schistosoma mansoni dermaseptin-like peptide: structural and functional characterization.analysis of the schistosoma mansoni peptidome for immunomodulatory molecules by solvent extraction and reverse-phase hplc revealed a 27-amino-acid residue peptide from an extract of cercariae. using matrix-assisted, laser desorption-ionization, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, the peptide yielded a protonated molecular ion [m + h]+ of m/z 2789. the unequivocal sequence was deduced by automated edman degradation as: dlwnsikdmaaaagraalnavtgmvnq. the peptide exhibited an 80.76% identity with derma ...200516539015
a new opioid peptide predicted from cloned cdnas from skin of pachymedusa dacnicolor and agalychnis annae.we have isolated a cdna encoding a precursor of dermorphin from the skin of pachymedusa dacnicolor. besides four copies of this opioid peptide, the deduced sequence also contains the genetic information for a novel peptide tyr-ile-phe-his-leu-met-asp-nh2. this differs from met-deltorphin by the presence of ile at position 2. in a related precursor from the skin of agalychnis annae, the sequence of this peptide is in the 3'-untranslated region of the cloned cdna. from earlier results we predict t ...19989657380
cloning of cdnas encoding new peptides of the dermaseptin-family.dermaseptins are a group of basic (lysine-rich) peptides, 27-34 amino acids in length and involved in the defense of frog skin against microbial invasion. by using a degenerated oligonucleotide primer binding to the 5'-untranslated region of previously characterized cdnas of these peptides, it was possible to identify new members of the dermaseptin family in the south american frogs agalychnis annae and pachymedusa dacnicolor. amino acid alignment and secondary structure prediction reveals, that ...19989774745
colouration in amphibians as a reflection of nutritional status: the case of tree frogs in costa rica.colouration has been considered a cue for mating success in many species; ornaments in males often are related to carotenoid mobilization towards feathers and/or skin and can signal general health and nutrition status. however, there are several factors that can also link with status, such as physiological blood parameters and body condition, but there is not substantial evidence which supports the existence of these relationships and interactions in anurans. this study evaluated how body score ...201728837604
visualizing phonotactic behavior of female frogs in darkness.many animals use sounds produced by conspecifics for mate identification. female insects and anuran amphibians, for instance, use acoustic cues to localize, orient toward and approach conspecific males prior to mating. here we present a novel technique that utilizes multiple, distributed sound-indication devices and a miniature led backpack to visualize and record the nocturnal phonotactic approach of females of the australian orange-eyed tree frog (litoria chloris) both in a laboratory arena an ...201728874770
antibacterial potential of a novel peptide from the consensus sequence of dermaseptin related peptides secreted by agalychnis annae.the consistently increasing reports of bacterial resistance and the reemergence of bacterial epidemics have inspired the health and scientific community to discover new molecules with antibacterial potential continuously. frog-skin secretions constitute bioactive compounds essential for finding new biopharmaceuticals. the exact antibacterial characterization of dermaseptin related peptides derived from agalychnis annae is limited. the resemblance in their conserved and functionally linked genome ...202033081682
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