shi-quan-da-bu-tang (ten significant tonic decoction), sqt. a potent chinese biological response modifier in cancer immunotherapy, potentiation and detoxification of anticancer drugs.shi-quan-da-bu-tang (ten significant tonic decoction), or sqt (juzentaihoto, tj-48) was formulated by taiping hui-min ju (public welfare pharmacy bureau) in chinese song dynasty in ad 1200. it is prepared by extracting a mixture of ten medical herbs (rehmannia glutinosa, paeonia lactiflora, liqusticum wallichii, angelica sinesis, glycyrrhiza uralensis, poria cocos, atractylodes macrocephala, panax ginseng. astragalus membranaceus and cinnamomum cassia) that tone the blood and vital energy, and s ...19921294861
5-o-methyllicoricidin: a new and potent benzodiazepine-binding stimulator from glycyrrhiza uralensis. 19921529035
[protective effect of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch and its extracts on the chronic desensitization of beta-adrenoceptors in guinea pigs].histamine-induced wheezing test is conjunction with radioligand binding assay showed that after long-term administration of isoprenaline the reactivity and r, value (total receptor binding sites) of beta-adrenoceptors in the lung tissue of guinea pigs were reduced. the decoction of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch or its extractive lx56 given intraperitoneally could prevent these changes, but the decoction per os or glycyrrhetinic acid given intraperitoneally could not.19911664726
heterogeneity and characterisation of mitogenic and anti-complementary pectic polysaccharides from the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch et d.c.two anti-complementary polysaccharide fractions (gr-2iia and gr-2iib), isolated from the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch et d.c., each gave five anti-complementary polysaccharides (gr-2iia-1-5 and gr-2iib-1-5) on h.p.l.c.; likewise, gr-2iic gave two anti-complementary and mitogenic polysaccharides (gr-2iic-1-2a and -2iic-2) by gel filtration and h.p.l.c. gr-2iic-1-2a showed the most potent anti-complementary activity. gr-2iia-1-5 and gr-2iib-1-5 contained 40-85% and 50-90% of gala, respecti ...19911804531
[antimutagenicity screening of water extracts from 102 kinds of chinese medicinal herbs].our observation shows that out of 102 kinds of chinese medicinal herbs tested, 17 have remarkable antimutagenic effect on the mutation induced by aflatoxin b1, in ames test. among the 17 herbs glycyrrhiza uralensis, bupleurm chinense, portulaca grandiflora and cnidium monnieri have been found in other tests to be effective against mutagenesis induced by cyclophosphamide in mice.19902268399
[a preliminary study on the pharmacology of the compound prescription huangqin tang and its component drugs].results obtained from the pharmacological experiments demonstrated that the compound prescription huangqin tang and its component drugs, roots of paeonia lactiflora, scutellaria baicalensis and glycyrrhiza uralensis, and the fruit of ziziphus jujuba showed marked anti-inflammatory effect. the compound prescription and its component drugs, except the peony root, possessed significant antispastic effect. antipyretic effect of radix scutellariae, radix glycyrrhizae and huangqin tang was suggested. ...19902390172
[inhibition of aldose reductase from rat lens by some chinese herbs and their components].nearly 20 herbs or herbal components were screened for the inhibitory effect of rat lens aldose reductase(ar) with a fluorometric assay of ar activity. among these glycyrrhiza uralensis, salvia miltiorrhiza, radix astragali, gentiana scabra, silybin, puerarin and baicalin were found to exhibit markedly inhibitory effects on ar comparable to sorbinil. the authors suggest that some of the chinese herbs used in the control of diabetic complications may act through the pharmacologic action of inhibi ...19892511877
oral baicalin and liquid extract of licorice reduce sorbitol levels in red blood cell of diabetic rats.intracellular accumulation of sorbitol, resulting from the increased glucose flux through polyol pathway with the action of aldose reductase, has been found pathogenic to chronic diabetic complications. it has been reported that baicalin and glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch can inhibit rat lens aldose reductase in vitro. in order to determine whether the said medicinal herbs give the inhibitive effect in vivo, 10 streptozotocin induced diabetic rats were treated with baicalin 150 mg/kg.d and liquid e ...19892527143
[studies on the anti-virus effect of glycyrrhiza uralensis fish. polysaccharide].the anti-virus activity of gps has been investigated in vitro using l-929 and fl cell line infected with 7 kinds of dna or rna virus, and the mechanism by which gps exhibits the anti-virus activity has been studied. the results show that gps may inhibit the growth of vsv, adviii, hsv-1 or vv and cpe is also suppressed by gps for protecting culture cell from virus infection.19892550028
in vitro screening of traditional medicines for anti-hiv activity: memorandum from a who meeting.many plant products are being used by patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) in some countries without any scientific proof that they possess anti-hiv (human immunodeficiency virus) activity. traditional healers are now offering their remedies for scientific evaluation, and a few studies provide information on the inhibitory activity against hiv of plants such as viola yedoensis, arctium lappa, epimedium grandiflorum, glycyrrhiza uralensis and castanospermum australe. natural pr ...19892633879
[a clinical study on the treatment of acute upper digestive tract hemorrhage with wen-she decoction].this paper deals with the prospective clinical study on treatment of acute upper digestive tract hemorrhage with wen-she decoction (wsd). an opened sequential controlled trial method of simple orientation quality reaction was adopted in this study. 7 cases were treated and all of them were cured. it was concluded that wsd was an excellent therapy to treat the middle or small amount hemorrhage of acute upper digestive tract. the effective rate of wsd of the stool ob (+) becoming (-) within 5 days ...19892766422
[mutagenic evaluation of the chinese drug c, l, t, g pill consisting of daphne genkwa, euphorbia kansui, euphorbia pekinensis, glycyrrhiza uralensis tested in salmonella typhimurium and b. subtilis]. 19862952328
isolation of monoamine oxidase inhibitors from glycyrrhiza uralensis roots and the structure-activity relationship. 19873575512
screening of the wormicidal chinese raw drugs on clonorchis sinensis.the wormicidal effect on clonorchis sinensis in boiled water extracts of 223 species (vegetable origin 206, animal origin 10, mineral origin 7) of raw drugs prescribed in oriental medicine was observed in vitro. the wormicidal substances were detected from 31 of the above-mentioned species. the wormicidal substances extracted from platycodon grandiflorum (radix), schizandra chinensis (fruit), polygala tenuifolia (herb) and aster tataricus (radix) were most effective. those from smilax glabra (ra ...19816764091
[effect of xiaoyu pian on new platelet aggregation defect].the xiaoyu pian (xyp, mainly consisted of prunus persica, carthamus tinctorius, glycyrrhiza uralensis, etc) was used to treat patients with new platelet aggregation defect. patients were divided into 2 groups, the tcm group (72 cases) treated with xyp and the control group (65 cases) treated with vitamin c and p and/or adrenosem for at least 3 months. the results showed that marked effective rate was 87.5% in tcm group and 35.4% in control group (chi 2 = 39.7, p < 0.01); the recovery rate of pla ...19947719089
[effect of glycyrrhetinic acid on dna damage and unscheduled dna synthesis induced by benzo (a) pyrene].glycyrrhetinic acid (ga) is an active component of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch. in this study, the effects of glycyrrhetinic acid on dna damage and unscheduled dna synthesis induced by benzo (alpha) pyrene were studied. mouse ear edema was visible obviously at the 6th h after topical application of single dose croton oil. a topical application of croton oil on the back of icr mice for 5 h, induced elevation of ornithine decarboxylase (odc) activity in epidermal. the administration of glycyrrheti ...19947871996
[clinical study of baoyuan dahuang decoction in the treatment of chronic renal failure].the quality of life of 56 chronic renal failure (crf) patients using two kinds of treatment has been observed. 36 of them were taken as group a with bun 21.62 +/- 5.96 mmol/l, cr 528.63 +/- 176.3 mumol/l and hb 65 +/- 13 g/l were treated with baoyuan dahuang decoction consisted of panax ginseng, astragalus membranaceus, cassia cinnamomi, glycyrrhiza uralensis and rheum palmatum. result: six symptoms were observed, that were: fatigue, lassitude in loin and legs, aversion of cold, anorexia, sexual ...19947950208
polyclonal antibody against a complement-activating pectin from the roots of angelica acutiloba.anti-sera against a complement-activating pectin (ar-2iib), which was purified from the roots of angelica acutiloba kitagawa, were obtained by immunization of rabbits, and a polyclonal anti-ar-2iib antibody of the igg class was purified by affinity chromatography on ar-2iib-immobilized sepharose and protein g-sepharose. periodate oxidation of ar-2iib significantly reduced its inhibitory activity on the reactivity of ar-2iib to anti-ar-2iib-igg, but pronase digestion of ar-2iib did not affect its ...19947997470
existence of a rhamnogalacturonan ii-like region in bioactive pectins from medicinal herbs.unusual component sugars such as 2-methylfucose (2-me-fuc), 2-methylxylose (2-me-xyl), apiose (api), and aceric acid (acea) are contained in the bioactive pectins from bupleurum falcatum, glycyrrhiza uralensis, and angelica acutiloba, but not in the other bioactive pectic heteroglycans and arabinogalactans from chinese and japanese herbs tested. each pectin was digested with endo-alpha-(1-->4)-polygalacturonase, and gave two enzyme-resistant fractions, pg-1 (rhamnogalacturonan core with neutral ...19947997476
[studies of the spasm-relieving effect of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch.--aster tataricus l.f. pulvis mixture on the trachea in guinea pigs].the experiment shows that high concentration of aster tataricus plus glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch. can inhibit the tracheal systoliea caused by histamine, but for tracheal systoliea caused by acetylcholine the inhibition is indistinct. the experiment also shows that aster tataricus, glycyrrhiza uralensis and tussilago far fara l. combined have coordinated inhibiting effect on the tracheal systoliea caused by histamine and acetylcholine.19938011115
[molecular genetics and biotechnology in medicinal plants: studies by transgenic plants].the advances in molecular genetics and biotechnology in the field of medicinal plant research are discussed with focusing on the works using transgenic plants. differentiated organ cultures and transgenic teratomas, incited by the infection with mutants of agrobacterium ti and ri plasmids, were established in quinolizidine-alkaloid producing plants and solanaceae plants. these cultured cells were used for the production and bioconversion of specific alkaloids produced in these plants. the method ...19948133455
[effect of improving memory and inhibiting acetylcholinesterase activity by invigorating-qi and warming-yang recipe].invigorating-qi and warming-yang (iqwy) had a good curative effect to some senile diseases such as senile dementia, senile hypomnesia etc. this experiment was designed for probing into the therapeutical mechanism of iqwy recipe. balb/c pure bred mice were divided into five groups. group i was taken per os of invigorating qi (iq), group ii warming yang (wy), group iii iqwy drugs, group iv was dysmnesia model, and group v blank control group injected with normal saline only. all groups except grou ...19938155947
saponin and sapogenol. l. on the constituents of the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fischer from xinjiang, china. chemical structures of licorice-saponin l3 and isoliquiritin apioside.from the air-dried roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fischer collected in xinjiang province, china ("shinkyo-kanzo" in japanese), a new oleanene-type triterpene oligoglycoside named licorice-saponin l3 and a new chalcone oligoglycoside named isoliquiritin apioside were isolated together with glycyrrhizin, 18 alpha-glycyrrhizin, apioglycyrrhizin, araboglycyrrhizin, licorice-saponins a3, e2, g2, and h2, and six known flavonoid glycosides. on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence, the str ...19938221970
[a prospective clinical study on reversion of 200 precancerous patients with hua-sheng-ping].200 precancerous patients were treated by the drug hua-sheng-ping, the process was monitored by endoscopic histo-pathologic examination, and biochemical criteria. results: the total effective rate was 95.5%, which was higher than that of control group (57%), p < 0.01. the recipe is composed of some medicinal herbs such as chrysanthemum morifolium, glycyrrhiza uralensis, panax notoginseng. it is indicated for syndromes such as spleen-stomach asthenic cold etc. and has been proved to be an effecti ...19938339031
saponin and sapogenol. xlviii. on the constituents of the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fischer from northeastern china. (2). licorice-saponins d3, e2, f3, g2, h2, j2, and k2.following the characterization of licorice-saponins a3 (2), b2 (3), and c2 (4), the chemical structures of licorice-saponins d3 (5), e2 (6), f3 (7), g2 (8), h2 (9), j2 (10), and k2 (11), seven of the ten oleanane-type triterpene oligoglycosides isolated from the air-dried roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fischer collected in the northeastern part of china, were investigated. on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence, the structures of licorice-saponins d3, e2, f3, g2, h2, j2, and k2 ha ...19938403082
saponin and sapogenol. xlvii. on the constituents of the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fischer from northeastern china. (1). licorice-saponins a3, b2, and c2.from the air-dried root of glycyrrhiza uralensis, collected in the northeastern part of china, ten new oleanane-type triterpene oligoglycosides were isolated together with glycyrrhizin (1) and several known flavonoids. among the newly isolated triterpene oligoglycosides, the chemical structures of licorice-saponin a3 (2), licorice-saponin b2 (3), and licorice-saponin c2 (4) have been determined, on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence, to be expressed as 30-o-beta-d-glucopyranosylg ...19938448820
detection and tissue distribution of anti-ulcer pectic polysaccharides from bupleurum falcatum by polyclonal antibody.anti-sera against the "ramified" region (pg-1) of an anti-ulcer polysaccharide (bupleuran 2iic), which was purified from the roots of bupleurum falcatum l, were obtained by immunization of rabbits, and a polyclonal anti-bupleuran 2iic/pg-1-antibody of the igg class was purified by protein g and "ramified" region (pg-1) immobilized affinity chromatographies. the antigenic specificity of anti-bupleuran 2iic/pg-1-igg was examined by a two-site sandwich elisa which was developed as an improved metho ...19968792667
beta-glucuronidase inhibitory activity and hepatoprotective effect of 18 beta-glycyrrhetinic acid from the rhizomes of glycyrrhiza inhibitor of beta-glucuronidase from the rhizomes of glycyrrhiza uralensis was isolated and its hepatoprotective activity on cci4-induced hepatotoxicity of rats was investigated. from the water-soluble extract of g. uralensis, glycyrrhizin was isolated as a potent inhibitor of beta-glucuronidase. when glycyrrhizin was orally administered, it had a hepatoprotective activity. however, when glycyrrhizin was intraperitoneally administered, it did not have a hepatoprotective activity. 18 beta-glyc ...200010705732
[influence of huanglian used in combination with huangqin and gancao on the erythrocytic osmotic fragilitas of experimental glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in rats].to study the influence of common combination of huanglian(coptis chinensis) on the erythrocytic osmotic fragilitas of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase(g6pd) deficiency in rats.199811599367
mechanism of action of herbal supplement pc-spes: elucidation of effects of individual herbs of pc-spes on proliferation and prostate specific gene expression in androgen-dependent lncap cells.pc-spes is a herbal mixture used by prostate cancer patients as an alternative form of treatment. since pc-spes is derived from eight individual herbs, each with distinct as well as overlapping properties, it is of interest to investigate whether a particular herb in the formulation principally accounts for the biological properties of pc-spes. we tested the ability of extracts from individual herbs, using amounts estimated to be equivalent to that present in the herbal mixture, to suppress lnca ...200211836572
[apoptosis of human gastric cancer cell line mgc-803 induced by glycyrrhiza uralensis extract].to study the apoptosis in human gastric cancer cell mgc-803 induced by the extract of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch.200011938867
screening of medicinal plant extracts for antioxidant activity.the methanol extracts of nine medicinal plants traditionally used in chinese medicine were screened for antioxidant activity versus resveratrol, which has been shown to protect cells from oxidative damage [toxicol. lett. 102 (1998) 5]. most of the plant extracts used in this study inhibited the h(2)o(2)-induced apoptosis of chinese hamster lung fibroblast (v79-4) cells. the extracts of areca catechu var. dulcissima, paeonia suffruticosa, alpinia officinarum, glycyrrhiza uralensis and cinnamomun ...200312738032
a purl mutant of sinorhizobium fredii hh103 is symbiotically defective and altered in its lipopolysaccharide.the pleiotropic phenotype of an auxotrophic purl mutant (svq295) of sinorhizobium fredii hh103 has been investigated. svq295 forms colonies that are translucent, produce more slime and absorb less congo red than those of wild-type strain hh103. svq295 did not grow in minimal medium unless the culture was supplemented with thiamin and adenine or with thiamin and aica-riboside (5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide 1-beta-d-ribofuranoside), an intermediate of purine biosynthesis. bacterial cultures suppl ...200312855732
pharmaceutical evaluation of glycyrrhiza uralensis roots cultivated in eastern nei-meng-gu of clarify the feasibility of medicinal use of the cultivated glycyrrhiza resources, the equivalency between the g. uralensis roots cultivated in eastern nei-meng-gu of china and medicinal licorice (glycyrrhizae radix, gancao in chinese and kanzo in japanese) was examined. the hplc fingerprint including glycyrrhizin (gl) of the cultivated roots was similar to that of medicinal gancao, but different from that of non-medicinal xinjiang-gancao (shinkyo kanzo in japanese). similarity between the cul ...200312913266
effects of glycyrrhizin on renal functions in association with the regulation of water is well-known that the mineralocorticoid action of glycyrrhizin, which is the major component of glycyrrhiza uralensis, is caused by a defect in the conversion of cortisol to cortisone by the inhibition of 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme activity. in the present study, we investigated the mechanisms of salt and water retention in the kidney of rats administered excess amounts of glycyrrhizin (200 mg/kg/day, p.o.). up-regulation of aquaporin (aqp) 2 and 3 water channels was detecte ...200312943171
a novel biflavonoid from roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis cultivated in china.a novel biflavonoid named licobichalcone was isolated from the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis cultivated in china, along with twelve known compounds, including five chalcones, two isoflavones, two flavanones, two flavones and one pterocarpan. their structures were respectively elucidated on the basis of chemical and spectroscopic evidence.200312951456
a licorice ethanolic extract with peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma ligand-binding activity affects diabetes in kk-ay mice, abdominal obesity in diet-induced obese c57bl mice and hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats.the metabolic syndrome, including type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity/abdominal obesity, hypertension and dyslipidemia, is a major public health problem. peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (ppar-gamma) ligands such as thiazolidinediones are effective against this syndrome. in this study, we showed that nonaqueous fractions of licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisher) extracted with ethanol, ethyl acetate and acetone, but not an aqueous extract, had ppar-gamma ligand-binding ...200314608046
antinephritis and radical scavenging activity of prenylflavonoids.antinephritis activity of 5 prenylflavonoids similar to glabridin (1-5), isolated from morus alba, artocarpus communis, glycyrrhiza uralensis and g. inflata, was evaluated in mice with glomerular disease (masugi-nephritis). oral administrations of artonin e (2) or licochalcone a (4) for 10 days (30 mg kg(-1) day(-1)) reduced the amount of urinary protein excretion compared to nephritic mice. esr spectroscopy demonstrated that morusin (1) and licorisoflavan a (5) increased the radical intensity o ...200314630182
[study on licorice resources and their sustainable utilization in center and western area of china].to investigate the latest wild and cultivated licorice resource status; bring forward the licorice resource protection and sustainable utilization countermeasures in the center and western area of china.200315015299
modulations of the bcl-2/bax family were involved in the chemopreventive effects of licorice root (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch) in mcf-7 human breast cancer cell.recently, cancer chemoprevention with strategies using foods and medicinal herbs has been regarded as one of the most visible fields for cancer control. genistein in soy, american ginseng, and resveratrol are well-known to have antiproliferative properties in human breast cancer. licorice root is a botanical, a shrub native to southern europe and asia, which primarily has desirable qualities in sweetening and herbal medicine. in this study, licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch) root also inhibi ...200415030235
isoliquiritigenin, a flavonoid from licorice, reduces prostaglandin e2 and nitric oxide, causes apoptosis, and suppresses aberrant crypt foci development.isoliquiritigenin (iltg), a flavonoid group compound, exists in some foodstuffs and herbal medicines such as licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisher). previously, we showed that iltg can suppress azoxymethane (aom)-induced colon carcinogenesis in ddy mice. in the present report, we present evidence that iltg markedly decreases both prostaglandin e2 (pge2) and nitric oxide (no) production in raw264.7 mouse macrophage cells. the decrease of pge2 was dependent on cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) expression ...200415132774
[the investigation of the licorice resources in northeast china].to find out the licorice(glycyrrhiza uralensis) distribution area, resource complexion and resource reserves of northeast china, to analyze the cause of the swing of the pendulum of resources, to put forward the countermeasure of resource protection and to provide evidence for the establishment of relative statutes.200315139135
[study on optimal harvest time of semi-wild glycyrrhiza uralensis at liangwai, inner mongolia].to study the dynamic accumulation of glycyrrhizic acid (ga) in semi-wild glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch. so as to determine its optimal harvest time.200415307678
[experimental study on anti-pyretic effect of gegen qin lian decoction and its compounds].to investigate composition principles of gegen qin lian decoction through anti-pyretic experiment.200415503775
the antioxidative activity of traditional japanese herbs.the objective of this research was to examine the radical scavenging activity of traditional japanese herbs. samples used in the experiments were gennoshoko (geranium nepalense var. thunbergii), yomogi (artemisia vulgaris var.indica), senburi (swertia japonica), iwa-tobacco (conandron ramondioides), sarunokoshikake (elfvingia applanata), kanzo (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch) and matatabi (actinidia polygama). the water-soluble components of the herbs were extracted in boiling water, and the volati ...200415630212
anti-apoptotic activity of bak foong pills and its ingredients on 6-hydroxydopamine-induced neurotoxicity in pc12 cells.bak foong pills (bfp), a traditional chinese medicine used for centuries for the enhancement of women's health, was shown to display neuro-protective activity in the 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,4,6,-tetrahydro-pyridine (mptp)-induced mouse model in a previous study. in order to elucidate its mechanism of action, we investigated the anti-apoptotic properties of bak foong pills and its main ingredients, including panax ginseng, angelica sinensis, glycyrrhiza uralensis, and ligusticum chuanxiong, in the ...200516154779
traditional chinese medicines wu wei zi (schisandra chinensis baill) and gan cao (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch) activate pregnane x receptor and increase warfarin clearance in rats.the traditional chinese medicines (tcms) are essential components of alternative medicines. many tcms are known to alter the expression of hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters. the molecular mechanism by which tcms and/or their constituents regulate enzyme and transporter expression, however, has remained largely unknown. in this report, we show that two tcms, wu wei zi (schisandra chinensis baill) and gan cao (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch), and their selected constituents activate ...200616267138
chemopreventive properties of the ethanol extract of chinese licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis) root: induction of apoptosis and g1 cell cycle arrest in mcf-7 human breast cancer cells.much of the interest on the chemopreventive properties of licorice has been focused on the plant genius glycyrrhiza glabra. in this study the ethanol extract of chinese licorice root, glycyrrhiza uralensis (g. uralensis) was investigated for its estrogenic effect and the ability to inhibit cell proliferation in the mcf-7 human breast cancer cell line. the extract of the root of g. uralensis was fractionated in etoh:h(2)o (80:20) (80% ethanol). the extract exhibited estrogenic effects similar to ...200516297710
immunological adjuvant effect of glycyrrhiza uralensis saponins on the immune responses to ovalbumin in this study, the haemolytic activities of glycyrrhiza uralensis saponins (gls) and its adjuvant potentials on the cellular and humoral immune responses of icr mice against ovalbumin (ova) were evaluated. we determined the haemolytic activity of gls using 0.5% rabbit red blood cell. haemolytic percents of gls-treated red blood cell were 11.20 and 5.54% at the concentrations of 500 and 250 microg/ml, respectively. icr mice were immunized subcutaneously with ova 100 microg alone or with ova 100 m ...200616300865
effects of three purgative decoctions on inflammatory traditional chinese medicine (tcm), there are three cheng-chi-tang decoctions (cctds) including: ta-cheng-chi-tang (tcct), xiao-chen-chi-tang (xcct) and tiao-wei-chen-chi-tang (twcct), which are the frequently used purgative remedies to treat "internal heat"-induced symptoms like a bloated and painful abdomen, hard stools and fever, etc. constituents in each formulation are rheum palmatum l. (polygonaceae), magnolia officinalis rehd. et wils. (magnoliaceae), citrus aurantium l. (rutaceae), mi ...200616310993
spectral quality and uv-b stress stimulate glycyrrhizin concentration of glycyrrhiza uralensis in hydroponic and pot system.glycyrrhizin, the major bioactive component of glycyrrhiza uralensis, is widely used as a natural sweetener. recently glycyrrhizin has been shown to have anti-tumor activity, highly active in inhibiting replication of hiv-1 and sars-associated virus and exhibits a number of pharmacological effects. the principle objective of the current study was to evaluate the effects of different spectral quality including red, blue, white and uv-b radiation on the production of glycyrrhizin, in a controlled ...200516386431
antibacterial compounds from glycyrrhiza uralensis.from the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis, two new pterocarpenes, glycyrrhizol a (1) and glycyrrhizol b (2), along with four known isoflavonoids, 5-o-methylglycryol (3), isoglycyrol (4), 6,8-diisoprenyl-5,7,4'-trihydroxyisoflavone (5), and gancaonin g (6), were isolated using a bioassay-guided fractionation method. the structures of the new compounds (1and 2) were elucidated by spectroscopic data interpretation. the known compounds (3-6) were identified by comparison of their spectroscopic data wi ...200616441081
a luxr/luxi-type quorum-sensing system in a plant bacterium, mesorhizobium tianshanense, controls symbiotic nodulation.the ability of rhizobia to symbiotically fix nitrogen from the atmosphere when forming nodules on their plant hosts requires various signal transduction pathways. luxr-luxi-type quorum-sensing systems have been shown to be one of the players in a number of rhizobium species. in this study, we found that mesorhizobium tianshanense, a moderate-growth rhizobium that forms nodules on a number of licorice plants, produces multiple n-acyl homoserine lactone (ahl)-like molecules. a simple screen for ah ...200616484206
microbial transformation of glycyrrhetinic acid by mucor polymorphosporus.glycyrrhetinic acid (ga; 1) is one of the major constituents of a traditional chinese medicine, the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis, called gancao in chinese. in the present paper, the biotransformation of ga by mucor polymorphosporus (as 3.3443) was investigated and eight metabolites were obtained. based on their chemical and spectral data, the structures of the derivatives were respectively elucidated as 24-hydroxyglycyrrhetinic acid ( 2), 6beta-hydroxyglycyrrhetinic acid ( 3), 7alpha-hydroxygl ...200616491452
analysis of the interactions of botanical extract combinations against the viability of prostate cancer cell lines.herbal medicines are often combinations of botanical extracts that are assumed to have additive or synergistic effects. the purpose of this investigation was to compare the effect of individual botanical extracts with combinations of extracts on prostate cell viability. we then modeled the interactions between botanical extracts in combination isobolographically. scutellaria baicalensis, rabdosia rubescens, panax-pseudo ginseng, dendranthema morifolium, glycyrrhiza uralensis and serenoa repens w ...200616550232
chemical investigation on sijunzi decoction and its two major herbs panax ginseng and glycyrrhiza uralensis by lc/ms/ms.sijunzi decoction consists of panax ginseng, poria cocos, atractylodes macrocephala and glycyrrhiza uralensis. high performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (lc/ms(n)) was applied to identify and characterize three types of active components, ginsenoside (from p. ginseng), flavonoid and triterpenoid (from g. uralensis) in sijunzi decoction. spectra of ms and ms/ms from [m+na](+) ions of ginsenosides were acquired and interpreted for their identification. fragmentat ...200616574366
the effect of medicinal plants used in chinese folk medicine on rantes secretion by virus-infected human epithelial cells.the accumulation of inflammatory cells in the infective sites has been reported to play a crucial role in the progression of chronic inflammation and multiple sclerosis after viral infection. in the present study, nine ethanol extracts of forsythia suspensa vahl. (oleaceae), lonicera japonica thunb. (caprifoliaceae), isatis indigotica fort. (cruciferae), strobilanthes cusia (ness.) o. kuntze (acanthaceae), astragalus membranaceus (fisch.) bge. (leguminosae), hedysarum polybotrys hand.-mazz. (leg ...200616621378
isoliquiritigenin selectively inhibits h(2) histamine receptor signaling.isoliquiritigenin, one of the major constituents of glycyrrhiza uralensis (licorice), is a natural pigment with a simple chalcone structure 4,2',4'-trihydroxychalcone. in this study, isoliquiritigenin showed selective h(2) histamine receptor (h(2)r) antagonistic effect and remarkably reduced several h(2)r-mediated physiological responses. preincubation of u937 and hl60 hematopoietic cells with isoliquiritigenin significantly inhibited h(2)r agonist-induced camp response in a concentration-depend ...200616675659
kiom-79 inhibits lps-induced inos gene expression by blocking nf-kappab/rel and p38 kinase activation in murine macrophages.we demonstrate that kiom-79, combined extracts obtained from magnolia officinalis, pueraria lobata, glycyrrhiza uralensis, and euphorbia pekinensis, inhibits lps-induced expression of inos gene in raw 264.7 cells. treatment of raw 264.7 cells with kiom-79 inhibited lps-stimulated nitric oxide production in a dose-related manner. immunohisto-chemical staining of inos and rt-pcr analysis showed that the decrease of no was due to the inhibition of inos gene expression. immunostaining of p65, emsa, ...200616806764
protective effects of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch. on the cognitive deficits caused by beta-amyloid peptide 25-35 in young mice.amyloid beta protein (abeta) may be involved in the progression of alzheimer's disease (ad), by acting as a neurotoxin and eliciting oxidative stress. this study was designed to determine the effects of glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch. water extract (gwe) on the cognitive deficits and oxidative stress induced by the administration of abeta(25-35) in mice. mice in two of the four animal groups were fed an experimental diet containing either 0.5 or 1% gwe for the entire 6-week experimental period. con ...200616821116
evaluation of oriental medicinal herbs for estrogenic and antiproliferative activities.herb extracts commercially used in asia were screened for their estrogenic activity with a recombinant yeast system with both a human estrogen receptor (er) expression plasmid and a reporter plasmid. pueraria lobata (flower) had the highest estrogenic relative potency (rp, 17-estradiol = 1.00) (7.8e-3) (rp for + control), followed by amomum xanthioides (1.3e-3), glycyrrhiza uralensis, zingiber officinale, rheum palmatum, curcuma aromatica, eriobotrya japonica, sophora flavescens, anemarrhena asp ...200616906642
[inhibitory effects of natural plant extracts on verticillium albo-atrum].this paper studied the inhibitory effects of 54 kinds of ethanol-extracted plant solutions on verticillium albo-atrum. the results showed that 15 kinds of these extracts could inhibit the growth of verticillium albo-atrum mycelium, with an inhibitory rate more than 50%, among which, the inhibitory rate of asarum sieboldii, coptis chinensis, magnolia officinalis, acacia catechu, sophora flavescens, glycyrrhiza uralensis, cnidium monnieri, platycodon grandiflorum and allium. cepa. extracts was hig ...200616964957
[ri plasmid transformation of glycyrrhiza uralensis and effects of some factors on growth of hairy roots].to study the induction of hairy roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis and effect of some physical as well as chemical factors on the growth of hairy roots.200617048620
pharmaceutical evaluation of cultivated glycyrrhiza uralensis roots in comparison of their antispasmodic activity and glycycoumarin contents with those of china, the collection of wild glycyrrhiza uralensis, one of the raw materials of chinese licorice, has been restricted to prevent desertification. to compensate for the reduced supply of wild glycyrrhiza plants, cultivation programs of g. uralensis have been initiated in eastern inner mongolia. the goal of the present study was to compare the chemical and pharmacological properties of cultivated g. uralensis roots to those of licorice prepared from wild glycyrrhiza plants. the antispasmodic e ...200617142979
[effect of hkl-4 on active oxygen metabolism and photochemical efficiency in licorice leaf].to study the effects of hkl-4 on physiological changes during growth of leaves.200617225531
kiom-79 inhibits high glucose or ages-induced vegf expression in human retinal pigment epithelial cells.we evaluated whether kiom-79, a mixture of extracts obtained from puerariae lobata, magnolia officinalis, glycyrrhiza uralensis and euphorbia pekinensis, could inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) expression in human retinal pigment epithelial (rpe) cells cultured under high glucose (hg, 25mm) or s100b (a specific ligand of the receptor for advance glycation end products (rage), 5microg/ml). in this study, the effect of kiom-79 on hg or s100b-induced vegf expression was investigated ...200717383127
cytoprotective effects of kiom-79 on streptozotocin induced cell damage by inhibiting erk and ap-1.the present study investigated the potential cytoprotective properties of a combination of plant extracts (kiom-79) obtained from magnolia officinalis, pueraria lobata, glycyrrhiza uralensis, and euphorbia pekinensis, against the oxidative stresses induced by streptozotocin (stz) in a rat pancreatic beta-cells (rinm5f). kiom-79 was found to scavenge intracellular reactive oxygen species (ros), thereby preventing dna damage and lipid peroxidation. the kiom-79 inhibited apoptosis of the beta-cells ...200717473425
rhizobialide: a new stearolactone produced by mesorhizobium sp. ccnwgx022, a rhizobial endophyte from glycyrrhiza uralensis.the endophytic strain mesorhizobium sp. ccnwgx022 was isolated from licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch.) grown in the arid and semi-arid regions of northwest china. the new stearic acid derived gamma-lactone 1, named rhizobialide (= (5s)-4,5-dihydro-5-(8-oxotetradecyl)furan-2(3h)-one), was isolated from the petroleum-ether extract of the fermentation broth of this strain. the structure of 1 was elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic and mass-spectrometric analysis. this is the first report ...200717510984
changes in components, glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid, in raw glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch, modify insulin sensitizing and insulinotropic actions.we hypothesized that roasted glycyrrhizae radix (glycyrrhizin radix praeparata, grp) might modify anti-diabetic action due to compositional changes. then we examined the anti-diabetic effect and mechanism of raw glycyrrhizae radix (gr) and grp extracts and their major respective components, glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid. in partial pancreatectomized (px) diabetic mice, both gr and grp improved glucose tolerance, but only grp enhanced glucose-stimulated insulin secretion as much as exendin ...200717587675
[determination of glycyrrhizic acid in different decoctions of sanaotang by hplc and comparison with antifugal effects in vitro].to investigate the contents of glycyrrhizic acid in hejian decoction (mixed the traditional chinese herbs together, then boiling them with water) and the fenjian decoction (boiling the single traditional chinese herb with water separately, then mixed the abstracts) of sanaotang (composed of ephedra sinica, prunus armeniaca and glycyrrhiza uralensis) and to compare with their anti-bacterial activities in vitro.200717672335
[study on adscription of plasma effective constituents of rat after administrated with paeonia lacliflora and glycyrrhiza uralensis compound].to study the adscription of plasma effective constituents of rat after oral administration of paeonia lacliflora and glycyrrhiza uralensis compound.200717993004
macrophage immunomodulatory activity of polysaccharides isolated from glycyrrhiza uralensis fish.the objective of this study was to evaluate the immunomodulatory effects of the purified glycyrrhiza polysaccharides (gp) on the activity of macrophages. a purified fraction of water-soluble polysaccharides, with estimated molecular weight of 10 kda, was isolated from glycyrrhiza uralensis fish using ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography. the results indicate that gp increased the pinocytic activity, the production of nitric oxide (no), interleukin-1 (il-1), il-6 and il-12 in a dose-dep ...200818068099
exopolysaccharide biosynthesis is important for mesorhizobium tianshanense: plant host interaction.mesorhizobium tianshanense is a nitrogen-fixing bacterium that can establish symbiotic associations with glycyrrhiza uralensis in the form of root nodules. nodule formation in rhizobia often requires various secreted carbohydrates. to investigate exopolysaccharide (eps) production and function in m. tianshanense, we performed a genome-wide screen using transposon mutagenesis to identify genes involved in eps production. we identified seven mutants that produced significantly lower amounts of eps ...200818188540
elucidation of danzhixiaoyao wan and its constituent herbs on antioxidant activity and inhibition of nitric oxide production.danzhixiaoyao wan (dw) is a common 10 herbs formulation in china for regulating several clinical conditions affecting women. this research tried to explain one of dw's functions, purging heat, using in vitro pharmacological analyses. the whole formulation and each single herb of dw were compared based on antioxidant activity with the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (orac) assay, and for their inhibitory effect (ie) on nitric oxide (no) production by lipopolysaccharide (lps)-activated raw 264. ...200718227909
licorice extract does not impair the male reproductive function of rats.the effect of water extract of licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis), one of the most widely used medicinal plants in oriental nations and in europe, on male reproductive function was investigated in rats. licorice extract was prepared as in oriental clinics and orally administered at doses of 500, 1,000 or 2,000 mg/kg, the upper-limit dose (2,000 mg/kg) recommended in the toxicity test guideline of the korea food and drug administration, to 6-week-old male rats for 9 weeks. licorice extract neither ...200818256514
antidepressant-like effects of liquiritin and isoliquiritin from glycyrrhiza uralensis in the forced swimming test and tail suspension test in mice.two classic animal behavior despair tests--the forced swimming test (fst) and the tail suspension test (tst) were used to evaluate the antidepressant activity of liquiritin and isoliquiritin from glycyrrhiza uralensis in mice. it was observed that both liquiritin and isoliquiritin at doses of 10, 20 and 40 mg/kg significantly reduced the immobility time in the fst and tst in mice 30 min after treatment. measurement of locomotor activity indicated that liquiritin and isoliquiritin had no central ...200818289754
isoliquiritigenin isolated from the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis inhibits lps-induced inos and cox-2 expression via the attenuation of nf-kappab in raw 264.7 this study, the anti-inflammatory effects of flavonoids isolated from the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis (leguminosae), namely, isoliquiritin (the glycoside of isoliquirigenin) and isoliquiritigenin (the aglycone of isoliquiritin) were evaluated on lipopolysaccharide (lps)-treated raw 264.7 macrophages. isoliquiritigenin (ilg) more potently inhibited lps-induced nitric oxide (no) and prostaglandin e(2) (pge(2)) production than isoliquiritin (ilt). consistent with these findings, ilg reduced t ...200818295200
gene induction by glycyrol to apoptosis through endonuclease g in tumor cells and prediction of oncogene function by microarray analysis.glycyrrhiza uralensis (leguminosae) has long been known as an antiinflammatory agent for gastric ulcers, arthritis, and rheumatism. the flavonoid glycyrol (gc) (10 microg/ml) isolated from g. uralensis dramatically inhibits phorbol ester (phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate)-induced nuclear factor (nf)-kappab-dependent transcriptional activity, as determined by luciferase reporter activity in human kidney epithelial 293t cells. to investigate global gene expression profiling in cells by gc, we perfo ...200818418217
regulation and symbiotic significance of nodulation outer proteins secretion in sinorhizobium fredii this work we show that the sinorhizobium fredii hh103 ttsi gene is essential for the expression of the tts genes and secretion of nodulation outer proteins (nops). moreover, we demonstrate for the first time, to our knowledge, that the nod box preceding ttsi is necessary for nops secretion. ttsi is responsible for the transcriptional activation of nopx, nopa, rhcj and rhcq. we confirm that the s. fredii hh103 ttsi gene is activated by nodd1 and repressed by nolr. in contrast, nodd2 is not inv ...200818524937
[study on processing for rhizoma pinelliae praeparatum by comprehensive evaluation of multiple mark].to investigate the best processing technology of rhizoma pinelliae praeparatum.200818589742
[content variation of saponins and flavonoids from growing and harvesting time of glycyrrhiza uralensis].determining and comparing the saponins and flavonoids contents in glycrrrhiza uralensis fisch to know theobjective: determining and comparing the saponins and flavonoids contents in glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch to know the dynamic variation.200818619259
anti-inflammatory effects of glycyrol isolated from glycyrrhiza uralensis in lps-stimulated raw264.7 macrophages.the anti-inflammatory effects of glycyrol, a benzofuran coumarin isolated from glycyrrhizae radix, were studied. glycyrol of 5, 25 and 50 microm dose-dependently inhibited nitric oxide (no) production by down-regulating inducible nitric oxide synthase (inos), and alleviated cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) expression in lps-stimulated raw264.7 macrophages, in both the mrna and the protein. furthermore, glycyrol dose-dependently decreased the mrna of the pro-inflammatory cytokines il-1beta and il-6. lps- ...200818621150
antidepressant-like effect of liquiritin from glycyrrhiza uralensis in chronic variable stress induced depression model rats.many flavonoids extracted from nature plants have been reported to exert antidepressant-like effect in animal studies. the present study was designed to observe the effects of liquiritin, a flavone compound derived from glycyrrhiza uralensis, on the behaviors of chronic variable stress induced depression model rats and to explore the possible association between its antidepressant-like effect and antioxidative activity by measuring erythrocyte superoxide dismutase (sod) activity and plasma malon ...200818655806
induction of heme oxygenase-1 by plant extract kiom-79 via akt pathway and nf-e2 related factor 2 in pancreatic beta-cells.the objective of the present study was to determine the mechanism by which kiom-79 induced heme oxygenase-1 (ho-1) in rat pancreatic beta-cells (rinm5f). a mixture of plant extracts (kiom-79) was obtained from magnolia officinalis, pueraria lobata, glycyrrhiza uralensis, and euphorbia pekinensis. ho-1, an antioxidant phase 2 enzyme, was previously reported to possess cytoprotective properties in pancreatic beta-cells. kiom-79 induced heme oxygenase-1 (ho-1) expression at the mrna and protein lev ...200818704831
a licorice extract reduces lipopolysaccharide-induced proinflammatory cytokine secretion by macrophages and whole blood.periodontal diseases are a group of inflammatory disorders initiated by specific gram-negative periodontopathogenic bacteria that lead to the destruction of tooth-supporting tissues. in this study, we tested whether a carbon dioxide-supercritical extract of glycyrrhiza uralensis (licorice) can reduce the periodontopathogen-induced inflammatory response.200818771378
hexane/ethanol extract of glycyrrhiza uralensis licorice suppresses doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in h9c2 rat cardiac myoblasts.doxorubicin (dox) is an anthracycline antibiotic, and has been recognized as one of the most effective anti-neoplastic agents in cancer chemotherapy. however, its usefulness is limited by its profound cardiotoxicity. licorice is one of the most frequently prescribed agents in traditional herbal medicine, and is also employed as a natural sweetening additive. in traditional chinese medicine, licorice root is added to a variety of herbal preparations to detoxify the effects of the other herbs in t ...200818849542
mesorhizobium gobiense sp. nov. and mesorhizobium tarimense sp. nov., isolated from wild legumes growing in desert soils of xinjiang, china.twenty-four mesorhizobium strains were isolated from desert soils in the xinjiang region of china and were characterized by a polyphasic approach. these strains grouped into three clusters in igs-rflp, sds-page analysis of whole-cell proteins and box-pcr analysis, corresponding to genomic species v, vi and vii as found in a previous study. the results were supported by sequencing analyses of rrs, igs, atpd and reca genes. genospecies vii was most related to mesorhizobium septentrionale, while ge ...200818984702
mesorhizobium caraganae sp. nov., a novel rhizobial species nodulated with caragana spp. in china.five rhizobial strains representing the largest group in the genus mesorhizobium associated with caragana spp. in china were characterized taxonomically. phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences indicated that these microsymbionts belonged to the genus mesorhizobium, with mesorhizobium tianshanense usda 3592(t), mesorhizobium temperatum sdw018(t) and mesorhizobium mediterraneum upm-ca36(t) as the closest neighbours (>/=99.5 % 16s rrna gene sequence similarity). genotypic fingerprin ...200818984708
effect of the extracts from glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch on the growth characteristics of human cell lines: anti-tumor and immune activation activities.immune modulating activity of ethanol extracts from glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch was investigated by conserving growth characteristics of several human cell lines. all of the samples did not show severe cytotoxicity on normal human liver cell line, wrl-68, showing less than 25% inhibition of cell growth. the crude extract and its fractionized samples (f1 and f3) inhibited the growth of human hepatoma, hep3b, down to ca. 70% of normal cell growth in adding 1.0 g l(-1) of fraction f3. the result of ...200119002915
identification of escherichia coli enterotoxin inhibitors from traditional medicinal herbs by in silico, in vitro, and in vivo analyses.glycyrrhiza uralensis has been used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, such as diarrhea, in several ancient cultures. glycyrrhizin is the principal component of liquorice and lots of pharmacological effects have been demonstrated.200919063958
survey of glycyrrhizae radix resources in mongolia: chemical assessment of the underground part of glycyrrhiza uralensis and comparison with chinese glycyrrhizea order to reveal the chemical characteristics of glycyrrhiza uralensis growing in mongolia and to clarify whether it can be the source of glycyrrhizae radix used in japan, eight major bioactive constituents in the underground parts of g. uralensis collected in mongolia were quantitatively analyzed and compared with glycyrrhizae radix produced in china. most of the 15 samples from eastern, southern and western parts of mongolia contained 26.95-58.55 mg/g of glycyrrhizin, exceeding the criterion ...200919067115
inhibitory effects of flavonoids extracted from licorice on lipopolysaccharide-induced acute pulmonary inflammation in mice.airway inflammation plays important roles in the pathogenesis of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards), asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), and anti-inflammatory treatment effectively improves the symptoms of these diseases. to develop the potentially therapeutic compounds for the treatment of pulmonary inflammation, we investigated the effects of licorice flavonoids (lf) extracted from the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis (licorice) on lipopolysaccharide (lps)-induced ac ...200919071231
complex quorum-sensing regulatory systems regulate bacterial growth and symbiotic nodulation in mesorhizobium tianshanense.luxr/luxi-type quorum-sensing systems have been shown to be important for symbiotic interactions between a number of rhizobium species and host legumes. in this study, we found that different isolates of mesorhizobium tianshanense, a moderately-growing rhizobium that forms nodules on a number of types of licorice plants, produces several different n-acyl homoserine lactone-like molecules. in m. tianshanense ccbau060a, we performed a genetic screen and identified a network of regulatory component ...200919115053
licorice flavonoids inhibit eotaxin-1 secretion by human fetal lung fibroblasts in vitro.glycyrrhiza uralensis (gan-cao), commonly called "licorice", is one of the most commonly used herbs in traditional chinese medicine (tcm). in the united states, licorice products are most often consumed as flavoring and sweetening agents in food products. the licorice triterpenoid glycyrrhizin has several biological activities, including anti-inflammatory activity. other potential anti-inflammatory constituents in g. uralensis have not been fully investigated. airway eosinophilic inflammation is ...200919132888
[effect of aqueous extracts on seed germination and seedling growth between glycyrrhiza uralensis and caragana microphylla].to study the interspecies allelopathy of glycyrrhiza uralensis and caragana microphylla and reveal the relationship between different interactions and provided the theory reference for their application of compounding planting pattern in practice.200819149247
antimicrobial effect and resistant regulation of glycyrrhiza uralensis on methicillin-resistant staphylococcus the present study, we investigated antimicrobial activity of glycyrrhiza uralensis against various strains of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) (kccm 11812, 40510, 40512). glycyrrhiza uralensis was extracted by 80% meoh and fractionated by organic solutions. the extract and fractions showed antimicrobial activity against standard s. aureus as well as mrsa. in the minimum inhibitory concentration test, g. uralensis showed 0.25 mg ml(-1) in hexane fraction and 0.10-0.12 mg ml(- ...200919173118
study on the pharmacokinetics drug-drug interaction potential of glycyrrhiza uralensis, a traditional chinese medicine, with lidocaine in rats.drug-drug interaction potentials of an herbal medicine named glycyrrhiza uralensis was investigated in rats via in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies. p(450) levels and the metabolic rate of lidocaine in the liver microsomes prepared from different treatment groups were measured. in a separate in vivo pharmacokinetic study, the pharmacokinetic parameters of lidocaine in plasma and urine were estimated. p(450) levels in the rats pretreated by glycyrrhiza uralensis were significant higher t ...200919173278
glycyrrhizin and licorice significantly affect the pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in rats.glycyrrhizin (gz) and licorice (root of glycyrrhiza uralensis) are worldwide food additives and important oriental phytomedicines. this study investigated the biological fate of gz by orally giving gz and licorice decoction (ld) to rats. the serum concentrations of gz and glycyrrhetic acid (ga) were determined by high performance liquid chromatography. the results showed that gz was not detected and ga was present in serum until 3 days postdosing of gz and ld. to evaluate the effects of gz and l ...200919209930
[study on fingerprints correlated with pharmacodynamic of paeonia lacliflora and glycyrrhiza uralensis effective compounds].to study the spasmolysisy activity constituents of the radix paeoniae alba and radix et rhizoma compound.200819216166
sinorhizobium fredii hh103 cgs mutants are unable to nodulate determinate- and indeterminate nodule-forming legumes and overproduce an altered eps.sinorhizobium fredii hh103 produces cyclic beta glucans (cg) composed of 18 to 24 glucose residues without or with 1-phosphoglycerol as the only substituent. the s. fredii hh103-rifr cgs gene (formerly known as ndvb) was sequenced and mutated with the lacz-gentamicin resistance cassette. mutant svq562 did not produce cg, was immobile, and grew more slowly in the hypoosmotic gym medium, but its survival in distilled water was equal to that of hh103-rifr. lipopolysaccharides and k-antigen polysacc ...200919348575
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