differentiation of rodent trypanosomes of the subgenus herpetosoma by lectins.trypomastigote forms of trypanosoma microti, t. evotomys, t. grosi, t. musculi, and t. lewisi and trypomastigote and epimastigote forms of t. acomys were differentiated using 34 lectins and the aminoff test for n-acetylneuraminic acid (nana). twelve of the lectins failed to agglutinate any of the above species. the number of lectins which agglutinated each species differed; t. mciroti, t. evotomys, t. grosi, t. musculi, t. lewisi and t. acomys (trypomastigote and epimastigote forms) were aggluti ...19892617032
the vicious circle and infection intensity: the case of trypanosoma microti in field vole natural populations, infection and condition may act synergistically to trigger a vicious circle: poor condition predisposes to host infections, which further reduce condition, and so on. if this vicious circle originates from a reduced resistance to infection, it will not only result in greater proneness to becoming infected of those that are in poorer condition, but it may also cause infections of higher intensity. here, we investigate the temporal relationship between host condition and in ...200921352763
lysozyme activity in the plasma of rodents infected with their homologous this study the concentration of lysozyme in blood plasma of microtus agrestis, clethrinomys glareolus, apodemus sylvaticus, bk rats and outbred white mice before and after infection with culture forms of trypanosoma microti, t, evotomys, t. grosi, t. lewisi and t. musculi respectively was measured.201223323096
significant morphological but little molecular differences between trypanosoma of rodents from alaska.we examined blood smears of 173 rodents and 33 shrews captured at 4 sites in the gates of the arctic national park, northern alaska, in summer 2002. trypanosoma spp. were detected in the plasma of 5 microtus oeconomus, 4 microtus miurus, and 1 lemmus trimucronatus. the trypomastigote morphology from different individuals of m. oeconomus caught at the same site and of m. miurus from different sites varied significantly. the 4 dna sequences obtained from the blood smear positive samples contained ...200515856904
oral transmission of trypanosomes of the subgenus herpetosoma from small mammals.the rodents microtus agrestis, clethrionomys glareolus, apodemus sylvaticus and white bk rats were given either a single intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection, an intragastric (i.g.) inoculation or an oral (p.o.) inoculation of the culture forms, including metacyclic trypomastigotes, of trypanosoma microti, t. evotomys, t. grosi and t. lewisi, respectively. similar levels of parasitaemia were produced by each of the three routes of infection, although the prepatent period was 3-5 days shorter in the ...19958570586
in vitro cultivation of herpetosoma trypanosomes on embryonic fibroblasts and in semidefined cell-free medium.microtus agrestis embryo fibroblasts (maef) support the survival and multiplication at 37 c of the mammalian multiplicative forms of the herpetosoma trypanosomes trypanosoma microti, t. evotomys, t. musculi, and t. lewisi passaged from cultures on schneider's drosophila medium and of t. grosi from grace's medium. maef layers with parasites were maintained for a period of over 5 mo. a semidefined cell-free medium also supported the multiplication (at 37 c) of the mammalian forms of the same trypa ...19883288740
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