[identification of rotavirus associated to serotype g2 in yucatan, mexico].in the present study, rotavirus g2 serotype was identified from fecal samples of children with gastroenteritis from the city of merida, yucatan, mexico. virological diagnosis of disease was performed using polycrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoenzymatic assay. out of 149 analyzed samples 25 (16.7%) gave positive reaction to rotavirus groups a, of these 23 (92%) were identified as serotype g2, subgroup i and electrophoretic short pattern, whereas 2 (8%) were identified as subgroups ii and e ...200011175585
[expression of main neutralization antigen vp7 of human rotavirus serotype g2 and g3 by recombinant adenoviruses].to express main neutralization antigen vp7 of human rotavirus serotype g2 and g3 by recombinant adenoviruses on the basis of previous investigation of the prevalence of rotavirus in china.200415340517
increased sensitivity for various rotavirus genotypes in stool specimens by amending three mismatched nucleotides in the forward primer of a real-time rt-pcr assay.the real-time taqman rt-pcr assay (pang et al., 2004) did not detect 14 clinical samples with rotavirus g2 genotype. three to five nucleotides (nt) were found to be mismatched between the published forward primer when compared to g2p[4], g2p[8], g3p[4], g9p[4], g8 and g12 sequences. an additional forward primer was designed and included in a modified assay to test the 14 clinical samples and 12 samples with known rotavirus g and p genotypes. the modified assay has improved significantly the sens ...201021185331
the role of rotavirus associated with pediatric gastroenteritis in a general hospital in lagos, nigeria.bacterial, viral and parasitic agents have been implicated and confirmed as causative agents of gastroenteritis in children with ages below 5 years old. the major role of rotavirus as causative agent is not widely recognized within the public health community, particularly in developing countries. this study examined the role of rotavirus as a causative agent of childhood gastroenteritis in infants and young children below 5 years of age in a general hospital in lagos, nigeria.201324432291
emergence of an unusual genotype of rotavirus in andaman and nicobar islands, india.rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhoea worldwide, affecting over 125 million young children every year in developing countries. the present study is a part of ongoing childhood diarrhoeal surveillance to determine the strain diversity of rotaviruses prevalent in andaman and nicobar islands. from october 2010 to february 2012, 296 stool samples from children (age group 6-60 months) with gastroenteritis were obtained from different referral hospitals/primary health centres and comm ...201223295640
emergence of new variant rotavirus g3 among infants and children with acute gastroenteritis in japan during 2003-2004.a total of 402 fecal specimens from infants and children with acute gastroenteritis in five places (tokyo, maizuru, saga, sapporo, and osaka) in japan from july 2003 to june 2004 were collected and then tested for the presence of rotavirus by rt-pcr. of these, 83 were positive for rotavirus and this accounted for 20.6%. rotavirus was further characterized to g-types (vp7 genotypes) and p-types (vp4 genotypes). interestingly, an emergence of rotavirus g3 was identified with an exceptionally high ...200717323824
genetic variation in vp7 gene of human rotavirus serotype 2 (g2 type) isolated in japan, china, and pakistan.sequence analysis of the gene encoding the major neutralization glycoprotein (vp7) was performed on sixteen human isolates of serotype 2 of rotavirus in japan, china, and pakistan and their genetic variations were examined. comparative studies of their nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences between the sixteen isolates and the hu5 strain revealed an overall homology of more than 94%. a higher degree of homology in nucleotides was observed among the sixteen isolates than between hu5 and the ...19958657020
sequence of the serotype-specific glycoprotein of the human rotavirus wa strain and comparison with other human rotavirus serotypes.complementary dna was synthesized from the double-stranded rna of the wa strain of human rotavirus and inserted into the bacterial plasmid pbr322. clones which contained the gene that codes for the viral glycoprotein (vp7) were identified and the nucleotide sequence was determined. the gene was 1062 base pairs in length with an open reading frame which coded for 326 amino acids. two potential glycosylation sites were found as well as two hydrophobic regions at the n-terminus of the polypeptide. ...19852412362
the post-tsunami outbreak of diarrhoeal diseases in car nicobar island, india, was caused by human group a rotavirus g2 strains. 200818723226
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