the parasite community infecting flounders, platichthys flesus, in the tidal thames.the composition of the parasite fauna of the flounder, platichthys flesus, retrieved from two locations in the tidal thames is described in detail for the first time. the combined parasite species list of the flounders from lots road in the upper tideway and west thurrock in the middle tideway consisted of one protozoan (glugea stephani), one monogenean (gyrodactylus sp.), four larval digeneans (cryptocotyle concava, timoniella imbutiforme, t. praeterita, and labratrema minimus), five adult dige ...199910526412
influence of a thermal discharge on parasites of a cold-water flatfish, pleuronectes americanus, as a bioindicator of subtle environmental change.a study was conducted to ascertain the influence of a thermal discharge on the health and parasites of a coastal cold-water flatfish, the winter flounder (pleuronectes americanus), a species sensitive to environmental change. flounder were sampled in spring 1998 and 1999 beneath the plume and at reference sites north and south up to 1 km from the discharge. species diversity and estimates of abundance of macroscopic algae, invertebrates, and fish were also recorded. after capture by scuba divers ...200718163365
[comparative parasitological analysis of white sea herring fry (clupea pallasi n. maris-albi) raised experimentally and caught at sea].dynamics of the infection with pathogen trematodes of brachyphallus crenatus (rud., 1802) and lecithaster gibbosus (rud., 1802) in larvae and juvenile herring reared in experimental conditions and in those which were caught in the sea has been observed. simultaneous infection of juvenile herring in natural environments and in experimental conditions has been noted. the parasitological examination of the material suggests the degree of natural mortality of larvae in the sea. the total rate of the ...20074047716
annual and spatial variability in endo- and ectoparasite infections of north sea cod (gadus morhua linnaeus, 1758) larvae, post-larvae and juveniles.a parasitological investigation was performed on a total of 5380 atlantic cod larvae, post-larvae and small juveniles sampled from the north sea during a period of five years. the copepod caligus elongatus (von nordmann, 1832) and the nematode hysterothylacium aduncum (rudolphi, 1802) were found at a relatively high prevalence of infection (4.6% and 5.2%, respectively). the infection by both parasites showed annual and spatial variability. c. elongatus showed a higher prevalence in 1992 compared ...201424827100
helminth communities of the lesser sandeel ammodytes tobianus l. off the west coast of ireland.the helminth parasites present in 412 lesser sandeels (ammodytes tobianus) taken from june 1996 to may 1997 from the aran islands on the west coast of ireland were examined. ten helminth parasite species were recorded, and more than 92% of the sandeels were infected with at least 1 helminth species. seven of the species were digeneans, including brachyphallus crenatus, hemiurus communis, derogenes varicus, lecithaster gibbosus, opechona bacillaris, cryptocotyle lingua, and galactosomum lacteum; ...200415562606
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