avian pox infection in an american green-winged teal (anas crecca carolinensis) in alaska.poxvirus infection was diagnosed on the basis of gross and microscopic appearance plus the presence of typical inclusion bodies in a juvenile american green-winged teal (anas crecca carolinensis) in alaska. this constitutes the first known report of avian pox in migratory ducks and the first report of poxvirus infection in wild birds in alaska.1979228090
isolation of newcastle disease virus from teals (anas crecca) in iran.eight of 30 teals (anas crecca) died several days following capture and newcastle disease virus (ndv) was isolated from all eight. brains from the dead birds were homogenized and inoculated into chicken embryos. the allantoic fluid from the embryos were inoculated into 10 domestic chickens susceptible to ndv and 10 chickens immunized against ndv. eight of 10 (80%) susceptible chickens died, while the immunized chickens remained healthy. anti-ndv serum showed complete homology against ndv and the ...1979480525
a comparative study of the annual cycles in sexual and thyroid function in male peking ducks (anas platyrhynchos) and teal (anas crecca). 1978738593
[helminths of birds and mammals from israel. vi. the taxonomy and ecology of trichostrongylid nematodes (author's transl)].thirteen species of trichostronglyloid nematodes have so far been recorded from wild birds and mammals in israel and surrounding territories. three species were found in birds: amidostomum fulicae (rudolphi, 1819) in fulica atra l., 1758, a. acutum (lundahl, 1848) in anas crecca l., 1758 and amidostomum sp. in ceryle rudis l., 1758. ten species, 3 of which are new, were found in small mammals: trichostrongylus colubriformis (giles, 1892) in hystrix indica kerr, 1792; tenorastrongylus josephi n. ...1975776059
fluoroacetamide (1081) oisoning in wild outbreak of poisoning in four greylag geese (anser anser) and 35-45 teal (anas crecca) is described. laboratory findings led to the conclusion that a wheat bait containing the rodenticide fluoracetamide (1081) caused the poisoning. circumstantial evidence incriminated fluoracetamide as the cause of death in white-fronted geese (anser albifrons), mallards (anas platyrhynchos), and chukars (alectoris chukar).19751195498
gastrointestinal helminths of the mexican duck, anas platyrhynchos diazi ridgway, from north central mexico and southwestern united states.twenty-five species of helminths, recovered from the gastrointestinal tracts of 129 mexican ducks from mexico and the united states, were all new host records. the species included: echinoparyphium recurvatum, echinostoma revolutum, hypoderaeum conoideum, notocotylus attenuatus, prosthogonimus cuneatus, zygocotyle lunata, anomotaenia ciliata, cloacotaenia megalops, diorchis bulbodes, diorchis sp., drepanidotaenia lanceolata, echinocotyle rosseteri, fimbriaria fasciolaris, fimbriarioides sp., hym ...19863951061
plasmodium hegneri n. sp. from the european teal anas c. crecca in taiwan. 19666007967
[demonstration of rhodoxanthine in the spleen of the garganey (anas crecca l.)]. 19826820829
helminth fauna of waterfowl in central waterfowl wintering in and migrating through central oklahoma were collected and examined for intestinal helminths. seventy-one ducks, including mallards (anas platyrhynchos), american widgeons (anas americana), blue-winged teal (anas discors), and green-winged teal (anas crecca) were examined; 64 (90.1%) harbored one or more species of metazoa. six cestodes, 6 trematodes, 6 nematodes, and 1 acanthocephalan were identified, an experimental, non-flying population of ducks was establi ...19807373725
seasonal variations in the circulating concentrations of growth hormone in male peking duck (anas platyrhynchos) and teal (anas crecca); correlations with thyroidal function. 19807390140
metal and sediment ingestion by dabbling ducks.the chemical analysis of intestinal digesta from hunter-killed carcasses or of wildlife scat is a promising means of estimating the exposure of wildlife to those environmental contaminants that, like lead, are poorly absorbed in the digestive tract. when evaluating contaminants at a site, biologists may find the results of this non-destructive approach more straightforward to interpret in terms of exposure to wildlife than would be analyses of soils, sediments, water, or wildlife tissues. to ill ...199910472136
effects of contaminants in dredge material from the lower savannah river.contaminants entering aquatic systems from agricultural, industrial, and municipal activities are generally sequestered in bottom sediments. the environmental significance of contaminants associated with sediments dredged from savannah harbor, georgia, usa, are unknown. to evaluate potential effects of contaminants in river sediments and sediments dredged and stored in upland disposal areas on fish and wildlife species, solid-phase sediment and sediment pore water from front river, back river, a ...200010556380
efficacy of a type c botulism vaccine in green-winged teal.we tested the efficacy of a single dose of botumink toxoid for protecting wild green-winged teal (anas crecca) during botulism epizootics caused by clostridium botulinum type c. we challenged control and immunized ducks with four different doses of type c botulinum toxin to determine the ld50 for this species and to evaluate vaccine protection. fewer immunized ducks were affected with botulism than control ducks, indicating that a single dose of botumink toxoid could increase the survival of duc ...200010941734
impacts of disturbance from construction work on the densities and feeding behavior of waterbirds using the intertidal mudflats of cardiff bay, uk.the impact of disturbance from construction work around cardiff bay, south wales, on the densities and feeding behavior of seven waterbird species was studied over an 11-year period. construction of a barrage across the mouth of the bay has subsequently resulted in its impoundment; other major works included the construction of a bridge carrying a divided highway. construction work disturbance significantly reduced the densities of five species--green-winged teal (anas crecca), eurasian oysterca ...200212402100
avian influenza viruses and paramyxoviruses in wintering and resident ducks in texas.cloacal swabs were collected from teal (anas crecca, anas cyanoptera, anas discors), mottled duck (anas fulvigula) and northern pintail (anas acuta) in brazoria county, texas, usa, during february 2001, mottled ducks during august 2001, and blue-winged teal (a. discors) during february 2002. prevalence of avian influenza virus (aiv) infections during each sampling period were 11, 0, and 15%, respectively. the hemagglutinin (h) subtypes h2 and h7 were detected in both years, while the h8 subtype ...200516244076
avian influenza surveillance in hunter-harvested waterfowl from the gulf coast of texas (november 2005-january 2006).the objectives of our study were to determine prevalence of avian influenza viruses (aiv) on wintering grounds on the texas gulf coast, usa, and to compare real-time reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (rrt-pcr) and virus isolation for detection of aiv in cloacal swabs from wild waterfowl. cloacal swabs were collected from hunter-harvested waterfowl from november 2005 to january 2006 at four wildlife management areas. seven aiv were isolated from four species of ducks: green-winged t ...200818436675
characterization of h5n1 influenza a viruses isolated from domestic green-winged teal.two avian influenza virus strains, a/domestic green-winged teal/hunan/67/2005 (h5n1) (d-gwt/67) and a/domestic green-winged teal/hunan/79/2005 (h5n1) (d-gwt/79), were isolated from healthy domestic green-winged teals (anas crecca) in hunan province, south china. genomic analysis showed that both isolates were reassortants. the hemagglutinin (ha) genes of the two isolates were closely related to that of an h5n1 strain isolated from tree sparrow (a/tree sparrow/henan/1/04). the neuraminidase (na) ...200918825495
[monitoring influenza a virus and newcastle disease virus in migratory waterfowls in sanjiang natural reserve of heilongjiang province].in order to monitor the present situation of avian influenza virus (aiv) and newcastle disease virus (ndv) in migratory waterfowls effectively, 158 tracheal and cloacal swab samples for wild birds were collected from sanjiang natural reserve during migratory seasons in october 2005, april 2006 and october 2006.200819160826
migration of waterfowl in the east asian flyway and spatial relationship to hpai h5n1 outbreaks.poyang lake is situated within the east asian flyway, a migratory corridor for waterfowl that also encompasses guangdong province, china, the epicenter of highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) h5n1. the lake is the largest freshwater body in china and a significant congregation site for waterfowl; however, surrounding rice fields and poultry grazing have created an overlap with wild waterbirds, a situation conducive to avian influenza transmission. reports of hpai h5n1 in healthy wild ducks a ...201020521681
prevalence and subtypes of influenza a viruses in wild waterfowl in norway 2006-2007.the prevalence of influenza a virus infection, and the distribution of different subtypes of the virus, were studied in 1529 ducks and 1213 gulls shot during ordinary hunting from august to december in two consecutive years, 2006 and 2007, in norway. the study was based on molecular screening of cloacal and tracheal swabs, using a pan-influenza a rt-pcr. samples found to be positive for influenza a virus were screened for the h5 subtype, using a h5 specific rt-pcr, and, if negative, further subt ...201020426812
pcbs and organochlorine pesticides in ducks of fereydoon-kenar wildlife refuge in iran.levels of organochlorine pesticides (ocps) and pcb were determined in three duck species: pintail (anas acuta), common teal (anas creaca), and mallard (anas platyhynchos). both persistent organochlorines were more abundant in muscle than in the liver; mallard had the highest levels of pcbs [84.0 +/- 39.0 ng/g wet weight (ww)], and common teal showed the highest levels of ddts (561.0 +/- 220.0 ng/g ww). this exposure level is more than two orders of magnitude below provisional tolerable daily int ...201020419290
avian influenza virus monitoring in wintering waterbirds in iran, 2003-2007.virological, molecular and serological studies were carried out to determine the status of infections with avian influenza viruses (aiv) in different species of wild waterbirds in iran during 2003-2007. samples were collected from 1146 birds representing 45 different species with the majority of samples originating from ducks, coots and shorebirds. samples originated from 6 different provinces representative for the 15 most important wintering sites of migratory waterbirds in iran.201020167132
condition dependence of iridescent wing flash-marks in two species of dabbling ducks.growing empirical evidence supports the hypothesis of male mate choice for female ornaments which are thought to reflect individual quality and future breeding ability. while structural colors are clearly used in mate choice and pairing, the condition dependence of such traits is less obvious, particularly in females. we present spectral measurements of wing flash-marks in two species of dabbling ducks during the pairing period and evaluate color and brightness contrasts as seen through the mall ...201020117191
ingestion of lead and nontoxic shot by green-winged teal (anas crecca) and northern shovelers (anas clypeata) from the mid-gulf coast of texas, usa.ninety-eight green-winged teal (anas crecca) and 84 northern shoveler (anas clypeata) gizzards were examined for ingested shot. one northern shoveler had lead and three had steel shot; 24 teal and 17 shovelers had composite nontoxic shot or nonlead metal fragments. prevalence of ingested lead appears minimal and consistent with other studies conducted after lead-shot bans.201121719854
avian schistosomes in french aquatic birds: a molecular approach.the prevalence of human cercarial dermatitis (hcd) caused by bird schistosomes appears to be increasing in france, in light of the impact of tourism combined with high densities of wild aquatic hosts in freshwater areas. the present work expands our knowledge of schistosome systematics by including samples of bird schistosomes collected from their natural hosts in france. heads (318) and viscera (81) of aquatic birds belonging to 16 species from five orders, collecting during the hunting seasons ...200919356266
interspecies transmission and limited persistence of low pathogenic avian influenza genomes among alaska dabbling ducks.the reassortment and geographic distribution of low pathogenic avian influenza (lpai) virus genes are well documented, but little is known about the persistence of intact lpai genomes among species and locations. to examine persistence of entire lpai genome constellations in alaska, we calculated the genetic identities among 161 full-genome lpai viruses isolated across 4 years from five species of duck: northern pintail (anas acuta), mallard (anas platyrhynchos), american green-winged teal (anas ...201121964597
mercury in wetland birds of iran and iraq: contrasting resident moorhen, gallinula chloropus, and migratory common teal, anas crecca, life strategies.we document mercury distribution in tissues of two waterfowls; moorhen (gallinula chloropus; n=6), and common teal (anas crecca; n=6) from shadegan wetlands in southwestern iran. mean value of mercury in moorhen liver was (0.36 hg microg g(-1) dry weight), common teal had (4.34 hg microg g(-1) dry weight) mercury. in all tissues, common teals had significantly higher mercury concentrations than moorhens (u test, p <or= 0.05). mercury was 12, 9, 8, and 6 times higher in liver, muscle, kidney, and ...200919142558
molecular characteristics of the complete genome of a j-subgroup avian leukosis virus strain isolated from eurasian teal in china.the j-subgroup avian leukosis virus (alv-j) strain wb11098j was isolated from a wild eurasian teal, and its proviral genomic sequences were determined. the complete proviral sequence of wb11098j was 7868 nt long. wb11098j was 95.3.9 % identical to the prototype strain hprs-103, 94.2 % identical to the american strain adol-7501, 94.5-94.7 % identical to chinese broiler isolates, 94.8-97.5 % identical to layer chicken isolates, and 94.4-95.0 % identical to chinese local chicken isolates at the nuc ...201424854142
[the first break-through of the genotype 2.3.2 of high-virulence influenza a virus a/hsn1, which is new for russia, in the far east].the epizootic etiologically associated with highly pathogenic avian influenza h5n1 genotype 2.3.2 that is new for russia among wild and domestic birds in the south of the primorye territory during spring migration in april 2008 has been decoded. about 25% of the wild birds of a water complex, which include european teals (anas crecca), mallard ducks (anas platyrhynchos), great-crested grebes (podiceps cristatus), are involved in viral circulation in the area of the suifun-khankai plain. chicken ...200819069785
complete sequence of a novel duck astrovirus.a duck astrovirus isolate cph (dastv/cph) detected from newly hatched ducklings was sequenced. the 7463-nt-long genome contained three open reading frames (orfs) that were in three different frames, as seen in dastv/c-ngb. sequence comparison and phylogenetic analysis based on the full-length amino acid sequences of the three orfs demonstrated that dastv/cph was highly divergent from previously known avastroviruses for which corresponding sequences are available. genetic analysis of the complete ...201424916056
genetic characterization of a rare h12n3 avian influenza virus isolated from a green-winged teal in japan.this study reports on the genetic characterization of an avian influenza virus, subtype h12n3, isolated from an eurasian green-winged teal (anas crecca) in japan in 2009. the entire genome sequence of the isolate was analyzed, and phylogenetic analyses were conducted to characterize the evolutionary history of the isolate. phylogenetic analysis of the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes indicated that the virus belonged to the eurasian-like avian lineage. molecular dating indicated that this h ...201525557930
complete genome sequence of a novel reassortant h3n6 avian influenza virus isolated from domestic green-winged avian influenza virus strain, a/domestic green-winged teal/hunan/2036/2007(h3n6) (dgw-t2036), was isolated from healthy domestic green-winged teals (anas crecca) in hunan province, south china. all eight gene segments of the isolate were sequenced. genomic analysis demonstrated that this h3n6 virus is a novel reassortant avian influenza virus with a gene constellation originating from multiple ancestors.201323682150
identification of type a influenza viruses from wild birds on the delmarva peninsula, 2007-10.wild waterfowl and shorebirds in the delaware-maryland-virginia (delmarva) peninsula region within the atlantic flyway were sampled as part of the early detection of highly pathogenic h5n1 avian influenza (ai) in wild migratory birds program. the u.s. department of agriculture (usda) and state wildlife agencies submitted 7858 samples for ai virus (aiv) testing by real-time reverse transcription pcr (rrt-pcr) to the university of delaware poultry health system from april 2007 to march 2011. virus ...201728301233
wild ducks as long-distance vectors of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (h5n1).wild birds have been implicated in the expansion of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (h5n1) outbreaks across asia, the middle east, europe, and africa (in addition to traditional transmission by infected poultry, contaminated equipment, and people). such a role would require wild birds to excrete virus in the absence of debilitating disease. by experimentally infecting wild ducks, we found that tufted ducks, eurasian pochards, and mallards excreted significantly more virus than common tea ...200818394278
gastrointestinal helminthes of green-winged teal (anas crecca) from north determine the helminth parasites of anas crecca (a. crecca) in one of proper refuges of iran, fereydunkenar.201425183069
[complex environmental and virological monitoring in the primorye territory in 2003-2006].the paper presents the results of monitoring of viruses of western nile (wn), japanese encephalitis (je), tick-borne encephalitis (tbe), geta, influenza a, as well as avian paramicroviruses type i (virus of newcastle disease (nd)) and type 6 (apmv-6) in the primorye territory in 2003-2006. totally throughout the period, specific antibodies to the viruses were detected by neutralization test in wild birds (7.3%, wn; 8.0%, geta; 0.7% batai; 2.8%, alpine hare (lepus timidus); by hemagglutination-in ...200718041224
complete genome sequence of a newcastle disease virus strain belonging to a recently identified genotype.we report the first complete genome sequence of a strain that presents some pathogenicity and that belongs to a recently characterized genotype of avian paramyxovirus type 1 (apmv-1). this virus, isolated from the common teal, presents the most divergent genome within class i of apmv-1.201323405340
experimental functional response and inter-individual variation in foraging rate of teal (anas crecca).the functional response, i.e. the change in per capita food intake rate per time unit with changed food availability, is a widely used tool for understanding the ecology and behaviour of animals. however, waterfowl remain poorly explored in this context. in an aviary experiment we derived a functional response curve for teal (anas crecca) foraging on rice (oryza sativa) seeds. we found a linear relationship between intake rate and seed density, as expected for a filter-feeder. at high seed densi ...200717336000
determining the background levels of bismuth in tissues of wild game birds: a first step in addressing the environmental consequences of using bismuth shotshells.bismuth shotshells have been approved as a "nontoxic" alternative to lead in north america. approval was based on a limited number of studies; even background levels of bismuth in wildfowl were unknown. we report on the concentration of bismuth (and lead) in muscle and liver tissues of wildfowl (anas platyrhynchos, anas acuta, anas crecca, branta canadensis, chen caerulescens) harvested with lead shotshell. average liver-bismuth levels detected in the present study (e.g., teal, 0.05 microg/g dw; ...200415276269
digenetic trematode of some aquatic birds from eastern province in saudi arabia.122 aquatic birds, 35 red shank (tringa totanus), 24 common snip (gallinago gallinago), 48 moorhen (gallinula chloropus), 15 teal (anas crecca) trapped near the cost of al- qateef area in the eastern province, saudi arabia, were examined for helminth parasites. 35 birds (28.68%) were infected with one or more helminth parasites, 31 t. totanus (88.57%), 2 g. gallinago (8.33%), 2 a. crecca (13.33%) and none in c. chloropus. the isolated helminthes belong to six families and eight species. bilharzi ...200314964668
heteropatric speciation in a duck, anas crecca.heteropatric differentiation is a mode of speciation with gene flow in which divergence occurs between lineages that are in sympatry and allopatry at different times during cyclic spatial movements. empirical evidence suggests that heteropatric differentiation may prove to be common among seasonally migratory organisms. we examined genetic differentiation between the sedentary aleutian islands population of green-winged teal (anas crecca-nimia) and its close migratory relative, the eurasian, or ...201324102809
a parapatric propensity for breeding precludes the completion of speciation in common teal (anas crecca, sensu lato).speciation is a process in which genetic drift and selection cause divergence over time. however, there is no rule dictating the time required for speciation, and even low levels of gene flow hinder divergence, so that taxa may be poised at the threshold of speciation for long periods of evolutionary time. we sequenced mitochondrial dna (mtdna) and eight nuclear introns (nudna) to estimate genomic levels of differentiation and gene flow between the eurasian common teal (anas crecca crecca) and t ...201222849532
[comparative study of the sensory system in gamasid mites rhinonyssus rhinolethrum, rh. subrhinolethrum and ptilonyssus motacillae (mesostigmata: gamasina: rhinonyssidae), parasites in the nasal cavity of birds].sensillae of the tarsal receptor complex, palpal organ, and body chaetom were examined by means of scanning electron microscopy in three endoparasitic gamasid mites: rhinonyssus rhinolethrum, rh. subrhinolethrum and ptilonyssus motacillae, the parasites of anser albifrons, anas crecca, and motacilla alba, respectively. in the tarsal sensory complex, the scale of reduction of the olfactory sensilla reflects the adaptation of gamasid mites to cavernous parasitism. the topography of this sensilla i ...200212481607
wingbeat frequency and the body drag anomaly: wind-tunnel observations on a thrush nightingale (luscinia luscinia) and a teal (anas crecca)a teal (anas crecca) and a thrush nightingale (luscinia luscinia) were trained to fly in the lund wind tunnel for periods of up to 3 and 16 h respectively. both birds flew in steady flapping flight, with such regularity that their wingbeat frequencies could be determined by viewing them through a shutter stroboscope. when flying at a constant air speed, the teal's wingbeat frequency varied with the 0.364 power of the body mass and the thrush nightingale's varied with the 0.430 power. both expone ...19969320660
[the magnetic susceptibility of the melanin in the eyes of representatives of different vertebrate classes].the magnetoperceptivity (chi) and element composition of eye pigment epitelium (epe) melanin in vertebrate animals were measured. the minimal values of epe chi were found in winter-sleeping and anabiotic animals (ursus arctos, rana temporaria). the magnetoperception was high in migrating animals (oncorhynchus keta, 0. gorbuscha, anas crecca) and in wild gray rats as well, epe magnetoperceptivity in albino rats wasn't practicaly established. in the majority of cases the quantity of magnetopercept ...19958779282
prevalence and intensity of typhlocoelum cucumerinum (digenea) in wild anatids of quebec, canada.the upper respiratory tracts of 534 wild anatids representing 20 species, shot during the 1976, 1977 and 1978 hunting seasons, were examined for typhlocoelum cucumerinum (rudolphi, 1809). typhlocoelum cucumerinum cymbium (diesing, 1850) were recovered from anas platyrhynchos, anas rubripes, anas acuta, anas discors and anas crecca. the maximum prevalence (16.7%) and intensity of infection (1.6) occurred in mallards (a. platyrhynchos). aythya valisineria and aythya marila harboured typhlocoelum c ...19807373728
bioaccumulation of trace mercury in trophic levels of benthic, benthopelagic, pelagic fish species, and sea birds from arvand river, this study, concentration of mercury was determined in the trophic levels of benthic, benthopelagic, pelagic fish species, and river birds from arvand river, located in the khuzestan province in the lowlands of southwestern iran at the head of the persian gulf. the order of mercury concentrations in tissues of the fish species was as follows: liver>gill>muscle and in tissues of the kingfisher species was as follows: feather>liver>kidney>muscle. therefore, liver in fish and feather in kingfish ...201324174062
isolation and identification of paramyxoviruses from japanese buntings (emberiza spodocephala) and ducks (anas crecca and anas penelope). 19827109410
parasites of waterfowl, from southwest texas: iii. the green-winged teal, anas crecca.seventy of 72 green-winged teal, anas crecca, from southwest texas were infected with parasites. seventeen species of endoparasites were recorded: notocotylus attenuatus, zygocotyle lunata, typhlocoelum sisowi, echinostoma revolutum, hypoderaeum conoideum, dendritobilharzia pulverulenta, cloacotaenia megalops, sobolevicanthus gracilis, sobolevicanthus krabbeella, gastrotaenia cygni, amidostomum acutum, amidostomum anseris, tetrameres crami, echinuria uncinata, corynosoma constrictum, polymorphus ...19816788963
a new paruterinid cestode, lallum magniparuterina gen. et sp. nov. from the intestine of a common teal, nettion crecca linn. 196014407588
[properties of hav6neq2 and hswl(h0)hav2 influenza viruses isolated from waterfowl in southern turkmenia].three influenza a virus strains were isolated from shorebirds in october, 1977, in southern turkmenia, in the vicinities of tedzhen water reservoir. from a common tern, a/sterna hirundo/turkmenia/45/77 strain was isolated with the antigenic formula hav6neq2, from a teal and a black-headed gull influenza a/anas crecca/turkmenia/4/77 and a/larus ridibundus/turkmenia/13/77 strains with previously unknown combination of surface antigens hswl(h0)nav2 were recovered. by the molecular weight of the hea ...19806448515
a novel avian paramyxovirus (putative serotype 15) isolated from wild january 2014, a viral hemagglutinating agent named upo216 was isolated from fecal droppings of wild birds at the upo wetland in south korea during an avian influenza surveillance program. electron microscopy identified the upo216 virus as an avian paramyxovirus (apmv). pathogenicity tests and molecular pathotyping revealed that the virus was avirulent in chickens. the upo216 virus was assigned to a serological group antigenically distinct from known serotypes of apmv (-1, -2, -3, -4, -6, -7, ...201728529504
[distribution of cestodes among domestic ducks and free-living aquatic birds].in 1959-1975, 3404 water birds of 18 species belonging to six orders were examined for the presence of cestodes. the birds came from 52 localities (ponds) in bohemia and moravia where domestic ducks were kept by the state fishery and where also wild water fowl occurred. cestodes of 31 species of the families hymenolepididae, dilepididae, amabiliidae and diploposthidae were found. the total number of examined birds included 2476 domestic ducks (1406 of them, i. e. 56.8%, were positive for cestode ...19836407178
wintering french mallard and teal are heavier and in better body condition than 30 years ago: effects of a changing environment?animal populations are exposed to large-scale anthropogenic impact from, e.g., climate change, habitat alteration and supplemental stocking. all of these may affect body condition in wintering dabbling ducks, which in turn may affect an individual's survival and reproductive success. the aim of this study was to assess whether there have been morphometric changes in mallard (anas platyrhynchos) and teal (anas crecca) over the last 30 years at a major wintering site. body mass and condition incre ...201020653279
pathogenesis and transmissibility of highly (h7n1) and low (h7n9) pathogenic avian influenza virus infection in red-legged partridge (alectoris rufa).abstract: an experimental infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (hpaiv) and low pathogenic avian influenza virus (lpaiv) was carried out in red-legged partridges (alectoris rufa) in order to study clinical signs, gross and microscopic lesions, and viral distribution in tissues and viral shedding. birds were infected with a hpaiv subtype h7n1 (a/chicken/italy/5093/1999) and a lpaiv subtype h7n9 (a/anas crecca/spain/1460/2008). uninoculated birds were included as contacts in both ...201121314907
campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter coli, and cytolethal distending toxin (cdt) genes in common teals (anas crecca).to evaluate the presence of campylobacter spp. and related cdt genes, cloacal swabs were collected from 70 common teals (anas crecca) and analyzed by culture methods and polymerase chain reaction. in addition, c. jejuni were examined also for the presence of wlan gene. this is believed to be the first report of campylobacter spp. in common teal and our results confirm the very common occurrence of c. jejuni (n=40) and c. coli (n=13) in waterfowls. furthermore, the cdt genes were frequently prese ...201121450419
evidence of the trade-off between starvation and predation risks in ducks.the theory of trade-off between starvation and predation risks predicts a decrease in body mass in order to improve flight performance when facing high predation risk. to date, this trade-off has mainly been validated in passerines, birds that store limited body reserves for short-term use. in the largest avian species in which the trade-off has been investigated (the mallard, anas platyrhynchos), the slope of the relationship between mass and flight performance was steeper in proportion to lean ...201121789252
cloacotaenia megalops (nitzsch in creplin, 1829) (cestoda, hymenolepididae) in wild ducks in western pomerania, poland.cloacotaenia megalops (nitzsch in creplin, 1892) is a polyxenic and cosmopolitan tapeworm from the family hymenolepididae. its generic name derives from their typical location (cloaca), and the typical final hosts which are birds typically associated with water and marsh environments: anseriformes, galliformes and gruiformes. in poland, the presence of c. megalops has been observed so far in 16 species of ducks from the baltic coast, the mazurian lake district, wielkopolsko-kujawska lowland, maz ...201121682099
the potential distance of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus dispersal by mallard, common teal and eurasian pochard.waterbirds represent the major natural reservoir for low pathogenic (lp) avian influenza viruses (aiv). among the wide diversity of subtypes that have been described, two of them (h5 and h7) may become highly pathogenic (hp) after their introduction into domestic bird populations and cause severe outbreaks, as is the case for hp h5n1 in south-eastern asia. recent experimental studies demonstrated that hp h5n1 aiv infection in ducks does not necessarily have significant pathological effects. thes ...201020112048
spread of avian influenza viruses by common teal (anas crecca) in europe.since the recent spread of highly pathogenic (hp) h5n1 subtypes, avian influenza virus (aiv) dispersal has become an increasing focus of research. as for any other bird-borne pathogen, dispersal of these viruses is related to local and migratory movements of their hosts. in this study, we investigated potential aiv spread by common teal (anas crecca) from the camargue area, in the south of france, across europe. based on bird-ring recoveries, local duck population sizes and prevalence of infecti ...200919802387
Serosurveillance for Japanese encephalitis virus in wild birds captured in Korea.Climate change induced by recent global warming may have a significant impact on vector-borne and zoonotic diseases. For example, the distribution of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) has expanded into new regions. We surveyed the levels of hemagglutination-inhibition (HI) antibodies against JEV (Family Flaviviridae, genus Flavivirus) in wild birds captured in Korea. Blood samples were collected from 1,316 wild birds including the following migratory birds: Oceanodroma castro (n = 4), Anas formo ...201122122903
characterization of avian paramyxovirus type 6 isolated from a eurasian teal in the intersection of migratory flyways in russia.the complete genome sequence was determined for avian paramyxovirus (apmv-6) serotype 6 strain teal/chany/455/2009, isolated from a teal (anas crecca) in siberia. siberia is crossed by four major migration flyways and represents the major breeding area for many wild bird species in the palearctic. strain teal/chany/455/2009 is genetically closely related to kazakh and chinese strains and belongs to the genetic group of duck/hong kong/18/199/77-like apmv-6 viruses. we show that the virus has low ...201627573675
influenza a(h5n8) virus similar to strain in korea causing highly pathogenic avian influenza in germany.highly pathogenic avian influenza (h5n8) virus, like the recently described h5n8 strain from korea, was detected in november 2014 in farmed turkeys and in a healthy common teal (anas crecca) in northeastern germany. infected wild birds possibly introduced this virus.201525897703
identification and intraspecific genetic diversity of sarcocystis rileyi from ducks, anas spp., in lithuania and finland.macroscopic sarcocystis cysts were detected in the muscles of 28 mallards ( anas platyrhynchos ), 1 eurasian wigeon ( anas penelope ), and 1 common teal ( anas crecca ) hunted in lithuania and finland. according to the sequences of the 18s rrna gene, 28s rrna gene, and its-1 region, the macrocysts examined from all 30 ducks belonged to sarcocystis rileyi. this parasite was found in the eurasian wigeon and the common teal for the first time. all s. rileyi isolates examined were identical to each ...201424766223
avian influenza virus screening in wild waterfowl in norway, 2005.the prevalence of influenza a virus infection, and the distribution of different subtypes of the virus, were studied in 604 geese and ducks shot during ordinary hunting 2005. the study was based upon molecular screening of cloacal swabs taken by the hunters. the sampling included the following species: greylag (anser anser), mallard (anas platyrhynchos), wigeon (anas penelope), teal (anas crecca), goosander (mergus merganser), tufted duck (aythya fuligula), common scoter (melanitta nigra), golde ...200717494599
assessment of doses to game animals in finland.a study was carried out to assess the dose rates to game animals in finland affected by the radioactive caesium deposition that occurred after the accident at the chernobyl nuclear power plant in ukraine in 1986. the aim of this assessment was to obtain new information on the dose rates to mammals and birds under finnish conditions. dose rates were calculated using the erica assessment tool developed within the ec 6th framework programme. the input data consisted of measured activity concentrati ...201323395135
[detection of west nile virus in birds in the territories of baraba and kulunda lowlands (west siberian migration way) during summer-autumn of 2002].west nile virus (wnv) was discovered in 3 species of birds collected in summer-autumn, 2002, in the south of western siberia. wnv was identified by elisa and rt-pcr. three of 5 dead rooks (corvus frugilegus), which were found in the territory of the kulunda plain, were wnv-infected. wnv rna was detected in 2% of samples of internal organs of aquatics birds, i.e. teal (anas crecca) and garganey (anas querquedula), caught in the chany lake (baraba plain). nucleotide sequencing of the 300-472 aa fr ...200415188656
surveillance for avian influenza virus in wild birds in poland, 2008-15.we tested wild birds in poland during 2008-15 for avian influenza virus (aiv). we took 10,312 swabs and feces samples from 6,314 live birds representing 12 orders and 84 bird species, mostly from orders anseriformes and charadriiformes, for testing and characterization by various pcr methods. from pcr-positive samples, we attempted to isolate and subtype the virus. the rna of aiv was detected in 1.8% (95% confidence interval [ci], 1.5-2.1%) of birds represented by 48 mallards ( anas platyrhyncho ...201728094608
neopsilotrema n. g. (digenea: psilostomidae) and three new species from ducks (anseriformes: anatidae) in north america and europe.neopsilotrema n. g. (digenea: psilostomidae) and three new species of psilostomid digeneans are described from birds in north america and europe: neopsilotrema lakotae n. sp. from aythya americana (eyton) in north dakota, usa, neopsilotrema affine n. sp. from aythya affinis (eyton) in minnesota, usa and neopsilotrema lisitsynae n. sp. from anas crecca l. in kherson region, ukraine. neopsilotrema n. g. shares a bipartite seminal vesicle with only three genera within the psilostomidae, psilotornus ...201627095661
mechanisms of density dependence in ducks: importance of space and per capita food.the growth rate of populations usually varies over time, often in a density-dependent manner. despite the large amount of literature on density dependence, relatively little is known of the mechanisms underlying the density-dependent processes affecting populations, especially per capita natality. we performed a 20-year study on the density dependence of brood production in two duck species differing in the stability of habitat use. our study was conducted in a boreal watershed in southern finla ...201525398723
mitochondrial genome of the anas crecca (anatidae: anas).mitochondrial dna plays an important role in living organisms, and has been used as a powerful molecular marker in various evolutionary studies. in this study, we determined the complete mitochondrial genome of anas crecca (16,601 bp in length). similar to the typical mtdna of vertebrates, it contained 37 genes (13 protein-coding genes, 2 rrna genes and 22 trna genes) and a non-coding region (d-loop). overall base composition of the complete mitochondrial dna was 29.05% a, 22.35% t, 32.64% c and ...201524438263
[effects of environmental factors on the distribution of dominant wintering waterfowl species in east dongting lake wetland, south-central china].east dongting lake is one of the national nature reserves in china, and an important habitat for the wintering of waterfowls in china, and even, global wetlands. to study the relationships between waterfowl community and environmental factors is of vital significance in providing useful data and necessary information for the restoration of bird habitat. in the winters of 2010 and 2011, a survey was conducted on the wintering waterfowls in east dongting lake wetland, and canonical correspondence ...201323705401
interspecific interactions and co-existence in dabbling ducks: observations and an experiment.we studied the possible role of resource limitation and interspecific competition in assemblages of dabbling ducks on breeding lakes in finland and sweden with observational and experimental data. after initial vegetation mapping and yearly censuses of ducks in 1985-1990, we collected observational data in 1991-1994 from 28 lakes with natural populations of mallard anas platyrhynchos and teal a. crecca. mallard and teal co-occur over vast areas in the holarctic and they are the only breeding dab ...199728307498
avian influenza viruses in wild birds at the jeziorsko reservoir in poland in 2008-2010.during a 3-year surveillance study for avian influenza virus (aiv) infections at the jeziorsko reservoir in central poland, 549 oropharyngeal or cloacal swabs from 366 birds of 14 species belonging to 3 orders (anseriformes, charadriiformes and gruiformes) were tested. aiv was detected in 14 birds (3.8%): common teals (12x), mallard (1x) and garganey (1x). three potentially dangerous h5 aiv were detected in common teals (2x) and garganey (1x) but all of them revealed a low pathogenic pathotype. ...201222844711
toxoplasma gondii in waterfowl: the first detection of this parasite in anas crecca and anas clypeata from italy.understanding the spread of toxoplasma gondii in waterfowl is of interest for elucidating the potential involvement of these birds in maintaining the parasitic life cycle because birds are exposed to these parasites. sera from 103 adult, free-range game birds, representing 13 different species living in the italian wetlands, were examined using modified agglutination tests for antibodies specific to t. gondii . in seropositive birds, the brain and heart were homogenized and dna was extracted to ...201323145510
neospora caninum in wild waterfowl: occurrence of parasite dna and low antibody titers.thirty-five adult waterfowl (14 males and 21 females) representing various orders and species were sampled during the hunting season from 2015 to 2016. antibodies to neospora caninum were detected by ifat on blood samples, while heart and brain were subjected to molecular analysis for the detection of neospora caninum dna. twelve birds (34.3%) (6 anas crecca , 3 anas platyrhynchos , 2 anas penelope , 1 anas acuta ) showed antibodies versus n. caninum , while 10 animals out of 35 (4 a. crecca , 2 ...201727805842
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