioactive metabolites produced were purified by column chromatography (silica gel) and a pure bioactive secondary metabolite was isolated. this ...201627617005
draft whole-genome sequence of the antibiotic-producing soil isolate pseudomonas sp. strain 250j.bacteria of the genus pseudomonas are becoming increasing well known for their ability to produce a wide range of antimicrobial compounds. in a large-scale screening for antibiotic producers, we identified a soil isolate that uses 4-hydroxyphenylacetate as the sole carbon source, pseudomonas sp. strain 250j, which produces cyclic lipodepsipeptides of the xantholysin family during the stationary phase of growth. the closest relatives of this strain are pseudomonas mosselii, pseudomonas soli and p ...201525403737
cytotoxicity and inflammatory potential of two pseudomonas mosselii strains isolated from clinical samples of hospitalized patients.the genus pseudomonas includes a heterogeneous set of microorganisms that can be isolated from many different niches and nearly 100 different strains have been described. the best characterized bacterium is pseudomonas aeruginosa which is the primary agent of opportunistic infection in humans, causing both acute and chronic infections. other species like fluorescens, putida or mosselii have been sporadically isolated from hospitalized patients but their association with the pathology often remai ...201323718251
[cloning and functional analysis of cysi gene involved in siderophores biosynthesis in pseudomonas mosselii e1].a siderophores-producing strain e1 was isolated from the rhizosphere of cotton. its 16s rdna is identical to that of pseudomonas mosselii sp. nov. at 100% level. the suicide plasmid prl1063a carrying tn5-1063 was introduced into e1 by triparental mating and 1000 transposon insertion mutants were subsequently screened using cas assay. one mutant deficiency in siderophores production was obtained, namely, e1-185. dna sequences flanking tn5-1063 of e1-185 was amplified by tail-pcr. according to the ...200718062272
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