observations on the female reproductive cycles of captive asian yellow pond turtles (mauremys mutica) with radiography and ultrasonography.the annual reproductive cycle of 27 female mauremys mutica was observed by radiography and ultrasonography from april 2006 to august 2007. radiography was used to monitor clutch size and ultrasonography was used to monitor changes in the ovarian follicles. the follicles started to enlarge in september and became preovulatory in january. the mean maximum follicle diameter of ovulation was 18.30+/-1.44 mm, and ovulation occurred from march through august. eggs were laid between april and august. t ...201619688810
genetic diversity and relationship of mauremys mutica and m. annamensis assessed by dna barcoding sequences.the mitochondrial dna cytochrome c oxidase subunit i gene (coi) has been used as an efficient barcoding tool for species identification of animals. in this study, the barcoding sequences were used to assess the genetic diversity and relationship of mauremy mutica and m. annamensis. four currently recognized groups of m. mutica were classified into two groups in this study, with 6% intergroup distances, the s group and the n group, consistent to the calling of "southern turtle" and "northern turt ...201626260182
[effects of incubation temperature and substrate humidity on embryonic development of mauremys mutica].yellow pond turtle (mauremys mutica) eggs were incubated in vermiculite under nine combinations of temperature and humidity, i. e., 25 degrees c and -12 kpa, 29 degrees c and -12 kpa, 33 degrees c and -12 kpa, 25 degrees c and -150 kpa, 29 degrees c and -150 kpa, 33 degrees c and -150 kpa, 25 degrees c and -300 kpa, 29 degrees c and -300 kpa, and 33 degrees c and -300 kpa, aimed to study the effects of incubation temperature and its interaction with substrate humidity on the embryonic developmen ...201020387446
the mitochondrial genomes of three lineages of asian yellow pond turtle, mauremys mutica.the complete mitochondrial genomes of three lineages (n, tw and s) of mauremys mutica are determined in this study. the total lengths of the mitogenomes were 16,758 bp for n, 16 500bp for tw, and 16 494bp for s. the nucleotide composition was 26.3-27% for t, 26.2-26.8% for c, and 33.8-33.9% for a. the genomes encoded 37 genes typically found in other vertebrates. three csbs were identified, and the csb1 were variable. a long tandem repeats of (ttattata) 30 were found in the control region of n m ...201626061338
multiple paternity in the cultured yellow pond turtles (mauremys mutica).as a result of hunting and habitat loss, wild populations of the yellow pond turtle, mauremys mutica, are decreasing. the international union for conservation of nature considers m. mutica to be an endangered species. all studied freshwater turtles have polyandrous mating with multiple paternity. to survey the mating strategies of m. mutica, 1year's genetic data of parents and all offspring in an artificially captive population were analyzed. two groups of multiplex pcr containing 16 microsatell ...201728619267
molecular characterization and expression analysis of vsig4 from the asian yellow pond turtle, mauremys mutica.v-set and immunoglobulin domain-containing protein 4 (vsig4), a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, plays an important role in the immune system. this study isolated and characterized a cdna encoding vsig4 (mavsig4) from the asian yellow pond turtle (mauremys mutica). the mavsig4 cdna is 1840 bp long and contains an open reading frame of 1,182 bp that encodes a polypeptide of 372 amino acids. the genomic sequence of mavsig4 spans 7,682 bp, with six exons and five introns. the phylogenetic ...201222990954
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